By: Roxy

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It was getting a little dark outside. Dad and I had finished our dinner. I cleared the dishes away while dad rinsed them and put them into the dish washer. ” You had better go shower and get ready Roxy .” “Yes dad .” I replied.

The time had been going slow since Mr Gray went home. I was excited at the prospect of spending the night with him. Dad and him decided it was better that I came over later that night when it got a little dark in case some of the neighbors noticed me . Mr Gray lived directly across the road from us. I walked to my bedroom and went to my drawers to look at what kind of underwear I should put on. I selected a nice shimmering pink set that had all lace panties and bras, and had a nice camisole that went just above my hips. The bra pushed my breasts up and they looked a little too big for the bra. I had purposely bought them for that reason. I laid them on the bed and went to my wardrobe. I had no idea what to wear. I didn’t know Mr Gray’s tastes. Although I had said hello to him before,I had only really got to know him a little earlier that afternoon. I looked at some of my summer dresses, and decided on a wee summer dress that was dark blue in color. It was cotton, and had thin straps, almost like a camisole, only not as fitting, and it was longer in length.

I put it on the bed as well and went to have a shower. In the shower I was thinking what it was going to be like with Mr Gray. I had experienced him sucking my pussy and flicking his tongue in me, I had also seen the bulge in his pants, and felt how hard he was when my legs laid over his lap, but I still had not seen his cock. The very thought made my pussy clench. I finished my shower and wrapped a towel around me. As I walked into my bedroom, dad followed me in.

” So that’s what you’re wearing tonight. ” he said smiling.

“Yes… but what will you be doing dad? Will you be lonely without me being here? ”

dad continued to smile … ” No, not at all Roxy. I am going out. I have a meeting to go to. ”

“Oh … what kind of meeting is that? ”

Dad laughed … ” Nothing to concern yourself over baby girl. I will tell you all about it depending on how it goes.”

Dad walked out of the room. I dried myself and started oiling my legs and arms with moisturizer. I slipped on my panties, and put my bra and camisole on and then my dress. I looked in the mirror and seen it didn’t look right. The straps on my dress were too thin and I could see my bra straps. I took off the dress and the camisole and then the bra. I thought about it for a few seconds and decided to just wear my panties and the dress. Nothing underneath. I did my hair and tied it back, then I looked at the time. It was dark now …. I slipped on some shoes and went down stairs. “Right dad, I’m going now. ” I called.

Dad came out from the kitchen and had a look at me. ” Hmmm … so that’s how you are wearing it, no bras … … you look delightful and very, very sexy baby girl. ” he hand clasped my breast and he gave it a jiggle. You go and have a good time sweetie, you can tell me all about it tomorrow. ” I walked out the door and down to the front gate. I looked at the houses near by and ran across the road. I thought it better going to Mr Gray’s back door. When I reached there I knocked lightly. I heard his footstep and then he opened the door.

” ahhh… Roxy, come in … he stepped aside to let me in. I heard the door close and then I heard it lock. We looked at each other and he said …. ” I have just got out of the shower, hence the dressing gown. ” We both smiled and then Mr Gray asked if I would like a drink.

” Oh no thanks Mr Gray .. maybe later? ”

” Later it is, ” he replied. Now come on through. I have the bed turned down and I have the lounge all warm. Shall we go into the lounge first? ” ” sure ” I said . Mr Gray led the way. He ushered me to sit on the couch which I did. I seen he had lit the fire, it felt all warm and cosy. Mr Gray walked over near the fire and sat down on this beautiful big white sheepskin rug that was on top of the carpet. “Tell you what Roxy, … come over here and sit down in front of me. ” I went over towards him and he took my hand and guided me to the front, at the same time opening his legs so I could sit between.

I went to sit facing him and he told me to face the other way. I wanted to stay put as I could see his dressing gown sticking up where his cock was, he was huge. ” Lets take things slow Roxy … Mr Gray shuffled towards me and told me to relax. I did relax slightly and laid my head on his chest. Both his arms went around my waist and he gave me this wee hug. Then I put my hands on top of his. I stared into the fire, the room lights were dim, but I could see clearly.

I felt Mr Gray start to snuggle into my neck. I could smell his aftershave and felt a few small bristles that he had missed shaving, then he started to kiss my neck so gently and softly.

