Looking around the crowded strip club, I was the only one who wasn’t black..What is up?

George and I got our composure together, as I pulled out of the parking garage heading towards the
repair shop.
George spoke up and asked “what I would be doing tommorrow night”, since Poppy was out of
“Well I’m not sure, I will just kick it at home” I replied, wondering why he was asking. He is married
“I had a great time with you Eve, and would like to see ya again” he said while stroking my inner thighs
right up to my now again wet labia.
“Uh, I dont know, Ive never done anything like this before, I’ve never cheated on Poppy before” I
replied with a tear in my eye.
“Ok, I’ve got it “he announced as we pulled into the repair shop. “I’ll call ya at nine tonight”.
Kissing me on the cheek as he got out, he just looked back and grinned.
On the way home, I thought about how good my black lover had made me feel, and how I was going
to deal with it. I never in all my years ever thought that I would cheat on my loving Poppy. What was I
going to do, I questioned myself?
Suddenly my phone rang, answering it, I heard Poppy’s voice say “Hey baby Girl..Watcha doing”?
“Uh not much, George stopped by and asked me to bring him to get his car from the repair shop” I
replied as I messaged my rising clit tenderly.
“Kool Beanz Baby, I miss your sexy ass, and can’t wait to get home” he whispered sexily
Damn I miss him so much, but cant get George or his big fucking dickout of my mind.
“Ok baby, I gotta go take this exam, I will call ya later”.
“I love ya”.
“Me too” I replied as he hung up the phone
Driving home, I began thinking about my black stallion. It was crazy, my clit went out of control, my
nipples began aching, I knew I wanted more of his monsterous black cock to pack my pussy. I could
still feel his lengthy pole working in and out of my pussy, stretching it to acommodate his girth.
Entering the house, I reclined on the sofa, recalling the days events completely.
I must have fallen asl**p, as I was awakened by tapping on the patio glass door.
There he was, tall, dark and naked. Naked, why would he be at my back door naked, unable to look
anywhere else except at his gorgeous cock.
Unlocking the door, he stepped in, grabbed me and began kissing me all over. First my neck, then my
back, then my titties, and slowly down to my stomach. My pussy was in a frenzy, feeling his mouth
working towards the top of my pubic bone.
Pulling me down to the floor, his big frame crawled between my legs, kissing them lightly as he
proceded to spread them apart. My pussy was aching as he carressed my inner thighs while his
fingers sank between my saturated wet lips.
“Ah shit George..don’t..we can’t” I whimpered as his hot poker like tongue flicked my wet lips as his
manly fingers softly stroked the exterior of my wanting to be fucked honey pot.
With his lips encircling my erect clit, he mumbled “Ummhmm” and continued to lick my pussy expertly
from end to end making my juices run wild.
Thrashing my clit with his tongue, I wrapped my legs around his head, pulling him deeper into my
woman hood as he inserted two thick fingers.
“Yes george, just like that. Please Don’t stop now! I’m gonna..Ahhh…ahhh Cumm”
Within seconds, he had me unleashing and drenching his face with my sweet juices. Removing his
fingers, he placed them to my mouth teasingly. Instinctively, I began to suck his fingers free of my
cum until he placed his wet face into mine.
I layed there lapping my juices off his face until he raised up and placed his fully erect cock at my
mouth. Grabbing it with both hands, I guided his long hard erection directly into my waiting mouth
where I licked and sucked on the swollen knob. I tongued the swollen knob, the long black spear like
shaftt, and his coco black colored balls before taking it in my mouth.
“You work that big cock so good “he said, as I started taking it into my mouth deeper.
“I have an idea he announced, lets go to a club for a little bit. My wife and k**s went to her s****rs for
the night”. Lets go have some fun Eve.”
Bobbing my head up and down on his long black cock, he said, “Cool, I’ll take that as a yes”.
With his thick black sausage stuffed into my mouth, all I could say was “Mmmmhmm.”
