By: Rushmore Judd

[Excerpts from Hot Wife, the Tale of a Husband’s Submission by Rushmore Judd]

“Who wants to stop by the house for a nightcap?  I got a bottle of Patron Platinum for my birthday last week and we have yet to break it open.  It’s supposed to be the best tequila in the world.”  I was glad to hear Dillon sound cheerful and unbothered by my comment.  There was unanimous agreement.  During the rest of the short trip home, the boys were noisy, bawdy and loud while I resisted the temptation to flirt.  I couldn’t help but be aware of the closeness of Angelo and Mick, our bodies pressing against one another in the small car.  I had fun imagining myself giving them each a lap dance.  I did complain about the hard hump in the middle of the seat and swished my bum around a couple of times.

While Dillon and I were in the kitchen, he asked me how I was feeling.  I cozied up against him and told him I was pretty horny.  I reached down and rubbed my hand against his pants.  Holding his semi-erect man-tool I asked him the same question.  His answer was the obvious one.  It wasn’t long before we were loading up shot glasses and passing around the salt and lime wedges.  I put on some of my favorite tunes and Dillon turned off the overhead lighting, leaving just a soft lamp on in the living room.

Smacking his lips after the first shot Angelo said, “Did you see the girls at the club doing body shots at the bar?  Man.  That was hot.”  Everyone jumped in and agreed, even Dillon.

“Nothing like a little hot flesh of a woman against your tongue to make you feel good.”  Dillon said shooting me a quick smile.  I felt my pussy leaking.

“I’ll let you do body shots – If y’all behave!”  I looked over at Dillon to see if he agreed with my offer.  I surprised myself by volunteering – normally I was shy around Dillon’s friends – but the idea seemed tame after the night’s activities.  Surrounded by Dillon’s friends, all healthy grown men, I did feel like being naughty.  I knew they were all horny from the club.  Dillon was horny too but I was uncertain if he would allow a little sharing of his pretty wife.  Dillon nodded at me to let me know it was OK.  The thought of the guys touching me in front of Dillon turned me on even more.  Maybe it was because I was already horny that it appealed to me but I was really feeling naughty.

In a few quick minutes I was lying on the living room coffee table.  I pulled up my ribbed jersey and bunched it around my breasts.  My thin lacy black bra was peeking out just slightly.  I opened a couple of side buttons on my skirt and pulled it down just a little, exposing more of my abdomen.  Angelo, leaned over and licked a strip of my skin along the bottom of my ribs.  He shook salt on my moistened skin.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Ready,” I replied.  Angelo poured the tequila on my belly button.  In spite of my relatively flat stomach the tequila was running down my sides.  Undeterred Angelo began licking up the salt and the spicy liquor.  His tongue traced the liquid trail it made as it trickled down my hips.  He then sucked on a wedge of lime.

“Not sure I got it all.”  He dived down again for some more licking.

“Maybe it would work better if you turned over, honey?”  Dillon suggested.  He explained about the depression in the small of my back.

“How about Beth takes her bra off and we pour the tequila down toward her stomach from between her breasts.”  Sean was looking at Dillon when he made the suggestion.  He had a devilish smile on his face.  Lying on the table looking up at the four men, I was definitely up for anything Dillon would allow.  He had to call the shots and I knew he wasn’t willing to go as far as I was.  I was a bit tipsy, very willing, and feeling no pain or guilt.

“Good idea, Sean.  Hey honey, take off your top and we’ll try it that way.”  I wasn’t quite sure what he meant but I sat up and with all the guys leering at me, I removed my jersey.  My black bra was the sexiest one I owned and I was glad I had chosen it today.  It was a thin lacy see through material.  I felt a shiver run through me while everyone took in the details of my bra.

“Keep going, hon.  It won’t work with your bra on.”  Really?!  I was game, but I was shocked that Dillon was.  With my head slightly bowed, stealing glances at one boy then the next, I reached in back and undid the clasp.  There was a brief pause between songs.  You could hear a pin drop.  I slowly removed each strap, sliding them down my arms.  My hands cupped my breasts as the bra came off.

“Wooohoo.”  There were cheers all around.  I couldn’t help but smile.  All the guys had goggle eyes fixated on my tits.  My breasts were one of my best features.  Just the right size; two handfuls, but not so large that they sagged.  My nipples were erect, tight, hard nubs just begging to be suckled.  Most important, though, was the way they stood out from my chest: full, perky, and proud.  I threw my shoulders back and peeked over at Dillon to see if he was still going along with all this.  He looked just like the other guys. He was staring at my breasts as though he had never seen them before.  All the guys were mesmerized.  I had them eating out of my hand.

“Maybe I should take off the skirt before we ruin it with tequila.”  I quickly had all the buttons undone and dropped the skirt to the floor.  I had a pair of panties on that matched the bra.  A bikini cut with plenty of see through lace where my pale shaven skin showed through.  I swayed a bit to the music, shaking my hips back and forth.  I opened my arms and spread my hands out.

