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My First Time

AUTHOR: Roy Newsome

Well i was a freshman in high school and we had just finished the year and were out for summer. It was early in the day and i was visiting a girl who was a junior and she had actually let me play with her pussy before. She said i want you to met someone this is Dee and she just moved here from Columbus Ga. Kathy’s boyfriend was also there so i knew we wouldn’t be doing anything sexual.… Read the rest

Our First Time

** This hot story was submitted By a Reader.Submit Your erotic sex story here. **

This is a true story.

I was was 18 and she was almost 16 when we first meet. She is a slender girl with long brown hair a few inches short of her sexy flat ass. Did i mention she had the smallest little breast which i hadn’t been able to partake of yet.… Read the rest


It was on a Friday morning when Jessica and Derborah knocked on my door. Two adorable, innocent twin sisters. Jessie was more open than Derbi and so socialize easier than her sister. They were both slightly taller than me, 20 year olds, round perfect tits, succulent lips, well rounded ass and gracious hour glass shape. Derbi is the shy type so it doesn’t take much for her to blush and just shy away.… Read the rest

Virgin boy & lonely widow make love

Author’s Note: I struggled with whether this was a “First Time” or a “Mature” story. In the end, I suppose it’s about love and coming of age. So here it is.


I was there when Laura Hollander learned of the death of her husband. I was cleaning the Hollanders’ pool, and Laura was sitting at the patio table reading a magazine when the doorbell rang. That was a quarter century ago.… Read the rest

Drunk girl gets herself in trouble

Hello out there.

This will be the first story I have ever posted anywhere, so I really want to know what you think.

Thank you!



Gotta make it to the window, just to the window and I’m good… my legs just won’t do what I want them to! It’s frustrating but at least I don’t think I’ve been seen, it’s dark and raining; nobody in this apartment building seems to be looking out the window to see me creep and stagger along in the shadows looking guilty as sin.… Read the rest

Brother finally takes his younger sister’s virginity

Twenty-two-year-old Octave watched his beautiful blond-haired, green-eyed sister through her downstairs bedroom window. She had recently turned eighteen and had just come from a drunken night out.

Eyes half closed, she stripped herself of her clothing to reveal a tanned, toned big breasted body that instantly made Octave’s manhood throb in painful hardness.

“So damn hot,” she grumbled to herself, walking to her window where Octave had now crouched down out of sight.… Read the rest

A hot young virgin babysitter is confronted by an older man

Leeann was a beautiful brunette. She stood about 5’5″ with baby blue eyes and cute freckles. She had beautiful curves from her big breasts all the way down to her plump ass and thighs. She had just turned 18 and took on a job babysitting for a single father. The single father, Michael was a very handsome man for his age. He was in his mid-fifties and balding slightly. He had light brown hair and green eyes.… Read the rest

A young virgin is trained by a sex academy.

Student Name: Upfield-Smythe, Tiffany

Age: 21

Instructors notes:

This case was the usual breaking in procedure. The student (Tiffany) had been brought in by her mother. Tiffany’s parents were both Academy graduates and they wanted their daughter’s virginity to be taken in the traditional manner.

It began Friday morning when Tiffany and her mother visited the academy. Being in charge of new enrollments they were shown to my office.

“Tiffany’s quite shy, and has never been out with a boy.” Mrs.… Read the rest

My girlfriend’s sister took my virginity

My name is Jason. Im a white male, average build 6″5 in height, ever since I hit puberty I’ve noticed my cock was huge. When I’m hard it’s about 7 and a half inches and thick in girth. At the time this happened I was 19.

Me and Jane (who was 18) had been dating a few months. She was piete with A cup tits, long red hair. We hadn’t had sex yet though but we fooled around.… Read the rest

Daddy’s Dirty Little Virgin

Walking out of my gym/health class that had just let out, I felt a sudden aching in my heart and I wanted to cry out loud. I wanted to scream my lungs out because I missed my Mommy so much. Oh why did she have to be taken from me when I need her to be here to answer all of my questions? I know she could answer anything; she was so smart and so beautiful, she always knew what to say.… Read the rest

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