By: Jude

I visited the home of my twin girlfriends (secret girlfriends though). I hadn’t called before I came, turns out it was only their aunt in the house. Aunt Luci is a curvalicious brunette. Big Ass, Large Enticing Hips, Hypnotic Tits too. She is usually warm but receptive to male visitors of her nieces. She asked me to come in with the warmest of smiles. Though I was disappointed that my girls were not around, I decided to stay for a little while.

She was wearing a tight gown that ended just above her honey well and was sitting on the couch that was opposite me with her sexy smooth legs wrapped under that big ass. I stared involuntary at her legs and started salivating. “Do you know why I asked you to come in”? She asked me. I thought she wanted to threaten me like “don’t mess with my niece” kind of stuff. She slowly walked towards me and straddled me. My cock reacted immediately.

We shared a kiss for close to ten seconds. I grabbed her tits with one hand and squeezed her ass with the other hand. It was so unreal. I slid her gown up and she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I wanted to do things to her she would remember for a very long time but she quickly removed my dick from my shots, slid down on it and humped me like it’s her last. It was pure ecstasy. She was just sliding with real pace and moaning. I almost cummed in her but I had to make this last. In to time, she exploded and we heard the gate to the compound open. She quickly apologized for not giving me an orgasm and promised another day. She ran off (to the bathroom I think) and I arranged myself properly. It was smelling sweet orgasm and sex in the air. The family walked in and we all ate dinner. Looking forward to visiting again when they are all out. Except Aunt Luci of course.