By: Roxy

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My dad has always been affectionate from the first time I could remember. Nothing over the top. Just cuddles and hugs .

But after my mom ended up leaving us he was even more so. I put it down to him feeling lonely, so I made more of an attempt to be more considerate and do what I should. Once mom had left I had also seen more of my father than I should have . He never closed his bedroom door when he was changing. I had seen him partly dressed a couple of times. Once I even saw him naked. I could not get that out of my head. And over the next few weeks I wrote about it in my diary. About how I would like to see him like that again, and that I had an urge to touch his cock to see what it felt like.

One night after having a shower, and then putting on my dressing gown I decided to go get a bowl of strawberries to take up to bed . Dad seen me walk past the lounge with them and called me back. I stopped at the door way to see what he wanted. ” You could come over here with those strawberries and hand feed me some .” Reluctantly I walked over. Dad patted his lap saying ” sit here .” So holding the bowl I sat facing him … straddling him. His head was rested back on the couch, with his mouth open, so I took a strawberry and popped it in his mouth. Dad made sounds from his mouth as he chewed the strawberry. It made me laugh so I had another there waiting ready for him. Dad gobbled it out of my hand and continued to eat until they were gone. I made a sad face as there were none left for me. ” oh don’t be sad ” dad said while poking me each side of my ribs with his finger.

It made me move and when he seen that he did it more and more. I was wriggling to try to get away from his fingers. The more I wriggled the more pokes I got. I was trying to get away and then dad stopped and so did I. In our fun my dressing gown had parted and my dad was looking right at my breasts. I went to pull my gown together but my father pushed my hands away and opened my dressing gown further. His finger circled my nipple and his other hand held my breast. I gasped, and then felt his mouth around my nipple, trailing his tongue around before he started to suck me softly. I gasped and told him to stop. But he pulled me against him and started kissing my neck. When he reached my ear he started whispering … ” I know you want daddies cock … you want to touch it .. daddy wants you to touch it too. Then his mouth took my lips and he began kissing me, using his tongue to enter deep into my mouth. I couldn’t help but respond by giving him my tongue too. Sliding it in and out of his mouth clumsily. Dad looked at me and said … ” I am taking you to my bed, you are going to be daddies little girl … you and I are going to have a lot of fun tonight. ” and he stood, holding me in his arms and as he walked up to his bedroom. As he took each step, I could feel his cocks hardness and it made me even more excited. That was the night I became daddies little girl. It was the night I first got to touch his cock … it was also the night that I learnt how to suck and please my father …

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