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A Sweet Treat

By: Jude

I visited the home of my twin girlfriends (secret girlfriends though). I hadn’t called before I came, turns out it was only their aunt in the house. Aunt Luci is a curvalicious brunette. Big Ass, Large Enticing Hips, Hypnotic Tits too. She is usually warm but receptive to male visitors of her nieces. She asked me to come in with the warmest of smiles. Though I was disappointed that my girls were not around, I decided to stay for a little while.… Read the rest

A Night With Mr Gray

By: Roxy

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It was getting a little dark outside. Dad and I had finished our dinner. I cleared the dishes away while dad rinsed them and put them into the dish washer. ” You had better go shower and get ready Roxy .” “Yes dad .” I replied.

The time had been going slow since Mr Gray went home. I was excited at the prospect of spending the night with him.… Read the rest

A Treat from Daddy

By: Roxy

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School had finished and after the long walk home I was ready to relax and crash on my bed. As I turned the corner I saw that dad’s car was in the drive way. I walked in the front door and there was dad sitting on the couch, legs stretched out. On a comfy chair was Mr Gray, our neighbor from across the road.… Read the rest

Daddy’s Wet Girl

By: Roxy

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I was just passing dads room when he called out .. “Roxy … come here “.

I went back and walked into his room. He was standing over at the dresser with his back to me.

“What dad?” As I approached I seen that he was looking at a book. As I got closer I seen it was my diary.… Read the rest

Daddy’s Little Girl

By: Roxy

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My dad has always been affectionate from the first time I could remember. Nothing over the top. Just cuddles and hugs .

But after my mom ended up leaving us he was even more so. I put it down to him feeling lonely, so I made more of an attempt to be more considerate and do what I should. Once mom had left I had also seen more of my father than I should have .… Read the rest

Mildred Fucks Her Son In Law

AUTHOR – Mildred Burgos Gomez

My name is Mildred and me and my son-in-law fucked for a period of 3 months during the time we were both having problems in our marriages . Chris Talton married my daughter Lisa and they were fucking as soon as they met.

Lisa was a sexually active teen and young adult. I caught her fucking her boyfriend in my bed and we got several complaints from school she would flash boys at gym.… Read the rest

My First Time

AUTHOR: Roy Newsome

Well i was a freshman in high school and we had just finished the year and were out for summer. It was early in the day and i was visiting a girl who was a junior and she had actually let me play with her pussy before. She said i want you to met someone this is Dee and she just moved here from Columbus Ga. Kathy’s boyfriend was also there so i knew we wouldn’t be doing anything sexual.… Read the rest

A Fog Of Innocence In Her Text

Author: FH

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The night before I leave for an out of town trip we meet up with a buddy before heading to a bar for drinks. They hug when he arrives. They always hug. She likes it. She likes him.

They always hug, long and deep hugs in which he almost always reaches down and playfully starts his hug around her waist. He lifts her up so her feet come completely off the ground by about a foot.… Read the rest

Twinfection – The Real Confection

READ: Twinfection part 1

Derby cuddled in my arms. Whatever we felt at that moment was love, lust, passion. Whatever strong adjective. We agreed to be a couple. I found at also that her sister was not a virgin. It wasn’t surprising. She left when her sister called and said lectures had been cancelled. I never knew when I would be with her alone, again. You see, twins tend to think alike and they always tend to be together, so it would be really difficult being alone with my Derby.… Read the rest

Our First Time

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This is a true story.

I was was 18 and she was almost 16 when we first meet. She is a slender girl with long brown hair a few inches short of her sexy flat ass. Did i mention she had the smallest little breast which i hadn’t been able to partake of yet.… Read the rest

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