Walking out of my gym/health class that had just let out, I felt a sudden aching in my heart and I wanted to cry out loud. I wanted to scream my lungs out because I missed my Mommy so much. Oh why did she have to be taken from me when I need her to be here to answer all of my questions? I know she could answer anything; she was so smart and so beautiful, she always knew what to say. Oh why did she have to die so young?

I skipped my last class and walked home from school feeling sorry for myself again, just like the hundreds of times since my mother died two years ago. I had never gotten over the fact that she was gone, really gone, and I would never see her again. I needed her now more than ever and she wouldn’t be here for me. I had no one to turn to and I was all alone.

Well, it wasn’t as if I was an orphan or anything. I wasn’t really “alone” alone. I had my Daddy and my older sister, Kelly but I had no one who I could ask questions of and expect a real answer, not some mumble jumble about “You’re too young to know about such things”. I’m not too young and everyone else knows all about sex and stuff and I haven’t even seen a boy’s penis yet. I’m almost 13 and I need to know about this stuff.

We had a discussion this afternoon in health class about our bodies changing and our sexualities and everything. Some of the girls had already got their periods so this discussion was a little late for them, but for some of the girls, like me, it caused more questions than answers about what’s happening to me. Our teacher suggested that we talk to our mothers about our questions, not really thinking about the fact that I didn’t have a mother to talk to anymore, so I just left having all these questions still unanswered in my mind.

My older sister Kelly, after Mommy died, was very close to me. We would talk about everything. We would stay up late at night and talk about boys and stuff, how they made you feel. Well, Kelly talked about how they made her feel, I only felt disgust when I thought about boys but I was only 10 back then, Kelly was 14 and already had the talk with Mommy. Now I will never have a talk with Mommy and I had no one to take her place. I went up to my room and changed my clothes. I lay down on my bed and started to cry. Why did I feel so sad these days? Will I ever feel happy again?

I had slipped on a pair of terry cloth shorts and an old ripped tee shirt and was lying there on my bed, trying to study, when I heard Kelly come home from school. I waited for the sound of her bounding up the stairs to her room but after a few minutes I got up to see where she was and what she was doing. As I walked out onto the landing of the stairs, I heard her talking to someone and I knew that she wasn’t alone.

“What about your little sister coming home?” I heard a boy’s voice ask and I recognized it as coming from Kenny, Kelly’s boyfriend.

“She’s got play rehearsal after school today. She won’t be home for hours,” she told him.

“I don’t have play rehearsal today,” I thought. “It’s tomorrow and why doesn’t she remember that?”

I took a step forward and opened my mouth to correct her when I saw them both, they were hugging and kissing down in the family room and they were staggering over to the sofa. Kenny’s hands were all over my sister’s back and he was kissing her with his mouth wide open. “Oh, where did he learn to kiss?” I thought. “He kissing her with his mouth open instead of with his lips.” But I felt for the very first time a strange yearning coming from deep in my shorts as I ducked down by the railing to see what they would do next.

I felt strange spying on my sister like that and I wanted to go back to my room and close the door but something kept hold of me and I just couldn’t move from my perch. I felt the need to watch as he sat Kelly down on the sofa and continued to kiss her roughly. She seemed to like it because she didn’t ask him to kiss her normally or resist him in any way. In fact, she was pulling him down on top off her as she lay back on her back and her legs came apart and her skirt rose up on her legs.

Kenny laid himself down on her and moved his hand down between her legs and pulled up her skirt. I could actually see her panties from my position on the landing and then he put his hand right on her crotch. She moaned out loud and I wanted to stand up and tell him to stop touching her there but I couldn’t move. I felt so strange wanting them to stop but wanting to see what they would do next. That feeling from my shorts was stronger than ever and I felt the unbelievable need to touch myself down in between my own two legs. So I as I slowly ran my hand down under my shorts and panties and I suddenly felt a moan escape from my lips as I touched the spot that wanted touched and a charge of electricity ran through my body.

My eyes were glued to my sister and her boyfriend as I rubbed on the spot between my legs. It felt so good that I couldn’t stop touching myself. His hand was probing into her panties and my own hand was rubbing my spot, making me want to rub it even harder. Her head was back on the cushions and her hips were in the air, pushing her panties into his hand. I was breathing very rapidly and the feeling continued, demanding more attention from my hand. My sister was calling out in a loud voice, “Oh Kenny, yes, oh yes, you’re making me cum. Oh YES, OH YES, I’M CUMMING!!!”

