Chapter 1

Just before the doors of the subway slid shut, Katie Wilson slipped through and steadied herself against one of the standing poles in the middle of the subway car.

As the subway started pulling away, she swayed slightly, her body trying to keep with the motion of the accelerating car, both hands tightly gripping the metal pole in front of her. Even though there were hardly any people on the subway car (and thus plenty of open seats), Katie just wanted to catch her breath for a few moments. Eventually she turned around and slipped down into a white plastic seat against the wall of the car.

She plopped her two handbags (the smaller tan one belonging to her, the oversized garishly red one her roommate’s) on the seat next to her and took a deep breath. She closed her eyes, exhaling slowly, trying to calm her racing heart and stop the slight spinning in her head.

She only had that one drink, but perhaps her rushing to catch the subway caused that extra dizziness she was feeling… or maybe it was something else.

Now that she could finally relax, “safe” on her way home, she reflected on the crazy events of the past few hours.

The night started off as you may expect any crazy night would start off, with her roommate, Sandy, urging her to go out. Although she was pretty exhausted from a really busy week at work, and honestly wanted nothing more than to curl up with a good book that night, she somehow allowed Sandy to talk her into going with her on a double date.

Sandy’s latest “flavor of the week” was some banker named Johnny and apparently Johnny was convinced that Katie would hit it off with his college buddy, Rick. How he figured this, Katie wasn’t sure, as she’s only met Johnny one time, and they’d not said more than the typical “hello, nice to meet you” kinds of things.

But Sandy really liked this Johnny fellow, and after hours of pleading (and a promise to take Katie out next week for a manicure), Katie reluctantly agreed.

It was almost worth it to see how excited Sandy was, and Katie vowed she’d do her best to try to enjoy herself. She let Sandy have her fun, advising Katie what to wear and telling her to “keep an open mind” about Rick, and to stop acting like an “old maid.”

Now Katie knew she didn’t act like an “old maid,” but understood why her friendwould say that. Although she would never refer to Sandy as one who “gets around”, well… perhaps that’s exactly how she’d describe her! Sandy was always on the lookout for a new man, and when they were out, was always surrounded by them. In the three years they’d been friends, Katie figured that Sandy must’ve had dozens of partners, and seemed to relish being with each and every one of them.

She often said how at 24, Katie was wasting the “prime of her dating life” and couldn’t understand why she wasn’t out partying all the time. But Katie just wasn’t like that. She’d really only had one boyfriend, her high school sweetheart, Luke, and after that relationship she’d rarely dated. She honestly didn’t feel comfortable around men, and absolutely hated the phony small talk that was involved in meeting them.

And when she did allow Sandy to drag her out to some club or bar, Sandy was always the one the guys wanted to talk to, always leaving Katie feeling out of place and uncomfortable.

Sandy would always say how gorgeous Katie was, and how she projected an aloofness that intimidated people. But how could her social anxieties be perceived as “aloofness?”

And although Katie knew that Sandy didn’t have the “ideal” look to her (she was quite short and could lose a few pounds), she ALWAYS got the attention, despite Sandy’s constant wishes about having Katie’s “big blue eyes,” or “curly locks” (her “Caucasian envy” as Sandy would put it, being of Korean descent). Katie figured there was nothing exactly wrong with her, but also knew there was something that just must not be entirely … appropriate either. There was something Sandy had that she didn’t.

But after her breakup, following the yearlong attempt at a long distance relationship with Luke, she didn’t feel like dating much anyway. And then work took over and she just decided to focus on her career for now… except for the times, like that night, when she allowed her crazy friend to take her out on a blind “double date.”

So she was wearing the orange dress Sandy picked out for her, but she drew the line when Sandy attempted to dictate her underwear. What difference would what she’s wearing under her dress make? She sure as hell wasn’t going to be doing anything on her date tonight, no matter how much she may like this “Rick” fellow.

But when Sandy wouldn’t stop pestering her, Katie finally agreed to wear a pair of white thigh high stockings to match and contrast the black pair Sandy was wearing. After all, she would have gone out bare legged anyway, so she figured it didn’t really matter much if only the two of them knew that she was wearing this slightly more risqué kind of garment (although for Sandy, this was not unusual, as she has drawers of thongs, stockings, and garters). And if it made Sandy happy, she decided to just go with it.

Katie was even feeling a bit optimistic when they got to the bar and she was introduced to Rick, a tall, well-built, handsome man with a winning smile. It was amazing how quickly things went downhill.

After the standard introductions and Rick’s expected “Johnny’s told me so much about you,” Johnny told Sandy he had something for her in his car and led her outside, leaving Katie alone with her new “friend.” It took less than a minute for Katie to determine that Rick was a self-centered prick.

In that first minute he familiarized Katie with his salary, his car, and what he paid for his condo. Minute 2 revealed his exercise schedule and how much he could bench press. When his attention finally turned to Katie it was to get her drink order (snapping to a waitress to get her attention), and to praise her with the compliment, “Johnny was right, you ARE smokin’ hot!”

When their drinks arrived, Rick seemed to turn up his crassness, encouraging Katie to “drink up” as he downed his first beer in moments and flagged down another waitress. Although Katie had barely sipped her dirty martini, he attempted to order her another which she had to tell the waitress not to bring.

“Come on Katie, have some fun!” he chided. “I know you ladies took the subway, so I know you’re not driving home!”

Katie decided then and there that she would have no more than that one drink.

It was after Rick’s second beer that he started getting handsy. Although he seemed to scoff at the yoga classes she went to (at least her exercise routine was SOMETHING about her he seemed to want to know more about), he wasted no time putting his hands on her shoulders, insisting there must be something more she does to keep her body looking so “good.”

And when Sandy and Johnny returned, his hand slid down her back, to her waist as he turned to high five his friend with his other hand.

She stepped towards Sandy, breaking contact with Rick’s hand.

“Excuse us gentlemen, the ladies need to freshen up!” Sandy said with a smile and thankfully pulled Katie away toward the bathroom. Katie was relieved to be able to talk to her friend in private, and was looking forward to telling Sandy what a cretin Johnny’s friend was and insist that the rest of the “date” be aborted.

