His finger travelled up, next to the vertical line of her lips, and slowly passed over her pubic area back the right side. She felt her hip strain to the right, as if trying to follow his finger, trying to make contact again with that one spot that felt so good!

But his finger circled all the way down before centering itself on her panties again, pressing lightly upwards through her panties into the small depression where her opening was. The feeling was incredible, his finger touching her there at her entrance, but it wasn’t like that other feeling…

Will’s finger stopped.

Katie subtly began tilting her hips forward, attempting to move his touch upwards, where she so badly wanted to be touched again.

Finally, she felt his finger slowly slide upwards along the folds of her lips.

When his finger passed over the small bump of the hood of her clitoris, she uttered the smallest grunt as her hips twitched and a new wave of pleasurable vibrations coursed through her.

Katie looked down at Will’s finger, resetting itself low between her legs, starting to slide upwards once again, her hips again turned downward to guide his touch. She no longer had thoughts of a cute, innocent, sweet young man. All she could think about was those fingers and how she needed to be touched by them, needed to feel their pleasure!

Chapter 8

The swing of emotions Will felt was so great, his head was spinning.

He finally got to see all the way up beautiful Katie’s dress to those wonderful yellow panties, covering her most guarded spot, only to be absolutely crushed when he realized she had been watching him in all his depravity. And unlike the other time, there was no doubt what he was doing, actually craning his neck to get a better view!

But just as he thought he’d die from humiliation, she’d not only said that it was ok, but actually moved his hand back to her leg, and encouraged him to keep touching her! And although he didn’t know if she did it on purpose or not, when she pulled his hand back to the inside of her leg, it pushed the edge of her dress almost entirely on her lap.

He stared down at the incredible sight in front of him. Her slim legs parted almost ninety degrees, the wonderful strip of the pale flesh of her upper thighs, framed on one side by the white of her stockings, the other by the pale yellow of her panties, the slight bulge hinting at the treasure hidden beneath. And the contrast of her orange dress bunched up almost to her waist made it the sexiest sight he’d ever seen.

But the most unbelievable thing of all was seeing his hand resting lightly on her inner thigh, his fingers half on her skin, half on her stocking, and just inches away from her panties.

And what kept going through his mind were those last wonderful words she spoke to him. “Those light touches feel really nice.”

Still having a hard time believing that this was actually happening, he glanced up at her face to find her eyes closed once again, looking so relaxed that he wondered if she had somehow started dozing (how could she be dozing when his heart was practically jumping out of his chest?).

While watching her face for any reaction, he slowly started moving his fingers again. When he saw no change in her expression, or her steady breathing, he looked back down at his hand and realized that, unbelievably, it really was ok.

As his erection (which quickly abandoned him when he was caught peeping at her) quickly returned, he made a vow to himself to remember everything he was seeing, every touch he felt, everything he saw.

He started making small circles, delighted by the feel of her stocking, and absolutely thrilled as he touched the bare skin of her thigh.

Slowly he widened the circles, moving his hand farther up the inside of her thigh, until on the upstroke he was just centimeters from brushing against her wonderful panties. Will looked up once more at her face, seeing if there was any change, any sign that what he was doing was unwelcome. But as before, she seemed entirely unaware of his actions, and he started to wonder if she had, in fact, finally fallen asleep.

In any case, he knew what he’d do, what he had to do!

On the next circle, he allowed his pinky to graze against her panties, pressing lightly into the soft flesh of her outer labia, the sensation of his finger sliding against the warm cotton overwhelmed him. As his hand circled down, he quickly glanced up again at Katie, and was reassured by her lack of reaction.

He repeated the motion, travelling along the side of her mound trying to take in every sensation his pinky was experiencing as it slid over her panties.

After one last time across her thigh, over her stocking, he returned to her crotch, twisting his hand slightly so he could now use his middle finger instead of his pinky, his touch more deliberate.

He started sliding his finger up and down vertically, lightly stroking the left side of the bulge of her panties. He loved the feel of her. And although he was absolutely thrilled at being able to touch her in such a private place, he knew he hadn’t felt her where he really wanted to. Not yet.

He honestly had very limited experience with women (and certainly not with a woman like this), but he did know where the most sensitive spots were, and heneeded to touch her there.

