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Co workers wife

This happen years ago but I can’t stop thinking about it from time to time. I worked with guy who had a very sexy red head wife. What she was doing with guy I had no idea. Guess she had low standards. Her husband worked nights and I had the days. Sometimes I would work Saturdays in the office and had the whole place to myself. She started coming around to hang out and chat with me.… Read the rest

A Sweet Treat

By: Jude

I visited the home of my twin girlfriends (secret girlfriends though). I hadn’t called before I came, turns out it was only their aunt in the house. Aunt Luci is a curvalicious brunette. Big Ass, Large Enticing Hips, Hypnotic Tits too. She is usually warm but receptive to male visitors of her nieces. She asked me to come in with the warmest of smiles. Though I was disappointed that my girls were not around, I decided to stay for a little while.… Read the rest

An encounter between two strangers Part 2:

His finger travelled up, next to the vertical line of her lips, and slowly passed over her pubic area back the right side. She felt her hip strain to the right, as if trying to follow his finger, trying to make contact again with that one spot that felt so good!

But his finger circled all the way down before centering itself on her panties again, pressing lightly upwards through her panties into the small depression where her opening was.

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An encounter between two strangers Part 1:

Chapter 1

Just before the doors of the subway slid shut, Katie Wilson slipped through and steadied herself against one of the standing poles in the middle of the subway car.

As the subway started pulling away, she swayed slightly, her body trying to keep with the motion of the accelerating car, both hands tightly gripping the metal pole in front of her. Even though there were hardly any people on the subway car (and thus plenty of open seats), Katie just wanted to catch her breath for a few moments.… Read the rest

She Caught Me

I started cross-dressing when I was younger. I had shared it with no one until I was discovered by my girlfriend one night. Until that point I had kept it all hidden.

It all started when I met Linda at work. I worked at a local hospital and Linda was a traveling nurse. She had been at the hospital for about a week and we flirted back and forth but I never expected anything to go anywhere.… Read the rest

He sees them fucking in the shower.

I shouldn’t have been there and undeniably I shouldn’t have stayed, but I simply got caught up in it all and simply froze. Although I was pretty drunk, I make no excuses, I was wrong and am completely embarrassed that things worked out as well as they did.

My friend Mike had invited me to stay at his house while mine was being treated for termites. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, depending upon how you look at it, the exterminators had been delayed, so while my house was covered in a massive tent with no way in or out, they were unable to fumigate the house because of an equipment problem, leaving me stranded at Mike’s for over a week.… Read the rest

Virgin boy & lonely widow make love

Author’s Note: I struggled with whether this was a “First Time” or a “Mature” story. In the end, I suppose it’s about love and coming of age. So here it is.


I was there when Laura Hollander learned of the death of her husband. I was cleaning the Hollanders’ pool, and Laura was sitting at the patio table reading a magazine when the doorbell rang. That was a quarter century ago.… Read the rest

I fucked my neighbour’s innocent daughter when she comes to me for comfort.

It was four months ago when my new neighbors moved in. I was used to the neighboring house being empty since the previous occupants had moved out a few months earlier, which was no big loss because I never got on with them. That family seemed to think I was to blame for my wife leaving me, despite everyone else knowing it was my wife who had the affair and had left me.… Read the rest

Can I Lick Your Pussy?

It was in my twenty fifth year that I left my home town. While I’d always planned to spread my wings, it was an ugly break up with a long time boyfriend that was the catalyst. I moved from being a nurse in a small town hospital to being a nurse in a big city hospital. Apart from the pain of leaving family and friends, the move was the most exciting time of my life.… Read the rest

Mom Takes A Ride

Jean, his mother’s younger sister, arrived at the house bright and early on Saturday morning.

“Hi squirt,” she said. Rick didn’t resent the slam it was a nickname she had given him when he was born. At the time, she was six and thought the name was cute. They had always been closer than most nephews and aunts, with a typical little girl thought process she felt it was her duty to help take care of him.… Read the rest

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