Pulling his saliva covered cock from my mouth, he announced that “we should be ready to leave in an
hour and that I should just wear a jean skirt, top and heels.”
He left the way he came in, and I rushed into the shower to clean up my sticky wet pussy, and get
ready for a night out with my well endowed black lover.
A dinner, a movie, damn he didn’t say. I assumed maybe somewhere for a drink or two. I grabbed a
short jean skirt, a top that showed off my full cleavage and a pair of sexy black heels.
I heard his car pull into the drive way, as I rushed to lock the door not wanting to keep him waiting.
Opening the car door for me, he caught a glimpse of my uncovered pussy as I sat in the seat and
remarked, “Yes Girl, your ready to have fun.”
We drove across town in his Impala bumping loudly, as both of us continued eyeing each other up
and down. My skirt didn’t cover anything when I sat down, nor was it meant to. His fingers quickly
probed my upper thighs, and dissappeared between my exposed lips and had me soon wanting more
of him.
We pulled into the parking lot of a place called The DownLow, a private strip club. Hmm I thought,
why here?
Through the set of doors, then another, as we entered the dance stage. The room was dimly lit
except for the stage, where neon lights flashed all around. The music was jumping as the DJ played
“Shorty Got an Ass on her.”
“She aint’ got nothing on your ass Eve”, as he grabbed the skirt and lifted it fully, showing off my ass
to the crowd.
“Thats a fucking ass someone hollared”, as he pointed to my exposed ass.
“Bounce that ass for him Eve ,” George replied, still holding my skirt above my ass
Immediately I did as I was told, not wanting to disappoint my Black Stallion.Locking my ass cheeks
tightly, I bounced them to the beat of the music as I watched the girls dancing, and getting naked on
the stage..
“You go Girl” another yelled out, as my ass was in full motion.
“See, they like you” he laughed as he led me to a stage front table and setting a stack of dollar bills
on.He offered me a seat beside the stage so I could see things up close and personal. I just didnt know
how personal.
“If you like the dancers moves, tip her a couple when she dances over here” he informed me as he
went to get our drinks.
Within a few minutes, there were four or five sexy dancers on the floor. They each danced in their
own provacative way as they removed their clothing piece by piece.
This beautiful hot black asian girl danced in front of me, squatted and butterflied her knees allowing
me to see her sticky wet lips open and shut.
I went to hand her a couple of bills and she said “No Way Babe, roll em up and put em in your mouth
then give em to me”.
I did so, looking as if I had a mini green cigar in my mouth. She danced right up to the edge and
squatted directly in front of my face and said “Put em in”, referring to her pussy as she again spread it
wide open.
Leaning closer, now only a couple of inches away and able to get a wiff of her sweet pussy scent, the
lights began to flicker. They flashed on her pussy and my face attempting to insert the bills into her
hole. As I touched her inner lips with the bills, she pulled my head into her wetness, and began to ride
my face viciously up and down. The crowd went crazy while she was fucking my face, spreading her
juices all over it before moving away.
Sitting there with the scent of her pussy all over my face, George returned asking “if I was having a
good time”?
“Sure I replied, if you can handle me with pussy on my face”
“I can he answered, but can you, he asked”?
I didnt have to wait to long to find out what he had up his sleeve for me tonight. Sipping on a glass of
champaign, The DJ asks “all the women in the house to stand”.
I stood as did 4 or 5 other women still sipping my drink. Again the spotlights were
roaming the club, looking for us married women. Stopping on each of us long enough to be identified
and e****ted to the dance floor by the other female dancers.
“Ok Ladies,its amateur night here at Club DownLow, and somebody thought enough of you to bring
you here. So get ready to strutt yo stuff, get down and get nasty”.
“Remember ladies its $1000.00 for the nastiest married woman”.
George had brought me here to strip, was this a joke? Fuck it I thought. For a $1000.00.
Im sure I can get very nasty as we were already half naked and drinking.
