A couple have an obsession with gyno exams.

This all started one day when my wife was sat on a bar stool. We were having lunch in a pub and my wife Amy decided she needed to go to the toilet. As she spun around her dress seemed to catch and as she lowered herself from the stool her dress rose up her thighs. The lads sat down across from us had a clear view up her skirt and they can’t but have seen her panties.

This innocuous incident changed our lives.

Amy was really seriously embarrassed, and anyone else would have thought that she was really overreacting. That is anyone but me. The thought that other men had seen up my wife’s skirt made me boil with anger and jealousy.

That’s right, just someone seeing up her skirt. Not seeing her naked, not fucking her, just seeing her was enough.

Later that night we talked about the incident, and to cut a long story short, it transpired that after 10 years of marriage, we had only now found out, that we shared the same irrational fear. Amy being seen by another man and me knowing another man had seen her was the basis for a joint phobia, psychosis, mania or paranoia or whatever else a shrink would label it as.

For the next year or so we managed to control our lives around this. For example, we had always taken sightseeing type holidays before, but now our aversion to sun and beach type holidays had a name, we now understood why we were both so against them.

Lately this control and management had collapsed.

We are a 34 year old couple. I am quite tall 5′ 11″, reasonably good looking and quite athletic. Amy is 5′ 6″ bleach blonde hair, slim figure natural 34c breasts and would quite reasonably be said to be very attractive. In fact we would like to think we are an attractive, fit healthy couple. So why this phobia and obsession? We couldn’t fathom.

Amy had been having trouble with her ‘lady bits’ which had started to worsen. She made an appointment with the gynaecologist clinic. She always saw a woman Doctor (and even being in a state of undress with a woman caused her anxiety.) On the day of the appointment I accompanied her to the clinic.

I went and sat down as Amy checked in and spoke to the receptionist. After a moment or so Amy stared at me, the look of horror on her face was startling.

I rushed up to Amy and asked what was wrong.

“The usual obgyn is not here, the only one on duty is a man.”

I was dumbfounded.

“He says the way my condition sounds, I need to been seen straight away and any delay may prove serious.”

“Paul, what the hell am I going to do?”

I could not believe my own voice when I said.

“For your wellbeing and safety we must do anything and endure anything. We can’t risk your health you must do it.”

Just then a Doctor Willis came out of an examination room and approached us.

“Ah Mrs Barnes, are you ready? Come this way.”

It would be one thing knowing you wife had been in a room with a man you never saw, but to stand here and look at the very man, who was about to take my wife in a room and do whatever it is they do, was surreal. You have to know my phobia to understand what looking this man in the eyes was like.

Amy was taken into the room, as she described to me later,

“He told me to go behind a screen and undress” she said her voice shaking.

“There is a robe back there you can put on Mrs Willis” he said.

“I went behind the screen, and with trembling hands undid my blouse. I hesitated at my bra, and then heard him say.”

“Come along Mrs Willis mustn’t be shy, we haven’t all day.”

“He said it in a jocular manner; he had absolutely no idea what I was going though.”

“I summoned the willpower and finished undressing. I put on the robe and went out into the room.”

“Ok, please get in the chair and put your feet in the stirrups and we’ll have a look at you” he said.

“I climbed into the chair and put my legs into the stirrups. Oh Paul I could have died, my legs spread open and my vagina was open to him.”

Amy continued with a blow by blow account of her intimate examination. She explained how to be in that position was sheer terror for her but for a strange man to seat himself between her legs, and not only see her intimate place, but to touch, manipulate and finally insert something inside her, left her in a state of shock.

When Dr Willis came out from the examination room I stared at him. That bastard had just been inside my wife’s pussy. I was raging inside. He talked to Amy for a short while, and gave her a prescription.

I looked at them. To see them standing there together, looking at each other, looking (innocently) into each others eyes as they talked, whilst knowing what had just gone on between them, had me quite distraught.

It was then I realised,

I had a fucking hard-on.

As I walked across the foyer towards Amy to leave the clinic, she looked at me stunned, she had noticed my state of arousal. We arrived home and I waited for the hysteria over me being excited to start. That was not what happened.

