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Keri enjoys hot sex with her husband and the babysitter

My wife Keri and I are live in an upscale neighborhood, and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. We have a successful business and are still young enough to enjoy the benefits.

Keri is a beautiful brunette, what some might call a trophy wife. She’s 28 with shoulder length brunette hair, sexy brown eyes, and a body that most women would die to have.

Keri works out 2 to 3 times a week on average, but since she’s had a baby she’s been working out up to 4 times a week to get her figure back.… Read the rest

My Wife’s Cunt Eating Lessons

I came home from work one day and found my wife in bed with the next-door neighbor. They were in the 69 position and both of them had their faces buried in each other’s cunt. The sound of them licking and sucking and moaning and groaning was all I could stand. I opened the bedroom door and they both looked up at me and my wife said how come you home from work so early?… Read the rest

A first date of passion that ends in oral satisfaction

Here I am, sitting alone anxiously waiting for my date to arrive. I am working on my second dark beer, the cold glass touching gently to my lip as I let the thick dark heady resin roll over my tongue and into my throat. It eases my anxiety a bit, but not entirely – of course the feel of this hard wooden chair beneath my ass might have something to do with it to.… Read the rest

A couple have an obsession with gyno exams.

This all started one day when my wife was sat on a bar stool. We were having lunch in a pub and my wife Amy decided she needed to go to the toilet. As she spun around her dress seemed to catch and as she lowered herself from the stool her dress rose up her thighs. The lads sat down across from us had a clear view up her skirt and they can’t but have seen her panties.… Read the rest

Strangers in an Elevator

“Hold it please!” she called out from the lobby. He stuck his arm out to keep the doors open as she hurried inside the elevator, pulling her small handcart full of grocery bags. She was about to tell him to push 6, but it was already lighted.

The whir of the lift hummed gently as they stood in silence. She was on his right, her cart of groceries at her feet between them.… Read the rest

I Am My Master’s Pet

my Master informs me that today i will go through a rigorous training as His personal puppy & dog…

“Today My pet, you are just that. you will speak only as My puppy. you will perform tricks & provide Me with amusement, my pet. you will receive treats when you have done well & you will be punished when you do wrong. Do W/we understand one another on the extent of Your servitude today, my pet?”

“yes, my Master.”

“very well.… Read the rest

How A Normal Girl Like Me Became Somebody’s Sex Slave

I thought I was looking for a boyfriend when I set up my online dating profile.

I’d never had much luck with dating. It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested — I’d always loved men. Dating them was fun, the balance between a mans personality and my own feminine one was electric, it kept things interesting. But for whatever reason it never lasted very long. I’d do things like leave town for days without telling him or bringing my phone, or stay in bed with a book all day and forget to answer his texts.… Read the rest

I Was Drunk, She Was Pregnant

Years ago I was just eighteen and my friends and I had been hanging out with a couple in their early twenties.We would get booze and go there to drink it and party with them.The female was Angela and her man was called Rick.They seemed a close couple until after about a year he had to get a job out of town and would be gone for weeks. We would still go there and party with Angela but after a while she wouldn’t drink or smoke anything but said that she didn’t care if we did.As time went on we found out she was pregnant and that they had had a big fight over it and he had left her for now.… Read the rest

Sub Slut Jane

I met my current wife Jane over the Internet. At the time we were both married and very unhappy. My wife was very conservative and needless to say my sexual energies were pent up beyond belief. An occasional wank in the shower and sex maybe every two weeks was par for the course. Jane married a very conservative man as well who essentially wanted missionary sex twice a week.

Jane and I had an online affair for 3 months and in those three months we explored our wildest sexual fantasies online.Read the rest

Confessions of a Victorian Prostitute

How I came to be a prostitute in the reign of our wonderful Queen Victoria – paragon of virtue and guardian of all morality – will be revealed later in this account of my life, but first, if you are not easily shocked, let me tell you something of my nightly work. You might, of course, be thinking that the word of a common whore is unworthy of consideration, but be honest now, as soon as you heard that I was a tart, your imagination began to work, did it not?… Read the rest

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