His hands started to move as they pressed into me with each kiss, then I felt his hand on my skin. I thought … hmm he is very good, all the time he was raising my dress up higher and I never felt a thing. I moved back into him in a wiggle motion to which he responded by giving me a little bite. It made me gasp, then he did it again … I gasped and turned my head towards him searching for his lips. He leaned forward, and we kissed. It was a quick kiss … too quick I thought, but then he kissed me again, and again and again, each kiss became longer and more intense … then he snuggled the side of his face into my neck again. ” Roxy … I was very impressed with you this afternoon … I have never seen a girl of your age so wet, your little cunt was dripping and your cum is the sweetest I have ever tasted. ”

“Oh really? ” I responded ” So how many girls pussies have you seen? ” I giggle and then moved slightly so he could see me easily. ”

I have seen more than you could ever imagine Roxy. I belong to a men’s club. It is a private club where men bring their young daughters and we all get to enjoy them. ” I moved around more so I could see him talking.

” Oh … does my dad know about this? ”

Mr Gray laughed. ” He sure does Roxy… we got talking about you the other week. Remember when you were out mowing the lawns and your dad and I were chatting outside my house? ” I nodded. “Well the sunlight made your clothes see through. We were both looking at you, then I apologized to your father saying I know that’s your daughter, but I can’t stop looking at her. Your father grinned and touched his cock saying … I know what you mean, she gives me a hard on all the time. I was a little surprised at his talk, but one thing led to another and he told me that he and your grandfather had been fucking you for a few months now, and that you were amazing. ”

It was then that Mr Gray told dad about the men’s club and how it worked. He said that only very special girls can be part of the club. They have to be able to cum multiply times and last all night. They also have to be able to take big cocks because most of the men are well endowed. I asked him if that was why he was over at my house today. ” Yes it was. Your father wanted me to have a look at you … he had been bragging at how easy you cum and how willing you are. He invited me over to see for myself. ”

” So did I pass the test ? ” I had a smirk on my face, so I was surprised to hear that I had passed the first part. Tonight Mr Gray was seeing how well my pussy stretched, and that would determine my grouping. There were three groups. Those with tight pussies to cater for average size cocks, then another group that could take bigger cocks, then the last group who could take long fat cocks. Many of those were the older men and Mr Gray said those guys really like to fuck. The process was that the executive members needed to meet dad and talk about how everything worked, then there was a meeting with the exec members, dad and me. From that meeting we would know if dad and I would be made members. I smiled to myself. So that was where dad had gone tonight …. I felt Mr Gray’s arms tighten around me again. Then his hands went under my dress and his thumbs started playing with my nipples. ” hmmm look how hard your nipples are. ” Mr Gray took the bottom of my dress with both hands and lifted it over my head. He turned me around and told me to lay down .

I did so immediately, then his lips started kissing my breast. First one side and then the other … My fingers ran through his hair as he started sucking from one nipple to the other. His hand went up between my legs and he started rubbing my crotch. My panties were becoming damp. He lifted his head and kissed my lips his tongue seeking mine. As our tongues danced, his finger slid inside my panties and into my tight little hot hole … I started wiggling myself on him, helping him to finger fuck me. I felt his tongue stretch down the back of my throat, I let him, then I pulled away a little, my teeth grabbed his bottom lip and I pulled it lightly, but stretched it a little before opening my grip. He groaned, and his hand grabbed me around my waist and he flipped me over so I was laying face down over his legs. I felt my panties being pulled down, then I heard this slap at the same time as feeling a stinging pain on my ass. He had slapped me. Not hard … but hard enough to leave his hand print. I wiggled and screamed, ,my legs were kicking in the air … he slapped me again, and I moaned …

” oh harder ” I cried,

” slap me harder. ”

I felt his sting on my other butt cheek. Then both his hands were rubbing my ass.

“You alright Roxy? ”

“hmmm … I am fine . ” I giggled.