I heard the DJ announce, “Ok you hot fucking married ladies; its time to get Nasty. Guys come on
down and encourage them on “.
Placed onto the stage at the same time, we proceeded to strip off our slinky outfits. In moments, we
were there totally naked and dancing procavatively with the crowd rooting us on
“Ok, ladies now that your naked, its time to get nasty” he announced laughingly.
I was game, so I began to dance while groping my titties and tongue lashing them a bit for the crowd.
That started the other women to do erotic things as well, being encouraged by the DJ and the growing
stageside crowd with money in their hands
Another beautiful black girl, swayed herself in my direction, taking over kissing my titties while a
second one grabbed me from behind grinding her crotch into my asscheeks. Dollar bills were flying
into the air, as we were getting into each other.
Noticing this, the crowd began chanting at us to do multiple things to each other, as I located the
pretty blackasian girl who had ridden my face earlier. I nastily danced against her thin body, kissing
every inch of her lucious body on the way down, while she guided my head. I didnt need her help as
my tongue was darting in and out her damp pussy while somebody was nibbling mine from the back.
Ah damn, I was about to cum as ther tight pussy ejaculated juices all over my face, when suddenly the
music stopped and the lights turned off.
Moments seemed like minutes as we continued to get freaky with each other on the stage. The center
stage lights were beaming on us dimly,as we looked around at each other wondering what was next.
Our names were called out in some sort of order, but I didnt understand what it meant as we were
paired into three groups of two.
The lights went back out and the music cranked up again in the darkness. There was some shuffling
going on, but I really couldnt make out the images of who was approaching us.
The DJ’s voice rang out cross the speakers loudly saying ” Ladies, remember your at Club DownLow,
and whatever happens here stays here.” Each of you were asked hereby a club member, so Ladies
are you ready?’
We all responded “hell yes, lets get it on”
“Good, then Ladies please go to center stage, and line up side by side, facing the crowd”.
Eagerly we did so in anticipation of what was to happen next as we were all sexually charged at this
“Good Ladies, now drop down onto your hands and knees” as the music started playing
“Watcha think guys are they ready?” the DJ hollared into the microphine, as we looked at the each
other on all fours, and then seductively at the raving crowd.
“Oh Hell yea, its downlow time” the crowd chanted…
“Ladies are ya gonna keep it on the down low” the DJ barked out?
Again we all responded “hell yes, lets get on”!!
“Now turn face to face with the sexy woman beside you”
I turned and was face to face with an exotic moca colored woman who was gazing into my eyes as
our full breasts swayed back and forth. She had the biggest chocolate areolas I have ever seen and
her huge tits must have been at least a 44DD bigger than mine anyway.
Noticing that I was fixated on her chocolate areolas, she looked at me smiling as she began to suck
on them. I returned the smile with slightly parted lips as I looked on eagerly. Cupping one big breast
in her hand, she lifted it to my face, so that her nipple was resting before my mouth.
Looking at her, she simply nodded.
My tongue darted out and swirled around the smooth dark circle around her extended nipple, as her
hand found my aching titty. Spreading my mouth wide, I took the entire areola into my mouth and
closed my lips around it as I sucked in.
She began moaning as I sucked harder, enjoying the fullness of her in my mouth.
“Ok Ladies, here they come, and its time for you to get down on em” announced the DJ
Oh shit, I saw Georges naked body and five more hot studded naked blackmen following behind
walking onto the stage. There they stood, six totally naked gorgeous blackmen and sporting cocks
as big or bigger than Georges monster.
Two of these well hung black stallions walked over to us, allowing their horselike cocks to dangle in
our faces. Looking at each other, we smiled up at them, in anticipation of being serviced by these
The first one stepped forward, “telling us to sit up on our knees and for me to take his uncut manhood
into my hands”.