Will paused, his finger lined up with the soft bulge of her vulva; he took a deep breath and then slowly slid his finger across her mound, feeling a slight dip at the apex as he passed over her inner labia to the other side.

Immediately, he felt a twitch pass through her and her hands momentarily tightened on his arm. Glancing up he saw that her eyes were now opened (though only partway), with a look somewhere between confusion and surprise on her face.

He continued watching her as his finger ran up and down the other side of her mound, delighting in the sensation he knew he must have caused by the expression on her face. Again he saw no reason to stop (and wasn’t sure he’d be able to anyway!).

He then traced the path back across the center of her crotch, applying a little more pressure, he noted the exact moment he passed over her lips, as he felt the small shift of flesh through her panties.

Her body reacted again, her legs twitched closed a tiny bit before relaxing and spreading as before. He noticed her breathing had changed, becoming much quicker and shallower. Looking at her beautiful face, he now saw her brow furrowed in a look of concentration, her lips slightly parted.

He allowed his finger to stay on the left side, gently stroking up and down for a few moments before travelling up and across her lower abdomen, sliding across her panties while tracing the hem of her dress lying across her hips. Will thought he could see her tilt her hips slightly back as if to bring herself back into contact with his finger as it slid out of reach above her labia.

When his finger reached the other side, sliding slowly down, there was no mistaking it, Katie was twisting her hips, trying to center his probing finger on her most sensitive spot.

Will had never seen anything as erotic as this gorgeous woman, her dress pulled up to he hips, her body straining to be stimulated by his roaming finger!

But rather than sliding across her as before, his finger travelled down before centering, pressing lightly into the spot at the entrance to her body, and held it there. When he felt Katie slowly roll her hips forward, he followed her body, keeping his finger pressing in the same spot, seeing how she would react. He was rewarded with a soft grunt of frustration and felt her hands tighten on his arm, pulling gently towards him, trying to move his touch back up to her little button.

Slowly he began tracing his finger up the center of her panties, travelling up the valley of her lips, her hips straining even further forward until finally he reached the small nub of her clitoris. He let his finger catch lightly before flicking up and over.

Katie let out another soft grunt as her hips jerked backwards.

Entranced, Will lifted his finger and reached down again, placing it once again at the bottom center of her panties. Again, Katie’s pelvis tilted forward, and as he stroked upwards, he looked at her face, the anticipation and then shiver that ran through her as he passed over her clitoris.

Again and again he slowly traced the path of her labia, delighting in her body’s reaction, the sweet sounds now coming from her parted lips, the look of need on her beautiful face.

Her grip on his arm tightened and he could feel her pulling harder on him, trying to increase the pressure on her, but he was enjoying this too much, keeping his strokes light, teasing her body.

In fact, he started pressing harder against her lips, but when he passed over the button of her sex, he actually lightened his touch, causing Katie to pull still harder on his hand as she strained her hips forward to meet him.

On the next upward stroke Will felt something shift under the cotton panties, as her inner labia parted under his probing finger. As he continued lightly teasing her, he noticed a small darkened patch under his fingers as her wetness began dampening her panties.

“Please…,” she murmured in a husky imploring voice.

Will did not decrease the pressure of his touch when he reached the bump of her clitoris. Rather than passing over it, he pressed directly on her. Katie froze, her breath stopped.

Almost immediately he felt her hips angle slightly to the side until his finger slipped off, causing another grunt of pleasure from her.

Will kept his finger still, knowing what he now wanted to see.

Sure enough, Katie began moving her pelvis in slow little circles. Small bursts of breath escaped her lips each time her movements caused his finger to slide over her clitoris. She increased her pace.

Will watched, fascinated, as Katie masturbated against his finger, her now steely grip keeping his hand in place.

Hesitantly, Will began moving his finger, trying to match Katie’s rhythm and was rewarded with a softly uttered moan as she pressed her head more tightly against his shoulder. As she sped up, he adjusted to her pace, his finger becoming a blur, seeming to vibrate back and forth in tiny motions over that one spot on the center of the gusset of her panties.

Suddenly her hand shot off his arm and onto his hand, pressing him firmly against her as her breathing stopped and her body froze.

