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Hot Wife, A Husband’s Submission

By: Rushmore Judd

[Excerpts from Hot Wife, the Tale of a Husband’s Submission by Rushmore Judd]

“Who wants to stop by the house for a nightcap?  I got a bottle of Patron Platinum for my birthday last week and we have yet to break it open.  It’s supposed to be the best tequila in the world.”  I was glad to hear Dillon sound cheerful and unbothered by my comment.  There was unanimous agreement. … Read the rest

Naughty girlfriend gets punished

I felt his glare before I met it. I looked up into his steel blue eyes. They seemed to be looking through me. I was suddenly aware that my hard nipples were brushing almost painfully against the seam of my bra – and I’m certain my panties were drenched. The Look does that to me.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” I whispered.

“Sorry you’re late, what?” he asked, firmly.

I smirked, thinking to myself – he just called himself a what – then, realizing that I’d better answer correctly I bit my lower lip, and contemplated.… Read the rest

oh la massage – Submissive slave Chapter6

Author- Buck Jones

After a quick shower and drying in her room Nana wrapped her skirt on and walked to Lily’s room Nana open the door quietly and saw lily standing at her work table finishing her homework. Nana knocked and stepped in. Lily dropped her pen and ran to the older woman to embrace her. “I’m sorry Nana. I am I’ll try not to do it again.”, Lily said in a wavering voice.… Read the rest

Dinner – Submissive slave Chapter5

Author- Buck Jones

All three women entered at the same time. Master was just coming in with a robe on over his frame.  Lily entered with drinks on a tray and he told lily to put the tray and stand in the corner Nana sat in the chair near Master held by Kara. Destiny sat on the other side. “Kara would you serve the drinks please.”, Master asked. “I’ll take a brandy and what would you ladies like?”

“I would like a red wine”, Nana said and Destiny tuned in with “I’ll have the same”.… Read the rest

The Festivities -Submissive slave Chapter4

Author- Buck Jones

Nana placed Kara to the left of Master’s chair and Destiny of course was to the right. Nana looked at the phone and saw the text. “Master will be here in 20 minutes so now that you’re clean and prepared I am going to discipline my granddaughter. “ Kara was surprised and glanced to Destiny. Destiney nodded her head and said “you should have seen her before.  A year ago lily was arrested for drugs and grand theft and prostitution. … Read the rest

Training – Submissive slave Chapter3

Author- Buck Jones

“Here is your agenda for today. After you help Destiny clear the dishes and wash them you and she will go for a mile long walk down the garden path over There.” Phil started out. “Then you will run a 3 mile run in under 21 minutes, because you’re new, ergo the leisurely pace. You will run back here and do your stretching exercises for the next hour.… Read the rest

The Contract – Submissive slave Chapter2

Author- Buck Jones

Kara Woke To a silk Bed and a comfortable blanket covering her in soft warmth. She felt sore. Her muscles are not accustomed to working as hard as last night.

She stretched and turned left then right. She pulled the covers back and sat on the edge of the bed. Off in the distance she could here tinkle! Tinkle! Tinkle!.

Destiny was close by. It wasn’t a dream.… Read the rest

Submissive slave – Chapter1

Author- Buck Jones

Submissive slave is a story series about a woman who finds a lifestyle she wants and a love she will have for the rest of her life.

Kara was lost. All the men she dated just seemed superficial and bland. She needed more or less, she didn’t know. Then she met Phil. He owned his own company and was into the import and export of goods from Africa and Indonesia.… Read the rest

He May Be a Submissive Husband

My husband stood naked in the kitchen. He had a hard cock, of course, and his pubic hair was shaved. There was lubricant dripping from the end of his cock.

I was dressed and ready to go out the door for most of the day. I walked over to him, reached down and grabbed his sperm filled balls and gave them a firm squeeze. I gave him a soft kiss and said see you later.… Read the rest

My Black Lover Turns Me Out To Do Whatever Im Told

Looking around the crowded strip club, I was the only one who wasn’t black..What is up?

George and I got our composure together, as I pulled out of the parking garage heading towards the
repair shop.
George spoke up and asked “what I would be doing tommorrow night”, since Poppy was out of
“Well I’m not sure, I will just kick it at home” I replied, wondering why he was asking.Read the rest

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