“Oh my god Katie, look what Johnny gave me!” Sandy exclaimed and Katie noticed the oversized red handbag she was carrying. “Last week while we were out I saw this in the store, mentioned how much I loved it, and he shows up with it tonight! Isn’t that so sweet?” Katie forced herself to smile, now realizing she may not get out of this that easily.

“So how’s Rick?” she asked with a devilish grin. “He’s a hottie isn’t he?”

Katie looked at her friend’s smile that look of anticipation and forced herself to say, “He’s ok, I guess…” resigned to the fact that she’d be stuck with him a little longer.

“Wow, someone getting lucky tonight?” Sandy gave her a little shove with a wink. “That’s high praise from you! Come on, let’s get back.” With a sigh and a roll of her eyes, Katie followed Sandy back to the bar.

When they got back to the guys, Rick was waiting with a full martini glass extended towards Katie.

“To Johnny and Sandy!” he exclaimed. Katie reluctantly accepted the drink (although she knew her first drink was only half gone when she left with Sandy), and took a sip.

“Come on Katie, drink up!” Rick insisted.

“No, I’m fine,” she said. “I wasn’t finished with my first one…,” she added quietly, taking another sip.

“Dirty martini right?” he asked. “I got it extra dirty for you,” he added with a wink. “Not good?”

To appease him, she took another drink and nodded, hardly believing just how cheesy he was.

Johnny leaned over to them. “Hey guys, I have another surprise for this sexy lady,” he said pulling Sandy close. Katie felt Rick’s hand slide around her waist again and barely resisted elbowing him in the stomach. “Would you excuse us again for a little while?”

Katie looked pleadingly at Sandy, but when she saw that expectant smile, she knew she was sunk.

“Sure, you two take all the time you need,” Rick said as his hand slid down to Katie’s hip.

“Thanks, Katie!” Sandy said excitedly, leaning in conspiratorially. “I wonder what it is this time! There’s someone he wants me to meet upstairs! Hey can you

hold onto my new handbag for me? I’ll be back soon!” Katie smiled as Sandy spoke and tried to ignore Rick’s hand as it slid in slow circles moving lower on her hip and around towards her behind.

The moment Sandy turned to go, Katie pivoted away and glared at Rick. He gave her a surprised look and was about to say something when Johnny reappeared, interrupting, “Hey, don’t expect us for a little while OK?”

“Nice!” Rick responded, and the two friends fist bumped. “No rush bro!”

As Johnny walked away, Rick turned back to Katie with a smile. “Looks like it’s just us for a while? Hey, I’m gonna go take a piss, why don’t you drink up and I’ll be right back?”

Katie was stunned as he walked away. How could anyone be such an ass? She took another drink thinking how she could keep Rick from touching her AT ALL the rest of the night.

But as she was drinking, she felt a tentative hand on her shoulder.

“Excuse me,” she heard a voice say. She turned around to see a pretty young woman. “Um, I know this is weird, and it may be none of my business, but…”

Katie nodded, encouraging to the woman who seemed at a loss for words.

“Anyway,” she continued, “I don’t know if that’s your boyfriend or what, but while you were… not here… I think I saw…” The girl hesitated a bit before blurting out the rest quickly. “I think I saw him put some powder or something in your drink.” She gestured at the half filled glass in her hand. “I saw something on TV once about guys doing that and maybe he did. I just thought I should tell you that maybe that’s what I saw.” And with that, she turned and melted back into the crowd.

Katie could feel the anger welling inside her as she slowly raised the glass, examining it for any signs, as if there’d be something she could see to prove what the woman suspected.

After a moment’s consideration, she grabbed her purse (and with an angry huff, Sandy’s new handbag) and stormed out of the bar, eager to get as far away from that asshole as possible!

It wasn’t until she was halfway to the subway that her heart started to slow and she considered if running out had been the best course of action. After all, was she sure that he DID put something in her drink? And if he did, should she have taken the drink to have it, what, analyzed?

Well, it was too late now. She did feel a bit buzzed, and maybe a little dizzy, but how much did she drink? And getting angry and storming out like that… that could make her feel worse too, right? Either way, she figured, whether he did something to her drink or not, getting away from Rick was the safest thing to do, wasn’t it?

It was just too hard to concentrate. She’d just get on the subway and think. Just get to the subway… the subway…

Chapter 2

Will Jeffries dejectedly walked down the subway stairs and onto the train platform. It really was no surprise that he was in this position, having to grab the subway back to campus by himself. Things always seemed to get screwed up when he followed Kerry’s plans.

Kerry insisted on picking him up to go watch the game at the sports bar by the entertainment complex. And although they were both only 19, Kerry was confident the fake IDs his friend made for them would be sufficient to get them inside.

Will was a wreck when they pulled into the parking lot and prepared to go into the bar.

“Don’t worry about it Will.” Kerry tried to reassure him, “I’ve used my ID here plenty of times, and yours is just as good as mine!”

Will had to admit, it did look legit. But, while Kerry had a full 5 o’clock shadow going (and slightly receding hairline), Will, with his “baby face” was often mistaken for being younger than his 19 years. It hardly mattered that he was at 6’2″ a good half foot taller than Kerry, he just didn’t look as old.

But Kerry kept assuring him that the bouncers don’t really care, and that as long as he had an ID that even looked somewhat legitimate, they would just pass him right through.

To help calm his nerves, Kerry pulled out a flask of whiskey and they each took a couple of swigs. “That’ll steady you a bit,” his boisterous friend proclaimed, “and help keep the bar tab down a bit!” An important consideration for the two students.

After a few more sips of the liquid courage (which, truth be told, made Will almost want to vomit… never saw why people drank the stuff), they headed towards the bar.

Of course Kerry sailed right in. And of course Will didn’t. The bouncer took one look at Will and chuckled, shaking his head as he took the ID in his hand. “You really want to do this kid?” he said without even looking at the card.