A moment later her pelvis spasmed as her climax ran through her and she buried her face against him, a long moan muffled by his shoulder escaped. Her body seemed to relax momentarily before shaking again as another wave of pleasure passed through her and she closed her legs, her right knee sliding over her left, trapping both of their hands between her thighs.

Will sat there with his hand firmly trapped in the wonderful warm dampness, gently cupping her vulva between her clenched thighs and listened to her ragged breathing start to slow. She turned her face away from his shoulder to rest her head once again against him as she uttered a contented sigh.

Slowly, her legs relaxed and she clumsily took her hand from his and put it back on his arm. Will covered her hand with his and felt her almost melt against him.

Still in shock at what had just transpired, he suddenly became painfully aware of the straining of his erection threatening to burst out of his jeans. Somehow while fondling, while pleasuring the beautiful Katie, he hadn’t focused on his own need. But now it seemed like any tiny motion he now made just increased his arousal.

With one hand still firmly against Katie’s sex, he considered using the other to relieve himself through his pants, anything to satisfy the intense pleasure he felt with even the slightest motion.

But just then Katie’s hand slipped limply off of his arm and from her he heard a sound that could only be a soft snore. After a few moments of consideration, he gently removed his hand from her, and with his right foot hooked around the bag between her feet, pulled it towards him.

He then slid his foot against her left, pushing her feet together and thus closing her knees. Katie shifted sideways in her sleep, both putting more of her weight against him, stacking her right leg on her left.

With a sigh, Will reached over and pulled her orange dress back modestly over her thighs before trying to adjust himself in his seat, attempting to find a more comfortable position.

Chapter 9

“Katie… Katie”

Katie sat up slowly, waking to the sound of someone speaking her name. Her head seemed incredibly foggy and it took a couple of moments to realize where she was; sitting in the subway car.

She looked down at her lap, the orange hem of her dress laid neatly across her thighs and felt her skin flush at the vision that ran through her mind. She must have dozed off and had a dream… an erotic dream. One in which she was… masturbating… somewhere public.

It must have been quite a dream she thought, her body seemed to tingle from the memory. And, as was not uncommon after such dreams, she felt herself quite aroused.

“Katie, it’s your stop.”

She turned to the man next to her.

She smiled, remembering the kind young man who had been looking after her.

“Will,” she said almost to herself.

“Your stop, it’s here,” he insisted, standing up and offering her his hand. She was just thinking how sweet that look of concern was when his words finally sunk in.

“Oh!” She stood, glad to have his hand to grab onto as her legs almost buckled when she stood. “My stop!” She quickly walked past him and out the door onto the platform, almost losing her balance, her head swimming from the sudden exertion.


She heard a male’s voice from behind her and turned to see Will stepping quickly out of the doors to follow her. But the sudden turning seemed to tangle her legs, she lurched sideways and threw her hand out to try to steady herself.

Just before she toppled over however, she was caught as Will grabbed her arm and held her up.

“Oh my god, thank you Will!” she said embarrassed. “I don’t think I’ve totally awakened yet!”

He gave her a sheepish smile. “Umm, yeah, I…you forgot your bag.” Somewhat apologetically he showed her the large red bag in his hand.

“Thank you again,” she said with an almost dreamy smile. “You’re so sweet.” She was so tired, it seemed hard to even talk.

He turned his head back suddenly as the subway train pulled away. It dawned on her that in getting the bag to her he stranded himself at the wrong stop.

“I’m sorry…” she said gesturing to the train.

“No, no that’s OK,” he assured her. “There’ll be one along soon…”

She stood there considering for a moment. “Do you think you’d have time to walk me to my apartment? It’s just a half block away, and I’m feeling so tired.” Honestly it wasn’t so much how tired she felt that concerned her, but more how unsteady she was on her feet.

“Of course,” he replied after a few moments with his mouth curiously hanging open.

“Oh, thank you!” she said relieved. She held on to his right arm and pointed to the stairway.

As they began walking, Katie felt her head start to clear a bit and she tried to bring back the memory of that dream she had on the subway. Her body definitely still seemed “primed”, she could feel her erect nipples as they brushed against the inside of her bra as she walked.