As we entered the house Amy made a grab for me. We kissed hungrily and Amy dropped to her knees. She pulled my still semi hard cock out of my trousers and started to suck my cock with more gusto than she had ever done before. Her head bobbed up and down on my shaft and she sucked really noisily and sluttily on my dick. I could cum there and then, but didn’t want to waste it.

I literally dragged her to the sofa, threw her on her back and almost tore her skirt and panties ripping them off.

I opened her legs and gazed. I had never looked at her pussy like this before. There in front of me was my wife’s wet, hairy pussy that another man had just been playing with. I had no control, I thrust into her and hammered her cunt like a man possessed.

We frantically came together.

“Fuck me, Paul, fuck me” screamed Amy, she had never used language like that before.

We had never been turned on like this before.

Later we sat down to discuss it and Amy hit me with a bombshell of her own. Even in a fit of panic and distress she admitted to being very wet down there and a little excited throughout the examination. We could not believe this, how could we be both in such a state of loathing and revulsion and find the exam so repugnant, yet at the same time be turned on by it. We sat up the entire night discussing what had happened and agreed being turned on wasn’t some sign we actually enjoyed it, it was a signal that the very humiliation and embarrassment we felt, was the turn on.

“Perhaps we are closet exhibitionists” Amy said “And actually want people to look at us.” but we both knew that wasn’t the case. Putting ourselves in an abhorrent position was what we were about.

After much deliberation, soul searching (and not a few tears) we decided what we must do.

Amy looked on the internet for gynaecologists in the area.

Amy takes up the story.

After quite painstaking research on which clinic to use, we finally made an appointment. On the day of the momentous exam, I began to prepare myself. Paul and I had decided, that although he loved my vagina au natural and hairy, to expose and therefore humiliate myself to the full, it would be better if I was waxed perfectly smooth down there.

I bathed, trimmed and waxed the best I could with shaking hands. I dressed conservatively and put on makeup. We travelled to the clinic and for some reason Paul chose to sit in a nearby pub for the duration.

I entered the clinic and in due course was shown into the exam room.

“Hello Mrs Smith (not very original I know but it was the first name I thought of whilst making the appointment. We chose another name so as to minimize the danger of becoming known by the area’s clinics.) “I’m Dr Sullivan” said the aging Doctor.

“What is it we can do for you today? he asked.

My acting career started here.

“It is two years since I had a check up, and I wanted a full examination actually” I said.

I wanted to run like hell.

“I’m sure we can manage that” said Dr Sullivan. “Just pop behind the curtain and undress would you please.”

I was in turmoil, here I was deliberately doing the very thing that repulsed me the most. I undressed quickly before my nerve deserted me and walked from behind the screen to stand before this man totally naked.

The Dr started harmlessly enough, weight, blood pressure and heart rate etc. He took several measurements, then told me to lie on the flat couch on my back. He felt my hips and legs.

All this time my embarrassment was slowly building, but when he told me to bend my knees sideways and pull my ankles up to my bum I knew the real stuff was about to begin.

Dr Sullivan proceeded to examine my genitals. He palpated my outer labia searching for any lumps and took each of my pink inner lips in turn between his fingers and felt them also, looking intently at them for any sign of abnormality.

Did his hand keep grazing my clitoris by accident?

He then put gel on his fingers and told me he was going to inspect my ovaries. He gently pushed two fingers into my vagina lifting them to push against my vaginal wall whilst pushing me on the outside just above my pubic bone so he could feel my insides between his fingers.

I kept myself together throughout this because I had had all this done before, but never by a man!

“I think if you have not had a proper examination for quite a while Mrs Smith I think we better do an ultrasound and check your anal passage.”

Oh no.

I was told to turn over and told to get in a position which was basically ‘doggy style’. In this awful position (in this context anyway) Dr Sullivan looked again at my vagina, pulling it open with his thumbs and inspecting my labia again. He then put more gel on his gloved hand and slowly inserted a finger into my anus. He probed my anal passage for a minute or so and said.

“That all seems ok, no growths or polyps or anything.”

“Now stay in that position if you please and we’ll have a quick scan.”

