Author: Henry

A few years ago my Uncle got very ill at Aunties urging he finally went to see a doctor and by happy coincidence I happened to go along for a ride into town. I was thinking that once Uncle was in with the Doctor, Auntie and I could slip away for a quickie. I had a spot already picked out in the hospital. A bathroom that was in a little used hallway of the hospital that locked. I t had just enough room for a person to bend over.
Unfortunately, my plan was for nothing, Auntie went in with Uncle to see the Doctor. 20 minutes later they came out and Uncle was in a wheelchair! It turns out that he had pneumonia and was going to spend a few days in the hospital. Luck was on my on my side that day. Uncle asked me to drive Auntie home and to stay with her so she would not be alone. I was also to keep the fire going for her and make sure that there was an adequate supply of wood available. I was elated! After getting him a few items for him we left for home.
On the way home Auntie was like an overheated teenager. She was glued to me and distracting me a bit by playing with my cock as I drove. Pulling onto the gravel road that led to their acreage, I drove a few km down the road, pulled over and had a quick fuck. I just knew that I was going to enjoy my stay with Auntie. I’m still not sure who was more excited about our bit of good luck, me or her. I remember making her laugh by telling her,
“Uncle J gave the fox the keys to the henhouse!”
We got to the house about 9;00 and I got busy hauling wood and stoking the fire. Auntie got busy in the master bedroom. She hung a thick blanket over the window to deter visitors and provide us some light. She also made up the spare room to maintain the fiction that I was to sleep there. Then we sat together listening to some music with the curtains closed as we necked like a couple of teenagers in love.
For we were truly in love with each other and still are; ours was a truly forbidden love. For when we first started fooling around it was just sex, incestuous to be sure and we enjoyed it. Yet as I matured and grew a bit, I began to develop feelings for her that went beyond the sex act. The same happened with her, I gave her a feeling quite different that she got from Uncle. We of course kept this hidden except when we were alone together.
We sat on the couch kissing and caressing each other as lovers do, enjoying this rare moment of intimacy. Within minutes we were half naked and getting worked up. I began to gently nibble and suck at her breasts as she played with my already hard cock. Getting really aroused I said to her,
“Suck it baby, Please suck it!” She leaned over and began to lick and nibble at my foreskin making me moan with pleasure. I stroked her back and her hair as she started to bob her head faster and faster! With a grunt I loosed a load of cum into her mouth. Coming up she opened her cum filled mouth and French kissed me.
We shared my cum as we always did, it was our way of affirming the feelings that we shared for each other. As well she found it totally hot that I would do such a thing so casually and enjoy it. With Uncle he would demand a blow job and then insist that she brush and gargle before kissing him. To be quite honest I love the taste of my cum as did she. Temporarily spent I had her take off her jeans and underwear before kneeling between her legs and eating her out. I told her as I lowered my face,
“I made a mess down her when we stopped on the road earlier. I’ll clean it up!”
I loved eating out Auntie and it was one thing that Uncle would never do for her. I on the other hand revelled in it! Sticking my tongue up her pussy I tried to get as much of my cum as I could manage. I licked her pussy lips clean and gently teased her clit with my tongue. She was crying out and writhing in ecstasy as I played. Sticking 3 fingers in I began to finger fuck her as fast as I could! She tensed up, screamed and I got a gush of cum into my waiting mouth!
I tried to get as much of it as I could for I loved the taste and I also knew that by cumming the way she did that I had done a good job. As she laid there breathless, I got up and kissed her slowly, telling her,
“That was great babe, I love you.” she managed a tired nod and a wan smile. There was a Lady that just had a great orgasm.
Suddenly the phone rang, it was the hospital. Uncle was just checking to see if we made it home alright.
It was a strange picture to be sure, I was standing there naked with my Aunt after performing sex acts worthy of an amateur video and calmly chatting. I told him that Auntie was in the shower as she was to breathless to speak. He said that he would call the next day as he needed some items from home. After a bit more chit chat we hung up.
As we sat together on the couch the phone rang again. It was my Cousin and best friend Sheldon. Auntie answered it and after a few moments started laughing and said,
“If you want….Henry is here though! followed by more laughter and then hanging up. The she told me,
“Sheldon heard that I was home alone and wanted to come over and ‘Visit’, meaning he wanted to fuck. Not surprising since she had taken his virginity a few years back at my special request, and he would now and then drop in now and again for a quick one. I once caught them at my place in my old garden shed. I just said oops and left them to it. Who was I to judge or get angry?
We laughed and went to have a quick shower together and await Sheldon’s’ arrival. He got to the house and after walking in says to us both,
“Fucking guys,” laughed and asks, “Am I to late?” because we were stark naked Being best friends and family we had already had a 3-way with his sister after a few drinks and strip poker at my place. We assured him that he was not late and we sat around chatting. After going to the bathroom I came out to find Auntie giving Shel a blowjob. I just smiled and sat across from them and started slowly masturbating as I watched them go at it. Shel was really enjoying Aunties tongue and hand. Meanwhile Aunty was fingering herself with her free hand.
Feeling left out, I got on me knees behind Auntie and slowly stuck my cock into her pussy and started to fuck her silly! We were all enjoying ourselves immensely. Sheldon with great dexterity and without removing his cock from Aunties mouth managed to get undressed. I in the meantime had spit on Aunties asshole and was slowly working my finger into her hole. Something we both enjoyed. I felt Auntie stop and then shudder as she came, groaning around a mouthful of cock.
I pulled out of her pussy and sat back as I did not want to tire out early, after all we had all night. we sat there together in companionable comfort and talked a bit. No one was ashamed or uncomfortable at all. I was a sublime moment.
Looking at the time Auntie suggested that we all go to the bedroom in case we had late visitors. A good point we had been so careless that we had left the lights on! How would it look if someone had pulled in thinking Uncle was up and ready for company? Imagine their surprise and the scandal! So we grabbed our clothes, I locked the doors and into the bedroom we trooped. Auntie lit some candles and Shel and I smoked a joint, she had a couple of hits too. Everyone was mellow. I started kissing Auntie and I got a taste of Shel’s cum. Meanwhile he was busily easting out Auntie and finger banging her ass. He likes anal too.
God what a night! Auntie had every hole penetrated multiple times especially after Shel produced a Viagra for each of us, he stole them from his dad. Auntie brought out her hidden toys which we used on her much to her delight! Hell I even gave Shel a blowjob because she had always wanted to see a guy giving another guy head. Finally we were all exhausted and spent, Shel took a quick Shower and drove home. We tidied up and showered before collapsing into bed at 4 in the morning.
As we laid there together cuddling I gently kissed her forehead and told her again,
“I love you Verna, I wish that we could sleep like this all of the time.” She looked up with tears in her eyes,
” I love you too Henry, I wish we could live together as husband and wife someplace where no one knows us….” And with that we went to sleep holding each other.

Uncle was in the hospital for a week and we were able to pretend that we were a happy couple at her place anyway. Shel came over a couple more times and on the third occasion brought his sister whom he had apprised of what she was walking into. She came willingly and a good time was had by all. When Uncle was released I was heartbroken.