Hello Friends,This is Bibhuti. This is my first writing here. I have changed the names in order to protect identity. I am writing my experience first time so please forgive my mistakes may be this story will be long but none of the thing is fake except the names. I am 5 .9 ft height and 74 kg and have athletic body.

Now I am coming to the story. I have an elder brother who is married 6 months before. As I became grown up I am little inclined towards females as natural. Earlier I have not inclined to females like now. In the marriage I went to Bhabi’s house and as I am very open and always smile and appreciate others irrespective of beauties, qualities and whatever the situation may be. So I became very close with their family members. Bhabi has one younger sister whose age was 18 years and wow ta dekhne me baht mast thi. She is doing her +2 2nd year science aur me bhi Science me graduation complete kithi.

Her name is Preeti. Most times I was going with Bhabi to leave in her house as elder brother was busy in his business. Slowly I started friendship with Preeti. She is very slow in understanding so Bhabi told me to teach her. I thought this is an opportunity for me. She is also very childish. Her awesome figure and looking slowly mad me. She also became close to me. In her house I used to teach her in late nights. Some nights she will come by wearing only t-shirt and not wearing bra under. And her medium size boobs and nipple visible from that shirt.

Also we started to discuss our personal matters apart from study. She asked whether I have any girl friend and I said yes to know what her reaction will be. Then she made her face little unhappy. Again I said I had an affairs with one of my friend but now our relationship has broken. She showing more interest asked how our relationship has been broken. I told just that I saw her with another guy in very close and awkward position so I started to make distance with he. She asked me with smiling, “ Can you tell what awkward position you saw your girl friend?” I said I am feeling shy to tell all these things.

But she said we are both matured and should nt shy with each other. So I told her that one guy was kissing her and at the same timing pressing her boobs. She didn’t said anything and I asked her if she has any boyfriend. She just smiled and looked me in such a way that I feel why God has created these beauties. And said that she don’t have any boy friend but eager to have one and laughed. For first time I touched her beautiful cheek after she said that. It seemed that both of us attracted internally and just not expressing externally. I felt she wants me to tell something but fearing. I told her she can ask me anything and without any hesitation. She instantly replied, “ Can I tell anything “ and also told that that don’t feel Deepok if anything wrong. I told , its okay Preeti. And I told smilingly that who will not love to such a beautifully like you Preeti. Slowly I started to praise her beauty and she too became very much happy on those words and coming very nearer to me.

She started to tell about her freshers welcome picnic at college and paused for a while. I guessed something must happened with her in that picnic and asked her repeatedly what are all she enjoyed there. She told one of her friend came and kissed. And she felt shy , I told Preeti these are common, no need to worry over that. She became relaxed and I asked, what other things he did with you cute baby. She again told don’t mind Rahul. Again I pinched her cute cheek, Preeti common, trust me , I will not tell anyone and now we are friends. She told that friend has also squeezed her boobs. I told, lucky guy, may I will be that. She too laughed restlessly.

I knew that she also can become close with me. As it is my first attempt and there is family relation so I was proceeding with much fear. I asked Preeti how do you feel when he pressed yours. She just laughed, Rahul I will tell Didi means my Bhabi. I asked what will you tell?. She said I need to get married and laughed and said that , Tell bhabi to marry with you. She naughtily took a pillow which was near in bed and threw towards me. But very interesting thing is that a lizard was near her and she was very much afraid of it. She came towards me and both of us hugged each other. I lovingly told Preeti, i will give something by which you will not fear. She nodded her head and I kissed her cute cheeks. I don’t know what will be her reaction and internally I was fearing what she will thing.

But when I saw her face after kissing that she too smiling and so I get courage and kissed her lovely lips and cheeks and earlobe for 10 minutes. Then I said, Preeti, I love you very much and she too said to me, Rahul I too love you.But in the next morning I have to return home as I have exam and certain business works as brother was not there. From that time we phoned and hanged over in late nights over online.

One of my friend was staying near her house singly. So once I went to friends house and planned to fuck Preeti and not gone to her house . Invited Preeti to friends house. She came and Ohh! That day She was very very beautiful and sexy. She came with make up and with light coloured T-shirt. Her cleavage was showing her inner assets slightly. When she came I gave a dress of her like and a rose. In the entrance room only both of us kissed each other wildly. I couldn’t imagine in these day she also became very horny from chatting s in online and she too kissed me wildly. Her cleavage made me also very horny and I was constantly looking her beautiful assets.

I couldn’t control myself and kissed there and she told , Rahul, start at least after taking me to bedroom. I took her in my arm and went to bedroom. I don’t know what happened to her after going to bedroom when I tried to sleep over her , she refused Rahul , please don’t do this. I am virgin. But its difficult for me to control my lust. I then just started by kissing . First I kissed her forehead, cheeks and then her lips. I smooched her cute n sexy lips for 15 minutes and my little master was became very wild. She too became very much excited with that smooching. Bu mistake her hand touched my dick and it was like rod. She said sorry. I said why sorry Preeti and I took her hand and touched to my dick . Because I knew she was telling not to touch but internally her hand wants to touch that. Then I came over her and sleep over her and she didn’t opposed like earlier.

I again smooched her lips and earlobe. Her breathe sounds her internal burning.

Then I started to lick her tongue and now she became very excited. Both of my hand are busy in pumping her medium size boobs . She too held my rod very tightly in her hands. When I pinched her nipples over Tishirt she was moaning , aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, Rahul, do slowly, it is paining.In the first as she was not agree to do sex, so I did a trick and wanted to make her beg me for sex. So I said , Preeti, this is not good, now we should leave . and my trick worked She was in full mood. When I told again , she came over me and smooched my tongue and said Rahul, I love you very much.

Her aroused boobs are touching my bare chest and I also internally not able to control myself. But to make her more intense desire I again refused to do sex. She then opened her T-shirt and said She wants to feed me something delicious food. My mouth started watering and I did not know what she will feed me. Then she tied my eyes with a handkerchief and kissed me. I hungrily told, Preeti please feed me, my hungryness became very intense and I started to show her my saliva in mouth. Then she took my head in her lap and put her cute boobs in my mouth and she has rubbed soft creamy sweet things over her boobs. She said, Rahul, eat these delicious natural foods of mine.

I could not imagine I will get this from Preeti. I took handkerchief from eyes and jumped over her boobs. Eat her boobs like anything and sometimes I was squeezing them hardly. She was moaning deeply and said Rahul , please I cant wait, take my virginity as soon as possible. I too was not in control and eager to fuck her. I told her that , Preeti there will be lot of pain at first and she was ready to bear that to do sex. After that I opened her lower jeans and panty without wasting time. Her pussy is with waters and I licked them . Again she became more horny and pleaded for sex. Then I slept over her and first fingering her pussy as it was very tight.

Then I also not in a mood to wait more time and my dick was eager to get that hole. First I tried but It pained her and didn’t go. Then I applied some creams in my dick and in her inner parts. Then it went half and she cried with pain. Blood also came but I didn’t said anything and pushed my strong dick and she shouted. But after that slowly she started to cooperate me and we enjoyed for next half an hour. Then both of us wanted to do more but she has to go home so we didn’t do more and we kissed in bed lying in nude for next few minutes.

After one month her summer vacation started and how we did I will narrate all those interesting moments, How I satisfy her during the sex and What kinda Pose we invented i will tell you later on in my next story, my dear friends. So , it’s the time for feedback please encourage me to write it soon. And it’s worthless to say if any ladies and aunties wants to be my friend please mail me atbhusanb02@gmail.com.Byyeeee dear friends. Take Care I am waiting for your comments..