I couldn’t see what was happening behind me, but suddenly felt the hard rigid length of the ultrasound probe pushing against my labia. With the gel and my natural lubrication it slid in inch by inch, opening me up. I could feel my inner lips gripping the instrument as it pushed more and more inside me.

After an eternity of feeling the probe twisting and turning inside me, he pulled it out slowly. I remember thinking God knows what view the Doctor had of me, and what he was thinking, he was a man after all.

“Ok Mrs Smith, would you please go and sit in the chair and put your feet in the stirrups.” was the next command. Well I don’t need to tell you what position I was in and how I must have looked to him” Amy said.

He sat on a small stool and scooted himself between my legs and sat with his face inches from my vagina. I cringed as he rubbed gel along the length of a speculum, then along the length of my pink lips and slit. He then started to insert the speculum into me. He opened the speculum then leant forward and peered into my very intimate depths.

I felt I was becoming nauseated and distressed. The whole situation and the fear and phobia of it, was at this point at its most intense. I have never felt so scared and traumatized in my life.

After a period of inspection and the taking of a swab from my cervix, I thought it was done. However there was one last indignity to come.

“I just need to check your fraenulum, which is the membrane between the vaginal and anal passages.”

He put more gel on his index and middle fingers and slowly inserted one into my vagina and one into my anus. I could feel the fingers moving and bending, touching each other through the walls of my insides, wriggling about. It was awful.

Apart from routine which I won’t bother you with, that was it, it was over.

My shaking was almost incontrollable getting out of the chair and I struggled to fasten buttons while I dressed.

After Amy finished her story, we fucked like people possessed. For her it was the memory of what had happened and the hatred of what she had gone through and for me the insane jealousy that another man had done this to her, that drove us on in a frenzy.

This fixation with deliberately putting ourselves through this continued for a few months. We first scouted different clinics in different surrounding towns to find the safest venue and then put ourselves through the torment of examination.

After several gyno exams, things started to escalate.

I decided I needed to watch.

I prepared myself as best I could as the exam date arrived. We went along, me pretending to be there for moral support to Amy. I gave a cast-iron guarantee I would not react or turn violent when I saw what I was about to see.

I won’t recount a complete gynaecological exam, but suffice it to say it was the worst (best?) day of my life. I watched transfixed as my beautiful wife underwent the most revealing, intrusive and degrading process I could imagine. Her nudity in this mans presence was abhorrent, but her position in the chair nearly turned my stomach.

I couldn’t take my eyes from her now regularly shaved pussy as it was touched and manipulated by this man. The look of distress on my wife’s face making me rock hard.

He inserted fingers into her, he inserted swabs into her, but when he inserted the speculum and opened her like I could never have imagined, I wanted to run from the room.

We couldn’t wait until we got home, I parked up in a quiet wooded area and she fucked me like a bitch on heat. As I licked her pussy I could taste the remnants of gel together with her own juices. As I pounded her pussy and watched my cock doing her, I could only see where a strange mans fingers had been minutes before.

The exam was loathsome and degrading for us both, and we screwed like animals on the strength of it. We came together in frenzy.

The obsession we had, escalated yet further.

I had decided, that as before, the more contact I had with the man in question and the more I knew him, seemed to have a pro-rata effect on how much I hated the thought of the examinations.

The next clinic we had chosen, was a hospital. One lunchtime, I saw Dr Clark, the man we had earmarked for the exam going in a pub. So I followed him in.

I was prepared to take as much time preparing ourselves for the next clinic visit as I needed. I am an area costumer support manager and I spend most of my time visiting clients rather than being office based. I could be anywhere at any time.

Over the next few weeks I went in the bar every lunchtime. I took my time slowly putting myself into his company. I pretended I worked at a factory just down the road, and after a while he became used to my presence and company. I was very careful and patient getting the conversation around to what he did for a living. We talked about everything from the size of the barmaid’s tits to world peace.

Eventually my ‘new mate’ started to tell me about his business.

The upshot was that one fateful day, when we talked about all our work problems, he told me the main trouble he had was that his was a teaching hospital, and he was the consultant that taught student doctors the gynaecological side of things.

He went on to say that the main problem was finding women that were in for their check-up, to have it performed in front of a group of students, and even harder for them to submit to the students performing parts of the examination.

My heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest.

I casually asked his when he had these group examinations, and after we left to ‘return to work’ I did the obvious thing,

I telephoned the hospital and booked Amy in.

True enough the receptionist asked if the patient would be willing to be part of a training session. After assuring her that I was the husband of ‘Mrs Phillips’ and could speak on her behalf, I confirmed that she would.

I told Amy nothing.

I casually mentioned I had arranged her next exam, told her time, place, date, etc, and sat back to wait. I was in pieces, knowing what was going to be done to her, and knowing the man who was going to do it was almost a friend. It was one thing thinking of a stranger, but imagining my ‘friend’ Andy between my wife’s legs was torture.

Amy continues

I arrived for what was becoming my usual exam. I was told to go into the room.

“They won’t be a minute” said the receptionist.

The word ‘they’ didn’t register with me, I entered the room and as instructed, undressed behind the screen. As I got the last of my garments off I heard voices.

“What the hell is going on?” I thought.

“We are ready for you now Mrs Phillips, we need to get on.” said Dr Clark.

I peered around the screen and was stunned to see the Doctor stood with five other Doctors, four male and one female. I instantly weighed my options, only to realise I had none. With a heart pounding like never before and I am sure a face redder than ever before, I stepped from behind the screen to stand fully naked before six total strangers.

I remember wishing I didn’t shave my pussy, as though a covering of pubic hair would somehow afford me some small level of privacy down there. Smooth, I was bared to the world.

“Ah Mrs Phillips, thank you for agreeing to allow the students to participate in your examination today.” said the Doctor in charge.

“Bastard.” I thought to myself, Paul had arranged the whole thing.

“Would you please sit in the chair and we will take your blood pressure.” ordered the Doctor.

I went through the preliminaries, blood, weight etc, and was then asked to go lie on the flat bed. The nightmare was about to begin. Totally naked and exposed I lay back, my knees were opened to the side and my ankles were brought up to my bum.

I was in a state of shock about what was happening to me, every time I thought it couldn’t get worse, the next procedure proved me wrong.

As before I don’t want to describe a full gyno exam to you, but the dreadful low points I had to endure included Doctor Clark inserting two fingers into my vagina, explaining what he was doing. He then called on a student to come forward and instructed him to do likewise. I lay on the bed as a young trainee invaded my vagina whilst being watched by others. I felt his fingers exploring my pussy as he checked my ovaries and other things.

This was already the worst day of my life and it had only just started.

“Would you please turn over on all fours Mrs Phillips, pressing your face to the bed for me” commanded the Doctor.

I heard and then felt, another student approach me.

“Now Miss Lee” said the Dr to the oriental looking female amongst them.

“Examine the outer and inner labia for me and report any abnormalities you see.”

I felt myself being opened up by her thumbs and although I couldn’t see, I could vividly imagine the view six strangers now had of my most intimate and private parts. Miss Lee continued to examine me, which also included inserting a finger into my ass to feel for any abnormalities.

She also conducted an ultrasound exam on me, pushing the large hard probe into my depths for what seemed an eternity. I couldn’t see, but I bet it looked like a scene from a cheap porno film, one woman doing that to another whilst men watched.

I just remember thinking “How could Paul do this to me?”

The exam did not get any less repugnant or humiliating.

I later sat in the gyno chair. I was helped to put my legs into the stirrups by a male student, an act which somehow made it worse than if I had simply done it myself. I sat back cringing with embarrassment at my exposed position.

I then had my breasts checked for any lumps. Doctor Clark did one breast whilst two male students came forward and took turns on the other breast. They probed with fingers making circular motions, they kneaded my breasts and every so often I felt a hand lightly brush my nipple. This made my little buds rock hard.

The Dr then examined my urethra opening using something that looked like a shoe horn, and then the ultimate debasing and offensive part came.

The Doctor inserted the speculum into my vagina and opened me to the world. He showed them collectively my vagina and took a swab of my cervix. Then he invited all five of them to come forward individually. Each one sat on the low stool and scooted between my open legs.