As she shrieked these words, she threw her hips into the air and started bouncing around under his body like she was going crazy or something and my own sensational need became almost unbearable. Hearing her cries and watching her writhe around like she was, caused the feeling down deep between my legs to build up and build up some more and all of a sudden, I had the strangest need to call out myself as the feeling took over my body and I shook and jerked and almost passed out from the unbelievable sense of release that came over me.

I tried not to give myself away and I think that I was successful but I had to let out a rather loud moan of my own as I drew my legs up into a ball and shuddered as I slowly rubbed the spot between my legs that was the cause all of my emotional outburst. What just happened to me? Did I just experience my first orgasm?

I quietly crawled back into my room and slowly closed the door. I felt lightheaded and weak all over; like I had just run a mile as fast as I could. I lay down on my bed and slowly touched myself down between my legs again. It felt so warm and nice down there but what did I feel? It felt like it was wet down there. Did I pee my pants? I brought my finger up to my nose to smell the odor that was coming from it. It smelled rather musty, almost like a sweaty, salty smell not like pee smells at all. I wondered where it came from. I bet you Mommy would know.

As I continued to lie there, catching my breath, and I suddenly heard my sister and her boyfriend come up the stairs and go to her room. I froze where I was, not moving a muscle for fear of being heard. As they closed the door, I could hear them through our shared bathroom as they were kissing and moaning again and then I heard him tell her to take his clothes off.

Kelly and I share a single bathroom and it is what they call a “Jack and Jill” bathroom which means that we each have a sink and mirror but share a tub and toilet in between our bedrooms. The door separating the bath from the vanity on Kelly’s side was almost closed but the door on my half was wide open. If either one of them had to go to the bathroom, they could see me on my bed and I would be found out for sure. “My god, what do I do?”

I decided to pretend that I was sound asleep and if asked, I would say that I heard nothing. I lay there a long time with my eyes closed, breathing deeply, trying not to shake. After a couple of minutes, I heard the whispers of the pair coming from her room and I just had to see what they were doing. I crept out of my bed very slowly and walked through my side of the bathroom, through the main part to the partially closed door. There I very slowly peered around the door and looked into my sister bedroom.

What I saw sent chills down to my crotch once again as I fought to keep my balance. I was looking at Kenny’s bare, hairy butt cheeks and Kelly’s hands displayed on each side. Her head was not in view but I could tell that she had it down right in front of his penis. I wished that I could see what she was seeing. I’ve never seen a penis in real life before and I wanted to so badly, just one time and Kelly had her face right down on it. What was she doing looking at it so close? She was almost too close to it to see everything.

He was grunting and moving his hips into her face as he was saying, “Oh Baby, that feels so good. Keep it up, take it deeper.”

What did he mean, “Take it deeper”? Take it where? I had to see! “Come on, Kelly, turn him around and let me see where he wants you to take it deeper,” I thought in desperation. Then I suddenly remembered what I had heard from one of the girls at school about putting it in to your mouth and sucking on it. Was that what Kelly was doing to Kenny’s penis? Was she sucking on it?

Just as I was thinking that that was what she was doing to him, he told her, “Oh Baby, you’d better stop or else I’ll have to blow it down your throat. Stand up and let me get those panties off of you.”

She stood up and he bent down to remove all that she still had on and I saw her standing there complete naked accept for her panties that were on their way down her legs. I quickly glanced at her firm round breasts and her dark patch of pubic hair and then back up to her face, right into her eyes that were staring back into mine. I froze and so did she.

A look of horror was soon replaced with a slight upturn of her lips as she reached out to steady herself on Kenny’s shoulders. Once her panties were removed, he stood back up in front of her and she pulled him down between her legs as she lay back down on the bed. He slowly mounted her as her knees came into view and I could see his bare butt start to go up and down as her knees started to wave into the air. He was doing it to my sister and she knew that I was watching. That feeling came back into my shorts and so did my hand.

I watched as he thrust himself into my sister but I never saw his penis as it went in and out of her private parts with force and speed. She was moaning loudly and he was grunting under the speed of his hips. I was frantically rubbing my pussy right on the demanding spot, trying to feel the pleasure of earlier release and just as I felt it come on, he yelled out at the top of his lungs, “GOD I’M CUMMING!!!” and threw himself down on my sister’s body. She cried out her satisfaction as they both went limp. I withdrew back to my bed once again to await my sister’s visit that I knew was coming.