Will could feel his face start to flush as his mind raced for something to say. But then Kerry chimed in. “Come on pal, he’s 21, check his ID! Why are you hassling us?”

The bouncer turned towards Kerry. “Tell you what…pal…why don’t you wait right here and I’ll go get a cop to check out BOTH your IDs, how’s THAT sound?”

“Uh…, “Kerry mumbled, “no, that’s… not necessary…”

The bouncer turned his attention back towards Will. “So what’ll it be?” he asked, holding the fake ID up, offering it back to Will.

“Um, OK, thank you…,” Will said weakly, taking the offered card back.

The bouncer just looked to the next customer in line, ignoring both Will on the outside, and Kerry just inside the bar.

Will looked up at Kerry and shrugged helplessly. Kerry put his thumb and pinkie up to the side of his head, motioning that he’d call Will and disappeared into the bar.

Kerry did offer to leave with Will, but Will knew Kerry was meeting some friends, and told him he’d just take the subway home. To Will’s chagrin, Kerry didn’t put up much of a fight, and after promising to make it up to him next time, hung up the phone.

As he waited on the platform for his subway train to arrive, he shook his head, even regretting that whiskey was still in Kerry’s car. At least that would make the trip home somewhat interesting.

The subway, full of passengers, pulled up and Will stepped aside to let them out. When they all disembarked, he entered the car and sat down in a seat on the opposite side of the train, facing the doors. And waited.

It was a full ten minutes before a second passenger even entered the car. Fifteen before another group of three sat down at the far end. This was the last stop on the subway line and NOBODY was going in this direction now. He knew in a few hours after whatever concerts and sporting events were over the cars home would be jammed, but who would be LEAVING from this station now?

He may as well enjoy it though, he thought, as he knew once the subway passed through the city it would fill up considerably before heading out to the suburbs, discharging passengers a bit at a time before its last stop, a few miles from his college campus. He sighed, thinking about the walk from the station that was ahead of him. At least it wasn’t raining… not yet.

At last he heard the chime, signaling that the doors would be closing and they would finally be pulling out. And that’s when he saw her.

Looking out the open door, he saw a young woman hurrying towards the subway car. Time seemed to slow down as he took in one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen.

Chapter 3

She slipped inside the door moments before it closed, flashed the most wonderful smile in his direction (although it didn’t seem she was actually “seeing” him), and grabbed the pole directly in front of him.

Will quickly looked around, stunned that this beauty would choose to stand not two feet from him while the subway car was almost completely empty! She was holding onto the pole with both hands, facing the front of the train. He leaned back in his seat, and took advantage of the situation to look over the beautiful creature in front of him.

She seemed to be about 5’5″ or 5’6″ or so, and the first thing his eyes went to was the hem of her dress. She was wearing an orange summer dress, which went about midway down her thighs, exposing quite a nice bit of her long shapely legs. And although she was wearing what he guessed to be sheer white pantyhose, he quickly determined that he was in the presence of the perfect pair of legs.

The dress seemed pretty simple, unpatterned up until just below her breasts, where it seemed to be cinched in and from that point up had a lacey, embroidered texture. From his angle, he thought he could see four or five buttons go down the front of her chest just along the lacy top portion.

The top of the dress was fairly conservative, and although it showed a large view of her upper chest, it was quite high, and it didn’t look like it was designed to show much cleavage. The sleeves, although short, also emphasized the simplicity of the dress.

Lastly, was a thin white belt she had around her waist giving a wonderful contrast in color to the solid orange surrounding it.

The dress was really quite plain, and it occurred to Will that if it weren’t quite so short, just below the knee instead of showing so much of those incredible legs, it would look more appropriate on a little girl than this gorgeous woman.

Still in profile, he had a wonderful view of her perfect little rounded butt and how the dress seemed to flow down her back over it, hanging slightly off of the backs of her legs. There was no doubt in his mind that she must have been some kind of athlete or runner or something to have what looked to be the perfect legs and bottom.

His eyes travelled up her flat stomach to her chest, and her perfect breasts. He was never a fan of especially large breasts, and immediately determined hers to be the perfect size. With his limited experience, he figured they were a solid B cup, and seemed to sit high and firm on her chest.

Finally, he looked up at her face (and had a moment of relief when he saw she was still looking straight ahead, as he realized he had been blatantly examining her body all this time). Her face was framed with thick, curly, darkish strawberry blonde hair which hung a few inches past her shoulders. She had an orange barrette pulling the hair out of her face, pinning in on the side of her head. If there ever was a case of someone’s hair being perfectly made up, but not made to look as if it was, this was it. Will never really thought much of hair, but decided that he just loved her hair.

And then there was her face. From the moment she flashed that smile he was smitten. She had a round face, beautiful blue eyes, and a perfect little button nose. But the thing that melted his heart was her smile. He knew it was just a polite smile of acknowledgement to a fellow passenger that she gave him, but it was such an open, warm, wonderfully…carefree perhaps…smile that he literally felt his heart skip a beat.

The subway started moving, and the woman held tighter as the acceleration of the train caused her to turn slightly away from him.

Of course his eyes went straight to her legs as the hem of her dress swayed softly away from her body. There was something to be said about a woman wearing tight clothes, but in Will’s opinion, there was nothing like a sexy girl wearing a wide hemmed short skirt!

Now that he was more or less directly behind her, his gaze then went to her perfect butt. And to his delight, he noticed the clear outline of her panties.

For some reason, he always loved being able to see a woman’s panty line, gaining some inside knowledge as to what kind of undergarments she was wearing. Of course with a woman like this, dressed like she was, it was something extra special. He knew how women went to great lengths to prevent the dreaded “VPL” and he figured the thong was invented just to make sure it didn’t happen.

But there was no doubt this woman was wearing regular bikini cut panties under that little dress, and it only added fuel to Will’s growing infatuation.

Before he could get a good look, however, she let go of the pole and sat down almost directly opposite him in the first seat by the closed doors.

She placed the larger red bag on the seat next to her, crossed her legs, folded her hands in her lap, and closed her eyes.