Also she was keenly aware of a tingling coming from her crotch, and if she wasn’t mistaken, she thought she felt a dampness in her panties. Wow, that must’ve been some dream! She smiled to herself, feeling quite naughty, and enjoyed how her body seemed to buzz as she walked.

They didn’t speak much on the way, but there was something about holding onto him that made her feel so good, so taken care of. And for some reason, holding onto his arm like that while she was having those thoughts, made her want to pull his arm to her, to have him touch her.

They made it to her apartment and when she opened the door, she allowed him to escort her to the living room.

“Thanks again Will, I hope this wasn’t too much trouble.”

“Oh, no trouble at all,” he replied. “Uh…,” he looked around the room before placing the red bag on the couch.

He was turning back to the door when she touched his arm, causing him to turn back towards her. “Really, thank you,” she added and stood on her tippy toes to give him a light kiss on the cheek.

She felt his hands go to her waist and as she slowly lowered herself back down, her breasts brushed against his chest and she felt her hardened nipples slide against him, causing the tingling in her body to intensify.

She smiled up at him, his eyes locked on hers. “Can I…can I kiss you?” he asked almost shyly.

After a moment’s hesitation, she closed her eyes and tilted her head up. She realized that for some reason, she wanted to be kissed.

His lips met hers as his fingers lightly traced the fabric of her dress. His hands firmly rested on her waist then moved down to settle on her bottom. The wet warmth of his lips, his hands gliding over her rear, and her body pressed up against him…each sensation felt so good, so electric.

When he pulled away to look at her, it was as if something clicked in her mind as the true memory of the subway ride suddenly surfaced.

She leaned back suddenly, looking wide eyed at the man in front of her, her mind buzzing. Immediately, she felt his hands come off of her and he took a step backwards.

She looked at him for several seconds, her heart pounding, her breathing becoming quick and labored. Then she stepped forward into him, placing her hand behind his head and pulled their lips together.

Chapter 10

When Will woke Katie on the subway, he honestly had no intention of following her onto the platform. Truth be told he was looking forward to getting to bed and masturbating while replaying the unbelievable events of that ride home.

Then when she forgot that bag again, he (not reluctantly) had to take it to her. When he caught her from falling and then missed his train, he still didn’t expect to escort her home, but there was no way he was going to refuse once he was asked.

It was a short surreal walk to her apartment, Katie’s arm wrapped around his as if they were a couple. The strangest thing of all, however, was that she made no acknowledgement of what had happened between them on the subway!

And when he put the red bag on the couch, he really was expecting to walk out the door back to the subway.

But when she kissed him on the cheek, any thoughts of leaving vanished. He couldn’t help but put his hands on her waist, touching her again. He could barely believe the words coming from him when he asked to kiss her, but was so glad that he did.

As they kissed, his hands went almost immediately to her tight little bottom, gliding across her, tracing the edges of her panties through her dress.

His heart seemed to stop when she abruptly pulled away, with an almost surprised look on her face, and he suddenly felt like a kid who’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He waited anxiously, wondering what she would do.

But then she pressed back into him, her hand on the back of his neck, and he was in heaven.

As they kissed, his hands wandered over her body sliding over her back, her arms, her hips, but always coming back to his favorite place, the firm swell of her bottom.

She pulled away again, but this time to lead him towards the couch. Once there, she looked up at him with a mischievous smile before reaching up to the button on his jeans.

¬†Will let his hands fall to his sides as she tugged to open his fly. The button suddenly released, causing Katie to take a half step back. Her calves bumped into the low oak coffee table behind her, which made her fall backward and land with a thump on the table.There she sat, leaning backwards propped on her hands and to Will’s surprise, she started giggling. He smiled, her laugh infectious.But looking at her like that, leaning back in front of him, her legs spread on either side of his, his smile was quickly replaced by a look of wanting.Seeing this change in him, Katie’s smile also faded, and she looked up at him expectantly, her chest heaving with every breath.

Will’s eyes stayed on hers as he slowly knelt down in front of her. His hands slid up to rest on each knee and he paused. Katie’s breath grew quicker, her mouth parted, waiting for what Will would do next.

He let his eyes travel down her body, past her breasts, over the white belt at her waist past the edge of her dress to her white clad legs and his hands upon her knees.