I sat there not moving, waiting for the knock to come on my closed door. I waited and waited but it did not come so finally, I sat down at my computer and looked up “Sex and your teenager”. It didn’t have much to add over what I’d been told in Health Class, nothing about how you feel during orgasm or anything like that, so I tried another search of the word “Girls and Sex”. I got the same basic stuff but there was a link to “Sexy Girls” so I tried that. I was surprised to find the “Playboy” site and that led to a whole new world of discovery. Then I tried something the girls at school had mentioned and that was a site called “How to give a Blow Job” so I typed that in and there it was in full detail. So that’s what Kelly was doing down in front of Kenny today?

I was just getting into the site when a faint knock came to my door. I hurriedly shut down the computer, ran to my bed and answered with a soft “Yeah, come in.”

Kelly entered with a strange look on her face. She came over to the bed and sat down on the edge and looked at me with this funny look in her eyes. She didn’t say a word to me, she just looked at me and then down at her hands. Finally she asked, “How long had you been standing there?”

“I don’t know,” I hedged. “Not that long I guess.”

She thought for a moment and then asked, “How much did you see?”

“I don’t know. I heard some noise and I went to see what was making it and there you were with Kenny. I was shocked I guess and I just stood there and watched,” I said, telling her only part of the truth.

Again she hesitated for a while and then asked another question, “Well, do you have any questions?”

“Yeah! I’ve got all sorts of questions!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, I imagine you do. But I can’t answer any of them. You’ll have to ask Dad,” she said rather reluctantly.

“Why Daddy? Why can’t you answer them for me?” I insisted.

“Well, just because,” she said.

I rolled over onto my tummy, buried my face in the pillow and started to cry. I don’t know why, I didn’t feel sad or hurt in any way, I think it was just that I had to release some emotions and that was the only way I knew how. I felt her hand on my back and then she got up to leave the room when I turned over and blurted out, “What does it look like, Kenny’s penis I mean? I’ve never seen a real one before.”

She smiled and said, “You haven’t missed much when it comes to Kenny’s. He’s kind of small.” She turned and left me lying on my bed wiping my tears from my eyes.

I was very quiet that night around the dinner table and excused myself to go to my room early. My dreams were fitful and strange, full of images about naked boys and every time they turned around so I could see their penises, there was nothing to look at, there was nothing there, they all had a blank spot down there. I was so frustrated that by the time it was morning, I hadn’t got any sleep at all. I knew what they looked like. I’ve seen pictures of them, but I wanted to see a real one, up close, to touch it and look at it.

The rest of that week in school my mind was some where else. I dreamt about boy’s penises, I thought about them and imagined seeing them on every boy I encountered. I must have been obsessed because by the time the weekend rolled around I was almost drooling every time a boy said “Hi” to me. As I walked home on Friday afternoon, I thought about what Kelly had said about asking my Daddy about sex and I decided that that was the next logical choice.

My cell phone rang when I got to my room to change and it was Kelly telling me that she was staying over at a friends house tonight and to tell Daddy not to worry and she would call him sometime later that evening. I hung up and thought for a minute. Then, with determination in my mind, I decided that tonight I was going to ask Daddy about sex and I was going to get the answers to all of my questions one way or another.

I felt nervous and funny all afternoon and early evening while we ate our dinner. Daddy had gone to his room and changed into his shorts and tee shirt just like every night and when he came out, the phone rang and it was Kelly.

“Okay, your sister told me about staying with your friend. Yeah, it’s okay. We’ll see you tomorrow then. Goodnight Sweetie,” he said hanging up the phone.

He walked to the sofa and sat down to watch the news and a ball game as I went up to my room to change. As I walked, my knees were shaking I was so nervous. “My God, I’m leaking from my pussy again,” I thought, grabbing myself and running up the stairs.

I took off my clothes and ran to the bathroom to clean myself up but the pressure of the wash cloth on my spot made me leak even more. I was trembling I was so excited and I knew that I had to get control over myself or this evening wasn’t going to happen.

I took deep breaths and tried to clear my mind. As I stood there naked before the mirror image of myself, I looked at my body and my heart sank a little. There I was in all of my glory and what I saw was a skinny little, mousey brown haired girl with a basically flat chest, no hips to speak of and just a hint of pubic hair peeking out from between my legs. I wasn’t very appealing or attractive at all. What was I thinking of asking my Daddy about sex. I’m not ready for this.