“What do you think guys?  Do I have the body to be a stripper?”  The guys were falling all over themselves with compliments.  I lay back down on the table.  I opened my legs, and with my knees at the edges of the table, I let each leg fall to the side.  It was Sean’s turn.  Sean was a big boy, standing at about 6’2” and built like a football player.  He worked out a lot and it showed.  He was all muscle.  Yet he was kind of a shy guy who had only one serious relationship with a woman – his fiancéHe spread the salt out along a straight line running up from my belly button.  He had the wedge of lime in one hand and the shot glass in the other.

“Here, I’ll pour the shot,” said Dillon.  Sean lowered his head just above my stomach, his chin inches from my clit.  His tongue was hanging out.  My pussy was pulsating as though there was a force field emanating from his head pressing between my legs.  Dillon stuck a lime slice between my lips.  He put the shot glass between my breasts and began to pour.  As it started to drip down into my abdomen, Sean’s tongue began moving up along the salt line.  But the liquid still curled around the bottom of my breasts and down my sides.  Sean wandered over to lap it up, moving closer and closer to my breasts.  His tongue ran along the crease on the bottom of each breast.  It looked easy at the strip club but this just wasn’t working.  Yet as sloppy as the process was, no one wanted to quit.  He finished by taking the lime from between my lips with his own.  I slight quick touching of mouths.

Mick was next and he hardly waited for Dillon to pour before his lips were all over my midriff.  He followed the spicy trail all the way up and between my tits.  He pressed his face into my cleavage.  I started giggling and lifted a leg uncontrollably kicking one of the guys.  Mick engulfed the lime in his mouth kissing me as he took it away.

Just then Flo Rider came on the sound machine with Low.  “Love this song.  Maybe Beth will dance for us,” Dillon said, leading the party.  The guys were all encouraging me.  Dillon poured out shots for everyone and I grabbed the first one and downed it.  I told Sean and Mick to move the table out of the way and they did, creating a nice center in the middle of the chairs and couch.  Angelo turned off the lamp leaving just some indirect light to soften the mood in the living room.  I told them all to sit down.

I was getting into the music, rolling my hips, tossing my hair around, moving my hands, and feeling the sensuality of being virtually naked in front of the guys.  The guys were passing the tequila around and making side comments to one another.  But all were watching intently.  Even Dillon was into this in a way that surprised me.  His eyes darted from me to each of the guys but they reflected his excitement in the way they danced around the room.  I thought about the dancers we saw earlier in the evening and incorporated some of their moves into my dancing, running my hands along my sides, cupping my breasts, toying with my nipples, playing to each guy individually.

The more I danced the more the guys got into it and the more explicit I became.  I was thrusting my hips, bending over with my ass in the faces of our guests, touching myself.  I was feeding on their excitement of each of the guys.  I was more in touch with my sexuality than ever before.  I was completely giving in to my lust.  A part of me whispered that this was wrong but seeing the excitement of the boys overwhelmed any latent reservations.  I felt in charge.  I was the cause and the boys were the effect.  Dillon was OK with it so why should I have any hesitation?

Angelo invited me to sit on his lap between songs, but instead I straddled him.  I rested my hands on the back of his chair, my face above his, staring down at him.  I waited for the next song.  He was staring at my naked boobs a few inches from his face.  When the song started I began to wiggle my bottom in his lap, my breasts swaying softly in front of his face.  His hands moved to my hips gently holding me.  I moved closer feeling a tremendous sense of intimacy.  Everybody was holding their breath, wondering how far I would go.  I let the tips of my erect nipples rub across his face.  An electric shock ran through my entire body.  Angelo closed his eyes and passively accepted my favors.  He was being a good boy.  I pressed hard against his face as Angelo twisted back and forth in my cleavage.  As I backed away, Angelo’s hands moved up my sides.  He held me while his mouth paid homage to each of my nipples.  First one then the other, then he repeated it.  I didn’t want to look at Dillon for fear that he might want me to stop.  And I didn’t want to stop.

I danced from Angelo to Sean.  I approached him ass first and sat on his lap.  I slid my bum up and down his on his lap.  Sean’s hands moved across the smooth skin of my back.  I stopped moving, sat solidly, and leaned back into his chest, feeling his bulge under my ass.  Looking up at him I kissed him on the jaw.  Sean’s hands snaked across my stomach, his fingers brushed along the edge of my panties.  The anticipation I felt in his slow moving fingers thrilled me.  The fact that I knew Dillon was watching made it even naughtier.  I was spinning in excitement.  An excitement I had never felt before.

I put my hands on Sean and paused for a bit, closing my eyes and drinking in his touch, before moving them aside.  I got up before I let his fingers wander too close.  I turned to face him and planted a big kiss on his lips.  Sean was one of the best looking men I’d ever actually known.  I always had a secret crush on this tall, muscular, blonde.