I did so, pulling the foreskin backwards, revealing a pinkish plum shaped head. I was about to place
my tongue on it, when he said “No, feed it to her and share it in both of your mouths”
As told, I stroked his cock and pressed it to her opened mouth. I stroked the lengthy pole while I
watched her jaws sucking in and out. She replaced my hands on his shaft, and delivered his salava
coated cock to my mouth, to which I eagerly took.
She stroked it deeper into my mouth, as I felt her fingers stroking my buzzing labia, making my juices
flow rampant again.
“Mmmm” I moaned as she inserted two fat fingers into my hungry pussy.. “mmm”
Instructing her to place her open mouth on his shaft, as I worked his fat knob in my mouth.
She worked her mouth right up to mine. I felt her lips pressing harder against mine, then easing her
tongue forward, searching for my lips.
We swapped tongues and salavaas his cock popped in and out of our mouths in rotation..
“Watcha think guys, can they handle more” asked the DJ as he watched intensely?
“Oh hell yes” the crowd was chanting again, seeing the other naked guys approaching with their
already erect cocks in their hands.
“Ladies roll onto your sides and get into a 69 position with the lovely lady your paired up with, as the
crowd roared hearing the DJ’s announcement.
Hesitating, as I have never been with a female in this manner,the DJ said, “Go ahead and do it, if not
a call to your man will be made, and after all does he know what you’ve been up to?, he said pointing
at me.
Not wanting Poppy to know of my sorted events, I relucantly rolled up into the position, maintaining a
safe distance from her already quivering shaved pussy. She wasted no time, as I felt her hands
digging into my buttocks, pulling me deliberately closer to her face.
Her fingers began to stroke the inner lips, spreading them in and out, lighting a new sensation
between my legs. She knew I was excited, as I no longer felt the friction of her rubbing fingers, they
just glided in the fresh wetness.
I was becoming more aroused as she began fingering my hungry pussy with punishing thrusts, until
she had all four lodged deeply in my passion pit and her thumb snuggly buried in my tight asshole.
Hearing my moans wailing throughout the club, as a microphone was hanging from a ceiling tie made
me even hotter. “Mmmmm yes my moca girl, fuck my nasty pussy” I moaned in response to her
“Lick it Eve Lick it”, I heard the crowd chanting..Oh hell I thought, feeling her tongue lashing violently
around my fully erect clit.
Unable to resist, I parted her lips fully, exposing her inner pink lining, a shade of pink I have never
seen before. Little droplets were rolling inside her lips in anticipation of my mouth on her.
She was busy sucking on my lips, but responded loudly when my tongue entered her lips, sweeping it
up and down the wet trail..”mmmm” as she sucked harder in appreciation of my invading tongue. We
continued to keep our faces buried completly, until we began to rock back and forth attempting to cum
directly in each others mouth..
“Ah Damn girl, suck that shit..yea thats right” she screamed as she came all over my face leaving it
I returned the favor immediately after tasting her fresh sweet juices, unloading a violent series of
thrashes against her face then what seemed to be a never ending orgasim. I felt spent after she got
me off, thinking the club show was over…But how wrong I was….
Two of these guys with cocks bigger than Georges member, planted there knees along side each of
our heads. With my face still between her legs, he placed his swollen knob at her pussy hole, “telling
me to lick them both”
I swirled my tongue around his thick knob, pushing it inside her hole to find the tip of his monsterous
cock. Licking her inside walls and his cock made me fucking delirious with desire.
Placing my hand at the base of his cock, he told me “to keep it there and fuck here like its a dildo,
then fuck it with your mouth”.
Squeezing the base firmly, I guided his big black cock to her entry hole and pushed. I began to jerk it
back and forth until I was fucking her with the entire lenght and managed to suck his oversized ball
into my mouth. Her screams of delight were heard around the room as I felt a probing in my asshole.
Taking the horsesize cock from her pussy, I saw her hole remained partially opened and saturated. I
shoved his thick cock into my mouth, pushing it in deeply with every stroke, as the cock in my ass
was moving in deeper.