I started to get mad at myself, telling me to grow up and stop complaining. “This’s how I look and there’s nothing I can do about it so go on down there and ask your questions,” I told myself. I went to my dresser and pulled out a fresh pair of cotton panties, threw on my night shirt, took one more look at myself and headed down the stairs to where my Daddy was sitting. Now was the time.

As I walked up to him, my throat got awfully dry and I almost chickened out but when he noticed me standing there waiting, he asked, “What’s up Princess?”

I had to go for it so I gulped and said, “Can I talk to you Daddy?”

“Why sure Princess, come on over and sit down,” he said instantly.

“Uh, can I sit in your lap?” I stammered.

“Ooh oh,” he said with a grin. “The last time you wanted to sit on my lap was to tell me about knocking out Billy Marin’s front tooth in a fight over your roller skates when you were 5. Do I need to call someone’s parents tonight?”

“Oh Daddy, I’m being serious and no you don’t have to call anyone,” I chastised him.

“Oh okay then,” he responded, “then you are more than welcome to crawl right up here on my lap. I’d like that.”

I leaped up on his legs and drew up my night shirt so it would be free from under my bottom and I noticed the feeling of his hairy legs against the smoothness of the back of my legs. I think he noticed the contact also by his expression but he didn’t say a word.

“What do you want to talk about?” he asked with a strange tone in his voice.

“I, ah, I want to ask you a question,” I stammered as I almost lost my courage.

“Well, shoot me your question,” he replied, placing his hand on my leg and giving it a squeeze.

“Would you, ah, would you tell me about sex?” I blurted out hurriedly.

He turned a bright shade of red and fumbled over his words but managed to ask me, “Haven’t they covered all that in school?”

“Yeah, I know all about where a baby comes from; how a boy’s penis squirts out its sperm and is introduced to a girl’s egg. Then it goes up the little tube thingy and forms a baby. I know all that, but what I want to know is how does it feel to have something inside of your, ah, down there, you know,” she explained.

“Ah, shouldn’t you ask your teacher these questions?” he asked trying to get out of saying anything more. His hand was unconsciously rubbing around on her bare thigh as he fought for his words to say.

“I did and she told me to ask my mother,” I told him. “I didn’t tell her that my mother was dead.”

“Oh yeah, I see. Well, how about Kelly? I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you asked her these questions,” he tried again.

“She said to ask you,” I said flatly.

He thought for a moment and while he was thinking, I inserted a suggestion that I could ask Billy Martin and I’m sure he would show me what it felt like. That was met by a big “NO” and then he said, “Well, I don’t know. The last time I was answered any questions like that, well it didn’t turn out that good. So I’m a little hesitant to try again but well, okay I’ll try to answer your questions.”

“Oh goodie,” I exclaimed giving him a big hug around the neck as I scooted my bottom over his bare leg. He looked shocked and I felt a little movement coming from his lap.

“Okay, what’s your first question?” he asked, now suddenly full of confidence.

“Why do I feel funny down in my crotch anytime I see something sexy?” I blurted out.

He raised his eyebrows and turned his head when he heard my first question as he cleared his throat and thought of his response. “Well, you see, you can get aroused sexually by many means or senses,” he started, “like the smell of perfume on a lady, the sight of a good looking guy, the sound of a certain song or …”

“Or the touch on your leg?” I asked.

He immediately stopped his rubbing as he cleared his throat again and continued, “or by the touch of someone’s caress on a sensitive area of your body.” He slapped my leg playfully but did not take his hand away again but increased his area of his “caress” as he smiled to himself. I felt his lap move again so I moved my bottom a little in response, just to make sure I that I had felt it move. He took a deep breath and waited for my next question.

“Why do some people open their lips when they kiss?” I asked.

“Well, when you put feeling into a kiss, it is something that you just do. It is a sign that you really like the person that you are kissing and you want to open up to them so you open your lips,” he explained.

“Does it feel different that when you keep them closed? Can I try it with you?” she asked hurriedly.

“Well, I…”

I turned my head towards his mouth and put my lips against his and kissed him warmly. He didn’t kiss me back at first but when I separated my lips and kissed him with an open mouth, I could feel him increase the pressure on his lips and in his grip on my back and leg, and his lap started to jump a little into my panty covered bottom. It felt so good down there that I’m sure I started to leak a little from my opening.