With that Mr Gray rolled me over on to my back and he slid between my legs. I looked up at him with my eyes part closed. He rested his hands either side of my hips, hands flat on the rug, then he lowered himself so that his mouth could touch my belly button. He placed a trail of kisses around my belly button before his tongue started digging and licking my belly. I moaned and moved my hips from side to side, then his kisses went lower and lower until I felt little kisses going down my inner thigh. I had started to quiver … automatically my hips started to gyrate slowly, I moaned as I felt his tongue slide along my slit, I could hear those liquid noises as his tongue flicked in and out of my fuck hole. I started groaning and pushed his head down further. I sighed as his mouth surrounded my pussy and he started to suck me hard. I started moving in a fucking motion, pulling on his hair and making those oooooooohhhhh sounds as his sucked with more pressure. Mr Gray lifted his head, ” Cum for me Roxy, let me have your sweet juices flow in my mouth … ” My legs were up in the air … Mr Gray was on his knees. His hands went under my butt and he started raising my butt up as he drank and slurped. ” Oooohhh I’m cumming …. ohhh god … oooooooooohhhhhhh ” I felt my legs twitch and my toes curl as I exploded into a big orgasm, my body felt like it was on fire, Mr Gray kept sucking my cunt, then his tongue went inside me, I knew he could feel my cunt contracting and clenching. His tongue continued to flick against the walls of my wet and juicy fuck hole until I became calm. He slid on top of me and we both rested. When my breathing became more regular he slide off me and stood up. His hand beckoned me .

I grabbed it and he helped me up. I then followed Mr Gray. We walked down the hall to his bedroom. Motioning me to lay down, he moved down beside me, his arm going around the back of my neck. He pulled me to him and kissed me, then he opened his dressing gown and I saw the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was thick and long with a very big mushroom head. The skin looked like it was going to burst. I was amazed that something so big could stand upright, like a big tower. My hand reached out and my finger ran down one side of his shaft and up the other. Mr Gray shuddered. I moved down in the bed and leaned over and ran my tongue over the head of his cock, then I took the tip of his cock inside my mouth and started sucking wee baby sucks, his hand grabbed the back of my head and tried to force more of himself in my mouth. My lips were stretched as his cock was thick, and I could feel him going further in. I broke away .. grabbing his shaft and pulling on him while I gathered my breath, then I took him into my mouth, sucking on him till I could feel he was at the back of my throat. I had my hand around him at the base of his cock so he could not push more of himself in … I sucked and moved my tongue over him, pressing against his cock at times and feeling his tremble. I pulled away and let the tip of my tongue go over his veins, they were full and pumped, I seen that a jewel of pre cum had settled in his cock eye so carefully, with the tip of my tongue, I touched it … and as I lifted my tongue up … I made his cum stretch. It was thick, as it broke I ran my tongue along and tasted him. I ran my lips along his cock head like putting on lipstick, then I made my way up to him and started kissing his lips so he could taste himself. This turned him on and he grabbed me around his waist and moved me up on him. I was in a straddling position, and I was sitting on his cock forcing it to lay against his tummy.

I started to move against him, rubbing my wet cunt along his shaft back and forth. Now and then I would lift myself up and move back. His cock stood up straight away, then I would lower, and rub myself along his shaft again. I started kissing him with my tongue, biting his lips and when I let him go he would say that I was his little cum slut … ” oh yes Roxy … you are my little cum slut … oh ride me baby, I want my cock inside you. ” I moved back, and knelt on my knees, lifting myself so I was sitting over Mr Gray’s cock. He grabbed his shaft and held it at the base and started rubbing his cock head along my wet slit. : Oh coat my cock head with your juices Roxy, make me wet so I can get it in to you. ” He rested his cock head over my fuck hole, and the tip of it went in like a plug, but would not go any further. his hand went down and he ran his fingers over my lips that were clinging to both sides of his cock tip, then he started to rock me gently, I still could not fit him inside me. His arms came up and he rubbed both of my shoulder with his hands telling me to relax. I tried but I was sore and excited. It felt like my hole was burning, his cock head was stretching my opening and it was stinging. Tears had formed and were starting to run down my cheeks. I tried to move and I moaned. Then Mr Gray pushed down on my shoulder and lifted his butt and forced his cock into me, I felt it go in and screamed. He thrusted into me again and I felt it go in further. ” Relax Roxy, relax and your cunt will relax and then it will feel better. ” His hands went under my butt cheeks. He lifted me towards him and every inch of me felt every inch of him.