I began to cum, knowing that everything that was being done to this moca queen was being done to
me at the same time. Feeling his cock throbbing, I pushed in as deep as I could, jeking it back and
forth in short strokes, as her pussy began to thrash out of control.
He shot a load of creamy love juice inside of her and told me “to lick every drop from his withdrawing
Licking and sucking, I cleaned his tool to perfect, then started to scoop the leaking cum from her
sweet tasting pussy and proceded to lick her clean aswell.
“DP” the crowd cheered “DP”
“Ok Ladies straddle the mans hard cock laying on the floor beside you. Thats right, its time to get
down low and ride the wild pony” the DJ instructed.
Both of us mounted our wet opened pussies onto our mans fully erect hard black cock. Lowering
ourselves inch by inch, until they began to buck them in fully..
“Ahhh….Ahhh” I moaned at his cock gutting me deeply with vicious thrusts, until he was satisified that
it was fully buried inside of me. Looking over at moca queen, she was getting the same treatment
from her black stud aswell.
Their swollen thickness and length did things to my pussy that I have never felt before. I came as she
was shoving the head beyond my cervix, deeper into my canal. Another fully erect cock, just a big
joined us, as he positioned himself in front of my face. Dropping to his knees, he pulled my head onto
his waiting to be sucked cock.
I bobbed up and down as much as I could, before feeling his hands on my shoulders and pressing me
down in place. His hands laced together around my head, made it impossible for me to move, as he
held me tightly onto his penetrating cock.
My pussy was in a frenzy, being assulted so deeply, but I was loving it at this time. Out of the corner
of my eye, I caught a glimpse of an image moving closer but unable to see what was going on.
I was being stuffed with big black sausages, as I was being fucked silly in front of an audience. Taking
about half of the big cock in my mouth, I attempted to move but couldnt. he was now holding my head
firmly in place with his meat lodges in my throat…
“Mmmm..Mmmm.Mmmm, I moaned, but he just kept pressing down, holding me in place. I felt the
hands underneath me reach around and grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them wide.
“UmmMmmm UmmMmm” I moaned thinking the cock was going to exit from my pussy and enter my
ass. How wrong I was. I was held firmly in place with a cock lodged deeply in my mouth and pussy as
another pressed between my spread cheeks.
Ummmmmm, I moaned attempting to move, when the fat knob speared its may into my tiny asshole,
as the cock in my pussy gave a few deep thrusts.
The hand on my head was pressing harder, forcing more of his super sized dick into my throat and
holding it there while the other cock pushed deep into my ass chute in a single thrust.
“Mmmmmm” feeling twinges of pain in my ass, as he began to fuck my ass in short strokes while
pushing that snake into my bowels. “Mmmmm” “Mmmmmm”
Now I had a cock pushing deep into my ass, while the cock in my pussy was pulling backwards. They
rotated timely strokes, long full hard strokes which only took me a couple of minutes to cum all over
their invading cocks.
They fucked me like this for what seemed to be hours, relentlessly fucking all three holes at the same
time, never pulling out…”mmmm” was all I could muster, as I was laying there like a piece of meat..
The cock in my mouth was the first to shoot a quart size load of creamy goo all over my face, as he
gave me 4 or 5 good squirts. His cum was in my hair, my eyes, and definetely running down my face.
The cock that was lodged in my ass took his turn at cumming all over my cum covered face while the
cock in my pussy continued the pounding until he withdrew his throbbing cock.
Both of them stood before me and jacked off their big black pulsating cocks, letting the cum fly at will.
They covered every inch of my face, leaving me on the floor like a cum rag.
“Now ladies, that was quite a show the DJ boasted, but we have one more surprise for you.”
Now what I wondered.
Laying there too overworked to care, I looked up and saw “Poppy” standing over me with the biggest
grin I have ever seen on his face. Then I saw George walk over to the moca queen, and introduce his
wife to me.
Ah shit it thought………