He must have felt it too because he continued to kiss my lips and run his hands all over my back and leg and then I felt it rub up on my hip. He broke the kiss but kept his mouth right there on mind as he said softly, “Oh Princess, do you really want this to continue?”

“I do. Don’t you?” I said in a panting voice.

“We shouldn’t. I shouldn’t. God Princess, I don’t think that I can stop myself if I don’t stop right now. It’s been so long since I’ve been with anyone, that I don’t think I can stop myself,” he said, arguing with himself.

I kissed his lips again and told him, “Then why stop?”

“Oh my beautiful Princess, I don’t want to stop, I can’t stop myself. Oh please forgive me,” he said through his kisses and he lowered me down on his lap.

His hand moved from my hip around to my butt and he pulled one of my cheeks away from the other causing that area to feel the freshness of clean air between the generally closed off butt cheeks. I felt the strange feeling grow as my lips were pried apart for that instant and then I felt his finger go down between my legs. He brushed my private spot with his touch and I moaned a loud intake of air and then I pressed my hips tightly into his hand.

He gave my cheek one more squeeze and then moved his hand up my side and around to my front and rested it just below the place where my boobies should be. He said in a breathy voice, “Oh Baby, I want to touch you all over. I want to touch your nipples; I want to pull on them. I want you to tell me how it feels okay?”

“I don’t have very much up there,” I said in an apologetic way.

“I think you’ll be surprised at the feeling that you will experience from my stimulation,” he said through his kisses. He placed his hand directly on my tiny little mound that I call my booby and I instantly felt a rush of blood go my head. I moaned out loud as he pinched my nipple and craned my back to meet his touch.

“Oh my god,” I mumbled as threw back my head. “It feels so, so, so wonderful. It feels like I’ve got to pee.”

He moved up his hand taking my night shirt with it and I soon helped him remove it from my body. He turned me around so I was facing him and he lifted me up with his hands and placed his mouth right on my boobies. He started to suck on them with his lips and then his teeth as I felt the strange sensation go from my groin up to my chest. I felt like my insides were on fire with desire. It was a craving desire for fulfillment but what was I trying to fulfill.

He held me up to his lips for the longest time with me trying to thrust my chest into his entire mouth. It felt so good that I groaned a little when I rolled me onto my back as he lay me down and he placed his heavy hand down on my tummy. I held my breath as he moved his hand over my panties to my private parts and gasped as he took it into his palm. The craving was almost unbearable as his fingers probed down into my hole and his hand was met by the moisture that was coming out.

“Oh Daddy,” I moaned out loud. “It feels, oh my god, it feels so good.”

He ran his hand back up to the waistband of my cotton panties and as I sucked my tummy in, he put it inside and retraced his movement back down to my pubic hair. I felt it pull away from my skin as he separated my lips down there and cried out loudly when he touched my most cherished spot. I bucked my hips and threw myself awry from his bare nerved stimulation and as he retreated with his touch, he scooped me up into his arms and whisked me off towards his bedroom.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked.

“To my bed, Princess, I’m going to make love with you,” he said with a smile on his trembling lips. “I’m going to make love with over and over again, until you have no more questions about sex, alright?”

“Will it hurt?” I asked with concern.

“At first, yes. But it will go away and then you will experience a most wonderful feeling throughout your entire body. Do you want me to show you how?” he asked.

“Okay and I promise that no matter how much it hurts, I won’t cry out. I promise,” I said with determination.

He shifted my weight to his one hand and stripped the covers off the bed with the other. Lying me down on the sheet, he stood up and proceeded to take off his clothes. First his shirt and then his shorts, he removed and threw them on the floor. Now all he had on was his boxers and as he looked deep into my staring eyes, he slowly drew them down over his hips exposing his erect penis to my starving eyes.

Once I saw it, my breath escaped from my lungs in a silent expression of fear. “That thing will rip me apart,” I thought to myself and a slight shutter went through my body. I eyed it as long as I could but as he lay down beside me and hooked my panties with both of his hands, I closed my eyes and felt the fabric slide off of my hips and legs, exposing my little patch of pubic hair to my Daddy’s eyes.

“You’re so perfect,” he said under his breath. “So young, so innocent and so perfect, I love you Princess and now I’m going to prove it to you. Are you ready?”