He slid his hands up her legs, pushing the orange fabric of her dress up her thighs. His hands felt the skin above her stockings just before her skin came gloriously into view. As the crotch of her yellow panties was finally revealed, his fingers touched the cotton material high on her hips.

He centered his hands, pushing the dress further up, stopping only when it reached her belt, revealing a small strip of her flat stomach just above the top of her panties.

The sight of her like that, spread open to him, her yellow panties bordered by small areas of flesh and then the whites of her stockings and the orange of her dress was intoxicating.

He slid his hands between the table and her butt and slowly brought his face down and planted a light kiss just where he knew her clitoris was waiting.

Katie’s legs twitched and she thrust her hips towards him, her breath escaping in a quick grunt.

Will pulled her pelvis towards him, his tongue burrowed hungrily into the material along her lips, his mouth nibbled and tugged at both the cotton of her panties and the sensitive flesh beneath.

Katie’s need was mind numbing as she felt Will’s tongue and lips and teeth suck, nibble and lick at her through her panties. Almost immediately his administrations focused on her hypersensitive clit, her body vibrated with pleasure washing over her. But it wasn’t enough.

She reached down with one hand, momentarily blocking Will’s face, hooked two fingers into the leg band of her panties and yanked them to the side, exposing her naked sex to him. She had the slightest moment of doubt (after all, in all the time with Luke, she could count on one hand the number of times he had tried pleasuring her like that) when Will paused.

But then Will’s tongue was on her, the feeling of the direct contact of his mouth and tongue with her bare lips and clit was so incredible, she threw her head back and moaned. When he grabbed her panties, pulling them even further to the side, giving him even better access, she fell back on her elbows.

Katie’s whole body felt as if it were vibrating as Will sucked greedily on her pleasure spot, her hips helping his hand underneath to press herself tightly against his face.

She knew her orgasm was coming, and after one last sharp intake of air, she held her breath and looked down at the sight of Will hungrily feasting on her.

Will never stopped as her body froze. She felt a strange contraction as her legs clamped together, squeezing his head between her legs, and she saw a sudden gush of fluid flowing from between her legs and over his face.

She had a split second before her climax hit her, her body twitched and a loud moan escaped with the breath she had been holding. She quivered, rubbing herself furiously against him as if trying to pull his face inside her.

Finally her body fell back against the coffee table.

“Oh my god!” she said breathlessly and looked up at Will who had sat back and was staring at her, his face slick with fluid. “Did I…squirt?” she said, not meaning to say it aloud.

Will just smiled and looked down at her crotch. To her surprise she realized she was still twitching, opening and closing her legs, still feeling that intense stimulation, that…need.

Oh my god, she thought, I feel like I haven’t orgasmed at all! Suddenly all thought was obliterated as she felt him latch his mouth onto her again, his tongue sliding inside her.

It felt wonderful, but somehow she knew this wasn’t what she needed, knew it wouldn’t be enough. It was as though her whole body needed satisfaction, not just her clit. It was getting almost too sensitive.

She sat up and pushed Will back. “Take off your pants,” she commanded, standing up suddenly while pulling off her panties.

Will quickly pulled down his zipper as he watched Katie deftly undo her belt, reach down and pull the dress over her head. She looked almost annoyed when she saw his pants were still on, so she reached down and in one motion pulled his jeans and underwear to his knees. She then pushed him back to sit on the edge of the couch and straddled him, one knee on either side of his thighs.

Of all the wonderful things Will had seen that night, the view of Katie, wearing just her white stockings and white bra, straddled over him like that had to be the most incredible.

He had only a moment to consider this however, before she reached down to grasp his fully erect penis and guide it into her, slowly settling into his lap. He could not believe that anything could feel as wonderful as his penis sliding into her, her vagina enveloping him like a wet warm glove.

“Don’t move,” she said quietly.

But not moving was about the hardest thing Will had ever done. The feeling of sliding into that warm wonderful place was so overwhelming, he was surprised he didn’t shoot his load on the way in!

He looked at her hips, almost in disbelief, realizing that his penis was somewhere deep inside her. He looked into her face and saw her eyes closed, her brow furrowed in concentration. He looked at her breasts, still clad in that plain white bra.

