A Treat from Daddy

By: Roxy

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School had finished and after the long walk home I was ready to relax and crash on my bed. As I turned the corner I saw that dad’s car was in the drive way. I walked in the front door and there was dad sitting on the couch, legs stretched out. On a comfy chair was Mr Gray, our neighbor from across the road. There were two empty coffee cups on the wee table between them.

After saying hi to them both I went off to my room. I dumped my school bag down and relaxed on the bed as I kicked my sandals off. No sooner had I done that my dad called out … ” Roxy … come here ” . I made a wee face and dragged myself up off the bed. I kind of quietly walked to the lounge and stood at the door way. Dad beckoned me in … so I took two steps inside the door.

“Yeah, what is it? ” I asked nicely.

I was close enough for dad to reach out and take my hand. I stood in front of him and he leaned over towards me. Both dad’s arms came around my lower torso and his hands ended up holding my butt cheeks.

I frowned at him and he laughed. ” Oh come on Roxy … don’t get all shy on me. I have been telling Mr Gray what a good girl you are. ” I could feel my face redden. Dad’s hands went down below my skirt and he worked them up so that he was able to get his fingers under the waist band of my panties. Down they came, to my knees. Dad bought one hand round to hold my arm so I could steady myself and take my feet out of my panties. Dad grabbed them and had a sniff of the crotch, then threw them over to Mr Gray, who caught them and held them to his nose.

“Hmmmm … these sure smell good ” he said.

Dad patted the couch beside him. ” Come here sweetie, put your legs up and relax. ” I did what he said and stretched out on the couch with my head resting in dad’s lap. I could feel that dad had a semi erection. Dad got me to lay back further on his lap, then he started giving me little kisses on my chin. I responded by kissing him back, then I pocked out my tongue and ran it across dad’s lips..

” That’s my girl … haha Oh Roxy … I think you are giving Mr Gray an erection. ” I turned my head to look at Mr Gray. He had started to rub himself. Then I turned and went back to kissing Dad. His hands fumbled to open the buttons of my shirt, in the finished he tugged open the rest of the buttons, some of them pinging across the room. Dad started running his fingers over my nipples that had gone all pert, as he did this he looked over to Mr Gray. ” Come and sit over here, … Roxy lift your legs so Mr Gray has room to sit down. ” I lifted my legs, giving Mr Gray a good view of my naked butt. His hand came down on my ankles and he lowered my legs across his knee. Meanwhile dad had his tongue my mouth, deep kissing me, making me moan.

He came up for air and said, ” Roxy open your legs for Mr Gray … I want him to see your little tight pussy.” I opened my legs by lifting one leg so I could rest it on the top of the couch.

Mr Gray was looking directly at my pussy, and he was licking his lips.

” You take care of her bottom half while I get busy with her top half, …. see how tight she is? She is tight but her little cunt is so accepting, she stretches well …. I have been fucking her for almost two months now. She is always ready for it. I even have her grandfather come over. He was impressed. He was here when I broke her in …that was a good night wasn’t it Roxy? We both fucked the hell out of her all night. She kept wanting more …”

As I moved my leg that was resting on Mr Gray I felt how hard he had become. I looked at him while dad was giving me wee bites down the side of my neck. I stared as Mr Gray put his finger on my inner leg and moved it slowly up towards my pussy. I felt his finger on my slit, right near my vaginal hole. I felt him scoop his finger and bring it to his mouth, and as he did he said .. ” I have never seen a pussy this wet … she looks amazing, and her juices taste so sweet . ” Dad looked down at me with pride. Mr Gray moved and slipped off the couch and turned so he was facing me. he started kissing my inner thighs, first up one side and then down the other. He was teasing me, he was missing my little slit out and not touching that area at all. Meanwhile dad pushed me up a little … he got off the couch too and started to unzip his fly.

” You know where this is going don’t you Roxy, … ” he nodded ” that’s right, this is going right down your throat .. ” Dad got to his knees and tilted my shoulders slightly so I could face more towards him. His cock was hard and menacing, and as he slapped my face with his cock he whispered so Mr Gray could hear .. ” Daddy’s going to lend you to Mr Gray tonight. His wife is away, so you will be spending the night with him. …. so what do you say about that. ? ”

Hearing that made me excited. I was starting to want cock so much, I would stare at any male as they were walking towards me, I would try and see their shape, if they had a hard on, and then I would look at their face.

” Thank you daddy, .. and thank you Mr Gray. ”

Mr Gray smiled and I felt his tongue swirl around inside my pussy while he pressed his thumb down on my clit and wiggled it. Feeling him inside my pussy and dad with his cock in my mouth made me wiggle and moan with glee. I could hear Mr Gray slurping up my juices and with my noises from sucking dad’s cock, I felt so crazy horny. I couldn’t wait for tonight … I was going to be Mr Gray’s little cum slut all night long . I would show him what a good little girl I could be and make my daddy proud.

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