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Confessions of a Lesbian Sex Addict

There is something inexplicably sexy about the way a Latina walks down the street. In London, you can spot them from a mile away; their hips sway from side to side with the natural rhythm of waves and sea breeze. Their trousers strain to contain the voluptuous roundness of their assets – these princesses walk as if they owned the street. And when they move they do own them, yes sir.… Read the rest

Seduced by my daughter’s best friend

Looking back, I suppose the first time I noticed anything was at my daughter’s twenty first birthday party when we danced together. The pressure on my back and the position of the hand nearly on my bum, were the first signs. There were more signs later when we were sitting round our pool on one of the rare days last summer when it was hot enough to sunbathe. I was wearing a rather skimpy and fairly revealing bikini, but then why not, we were in my back garden amongst family and friends?… Read the rest

MILF will do whatever it takes to protect her sweet daughter

How did I end up tied to a bed in a sorority house while girls paid money to fuck my pussy or ass (25 for my pussy, 50 for my ass)? It was a fundraiser idea by my daughter who had just pledged the sorority. I, as usual, protested the idea, but having long accepted that I was a personal play thing to my daughter, her friends and now the sorority, I knew my protests would fall on deaf ears.… Read the rest

Me and my friend introduced two teens to lesbian sex

Me and my four bandmates arrived in San Francisco and quickly moved into our hotel. Since we were on a budget, the place we picked was nothing fancy, but not too cheap either. Taziana and Nadia, who were going to get married, had taken a honeymoon suite together, and we figured we wouldn’t see much of them once they’re in there. The other three of us – me, Barbara and Stefania – had booked a double bedroom for us.… Read the rest

“Sandra’s Lesbo Gratitude”

I sighed as I saw Sandra walk down the drive with a big bunch of flowers. I loved and hated it when Sandra visited me. On one hand I loved being in her company, finding her warm, attractive, and dare I say it, sexy. But on the other hand, Sandra’s presence stirred up so many things in me that made me feel very uncomfortable, and a little dirty. There were feelings of lust and desire that I had great difficulty in repressing.… Read the rest

‘She Had Never Been…’

It had been another long week. Midterms were done and it was definitely time for some well deserved R&R. Mya, Shay and I were in my room talking about the going-ons around campus…where the next fraternity party was, who was performing at the Sigma party, where the after parties were and an earful of other college jargon. Somehow the conversation veered…

‘Well, I have never been with a girl’, Shay said, sitting pretty, clad in her floral dress and bible attached to her hip, ‘it just never interested me…’

She would come down to my room every night smelling of baby powder and honey soap.… Read the rest

A Girls First Time

Kylie had just turned 18 and was enjoying life. She was a popular girl in school and was very smart student. But one thing in life she wasn’t sure of and that was about her sexuality. Although she was 18, Kylie had no sexual experience at all, but that was about to change.

Kylie had been out with friends and returned home one night. As her parents were away fro the day, she didn’t think anyone would be home.… Read the rest

How I Became a Lesbian Slave

I’ve written this story from the point of view of a married woman. For the record, I am a middle aged married man who likes to write porn stories in my spare time. This is my first attempt at writing in the first person perspective, so I hope to see lots of feedback and none of that bullshit spam trolling. Please, if you take the time to read the whole story, take a second to rate it and tell me what was good or bad about it.… Read the rest

My first time-an unexpected pleasure

I spent the summer of 1983 in New York with my dad and stepmom. I was 18 and was in between my freshman and sophomore year of college. I had a cool job as a bank messenger on Wall Street and plenty of time on my hands. I used that time to hang out in Times Square which, at that time, was porn heaven. Many hours were spent looking at all kinds of loops in the peep booths.… Read the rest

A close shave

Ashley Barselt stripped off her gym uniform, when she was naked, she joined the girls heading into the showers. Today’s class had been held outside, they had been holding tryouts for the school’s athletic teams, it had been a hot day, and she looked forward to showering the sweat off of her body.

Ashley was pumped up, she had the best times in the 100 meter, 200 meter and 400 meter, and her place on the athletic team was secured.… Read the rest

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