He lifted his hands, cupping each breast gingerly through her bra, bringing his fingers to the front, feeling the hardness of her nipples through the material.

In response Katie’s mouth parted and he felt her vaginal wall quiver, spasms ran along his penis. Still she did not move.

His hands went to the center of her bra, and he opened the clasp, each cup popping to the side exposing the most wonderful pair of breasts he’d ever seen.

As he took her bare flesh in his hands, he gently squeezed her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Her body jerked and her eyes locked on his. He sat up, lowered his head, took her left nipple in his mouth, and gently sucked as he ran his tongue across the stiff nub.

It was then that Katie started moving, slowly at first, but transitioning quickly to a more frantic up and down motion.

Will immediately sat back as his hands flew to her hips and he began pumping himself into her, pushing her down with his hands as if trying to get as far into her as possible. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

With one final thrust he pulled her down on him, crying out as he orgasmed, feeling one long solid stream shoot into her, followed by two more short spurts.

Just then Katie grabbed his chest with both hands. She clawed him through his shirt as her whole body seemed to erupt, exploding from deep inside her where Will was climaxing, through her stomach, and spreading a tingling heat over her entire body.

She collapsed into him, her body numb, and her skin tingling.

“Oh god,” she murmured against his chest, breathing heavily. “That was the most…by far the best…” Her body lay limply against his.

“Me too,” he said quietly, stroking her hair. “Actually, my only…,” he added, his voice trailing off.

Katie sat up and looked at him with a sleepy smile. “Really Will? Your first?” she asked playfully.

Suddenly Will felt extremely self conscious, which Katie noticed and instantly regretted making light of it. She smiled warmly and settled back against him.

Will put his arms around her, and tried to take in as much of the wonderful feeling of holding onto Katie, their bodies still joined with him inside her.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, both conscious (and a little amused) of Will’s slowly deflating member and its slow retreat from her.

When he finally plopped out, Katie gave a disappointed groan and awkwardly stood up wincing at the stiffness in her thighs. “I am so tired,” she said stretching. “I’m just gonna get cleaned up a bit, ok?”

Will nodded and watched her walk naked into her bedroom, grab some clothes, then walk back out and into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Chapter 11

Will watched her disappear into the bathroom and took a deep breath. With a start he noticed his pants still around his ankles.

Quickly he stood up, pulling his underwear and jeans back into place before sitting back down. It occurred to him that he had no idea what to do with himself! Should he leave? Should he go to her bedroom? What did one do at times like this?

He shook his head in disbelief. Had he really just had sex on this woman’s couch? He couldn’t shake the feeling that it all had been some mistake that she would come out of the bathroom screaming “rape” and calling for the police.

At the same time, Katie was also considering what had happened that night. Although she felt absolutely exhausted (her body entirely spent), she felt her mind had cleared considerably, and she realized that whatever that asshole Rick had put in her drink was responsible for the daze she had been experiencing most of the night.

Although, she thought, she had to admit that Rick’s little “gift” provided her with the most incredible orgasms she’d EVER experienced! Probably not in the way he had planned though…

But what to do about Will? She didn’t even know his last name, let alone how old he was! God, was she even sure he was 18? Couldn’t be more than 20 that was for sure.

After using the toilet she pulled on the t-shirt and boxer shorts she grabbed from her room to sleep in, washed her face, and put her hair in a ponytail. In any case, Willcouldn’t be here when Sandy got home that was not something she’d want to deal with.

Honestly, all she wanted to do right then was to go to sleep.

Meanwhile, Will had decided to make a graceful exit once Katie emerged from the bathroom. He wasn’t going to make things awkward for Katie, and he honestly felt way under qualified for the situation he had gotten himself into.

As he was waiting, his gaze fell on the pile of clothes next to the couch. The Orange dress, the white belt and bra, her yellow cotton panties. He reached down and gathered them in his arms.

He let his thumb slide over the material of her panties, his mind replaying how incredible they looked on her, how he touched her, masturbated her through the material. He felt himself start to stiffen once more.

The bathroom door opened and Katie walked out, heading to her room again. “Hold on a sec,” she said with a tired smile.