Will simply stared at the beauty in front of him. His eyes didn’t seem to know where to settle, darting from her legs, to her beautiful face to her chest, the latter accentuated by the woman’s almost perfect posture.

He even considered sliding over a seat or two, putting himself directly across from her, perhaps giving him a slightly better view of her legs, maybe a little peek up that dress. But after a moment’s consideration, decided not to push it.

Content with the view he had, he simply stared.

Chapter 3

When Katie finally was seated on the subway, she placed Sandy’s bag on the seat beside her and closed her eyes. She knew she had a good 45 minute ride to her station during which she could try to wrap her head around what had happened to her and what she would do about it.

But first she wanted to do a “self check” to see how she was feeling. After all, she only had a little of that drink Rick gave her, even if there was something in it.

She did feel a little woozy she determined, but was that from the alcohol? Also, she did feel pretty tired, but not the “I want to fall asleep” kind of tired, more the “I just want to lay down and relax” sort of tired.

And what was with that gaudy handbag? She opened her eyes and looked down at the large red handbag on the seat beside her. The red reminded her of her mom’s car. When had she bought that?

After a few moments, Katie closed her eyes again and smiled to herself. Perhaps she was having a little trouble focusing right now, wondering how she ended up trying to remember what her mother was wearing years ago when she purchased her Honda.

But back to how she was feeling…

She was tired, and perhaps her head was feeling a little fuzzy.

But though her mind seemed to wander a bit, she still felt she could think pretty clearly. After all her posture was perfect.

She knew her mind was drifting again, but she also knew the importance of good posture. Ever since middle school when she and her friend, Julie, would practice sitting with their shoulders back and their chests pushed out. Sure it was because the two of them were late bloomers and trying to compensate for their lack of development, but even so, if it resulted in life long good posture, all the better!

She always did her best to project herself as a proper, well mannered lady.

She ran her hands down her discretely crossed legs, making sure her dress was laying properly on her lap, showing no more than was necessary.

Katie smoothed her hands again, noticing how the fabric of her dress seemed to glide across the material of her stockings. It did feel kind of nice she thought. She could feel her skin almost tingle at the light friction of the two materials sliding over each other. In a way it sort of tickled, she thought, and continued the motion.

She slid her hand up just a bit, gently rubbing her dress above the top of her thigh high stocking, feeling the material against her bare skin. Although it was also a pleasant sensation, it was not quite as “nice” as over the stockings. She slid her hand back down her leg and resumed the slow light rubbing of the dress on her stocking.

She let her mind wander, the motion of the subway lulling her into a comfortable state of relaxation.

Each time they pulled into another stop, she briefly opened her eyes to be sure there were enough seats available, allowing her to keep Sandy’s bag in its own seat, before closing them again until the next stop.

As the subway car was pulling into the third stop, Katie noticed that the car was finally filling to the point where the extra seat being taken by the handbag would be needed. As she pulled the bag to her side, freeing up the seat, the subway train jerked to a stop and she uncrossed her legs to steady herself and to keep from falling over.

She smiled at the middle age woman who took the seat next to her and looked around the almost full car. She knew by the next couple of stops the car would be jammed full of standing passengers, but as of that moment there were still a number of seats available.

As her eyes wandered around the car, she settled her gaze on a young man sitting across the isle from her. What caught her attention was the look of intense concentration on his face. He seemed deep in thought, staring blindly in front of him. After a few moments it occurred to her that perhaps he wasn’t staring blindly in front of him after all. In fact, it looked like he was staring at something. Her first thought was the red handbag at her side, as that’s where his gaze seemed to be aimed.

Katie looked down at the handbag, looked back at the man, and looked down again. It suddenly dawned on her that his stare was not at the handbag but at her lap!

Instinctively, she re-crossed her legs. The moment she did this, she saw the young man’s head snap up to look at her.

Just as quickly, he looked off to the side, seemingly unsure exactly where to rest his gaze. Almost immediately his face started to flush with what could only be described as a look of total embarrassment.

Katie actually felt bad that she caused such a reaction in the young fellow. Although her legs were uncrossed, she knew her knees were firmly together, so it wasn’t as if she was flashing him. It was actually quite sweet that he would be that embarrassed! She kept looking at him, hoping that she could give him a reassuring smile, letting him know that it was OK.

But it didn’t look as though he had anything in mind now except to intently study the hands contritely folded in his lap.

As she looked at him, Katie was somehow reminded of her ex’s younger brother, Mike. When they started dating, Mike must’ve been around ten, and she always thought he was a sweet boy. This fellow looked to be around 17 or 18, about the age Mike would’ve been now. He was tall and a bit lanky, also as Mike was, with the same curly hair and brown eyes.

But what really made her think of Luke’s brother was the incident that happened the year before they broke up. Katie joined Luke and his family on a vacation to a lake house one summer. While changing in one of the many bedrooms, Mike walked in on her. She was hardly in a state of undress, having taken off only her shirt, but the look on his face as he stared at her, standing there in shorts and a bra was just like the one she just saw on this poor fellow.

Later that night, Luke mentioned to her that he caught his brother staring at her in her bikini at the lake that afternoon. Katie then told him about the incident earlier that day, figuring it may explain his brother’s behavior.

To her surprise, Luke freaked out saying how inappropriate Mike was being and how he’d better keep his “pervy” eyes to himself. Katie was even more disturbed to witness Luke being a total prick to his brother the rest of the week.

From then on, Mike wouldn’t even meet her gaze, and Katie figured Luke must’ve said something about the incident to him. Katie just didn’t see what the big deal was. She may have even felt insulted if a 14 year old boy didn’t react the way he did in that circumstance. In fact, Luke’s behavior (and his refusal to discuss it further) signaled the first serious crack in their relationship.

So now, the last thing she wanted was for this young man to feel like Mike must’ve felt.

But after a few moments trying to make eye contact to somehow reassure him, Katie’s mind started wandering again, and she closed her eyes, surrendering herself to the rhythmic motion of the subway car.