I opened my eyes and looked into his. He must have seen my fear but all I saw in his was the gentle love of my Daddy and his reassuring smile. “I guess I am,” I said softly.

He bent in between my wide spread legs and placed his hips over mine and then slowly lowered them down until I felt the soft warm touch of the head of his penis rubbing against my two little lips. He ran it up and down my slit until they parted a little and he pushed it in between them and ran along to the top of my canal. He hit the nerve endings around my clitoris and I jerked away but he kept pressing it into me until it reached my opening and there it settled into my hole.

My eyes were closed tightly and I held my breath as he started pressing it into my opening. The wonderfully soft end of his penis gently opened me up as it slowly stretched my walls apart and made its way deeper inside of me. It felt so huge, like a log or something, yet soft and tender. It plied its way deeper and deeper until it ran into a barrier that hurt me terribly when it hit it. I froze in fear of the pain that I knew was just about to take place.

“I am going to wait until you are ready,” he said reassuringly. “You tell me when.”

I took a deep breath in, waited a second and finally told him, “Okay, go ahead.”

With one thrust of his hips, he burst through my virgin barrier and the pain was like no other pain that I had experienced. It was a burning sensation running from deep in my canal to the very entrance of my opening. It was painful but I remembered my promise and bit down on my lower lip without making a sound. It only took a minute or two for the burning to stop and then I pressed forward with my hips to make it go in further.

He continued to press it in until it hit the bottom of my opening and it felt like it ran into a wall. He stopped his penetration and slowly started to pull it out. I started to breathe again and when he reversed his direction and started to push it back in, I felt a wonderful sensation of joy at the fullness of his penis in my body. It felt like it belong there, like it was meant to be there and I loved the feeling of it sliding in and out of my body.

With every thrust into me, I got the strange sensation that he was rubbing on my most sensitive spot in my channel, my clitoris. As his penis stretched my hole out with its width, it seemed to pull on my muscles that led directly to my little button. So with every penetration into my hole, he was sending a wild sensation to my pleasure zone. I was going wild with anticipation of another direct shock to my system and I was rising my hips up into his with greater and greater force.

I was mumbling something about it feeling so good and to ram it into me harder and deeper as the urgent yearning for satisfaction rose. Now I was demanding a sense of release with my voice and with my body. I was wildly thrusting my hips into his, meeting him half way in the air as he continued to impale his gigantic penis into me. I was straining to reach my climax just as he was ramming his hips into mind and then, when I couldn’t take it any more, I felt the flood gates open with a rush and all of my emotions seemed to spill out of my opening with a gush of fluids that spilled out over our privates.

I heard him grunt and felt the jerk of his penis as he held his breath and thrust his hips into mine. Then, in one last cry out of his open mouth, he yelled, “OH GOD I’M CUMMING!!” and threw himself into my body like a wild man. Over and over he yelled, “OH, OH, OH” as he filled my hole with his juices. It was spilling out of my hole and splashing all over our groins and legs. He must have shot out a gallon of his stuff before it started to subside and finally, so did his urgency.

I lay there full of his love and completely exhausted. He collapsed his weight onto my poor 80 pound body but I didn’t mind at all, it felt so good. I had most of his weight directly on my crotch and with his dying penis still buried deep inside of me, I was content to lie there and feel the pressure of his warm hard body against mine. I was trying to catch my breath as I finally dozed off into a blissful sleep.

I woke up about 30 minutes later with my Daddy’s hand resting on my tummy. He was still asleep so I removed his hand, rolled onto my side to inspect his limp penis. I saw its smooth head and its wrinkly skinned staff all shriveled up laying there on his abdomen. There was a sheen on it caused by the dried juices from our love making so when I reached out to touch it, it pulled on his pubic hairs and woke him up.

I looked up into his eyes and smiled. He turned towards me and, taking me by my chin, drew me over to his face and kissed me tenderly on my lips.

“That was fantastic,” he said in a groggy voice. “I loved making love with you Princess. You were so perfect and so good.” He stuttered as he reached out and gave me a big hug, pulling me close and pressing me into his crotch. “Did it hurt real bad?”

“Only a little at first but like you said, after it got broken and the burning stopped, I loved the feeling of your penis as it slid in and out. Gosh it makes me want to do it some more,” I said with a shiver.

“Well,” he said, glancing at his watch, “we have all night with no one to interrupt us. Let’s go take a shower and come back and maybe we can do it again.”