Will walked over to her room with the bundle of clothes and saw her leaning over a desk in the corner. She looked up and saw what he was carrying. “Oh, thanks!” She gestured to a hamper against the wall. “Just throw them in there.”

He stepped into her room and deposited the clothes as directed. When he turned around she walked up to him holding a piece of paper.

“Will…,” she began thoughtfully, “tonight was…well… nice…really nice, but I wasn’t exactly…myself.” She knew it wasn’t coming out right, so she just stuck out her hand holding the scrap of paper.

“Anyway, here’s my number. I mean, you already know where I live and all, but… maybe we can… get coffee or something.” She honestly wasn’t sure what she was doing, hell, she didn’t know how much her thinking was still being clouded, but after what she just went through, it just didn’t seem right not to say these things.

Will took the paper with a half smile and placed it in his pocket. It wasn’t offered to him in the most encouraging way, but he was pleased none the less.

She smiled that wonderful smile again and he couldn’t help but think how absolutely beautiful she was, even in a t-shirt and shorts, no makeup, her hair up ready for bed.

“But really, thanks for…looking after me.” She walked over to him and put her arms around him, her head on his chest in a sweet hug.

He held her like that, smelling her hair, his hands on her back, feeling her breasts pressing against him. In response he felt his erection swell and embarrassed, started pulling away.

But before he did, Katie felt the bulge in his jeans pressing against her abdomen and looked up at him slyly.

“Will! I thought we took care of this!” she said jokingly.

After looking at him for a moment, she seemed to come to a decision. She reached down and felt him through his pants. Will felt his breath catch and he leaned his hips into her.

She slowly rubbed up and down as he became more and more engorged. “Well, I can’t let you leave in this state, now can I?”

Will didn’t know what she had in mind, but didn’t care as long as she kept stroking him like that.

Katie continued her hand motions as she looked around her. Making up her mind, she went on her tippy toes and again kissed him lightly on the cheek. She then slowly went to her knees in front of him, her eyes level with the top of his jeans.

Her hands went to his jean’s button and with some twisting pulled it open. She smiled as she felt him lean in towards her, her face barely an inch from the bulge in his pants. He let out an audible sigh as she slid the zipper down, the twitching outline of his penis clear beneath his grey boxer briefs.

Carefully, she pulled down his jeans, using both hands to make sure his underwear stayed in place. “Step up,” she said once his pants were at his ankles. He lifted one foot, leaning back against her bed for balance as Katie removed first his shoe, and then the pant leg.

She then leaned in and lightly pressed her lips on the underside of his penis through his underwear, eliciting another gasp. She let her lips brush ever so lightly on him as she blindly reached down to remove his other shoe.

Once he stepped out of his pants, Katie stood, leaning her hips forward to brush herself gently against him.

She reached down and pulled his shirt up and over his head, leaving him standing in only his underwear.

“Oh my god,” she said softly, noticing the deep red scratch marks on his chest. “Did I do that?” She placed her hands on his chest, her fingers sliding over the angry welts.

Will just nodded quickly and leaned in to kiss her. But with her hands on his chest, she pushed him away. “Let me see your poor chest.” And with that she pushed him harder, forcing him on his back upon the bed.

Katie climbed up next to him, pulling his legs to the center of the bed and sat on her knees next to his chest. “Let’s see if I can make it feel better.”

She bent over, her right hand on his chest, her left hand laying ever so lightly on the bulge in his boxer briefs. She lightly kissed the mark near his left nipple and allowed her left hand to wander lightly along his pole. When she took his nipple in her mouth, he arched his hips upwards and let out a moan. Katie smiled as she licked him, surprised and delighted at how sensitive he was.

She sat back on her knees, one hand stroking his chest, the other laying in his lap and watched him squirm. But as he did to her earlier that night (she now clearly remembered), she followed his movements with her hand, keeping contact, but also keeping the contact light.

After a little while, delighting in the pleading look on his face, she decided he’d suffered enough. She scooted down a little, and hooking her fingers in his waistband, she slowly pulled his underwear down his legs and off. Will moaned squirming as the waistband slid over him, pulling his penis off to the side before snapping back straight up as it was released.

Katie then separated his legs and settled down between them, looking down at Will’s erect penis visibly throbbing, pointing up on his stomach.