Chapter 4

Will could not stop staring at the beautiful woman across from him. And the more he looked, the more convinced he was that she was just about the ideal female specimen. After such a horrendous start to the night, at least he’d be able to enjoy his ride home while admiring this vision of perfection.

When she opened her eyes at the next stop, it suddenly occurred to him just how blatantly he’d been staring, and he quickly averted his eyes. But when he looked back, she seemed to be studying the red handbag on the seat next to her.

Will thought it curious when she continued looking at the bag for quite a long time with a sort of unfocused look on her face. She then slowly closed her eyes and straightened her head in such a deliberate manner she almost appeared to be moving in slow motion.

A few minutes later he noticed that she seemed to arch her back, as if to stretch, but then held this pose, sitting almost rigidly. A wonderful smile passed over her face as if sharing some private joke. And then Will saw her lips start to move, as if she was talking to herself, all the while keeping her eyes closed.

Will, of course, found this to be unbelievably charming behavior.

And he also noticed that the only time she opened her eyes was when the subway stopped, she would take a quick look around before closing them again. As much as he loved those glimpses of her blue eyes, he regretted having to partially look away, waiting until the subway train started again, so that her eyes would close, and he could once again look directly at her without her seeing him stare.

After the train slowed for the next stop and she again opened her eyes for a look around the subway car, she tilted her head and looked once more at the red handbag next to her. She then leaned over, reaching for it at the same moment the train came to a halt. The combination of her leaning to the side with the jerk of the subway car seemed to throw her off balance and her legs uncrossed to steady herself from falling over.

Of course Will’s eyes went right to her legs.

It was over in less than a second, her knees now pressed together, but in that moment when she steadied herself, when her legs uncrossed, her knees spread just the smallest bit and Will caught a glimpse just a little ways up her orange dress. It really wasn’t very much, but what he saw made his heart race.

He wasn’t sure, but he thought that the white material of her pantyhose ended high up on her thigh, and he got the smallest view of flesh above.

Could she be wearing stockings? Or perhaps she was just wearing one those patterned types of pantyhose, with a different color high up on the thighs.

Will regretted not switching seats earlier, wondering if from a seat or two over he may have gotten a better look, perhaps even catching a glimpse of those panties he had seen outlined before.

He stared at her, noticing that although her knees were now pressed together, her feet were about a foot apart, and he hoped she would relax, just a bit, so that her knees would open, if only a little.

How he wished he could stop time (a childhood fantasy of his), just for a minute or two. He’d kneel down in front of her, and gently spread her legs, her dress sliding up her thighs. What a site that would reveal! He tried to picture what she would look like, the contrast of her white stockings, the smooth skin of her inner thighs, her panty-covered sex…

And what color would those panties be? White to match the stockings? Orange to match her dress? He found himself trying to will her knees apart, just to get one more look, just to know…

But just at that moment, her feet all but slammed together, and one leg slid, quickly crossing over the other.

Will looked up instinctively, and to his utmost horror found that she was staring right at him! He almost jumped and immediately turned his head down and to the side, searching for ANYTHING else to focus on. He felt his whole body flush with embarrassment.

“Oh my god!” He thought to himself. “What a fucking asshole I am!” He couldn’t believe he’d been busted staring so blatantly, trying to look up a pretty girl’s skirt! If the train hadn’t just pulled away from the stop, he may have just ran out onto the platform in shame, anything to get away from her.

And now he knew what an ass he must look like, sitting sideways, staring at his hands, but he couldn’t think of anything else to do.

Eventually his racing heart slowed, and he considered. She may have seen him staring, but could she really be sure what he was staring at? I mean he could’ve just been daydreaming or something right? How would she KNOW what was going through his mind? Could’ve been totally innocent, right?

Well, if he hadn’t acted so damn guilty that is… Why didn’t he just smile at her as if nothing was wrong? Idiot!

Very subtly he looked towards her out of the corner of his eye.

She was sitting just as she had before, her eyes closed, legs crossed. Her expression seemed to be the same too, pleasant, if a bit tired, but certainly not angry. Perhaps he just vastly over reacted. But in any case, he vowed to stop staring at her.

When they pulled into the next stop, he stood, planning to move a little farther up the car, away from her, but the large influx of new passengers blocked his way, and he only made it a few feet toward the front of the car. There were no seats available in front of him, and his had already been taken. With a shrug he grabbed the nearest pole, turned his back towards the woman, and joined the half dozen or so other passengers who were standing.

Chapter 5

Katie felt something bump her foot and when she opened her eyes was surprised at how full the subway car had gotten. She was sure she hadn’t dozed off, but… perhaps she just hadn’t been paying attention.

Looking up she saw an elderly woman being led in front of her by an elderly gentleman who appeared to be her husband. In a way they reminded her of the couple at the beginning of the movie “Up.” Something about the way he was guiding her was so sweet and tender. When she saw him looking around for somewhere to stand, Katie pulled her purse over her shoulder, grabbed Sandy’s bag, and stood up.

“Please, sit here!” she said to the elderly woman.

“Thank you, young lady,” she responded, as the man led her to the seat. Katie smiled at the couple as she took a few steps and grabbed one of the standing poles with her left hand. But when she turned from the couple, her smile was replaced but a slight look of confusion as she let out her breath.

Standing up so fast made her head spin, and for a moment she thought she would fall over. She was relieved to make it to the pole, and it took a few moments before she felt completely steady.

She made sure to brace herself as the car started moving again, and only relaxed once it had reached a steady speed. Finally feeling stable again, she closed her eyes and tried to regain the tranquility she felt while sitting.

After a while, as her body swayed with the motion of the train, she became acutely aware of the hem of her dress brushing across her thighs, her hair against her neck, and the sleeves of her dress. It was as if her skin had become much more sensitive to any external stimulation. And as before, it wasn’t unpleasant, but more of a dull tickling sensation, perhaps the feeling of lightly running one’s hand over a mosquito bite.

She closed her eyes once again, her mind focusing on the feeling of the pole in her hand, the handbag hanging by her side, and the way it gently brushed her calf. Combined with a growing fuzziness she was feeling, this seemed to slip her into a much more relaxed state, and she bent her arm to steady her shoulder against the pole.

