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Hardcore Alien Sex

Sooo…My first Alien fanfiction. And it turns out to be this. I kinda wonder whteher or not I should submit this, actually. It’s kind of hardcore. I just sat down at my computer today and felt my fingers write this without my mind following. It was strange. Then again, I guess it can happen. And I wrote this in one go without rereading it, so if there are any mistakes, please overlook them.… Read the rest

Lust in Space

A cold wind blew across the plains, and xeno-botanist Shirelle Parsons pulled her jacket tighter around her. She was on an expedition to find a unique plant, as she hunted for what was called the Gorson plant.

Now that mankind was starting to explore out into the cosmos, the closest star systems to Earth were being investigated, and her science vessel, the S.V. Einstein, had been assigned the task of investigating the star called Epsilon Eridani, at a distance of 10.5 light years, it is the third closest of the individual stars or star systems visible to the naked eye and the closest known star to Earth that contains orbiting planets.… Read the rest

Zombie Love

Along the river-front factories sat aged and worn. Workers had long ago given up trying to find work there. Even animals avoided these ruins of industry. What weeds did grow, did so grudgingly. Occasionally a bird would settle to rest while flowing overhead, but the tremors of evil would drive it away. Now only the dead could find solace in this environment.


Rachel strutted purposely towards the gray house on Ender Street.… Read the rest

abducted by aliens

Mia woke up suddenly. She looked at the clock. It was off. “No power. ” she thought. Light was coming through the blinds on the window but it still felt like it was the middle of the night. She got up to go to the window. As soon as she threw off the covers chills went through her body. It was a cold November night, and since the heater wasn’t on, it was cold.… Read the rest

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