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The English Teacher

I was anxiously waiting alone in the house, pacing around the living room, watching out the window for him to come. I was nervous and confused and had no idea what this was about. What could my old English teacher possibly want? He was inviting me to coffee, and I wanted to know why. I was afraid that my crush for him would show, that I would be unable to act naturally, that he would discover the secret I had hidden from him all through his classes in my Senior year.… Read the rest

The Library Assistant

It was 9.00PM and Dean carried his heavy bag into the library. His latest paper had cost him three solid nights without sleep, but he made the deadline; just. Now all he wanted was to unload these books and sleep, he was beginning to understand how a mule felt. He pushed his way through the security barriers and, as usual they smacked him in the balls on his way through… He winced and carried on, nobody ever wanted to look foolish coming through those barriers but they always did.… Read the rest

Meeting Amy a High School Girl – Amy Chapter 1

Author- fireengine8

As she stealthily glides through the night sky her dark skin makes her invisible from the planet far below. Her graceful curves are only seen by those few who are guarding her from nearby.

When she was designed in a secret California engineering facility they made her look like a television and movie star. She does not mind, because people loved the decades’ long TV and movie series and their strong characters.… Read the rest

Fucked In the Classroom

Joe was walking towards his least favorite class of the day, biology. He despised biology not only because it is so boring, but also because he has the laziest lab partner. Joe’s lab partner’s name was Eric Stitz, an obnoxious, gross, annoying, idiot. Nonetheless, everyday Joe walked into Biology and had to sit next to Eric. 

As Joe walked into Biology today he knew it was going to be a very bad day because he had been very horny all day and without a girlfriend he found it hard to deal with.Read the rest

My slut teacher

It was my last year at college. I was a good student but used to miss some of the lessons. At the end of the semester I found out that I had missed all mathematics lessons. Out teacher got sick and we had a substitution.

The new teacher was a young tall slim and very pretty woman. She wore huge glasses which made her different from others. She wasn’t too strict and liked to speak freely with students on all possible topics.… Read the rest

College Cutie Turned Hottie

It was early evening and he could hear the sound of the steady rain turning to sleet outside, as he answered his phone. It was the hottie next door, calling to ask for his help, “I’m sorry to bother you, but I need to ask a favor.” He hoped she was calling him for a quickie and he replied, “Sure, anything.” Then he was both disappointed and excited at her request, “My daughter needs to catch her plane back to college today and I don’t like driving in this weather in my small car.… Read the rest

The Principal

Helen needed money badly, the spring term was over and her group was going to Italy, it was a one-week tour and Helen didn’t want to miss it. The trip was half sponsored by college and students with excellent records could go for free but Helen was not a bright students, she was medium, she got b-s and a-s but to be an absolute A-craver was out of the question for her.… Read the rest

My slut friends

This all happened because of Maria, out literature teacher, who decided to organize a theatrical ball. She divided us into groups, distributed texts and asked to learn them. The next day we planned to start rehearsals.

My group was to play “Three sisters” by Chehov, a Russian playwright. The group consisted of my friend Natalie, the sex bomb of our course Stephanie, two guys and me. The guys were nice. We were lucky to have them, not the others.… Read the rest

Breaking Virginity Of A Teacher In A Threesome Inside Classroom

I am going to share a 3some experience with 2 of my faculty in college classroom when I am in the final year of graduation.

One of the faculty as you already know about is Sunita my organizational Behavior Faculty. For new reader let me introduce her she was bit dark in colour but got a nice figure just like black Latin chicks with big tits and nice ass. Her figure was 38-32-36, her age was 28yrs now, she was unmarried and I have slept with her many times after the first incident.… Read the rest

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