However, when the subway train lurched to the side while rounding a curve, Katie momentarily lost her balance and stumbled back to bump her shoulder into the chest of the passenger who was standing behind her, holding onto the same pole.

She felt a hand go to her waist to keep her from falling as she grabbed the pole with her other hand, still clutching Sandy’s bag.

“I’m so sorry,” she said as she turned towards the person she bumped into. To her surprise she saw that it was that same young man who had previously been sitting across from her. “Oh, hi!” she greeted him with a smile. She noticed that he seemed to have an almost wide-eyed look of terror on his face and she felt his hand quickly pull off of her back.

She was going to put a hand on his arm reassuringly, but didn’t want to let go of the pole. Instead she leaned her head towards him, lightly touching his shoulder with her hair and said, “Thanks for catching me, I’m feeling a bit clumsy I guess.” He smiled tentatively at her and opened his mouth as if to speak, but no words came out.

Katie put Sandy’s bag on the floor between her feet and secured a better hold on the pole with both of her hands and once again closed her eyes.

She thought what a sweet boy this was, so polite, obviously taking his hand from her the moment she steadied herself. Not that she would have minded if he left it there, she certainly would have welcomed his reassuring hand, helping to keep her from losing her balance again.

And it was such a nice touch, she thought. Not at all like the groping hands of that ape, Rick. It would be comforting and sweet if this young man would put his arm around her. But her mind quickly wandered elsewhere as the train sped down the tracks.

Chapter 6

Will took a half of a step back to make room for the fellow passenger reaching for the pole he was holding on to. To his amazement he saw that it was that very same beautiful woman who had been sitting across from him!

She stood there not a foot in front of him, her hand just inches below his on the pole. He glanced over to where she had been sitting, as if to confirm it was the same woman, and sure enough, in her seat now sat an elderly lady.

He looked back at the beauty just in front of him, leaning slightly towards her and almost involuntarily breathing in the scent of her fruity shampoo.

Well, he figured, she must not have been too angry with him if she was standing right there in front of him! Or was she totally unaware that he was there at all? Perhaps he WAS making too much of what had happened earlier. In any case, as she had her back to him, he took the opportunity to look her over as best as he could from such a close angle.

He leaned back slightly and saw the sweet roundness of her bottom, his right hand hanging loosely at his side just inches away. Her dress was quite wide open on her back, and he delighted in her smooth skin and the little peek of the white bra strap showing against her shoulder. He closed his eyes and breathed in the wonderful scent of her hair, and wondered how it would feel to lean into her, to press himself against that perfect bottom.

Just then the subway car lurched to the side as it followed the curving track. He felt the woman stumble back into him, her shoulder impacting his chest, her right hand flying out for balance, still clutching the large red bag.

Will shot out his right hand, instinctively catching her on her right hip, keeping her from falling over. “I’m so sorry!” she said before looking up at him. “Oh, hi!” she added with a warm smile.

Will froze, staring at her, suddenly becoming incredibly aware of his hand on her waist. He pulled it back with a jerk. “Thanks for catching me, I’m feeling a bit clumsy I guess,” she said, and leaned her head towards him, her hair brushing against his shoulder. Will tried to say something in reply, but couldn’t seem to get anything out.

She just smiled again before turning away, placing the red bag between her feet and grabbing the pole with both hands.

Still in shock he flexed his right hand, trying to remember how it felt to have that hand against her just moments before. And what if his reach had been a little lower? What if instead of her waist, it was her butt he grabbed to steady her?

And she apologized to him? What he wouldn’t give to have her stumble against him again, perhaps he could better guide his hand the next time. Place it just on her panty line, feel the border of her panties and bare leg, or that strip of skin beneath her dress, between her panties and the top of her stockings…

Or could he reach higher to catch her? Could he get away with putting his hand around her rib cage? Possibly touching the side of her breast? But now she had a more steady hold of the pole, with the bag on the floor and both hands supporting her. Perhaps at the next bump he could stumble into her! A well placed hand grasping at her to keep him from falling?

He knew he would never do that, but spent the next 5 or ten minutes thinking of all the wonderful possibilities, still hoping she might fall back again into his waiting arms.

It seemed as if the subway car passed its peak occupancy at the next stop only a few passengers got on, while a good dozen or so got off. And at the next stop, any possibility of her bumping into him again was gone, as a mass exodus opened up multiple seating options, and she let go of the pole and slipped into an empty pair of seats facing the front of the train.

Will sighed disappointedly as he watched her sit in the isle seat. He still had a good 20 minutes or so before his stop at the end of the line, and although he knew they would not be standing like that the entire way, was hoping it would have lasted a little while longer.

He looked down dejectedly and noticed the woman’s large red handbag on the floor next to the pole. Reaching down, he grasped the handles and picked up the bag. He took a deep breath and then walked the few steps towards her, and putting his right hand on the seat behind her to steady himself, he extended the bag towards her.

“Excuse me,” he said timidly.

She looked up at the bag, then at him. Slowly it dawned on her what had happened. “Oh my gosh! Thank you!” she said, accepting the bag and flashing him another one of her beautiful smiles. She turned to put the bag on the seat beside her, but then pulled the bag back onto her lap and looked back at Will while sliding over to the seat against the wall.

“I’m so sorry, please, you can sit here!”

Again Will opened his mouth as if to speak, but when nothing came to mind, he gave what he hoped was a relaxed smile and sat down next to her.

“Thank you again for this,” she said, gesturing to the bag before slipping it down on the floor between her legs. “My name’s Katie, and I assure you I’m not normally such a klutz. I’m just feeling so tired, I’m not really thinking straight if you know what I mean.”

“I’m Will,” he replied, searching for something witty to say. “I’ve had days like that too…um…you have a little too much…” He cut himself off, about to say “partying” but knowing how utterly inappropriate that would have been.

