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Naughty girlfriend gets punished

I felt his glare before I met it. I looked up into his steel blue eyes. They seemed to be looking through me. I was suddenly aware that my hard nipples were brushing almost painfully against the seam of my bra – and I’m certain my panties were drenched. The Look does that to me.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” I whispered.

“Sorry you’re late, what?” he asked, firmly.

I smirked, thinking to myself – he just called himself a what – then, realizing that I’d better answer correctly I bit my lower lip, and contemplated.… Read the rest

Fucked by Three Hot Men

I sat on the bed, feeling nervous but also incredibly turned on. I was waiting.

Then I heard a key turn in the lock and felt shivers all over my skin. Who would it be?

A tall slim man entered the room. He had dark blonde hair and a wicked smile. It was my friend Christopher, a long-distance runner that I had been lusting after for several months. He was wearing jeans and a form-fitting t shirt that showed off his arms.… Read the rest

Mom learns to be a slut for her son

I sat in silence with my family eating breakfast. Everybody had different thoughts on their mind. My husband was flying out to Boston this morning for a week. My son and daughter were probably thinking of school. My thoughts carried me to that same time last night when my son asked me if I could pose for him, so he could take some pictures of his bike. How did he put it?… Read the rest

Drunk girl gets herself in trouble

Hello out there.

This will be the first story I have ever posted anywhere, so I really want to know what you think.

Thank you!



Gotta make it to the window, just to the window and I’m good… my legs just won’t do what I want them to! It’s frustrating but at least I don’t think I’ve been seen, it’s dark and raining; nobody in this apartment building seems to be looking out the window to see me creep and stagger along in the shadows looking guilty as sin.… Read the rest

My First Group Fuck

I have always been a very horny girl.

I can remember having sexual thoughts and feelings from an early age, and I have always felt like I have been too much for many of my partners, sexually.

So at the end of a long term relationship in which I felt like I was constantly holding back as regards to my sexuality, I finally decided to wake my body up. And get fucked.… Read the rest

Caught My Boyfriend Fucking My Mom

This is the story of when I caught my boy friend fucking my mom. I’ve had more than a few adventures in my life and I might share more later, but back to this story first….

I had just turned 20 and was dating a 22 year old guy named Charles. We both went to a local college and lived at home. Well, I we ended up fucking on our third date and by the fifth date Charles gave me my first orgasm.… Read the rest

A Special Present for Hubby ( Dutiful wife submits to anal sex)

In the first year of our marriage, on my new hubby’s birthday, as we undressed for bed after a fun night out, he asked me for a special present – anal sex. I’d never done it before but he was very persuasive and, as a token of my love, I finally and reluctantly agreed. It turned out to be quite enjoyable, though I let Phil think it was a major sacrifice.… Read the rest

Me and my friend introduced two teens to lesbian sex

Me and my four bandmates arrived in San Francisco and quickly moved into our hotel. Since we were on a budget, the place we picked was nothing fancy, but not too cheap either. Taziana and Nadia, who were going to get married, had taken a honeymoon suite together, and we figured we wouldn’t see much of them once they’re in there. The other three of us – me, Barbara and Stefania – had booked a double bedroom for us.… Read the rest

I was forced into a Gang Bang

I was forced into a Gang Bang, at a party, about 4 months ago. I say forced since I would not have agreed to a Gang bang. Now I cannot get it out of my head.  I would have refused, in fact did refuse, to be part of the Gang Bang.  But after the initial contact, I was not given a choice.

It was not as though I had not had sex prior to this party.… Read the rest

My erotic obsession with my step brother.

I was 18 when my mother remarried; He was a single father to a 19 year old boy named Dion.

I remember I was always attracted to my now older step brother but was always too embarrassed to tell him or even tell anyone! After all it is a little gross… well it’s supposed to be gross, right?

My bedroom door was always opposite the bathroom and I would secretly wait with my door open just a tad in hope of seeing Dion walk out in a just a towel or even naked!… Read the rest

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