Seeing her kneeling between his legs and staring down at him in all his glory was almost too much for him. He clenched his buttocks, presenting himself to her, trying to bring himself somehow closer.

To his relief, she finally slid her hand under his penis, palm up, tipping it just the smallest bit upwards, and then she slowly bent her head down.

Will saw her tongue come down and just barely settle on the base of his penis. He once again held his breath in anticipation. She then turned her beautiful blue eyes to look into his before slowly sliding her tongue up the length of his erection.

He held her gaze delighting in the wonderful view until she reached the top portion of the underside of his penis, the intense pleasurable sensation causing his to throw his head back and moan.

Breathing heavily he looked back down, awaiting her next touch.

Once more she licked up his length, and although the feeling was equally intense, he forced himself to keep his eyes on her, not wanting to miss the sight of her tongue on him.

Again and again she repeated the motion, but now sometimes on the left side, and sometimes on the right. But the most wonderful was when she returned to the middle, his most sensitive spot.

After a few moments, Will found himself turning his hips downward as her tongue reached the tip of his penis, trying to somehow point himself downward. Trying to somehow slip himself into that wonderful teasing mouth.

Katie could feel these motions and it didn’t take her long to figure out exactly what he wanted. She had never been a huge fan of blowjobs, but at that moment she was desperately looking forward to taking him fully into her mouth. But she wanted to draw out that moment as long as possible, make his body beg for it.

With each successive lick, she began raising her hand slowly, pointing his penis a little bit higher each time.

When her tongue reached the tip on the following slow lick, she allowed the head of his penis to slip under her upper lip causing him to moan even louder. She broke contact with a kiss, the top half of his head sliding out of her lips.

After the next slow motion upwards however, she angled him straight up and finally allowed him to slide along her tongue and into her mouth.

Up until that point, being inside Katie had been by far the greatest sensation he had ever felt. But having her mouth around him, her head gently sliding up and down the top half of his engorged penis blew even that feeling away.

She looked up at him, and seeing his penis in the mouth of one of the most beautiful girls he’d ever seen made it feel that much more incredible.

Katie closed her hand around the base of Will’s penis and began pumping up and down slowly as she allowed him to slide in and out of her mouth, her tongue pressing on the sensitive underside as it passed.

As much as he wanted it to last, Will felt his climax building all too soon as his moans grew in intensity and his hips started to buck with her motions.

Katie delighted in the feel of him inside her mouth, his incessant motions, his moans, the obvious pleasure she was giving him

She felt Will’s body arch suddenly, his hips pressing skyward in one last thrust. She clamped down, trying to press him a little farther inside, while swirling back and forth with her tongue. She felt the pulsing on the underside of his penis as wave after wave of his come shot into her mouth.

She gently sucked on his head, swallowing each spurt as it entered her.Although she had had Luke in her mouth a number of times while they were dating, she had never let him finish in her mouth like that, let alone swallow his offering. But she was so glad that she did now, so happy she could please this man who had given her so much pleasure.She let him drop softly out of her mouth, giving him one final kiss before sliding up and collapsing on the pillow next to him, exhausted.”That was fun,” she whispered.

“Katie,” he said turning towards her. “That was…,” he exhaled loudly unable to find the right words.

She smiled. “I’m glad you liked it…” Her smile relaxed and her eyes closed a little before snapping open again.

“You look so tired,” he said gently.

“I am…” her eyes closed again. He watched her face, she looked so beautiful, so peaceful. “Oh crap,” she said suddenly, looking annoyed, even with her eyes closed. “I really don’t want to get up and brush my teeth again… you think that’s bad?” She opened one eye to look at him questioningly.

He almost laughed aloud. “No, I think that’s ok.”

“Hmmm,” she replied sleepily, her open eye shutting once more.

After a few minutes listing to her steady breathing, Will slid out of bed and put his clothes back on. He looked down at the sleeping woman and gently pulled the blanket up to her neck.

Finally, he bent over and lightly kissed her forehead. As he turned off the light, he heard her softly say, “Goodnight Will.”

“Goodnight Katie.”

He walked out of her room, glancing wistfully at the couch and coffee table and opened the front door. After one last check, making sure he still had that slip of paper in his pocket, he exited the apartment and gently closed the door behind him.