“Oh, not that,” she said lightly, “I barely had one drink. I’m just so sleepy, that’s all.” She smiled again and Will noticed her eyes did have a bit of a dreamy, far away look to them he hadn’t notice before.

“In fact,” she continued, turning towards him and placing her right hand on his right arm. “If I close my eyes for a bit, can you make sure I don’t miss my stop? It’s Jefferson street, are you going that far?”

Will nodded his head eagerly, delighting in the feel of her hand upon him. “Sure, yeah, I’m going all the way to the end, so no problem.” He could feel himself start to babble, but could do nothing to stop it.

“You’re so sweet Will, thank you.” She rubbed his arm affectionately, closed her eyes, and let her head droop towards him, resting lightly against his shoulder.

Will could hardly believe what had happened. Here he was sitting next to one of the most perfect women he’d ever laid eyes on, with her head on his shoulder, her hand resting on his arm!

Suddenly he realized something else. Somehow his right arm (which she had her hand on) had ended up laying between them half on his leg and half on hers. In fact his pinky and ring finger were resting lightly on her leg on top of her dress a few inches from the hem.

Looking down at her legs, he discovered something else. Not only were her legs not crossed, but her knees were actually a few inches apart, and he thought of the large red bag she had shoved between her feet. But also, when she slid over to the next seat to make room for him, it seemed as though her already short dress had pulled up just a bit more underneath her, showing quite a bit of her thighs. He wondered just how much more of her legs needed to be seen to reveal what he hoped were the tops of her white stockings.

Looking at her like this, feeling her head against his shoulder, his hand on her leg, Will felt a swelling in his jeans as his penis began stiffening to attention, as if appraising the situation on its own.

As the motion of the moving train swayed back and forth, he allowed his hand to slide ever so lightly over her leg, his fingers feeling the friction of her dress against her stockings. Each time they moved upward on her leg he went with the motion, but resisted as best he could any motion downward, the result of which, after a few minutes, was that his hand had moved perhaps half an inch upwards. But even that was enough to cause his heart to pound in his chest and his pants to start to get uncomfortably tight.

All the while, he listened carefully to her breathing, waiting for an indication she might suspect what he was doing. But if anything, her breathing was deep and slow, she definitely seemed to be getting more and more relaxed.

In fact, he was thrilled to see just how much more relaxed she was becoming, noticing that her legs seemed to part ever so slightly with each bump and sway of the subway car.

Will knew her feet were on either side of the bag below her, and it seemed that her knees were slowly moving to their natural position straight above her feet. He watched intently, hopeful as her knees would sway apart an inch only to have his hopes dashed as they returned closer together on the next bump. But not quite as close as they were!

A sudden sway of the car, and two things happened. Will’s hand slid almost a full inch up Katie’s leg, pulling slightly on the material of her dress. This yanked down a fold of the material on her right leg which fell between her legs. The result of this was that a few extra inches of her inner thigh was revealed to him, and he could finally see the top of her right stocking and a thin strip of bare skin above.

He stopped breathing and unconsciously pressed his left arm into his lap, giving his swollen member some of the attention it seemed to be calling out for. This new sight, seeing the top of her stocking and sitting so close caused such a reaction in him, he suddenly looked around, hoping nobody noticed him rubbing himself.

But as they were not in the couple of front facing rows of seats, they were pretty well hidden from the rest of the subway car. Besides, there were not very many passengers left, and those who were left, were paying them no attention.

He turned his attention back to her.

He once again allowed his right hand to move ever so slightly against her left leg. Moving up the slightest bit more, he finally reached the border between her stocking and the skin above. Even though he was feeling this through the material of her dress, he was in heaven!

But of course he wasn’t satisfied. He needed to know what was above that glimpse of skin now showing on her right thigh, he needed to see just a little higher. How much farther up would reveal what she was wearing above those stockings, what covered her most valuable of places?

His heart raced as he continued the slow steady slide upwards, pulling her dress higher and higher on her left leg.

He knew there was not much farther her dress could go, his arm simply would not reach any farther back. And although he got another half inch or so more of her right thigh revealed, there was no way he could pull far enough. But he had to see, had to at least find out the color of those panties he had seen outlined against that perfect bottom!

Twisting slightly so as not to disturb her head against his shoulder, he slowly leaned his head downward, hoping to get an angle low enough to allow him that extra inch or so that he so badly needed.

Just as he was at his limit, leaning as far as he could realistically go, her legs miraculously parted just a bit more, and she seemed to scoot down just a little bit in her seat.

Will was finally able to see the tiniest sliver of color, the pale yellow fabric of her panties covering that most magical place on her body.

Chapter 7

Katie was so grateful when that nice boy, Will, brought over the bag she had left against the pole. She definitely wasn’t thinking as clearly as she wanted to, and it was so nice to have someone looking after her.

It was cute how uncomfortable he seemed when she thanked him and made room for him to sit down next to her. And when she asked him to make sure she didn’t sleep through her stop, he did seem to relax a little bit. Although she didn’t think she actually would fall asleep, she definitely was feeling a bit “dreamy” and it felt nice to have him there to make sure she was ok.

And to tell the truth, just holding on to his arm like that, with her head against his shoulder, just felt so comfortable, so relaxing. Somehow she just felt safe.

After a short while, Katie became aware of that same light tickling sensation on her leg. She became aware of Will’s hand laying between them and she could feel his fingers lightly sliding back and forth the tiniest bit on her leg. She figured it was unintentional, just a consequence of the train and her newfound hypersensitivity to touch. As before it was such a pleasant sensation, she just relaxed against him and enjoyed the simple feeling.

It wasn’t until a few minutes later that she realized that there actually wassomething intentional in his movements. With the motion of the subway car, his hand would slide sideways, or a tiny bit up her leg, but never seemed to slide back downward. She opened her eyes just the tiniest bit and without moving her head, peered over at Will.

Sure enough, he was looking down at her lap with the utmost concentration. Katie followed his gaze to see what had caught his attention. Honestly she was a little shocked to see the state of her dress, bunched up much farther than she would normally have allowed. And to make matters worse, her knees were not in their normal “lady like” position, but rather parted, quite far actually! She knew this was mostly due to Sandy’s bag between her legs, but that was no reason her knees couldn’t still be together.

