Daddy’s Wet Girl

By: Roxy

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I was just passing dads room when he called out .. “Roxy … come here “.

I went back and walked into his room. He was standing over at the dresser with his back to me.

“What dad?” As I approached I seen that he was looking at a book. As I got closer I seen it was my diary. As I stood beside him, his hand came behind me and ushered me in front of him.

Turning to a page in my diary he said ” I want you to read this out allowed to me. ” I felt him move closer as he pointing out where in the page he wanted me to read. I was shaking, and dad’s hand came up and rested at the side of my hip.

” Come on now …. start reading what you wrote .”

I started reading … Dear Diary, I woke up again this morning and my cunt was dripping again. I keep having the same dream. My father is there and his cock is huge and hard. He is stroking himself and then he runs his cock head over my lips. I open my mouth and start to suck on him … Oh Diary, I want my father take me to bed and fuck me … As I said this, I felt my father’s head come close to my neck. He was leaning against me and I could feel his cock poking into my butt. He started to move it against me and then back, against me and back, kind of like a fucking motion.

He whispered .. ” Daddy is going to take you to bed and make his little girls dreams come true. ”

I leaned back into him with my head resting on his chest. His hands came around and he started undoing the front of my shorts. I felt them drop to the ground. I stepped out of them and then dad took my hand and walked me to his bed.

” Sit down Roxy, ” I did as I was told and then dad knelt down and started to tug at my panties. He pulled them down and told me to lean back on the bed. As I did so he put his arms under my legs and lifted them up over his shoulders.

” Let me see this sweet little pussy of yours baby . Daddy wants to see what you’ve got. ”

I laid there looking at him, and felt his finger run from my butt hole up my slit. ” Hmmm you’re daddy’s little girl … aren’t you . ” I nodded, “Say it to me, say you’re daddy’s little girl ”

“I’m daddy’s little girl ” I whispered. ” I am daddy’s little girl. ” His finger kept running up and down my slit. I knew I was getting more wet because his finger was sliding up and down so smoothly.

“God I thought I would have to wait a few more years for this, but you are ready, your little cunt is becoming so wet. Daddy needs it wet, … my cock is big. ” Dad carried on stimulating me with his finger, as he slid his finger up and down faster, it started to make a noise. Dad stopped and stood up, and lent over, he took my hand and pulled me up so I was sitting on the bed again. He started rubbing himself, and then said ” Undo my belt Roxy, I want you to see what daddy’s got for you . ” I started undoing his belt. I was fumbling as I could feel how hard he was. I managed to undo his belt, then I undid his zip.

“Pull them down Roxy. ” he said in a husky voice. His shorts fell to the floor and I could see his cock trying to bust out of his boxers. He was well tented and he was huge. As dad’s hand grabbed his cock he said ” See how hard you make me Roxy? ”

I nodded saying ” you are so big ” My hand went up to the waist band of his boxers. I tugged a little but they would not come down as his cock was stopping them. Dad pulled his boxers off and flung them, and as he did his cock bounced.

“Grab my cock Roxy, grab daddy’s cock and start rubbing it. ”

I complied. I could just get my hand around it. I started pulling down on it and then pulling back up so his cock stretched. I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. I was mesmerized. I started stroking him and started wiggling my butt on the bed as my pussy was becoming excited. I leaned into dad and let the tip of his cock touch my lips. Dad shuddered. I felt some wetness on the tip of his cock and pulled back.

” It’s ok sweetie, that’s daddy’s pre cum. I want you to taste it. Come on now, pretend my cock is an ice cream, lick my head baby, lick daddy’s cock head and taste my cum. ”

My tongue ran across the top of his cock, the little drop of cum that sat in his cock eye was gathered by the tip of my tongue. I tasted him and then went back for more. Dad took my face in his hands and guided me … as his cock touched my lips he told me to open my mouth. Gently he put the head of his cock in.

” oh Roxy … suck daddy’s cock … run your tongue over it and then suck me. ”

I ran the tip of my tongue under his mushroom head. It felt nice. Then I started to suck, each time I did daddy pushed a little bit more of his cock into my mouth. It wasn’t long before most of him was in. His hands were still on my head and he was pulling me in and back. I could feel his cock quiver and my tongue could feel the veins as they started to get bigger. Then dad pulled away and his cock continued to bounce. My mouth felt strange, I think this was due to the continued sucking.