Each time this happened, the Doctor examining me would very slowly remove the speculum. Each time this happened they all saw my cervix disappear and my pussy walls collapsing inwards as they followed the instrument out of my vagina. My inner lips closed too as it was fully removed, only for the next trainee to open my intimate part to the world again.

With faces inches from my wide open labia, they peered into my pink wet vagina. The Doctor explained what a healthy cervix should look like, and then instructed them to inspect my cervix, looking for any differences. They then, each in turn, took a swab from there. I could feel their breath on my pussy lips.

Apart from other parts of the exam I won’t bother telling you about, they had done with me. I lay back and looked. There, framed in the v of my legs, I saw five total strangers looking at me.

I am sure Doctor Clark looked at me impassionate and detached in a professional manner, and that in time these young men would become detached also as their careers progressed. But right here and now I was a 34 year old attractive woman, legs spread and my pussy on full display for them. My pink folds framed by my darker inner labia. They were not looking at me as a patient, they were staring at my pussy as men. I felt totally degraded.

“Thank you Mrs Phillips we are done now” said Dr Clark. I had one final indignity to suffer. I climbed down from the chair and walked across the room feeling all eyes on my nudity. I went behind the screen, but unfortunately the Doctor had his back to me talking to the students, meaning the angle they were stood at, fully exposed me to their view.

I had to dress in front of them. As they looked towards the Doctor and past him, they watched as I pulled on my quite small panties. I hitched them over my hips, at last mercifully covering my shaven vagina. I pulled on my jeans and then put on my bra having to manipulate my breasts into it so they sat right, all in full view.

When Amy came out of the hospital she glared at me, her eyes burning into me. We travelled home in silence, with me thinking I had really fucked up this time. We went in the house and Amy let fly with a torrent of abuse and filthy language. I was unsure how to react, yet the rock hard cock in my trousers made me decide to go for broke.

I grabbed her by the throat (quite lightly) and walked her backwards. We reached the sofa which hit the back of her knees and she tumbled backwards onto the sofa. I quickly undid her jeans and violently ripped them down and off along with her panties.

Amy looked at me, her eyes wild.

“Fuck me hard you bastard” she growled.

I dropped my trousers and boxers, grabbed the insides of her thighs and opened her legs. She was dripping wet. I entered her fully in one massive lunge causing her to scream in pleasure. I hammered into her whilst pulling off her top and bra, and then began pulling and squeezing her nipples quite hard.

“Oh God yes, use me, fuck me hard, hurt those tits” and all sort of orders came out of her mouth.

Amy continues

As Paul hammered into me, my mind went back to the exam and to me being on all fours, The Oriental Miss Lee probing me.

“Let me turn over” I said.

When Paul entered me again doggy style I wanted to be used, as his cock pounded into me I had him pull my hair quite hard, I got him to pull my head back and whisper into my ear about what a dirty slut whore I was, and how I wanted all those strange men to see my cunt. In between bouts of pulling my hair he reached round and quite literally abused my nipples. The more sore and bruised they became the more I liked it. He started to slap my ass (the best he could whilst being buried to the hilt in me) and soon had red marks all over my cheeks.

With my head dragged fully back by the hair, and one nipple on fire being pulled really hard, I came like a volcano.

All the degradation I had suffered today, the humiliation and debasement together with the punishing treatment my pussy and body was now receiving sent me into raptures. I thought I would scream the house down as my orgasm ripped through my pussy.

Paul fucked me three more times that day, although he only came once more, I came every time.

They say all good things must come to an end. The third escalation of our phobia was to bring an end to our adventure.

Amy got fucked.

In looking to enhance the experience in any way we could, we decided that an element of danger would make things worse for Amy (and therefore better for us.) We thought that the presence of staff in clinics and hospitals gave proceedings a safe feel. The upshot being, I trawled for clinics that closed at a precise time when all the staff left together. The plan being for Amy to enter a clinic moments before and claim to be suffering pains, whereby the obgyn would offer to examine her after the other staff had left.

Amy needed to feel alone and vulnerable with a stranger.

I identified certain clinics that met the criteria, but three times we attempted to put our plan into action the Doctor refused to see Amy, citing professional ethics etc and not wanting to put himself in a dangerous position. However the fourth time worked like a charm.

