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Best Friends And More

This is a continuation of the story Jobsite Joy – the rest of my day just got more interesting. ……..
I left the jobsite with my tires fixed and went to meet up with Laura at our favourite store. It was a shop that just sold sexy outfits, stilettos, thigh high boots and all kinds of sex toys. I apologized again for being late and she said to me “you look like you just had wild sex” – I could feel my face go red and was hoping my boyfriend hadn’t thought the same thing.… Read the rest

Lesbian Incest Seduction

By- Stephanie

Jan was 16 years when she experienced the joys of another girl’s touch. It just happened the other girl was her 17 year old cousin Sarah. Jan had come to visit for the week and to hang out with her cousin at the beach. Jan’s aunt and uncle had a place 2 blocks from the beach front. Day one the girls hit the beach tanning their bodies and enjoying the ocean air.… Read the rest

The Visitor

Gwen anxiously climbed the stairs to the apartment she shared with her room mate, Anna, who had promised her a big surprise when she got home from work. All day she had been wondering what it would be, and it had been driving her crazy!!! Fumbling with her key, she heard Anna yell from inside the apartment, “It’s open!” Gwen hurried inside, eager to find what Anna had in store for her.… Read the rest

Lesbian Pussy A Sweet Meat

Since Becky, Jan, and I had our first “menage a trois” my wife has been insatiable. She can’t get enough of eating or having her pussy eaten. She still loves cock as much as ever but she’s a bonifide bisexual. To review from my first story Fucking Lesbians, my wife, Jan, and Becky were deceived by me into a lesbian relationship. Now we routinely get together for some fuck and suck.… Read the rest

My first Lesbian Encounter

This is my first sexual experience with another girl. It happened in the summer of 97. I was married for just one year and was leading a normal sexual life, fully content with my hubby… the sex with him was a bliss, may be because I have been brought up in such a conventional life style. We have tried almost all the positions, including anal and oral sex, and my hubby satisfied me fully.… Read the rest

Seductive Massage

Julie had driven by the house many times always wondering if the subtle house that was located just outside the industrial park was legit or not. She had contemplated getting a massage and the thought of getting a massage from “one of those” places intrigued her. She had always been so conservative, never taking a chance or do anything wild or out of the ordinary was actually thinking of pulling in and if nothing else checking the place out.… Read the rest

The Lesbian Interview

The summer before my final year in college I was really hurting for money and didn’t know what I was going to do. My parents didn’t have any extra money and I couldn’t find a job for the summer no matter what I did, it just wasn’t working out for me. I was sitting in a coffee shop with a few of the girls from one of my classes that had just finished.… Read the rest

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