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I had never seem so much sperm from one orgasm.

I was walking by our stables and saw the
big Stallion rear up on the back of a mare. He had just
gotten on her as I approached the run area. I
stopped to watch them mating. I saw his huge Stallion
cock as it slid from his sheath. It was so long and
very impressive in diameter.

I was amazed at the sheer size of his Stallion cock. It was
wet and swollen with the head dripping it’s pre-cum.… Read the rest

A night in Heaven

Author: Henry

A few years ago my Uncle got very ill at Aunties urging he finally went to see a doctor and by happy coincidence I happened to go along for a ride into town. I was thinking that once Uncle was in with the Doctor, Auntie and I could slip away for a quickie. I had a spot already picked out in the hospital. A bathroom that was in a little used hallway of the hospital that locked.… Read the rest

I Still Masturbate to My Cousin Pt 3

So by the age of 16, my cousin and I were sucking and jerking each other off as often as possible. Whenever one spent the night with the other, we knew each others cock was going to get sucked. I must admit that I looked forward to his fat dick sliding between my lips. Hearing him moan and whisper under his breath. Feeling his cum explode in my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I loved his mouth on me as well, but it gave me this weird desire to please him, hear him, suck down his cum, and love every bit of it.… Read the rest

My Fantasy – Part I

We start with deep, slow kissing. You kiss my neck and nibble on my earlobes, slowly and gently, making soft breaths in my ear. Gripping my hair tightly. Moving my head the way you want me to go. You lick from between my collarbones up to my panting mouth. Kissing me deeply, slightly harder, both hands are on each side of my neck and up into my hair. You lay me down on the bed, on my back.… Read the rest

My Fantasy – Part II

Once released, once I get my bearings, and once I get something to drink, I take you in my arms and kiss you passionately. Thanking you for relieving my tension and fulfilling one of my dearest fantasies and for giving me one of the best orgasms of my life. Your hands explore my body; you grasp my ass so tight your finger finds my wet pussy. I stand there fucking your finger for a minute or five.… Read the rest

I Still Masturbate to My Cousin Pt 2

It was right before school started when my mom informed me that she had to take an overnight trip for work. I was allowed to have 1 friend spend the night while she was gone. It had been about 3-4 weeks since I had my first encounter with my cousin and we hadn’t seen each other since that night. So obviously I asked if it was ok for him to come over.… Read the rest

I Still Masturbate To My Cousin

Our family had always spent a lot of time together so it wasn’t uncommon for sleepovers to happen. On one of these nights, my cousin stayed at our house. I was 15 and he was 13 at the time and we were both in that awkward teen phase. I had fooled around with a couple girls but he hadn’t dated any at that time. It was a nice summer day that we spent swimming and basic kid goofing off.… Read the rest

Co workers wife

This happen years ago but I can’t stop thinking about it from time to time. I worked with guy who had a very sexy red head wife. What she was doing with guy I had no idea. Guess she had low standards. Her husband worked nights and I had the days. Sometimes I would work Saturdays in the office and had the whole place to myself. She started coming around to hang out and chat with me.… Read the rest

Hot Wife, A Husband’s Submission

By: Rushmore Judd

[Excerpts from Hot Wife, the Tale of a Husband’s Submission by Rushmore Judd]

“Who wants to stop by the house for a nightcap?  I got a bottle of Patron Platinum for my birthday last week and we have yet to break it open.  It’s supposed to be the best tequila in the world.”  I was glad to hear Dillon sound cheerful and unbothered by my comment.  There was unanimous agreement. … Read the rest

The Guy Next Door (Pt.1)

By: QueenD

(True story) December 30, 2013 That day was a day to remember, my new neighbors moved in. Thinking (“there’s no teenagers there’s only older guys and three younger girls”) but I was wrong. I walked up to my door and glanced over to the house, I seen a 5’9 teen just like me with his shirt off and muscles showing. As I’m going to get the mail in a tang top with the shortest shorts on.… Read the rest

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