I smiled as he pulled me out of his bed and led me towards the shower. He seemed so tall towering over my 4’ 9”s because he was such a big man and so strong and healthy looking. I admired his butt cheeks as they rocked back and forth in front of my eyes and when he turned around after starting the shower, his penis seemed just as big as the rest of him.

“What are you looking at,” he joked after noticing where my eyes were trained.

“Remember I said that I had never seen a boy’s penis before, well I still haven’t. But I have seen and felt deep inside me a man’s penis and I want to see it again,” I told him, taking it into my hand.

It instantly started to grow as we walked into the water’s spray and as I cleaned it off with the soap and a wash cloth, it became fully engorged and ready once again to play its favorite game. I turned him around so that the water was splashing all over his back and leaned down and kissed it right on its head. He shuttered a little and the thing jumped to the stimulation as I knelt down before him and practiced what I had learned on the computer the other day.

I licked the head around on all sides and then I kissed the shaft. He put his hand on the back of my head and drew me in as I opened my mouth and accepted it between my lips. I took it in and sucked on it just like the article said and as I removed my lips from around it I stuck out my tongue and licked it clean of all my spit. Then I opened up and took it further into my mouth but this time I took it too far in and choked as I closed my lips around it. He grabbed me by the arms and lifted me up to my feet and turned to turn off the shower.

“Let’s go back to bed. There’s something that I want to share with you. I think you are going to like it a lot,” he said with a smile.

After drying each other off, we walked back to his bed hugging each other around the waist. When we got there he told me to lie down on my back with my legs separated wide. I felt self conscious at first but I followed his instructions excitedly and waited for him to make the next move. He put his head directly over my crotch and lowering himself down, he licked me right on my lips down there. The sensation was delicious and I could feel the warmth of his breath as he placed his open mouth over my pubic area. I squirmed and squealed with delight at feeling his tongue slide up my slit and settle right on my little button. His lips took over on me and began to suck and chew on my spot and drive me crazy.

I rolled onto to tummy to be on top of his tongue as he flipped over onto his back. I was straddling his face with my hips and driving my crotch as deeply into his mouth as I possibly could. Then I swiveled around on him and was looking right at his penis sticking straight up in the air. My eyes glazed over as I leaned forward and started to kiss and lick it into my mouth.

I tried hard to remember the instructions that I had read on the computer on “How to give a blow job” and I think I did it right because it wasn’t too long before my Daddy started groaning and really chewing on my pussy. The more he chewed, the hotter I became and the deeper I took it into my mouth until he grunted out loud through his busy mouth and started shooting his stuff all the way back into my throat.

I tried to swallow it but some of it spilled out of my mouth and down my chin. I started to choke and cough and had to come off of it to breath. But that didn’t stop my Daddy. He just kept up his chewing and sucking and all of a sudden, I felt like my pussy was going to explode. The feeling was unbelievable it felt so great. I sat up on his mouth and rocked my pussy back and forth on his sucking mouth. I was squirting out my juices all over his chin and neck but he didn’t give up with his mouth.

Finally I had to get off of him before I lost my mind so and threw myself over to the side and screamed, “STOP DADDY, OH PLEASE STOP! YOU’RE DRIVING ME CRAZY!” I lay there for the longest time beside his hips, trying to catch my breath. I looked over on top of his hips and saw his withering penis glisten in the light of the room from my saliva and smiled to myself. “I had just sucked my Daddy’s penis and made him cum all over the place.”

We made love with each other for hours that evening but in the end, we both fell victim to exhaustion.
We slept the entire night through and when I awoke the next morning, I felt the warmth and strength of his strong arms as he cuddled me out of my slumber. It was 9 o’clock and Kelly was expected home around 10 so we took a shower together and by the time we were through inspecting each other bodies again, I just had time to run upstairs and put on some clothes. But as I walked by the mirror, I stopped to inspect my body and would swear that my boobies had grown during the night.

I was looking into the mirror when my sister came in through the bathroom and caught me staring.

“Not bad,” she said with a smile.

I was startled and quickly covered myself with a towel. She grinned and asked, “Did you ask Dad your questions last night?”

I blushed and said in a soft voice, “Yeah.”

Kelly got a big grin on her face and turned to go back into her room and then she looked over her shoulder and said, “Dad is a good teacher isn’t he?”

I simply answered, “Daddy is the best.”