He was snug and tight, when he moved I felt his cock moving along the walls inside my cunt, I started moving and I felt him go further in. ” Good girl Roxy, I am nearly all in. ” Mr Gray started to moving me as he pulled me towards him with his hands, then he would push me away from him, he started moving faster, he was fucking me and groaning…. ” You are such a tight little fuck … now start riding me my little cum slut…. start moving those hips and that ass … let your juices cover my cock, so I get to slide in and out of you ” I moved and made sure I was pushing down on Mr Gray’s cock as he was pushing up, he went in further as i pushed down, then we started fucking each other fast. My breasts giggled each time we came together and his hands came up to squeeze them. I leaned into his hands and slowed my movements down. Then I slowly lifted myself so just his cock head was inside me, then I pushed down and he penetrated me. I did it again and as I let myself go down on him, he moaned my name … his hands came to my hips and he rolled me over so he was on top of me.

His hands gathered the back of my legs so that they were up in the air and he started plunging himself into me, fucking me fast. His balls slapped my ass each time we came together, and our skin made quiet slapping noises as we met. We were groaning and kissing and tonguing each others mouths, both gasping for air after long kisses. I grabbed hold of his bottom lip with my teeth and held him as he pounded me, my nails digging into his back, showing my delight and my approval. I could feel my juices escaping out my fuck hole and running down the crack of my ass.

My pussy started clenching at his cock, and each time he growled and launched his cock in to me I moaned. I let his lip go and whispered, ” ohhh I’m cumming, I’m cumming, fuck me harder … oh fuck your little cum slut with that big monster cock of yours … ” This drove him crazy and he grunted and growled as he fucked and fucked and fucked. ” you little slut … oh you love my cock don’t you … don’t you .. don’t you ….. say it Roxy … SAY IT !!!” Each time he said “don’t you” he slammed himself into me. I was exploding … my cunt had its own heart beat, and I groaned as I held my butt up off the bed while I felt the electric impulses run through my body, down my legs and back again. My mouth went to his ear and I whisper … ” oh I love your big fucking cock, I want you to fuck my ass and shoot your cum into me, I want my holes dripping in cum … can you do that for me … can you? can you fuck me all night long … will you get hard for me so i can suck your cock and drink your cum … ? can you do that for me?? ” Mr Gray started hammering me with so much force that he moved me up in the bed slightly, .. ” oh fuck I’m cumming Roxy, ohhhhh god … ohh god, buck you little slut … ohh god oooooooohhh goooddd. ” I felt his cum shoot into my cunt .. each time he shot into me he gave a growl, his cum was warm and kept shooting. He had filled me and his cum started running freely down my ass crack tickling me. I moved and he growled again. His cock twitched several times and then I felt his weight relax on me.

We lay silent, I could still feel the remnants of my climax, I moved and he lifted his head and smiled. ” Hmmm …. you are a great fuck Roxy … you were made for fucking … thank you … .” ” err … does that mean I passed the test Mr Gray? ” ” Oh yes Roxy, if it were up to me, I would give you a definite yes, but I guess it depends on the meeting your dad had with them, and the meeting you and your dad will have with the exec. But you can be sure that I will be telling them you stretch out very well, and that you are a natural. …. a man likes to feel that the woman he is fucking is enjoying herself … I could tell you loved every minute of it. You are a good girl Roxy … ” ” Well thank you Mr Gray. I did love it. I love being fucked, and I love your big hard cock too. ” ” I am glad to hear that Roxy, because I want you to get down here and start licking me clean, make me hard again …. I intend to fuck you all night long … ” Mr Gray rolled off me on to his back and I climbed in between his legs … I held his cock to help it stand upright, and I started licking our cum off his shaft.

I looked up at him as I gave a long lick, and I smiled and then said…. ” this is so yummy Mr Gray … ” I started slapping his cock against the side of my face. ” I want you to eat my pussy while I lick you clean … ” “Well come here then my little cum slut. Come and lay on my chest so I can look at that little wet cunt of yours … bring your lets up on to the pillow ” he started to pull me back. ” There … oh my cum is still running out of you. ” I took his cock out of his mouth and said ” Well lick me clean too Mr Gray … stick your finger inside me and scoop your cum out of me … you can finger me if you want … ” I looked at his semi hard cock and opened my mouth wide…..