” Lay back down Roxy, daddy want to eat your pussy. ”

I laid back and dad grabbed my legs again … I felt his whiskers on my inner thighs as his head went between my legs. Then I felt his hot tongue run up and down my pussy, I couldn’t help it, a moan escaped my lips. This excited dad and his tongue started flicking at my vaginal hole … just the tip of his tongue went in … as he started to move it around in a circle motion I moaned again … Then he started to suck on my clit, this made me feel crazy … I moaned and I started lifting my butt off the bed in a fucking motion.

Dad bought his head up and said ” So you like your pussy being eaten huh? ”

I nodded ..

” Well let’s see how you like this baby girl .”

As he said that I felt a finger go inside my cunt. He did it slow, and pulled it back out even slower. Then he pushed it back in again, and this time he stuck in another finger. It was so tight. I told his so, and then he started pushing both fingers in and out a little faster. I could feel my body start to react.

Dad noticed it too, and said ” oh I think my baby girl is not far off cumming. Cum for daddy baby, cum for daddy so I can drink your fresh juices, daddy needs his drink .”

As he kept talking, his finger action got faster and faster. My body felt like electric impulses were running all the way from my pussy to my tummy. I had never felt this as strong before. I started gyrating, trying to get his fingers further inside me, but each time I did that he pulled away so I had even less of his fingers … “Oh daddy … give me more, oh give me more, oh daddy I want you so .”

This got him excited and his fingers entered me deeper … As I was about to cum daddy removed his fingers and his mouth covered my pussy. His tongue flickered in and out of me and ever so often he would start to suck my clit.

was bucking towards him and moaning, my eyes were shut and my head was right back when I felt my toes curl uncontrollably. ” oh daddy … oh daddy …. ohhh ” I felt my pussy explode into an electrical storm making my body writhe and my voice moan. In the background I was aware of daddy slurping as he tried to drain me of my juices.

Daddy laid on me and held me. He kissed me lightly and asked me if I enjoyed cumming. ” You liked that huh? “

“Oh yes, ” I said lazily, ” Daddy, I loved it. “

“Hmm, I know you did baby girl, and now your little pussy knows that feeling it will want to feel it more and more. “

I laid back relaxed as daddy started to kiss my neck. I felt little bites from his teeth as he went further and further down, past my shoulder, to my breasts where he took one in his hand and started squeezing it hard, and the other went straight in his mouth, where he sucked my nipple … it felt so good.

Daddy kept kissing me. I heard the front door shut, then footsteps coming up the stairs. I tried to get up.

” Dad there’s someone here! ”

Dad kept kissing me and sucking my nipple.

“Dad, stop, STOP. ”

I looked towards the bedroom door … and then my grandfather appeared.

He had a big smile on his face.

Dad turned around saying ” You were right, she is ready. She is not only ready but she is gagging for it. We have got us a nice little girl whore here. ”

My grandfather started rubbing his cock.

“Well don’t just lay there Roxy, invite granddad to join us. ” I looked at my grandfather as he started to take off his clothes. As his boxers came down I could see that he was even bigger than my father. As our eyes met I smile back at him.

” You won’t believe how wet she is dad, I think we have the makings of a nympho here. ” Dad moved and rolled off me, : ” Here old man, come and have a play of her little wet cunt, she will moan for you in no time. Won’t you baby? “

I nodded, looking as my grandfather nestled between my legs.

” Now be gentle with her dad, I don’t want you braking that little hymen of hers. That’s my job. You get her ready for me, i need that little cunt of hers dripping with juice. When I’m done you can have your turn. You’ll be staying the night. haha .”

I felt my grandfathers tongue enter me, not as gentle as my dad, but he seemed to stir my juices faster with his roughness. I looked at my father’s hard cock and licked my lips to let him know I wanted to suck him. Dad straddled me, sitting on my chest he slipped his cock into my mouth and started face fucking me, I groaned as my juices started to run and thought about the wonderful time I was going to have. I would have two big cocks … what a lucky girl I am.

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  1. Nice story. Was hard the whole time.

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