But all of this went through her mind in a sort of detached way. In the row of seats on this part of the subway car, the only thing in front of her was the back of the next row, so she knew she wasn’t flashing anybody. And there was something sweet about that cute boy, Will, obviously trying to get a better look at her. She really had only herself to blame sitting like that with her little orange dress pulled up so far on her thighs.

The last thing she wanted to do was embarrass him again, like before, so she just closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his hand rubbing her dress lightly over her stocking.

When the subway car suddenly lurched sideways, it wasn’t Will’s hand sliding up her leg, or the tightening of her dress across her lap that snapped her attention back to the present as much as it was the sharp intake of breath she heard from Will.

When she slowly opened her eyes again, it took a moment to realize exactly what she was looking at. Somehow her legs had parted eyen more, her knees now outside of her spread feet. This had exposed even more of her thighs, and she could now see the top of the white thigh high on her right leg. She stared at this for a moment confused, forgetting that she was even wearing stockings instead of pantyhose.

Then she heard a slow exhale from Will, and realized that he must have been holding his breath. She smiled dreamily to herself, thinking how cute it was, Will looking at her like that. The sweet young man had looked after her so well on her trip home, she certainly didn’t mind if he enjoyed looking at her a little bit. There was certainly no harm in that!

She once again closed her eyes and listened to the now quick, short intakes of breath by the young, sweet man beside her.

But then his breathing stopped altogether, again.

Curious, Katie opened her eyes. To her surprise, she saw that he was actually leaning his head forward and down. Again it took a few moments for her to realize what exactly he was doing, but finally it became clear. He was trying to look even further up her dress!

She couldn’t help but smile again at the studious look on his face as he tried getting his head in the proper position while keeping the rest of his body from moving. There was something about it that seemed to cute, trying so hard, looking so determined!

Barely suppressing a giggle she felt from bursting out, she watched him strain his neck, gaining perhaps an inch more. But from the look on his face, she knew he was not seeing all that he wanted.

What the heck, she said to herself. He’s been so sweet to me. And without another thought, she tightened her butt and slid herself forward about an inch in her seat so that her dress rode up another few inches.

As she peered down at the pale yellow panties now on display between her spread thighs, she heard a sound almost like a cough coming from beside her as Will expelled a small burst of breath. Her eyes drifted to his face and the amusing image of a young adolescent looking through a Victoria’s Secret catalog ran through her head.

And it wasn’t as if she were wearing anything sexy, just plain cotton panties. She surely wouldn’t have done that if she was wearing one of Sandy’s kind of panties. But in any case, he sure did seem to be enjoying the view.

Suddenly, as if sensing her eyes on him, he peered up at her. And when he saw her looking back at him, his eyes widened almost comically as he sat up straight and pulled his hand from her leg, causing her head to all but bounce off his shoulder.

The last thing Katie wanted was for him to feel bad about what had happened (which she knew was largely her own doing), so even as he turned away, she gently put her head back on his shoulder, hooked her left arm around his right and murmured, “It’s Ok, Will.” She could still feel the tension in his arm, and knew he wasn’t reassured.

Concerned, she pulled his left arm to her side and with her right hand still on his forearm, slid his hand back to where it had been on her leg. “Those light touches feel really nice really.”

With her eyes closed again she didn’t notice that when she slid his arm back onto her leg it caused the hem of her dress to slide all the way up, to the point where it revealed the leg band of her panties on the top of her left thigh. She also didn’t realize that in pulling his hand towards her that his hand now rested on the inside of her leg rather than the outside.

What she did notice however, was that after a few moments his body finally seemed to relax. A moment later, she felt his hand start moving ever so lightly once more against her skin. She smiled to herself, glad that she had not embarrassed him again, and let her mind wander amid the pleasant tickling sensations coming from her leg.

Katie felt very happy and content.

After a few minutes, she noticed that his touches, still pleasantly light, travelled along her thigh. It was such a different sensation when he was brushing his fingers over the top of her stocking as opposed to when he was touching her bare skin. She opened her eyes a little and watched his hand making small circles, his fingers floating gently over the exposed skin on her thigh, tracing along the edge of her stocking, then sliding over their white material. She found it incredibly relaxing.

The circles of movement seemed to be getting a little larger each time around, and on one pass upward on her thigh, Katie saw the tip of his pinky brush lightly against the yellow cotton of her panties, pressing gently into the soft pad of flesh of her outer labia before his hand slowly travelled back towards her stocking.

She noticed this in a detached sort of way, the sensation of the touch so close to her most private of places feeling much the same as the feeling when he touched her leg through her stocking.

The next time his hand came around, his finger once again brushed against the same area of her panties, travelling a little longer along the edge of her panties.

Katie watched his motions with only the slightest curiosity, feeling more and more relaxed.

When Will stopped the circular motions of his hand, and settled on that one area of her panties, now sliding up and down on the side of her crotch closest to him with his middle finger, she began closing her eyes again, feeling on the verge of sleep.

Will’s finger slid lightly up and down a few more times, then paused slightly before sliding sideways, up and over the bulge of Katie’s sex to the other side.

Her eyes snapped open.

As his fingers slid over her panties, grazing her outer lips through the cotton material, a different intense sensation jolted through Katie’s body. Is was as if a tuning fork had been struck in her crotch, which vibrated through her stomach, moving up through her chest to settle in her nipples.

In contrast to all the sensations she had been experiencing until this point, that one touch was so … sexual. Almost immediately her body reacted as she felt her nipples harden and felt a new kind of heat generating between her legs.

She watched as Will’s finger gently stroked the right side of her panties, and felt her body flinch again as it traveled back over her mound, stimulating that same spot, sending another jolt of pleasure through her.

She had never felt such an immediate rush of pleasure so abruptly before!

Her eyes were glued to the tip of his middle finger as it slid upwards along the side of her panties, tracing the same path as before, but somehow the sensation was so much different now.