Amy continues

The doctor that called me into his room looked about fifty and had sort of rugged good looks. As the exam proceeded I thought I caught him looking at me a little strange, but put it down to my usual nerves. However it soon became obvious by the way he touched me and looked at me, that this was no ordinary exam and that the Doctor was in fact taking pleasure from it.

As I sat upright, him examining my breasts, he started to give me a ludicrous line that he needed to check my nipple sensitivity.

“What a crock” I thought but still sat slightly afraid as he took each nipple in turn into his fingers. He pulled the nipple out and then lifted my breast a little by the nipple and then let go. This made my breasts which are firm and uplifted jiggle and bounce slightly back up into place when he let them drop. This was a nonsense procedure but I said nothing, yet I started to get concerned when I thought I could just make out a thickening cock in his pants.

A bigger farce was to follow. During the examination of my labia the Doctor also claimed he needed to check my clitoral sensitivity and response. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I was angry that he was taking me for a complete fool, but also scared of making a big issue out of what he was doing to me. I was also taking enjoyment out of being abused.

With a little gel on his finger, he very lightly ran his finger over my clitoris, I jumped a little (who wouldn’t for God’s sake) Each time he touched me I couldn’t help but respond. In time my breathing was becoming laboured, my hips moved almost imperceptibly off the bed to meet his finger and I was starting to make involuntary little noises.

To cut a long story short, by the time I was in the stirrups open to him, and literally dripping from my pussy, he knew he had me, and in truth so did I. I was terrified of what Paul would say but I had crossed the line, this pervert Doctor had played me well and now had me needing a cock regardless of any hang ups, about him being a stranger or the situation I was in. I sensed he still needed me to explicitly consent to what was about to happen, so I looked at him, touched myself between my legs and said,

“I need you to fuck me.”

He dropped his work sweats, exposing a rather big and rather nice cock. Being an older man than my husband, he didn’t have the smooth circumcised look that Paul and most men I had seen (in pornos.) He had a gnarled, blue veined and heavy cock, the foreskin looking dark due to its thickness. He stood between my legs the heavy foreskin pulling back to expose a large maroon helmet.

After months of being humiliated just by being seen by men, I wanted fucking.

And boy did he do that.

My labia and pussy walls were opened by his cock entering me. The biggest cock I had had was stretching me and filling me. He reached depths never before reached by a cock (not a real one anyway) He was experienced, he wanted to savour this young attractive woman for as long as he could.

He ran his helmet up and down my wet labia and across my clitoris, he opened my pink lips with his cock, pushing the big meaty head just into my opening. He fucked me with very little strokes just inside my tight pussy for a while and then very slowly inched his way in.

I was forced open, stretched, and full, and he fucked me skilfully.

I came quite quickly, the whole situation being too much for me. However the pleasure didn’t end there. As most women will say, sometimes being fucked is nicer post-orgasm than before. The pressure and build up to orgasm being out of the way I relaxed and concentrated on feeling his big cock fucking me. The exquisite post-climax feeling of satisfaction adding to the sensation.

He came buckets into me. I couldn’t believe it. When his big cock pulled out of me, I took great enjoyment out of seeing so much semen run from my vagina, but I also got enjoyment from him watching also. I was excited to watch him, watching my pussy leak cum. I found myself spreading my swollen inner lips so that he could see his cum inside me. (What I omitted from the story I told Paul, was that at this moment I felt that I would like to visit this Doctor regularly, and say nothing to Paul.)

When Amy came home and confessed everything to me I was gutted. After a few hours of sulking and anger I realised I was not pissed at the fact some bastard had fucked her, it was more disappointment I couldn’t have been there and more importantly I was disappointed because I realised our adventures were over.

Up until now a very real fear and phobia had provided us with the sexual stimulus in our life. But Amy fucking a guy had broken that spell. The fear had gone. If in the future we were to repeat our game in clinics and hospitals, it would just become a medical or exhibitionist fetish and without the extremes a phobia gave, it would be nothing.

We were discussing having an absence of a driving force in our life, when Amy said to me.

“You know Paul, I have always had a pathological fear of being raped…..”

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