I needed to spend some time with Dillon.  I knelt down in between his knees.  I opened his legs with my hands and eyed his engorged cock exposed beneath his pants.  I rubbed my face into his lap while the guys hooted behind me.  I slithering up along his length, grabbing his body in various places as I went.  When my face reached his face, I whispered in his ear.

“Are you alright, honey? … I want them all….  Right now….  Will you let me?”  His hips moved.  And he gulped.  I blew a hot air kiss into his ear and my hand found the bulge below.

“Yes, baby.  I want to see you enjoy yourself.”  I gave him a deep slow sensual kiss.  I realized that Dillon was enjoying this too.  Maybe not as much as me but he was enjoying showing me off.  I kissed him again.  I stood up in front of him.

“Take my panties off.”  I felt Dillon’s fingers slide their way inside my panties squeezing my bum as he did.   I leaned forward and kissed him again.  My tongue danced inside his mouth reflecting my eagerness.  The boys began to chant, “Take them off; take them off.”  Dillon slowly slid my panties over my bum.  Very slowly.  They clung to the wet spot between my legs but he managed, pulling the front down separately, to move them down my legs.  He slid them over my feet.

I turned and moved into the center of the room and began dancing to the song.  My hands were over my clean-shaven pussy and I made a big deal out of showing it individually to each of the guys as I moved from one to the other.  I finished up with Mick who was the youngest of the group.  He sat on the other end of the couch.  I put one foot on the arm next to him and thrust my pussy toward his face.  Mick rubbed my calf in small strokes with one hand.  I moved my hips back and forth.  He sat up straighter and leaned toward me slightly.  I put my hand behind his head and pressed my pussy onto his face.  His nose found my slit and he took a deep breath of my fragrant pussy.  Slowly I slid my hips up along his nose.

Suddenly I lost my balance.  I closed my eyes while wallowing in Mick’s face against my pussy.  I lurched forward, landing on top of Mick’s head.  My body wrapped itself around his.  I slid down his length pressing my naked flesh as I went until I wound up sitting on the floor.

“I need a drink.”  Everyone laughed.  I studied Dillon’s face to see if he was upset at all but he showed no anxious signs.  He had the bottle in his hand and poured me a double shot.  Angelo handed it to me as he sat down next to me.  He leaned against me and when I finished taking the shot, he kissed me on the lips.  I kissed him back just as vigorously.  Our arms were around one another.  Sean got out of his chair and knelt on the floor behind me.  His hands roamed around my back and the nape of my neck.  His hands were soft and his caresses tender.  I broke off the kiss from Angelo, and turned to kiss Sean.  My arms followed suit and soon embraced him.  Angelo kissed the back of my neck and his hands began to wander over my breasts.  I could tell he was an experienced lover by the way he fondled me.  His hands circled and softly rubbed my erect nipples, pinched them briefly, and then he squeezed the whole of my breast.

Soon the three of us were gently moving to a prone position in the center of the room.  My naked body lay between these two clothed men.  There was no stopping now.  Dillon got up and put a lit candle on the mantle and turned off almost all the lights in the house.  The room was now quite dark and the boys were taking every possible liberty with my body.

Angelo had worked his way between my legs while Sean continued to kiss me, his hands caressing my breast.  The boys began to take off their clothes and I received new stimulation from their naked flesh touching mine.  Mick who undressed to his shorts, joined them and began kissing my other breast.  I was moaning.  Dillon took a chair on the opposite side of the room and watched from the dark while I was being caressed, suckled and squeezed to the higher levels of excitement.

I felt multiple cocks pressed against me.  I was trying to keep up – touching, kissing, rubbing them – but three was just too many.  It was overpowering in a good way.  So much to concentrate on.  So many caresses and kisses.  I loved the touching from the three of them and had my first orgasm surrounded by their naked bodies, gentle hands and sucking mouths all over me.  I think it was pretty obvious.  I had been moaning for a while but when I had my orgasm it came with a primordial grunt.

If they knew I had an orgasm, they also sensed that I wasn’t ready to stop.  I didn’t slow down my writhing one iota.  I continued my panting and writhing, twisting under their naked bodies.  I lost track of who was where and doing what.  Wait!  That was still Angelo between my legs.  His wet, flaccid, experienced tongue flagellating my clit, his fingers poking inside my wet throbbing tube, his scratchy beard between my thighs.  I became so sensitive to all the touches and movements.   My excitement was off the scale and Dillon was watching all of this.  My body tensed with another orgasm.  Not as obvious because I tried to keep this one a secret.  But Angelo must have felt my vagina clench around his fingers!

Angelo came up for air and the four of us rolled around a bit.  I wound up on top of Sean.  His hardon between my legs.  It was long and thin and as stiff as a wooden dowel.  Angelo was cuddled up behind me, kissing the back of my neck, his hand wandering around my ass.  Mick was above Sean’s head facing me, holding my face in his hands and kissing me.  Moving my hips I worked Sean’s cock between my slit.  I wiggled back and forth along Sean’s cock before I caught his tip in the right place.  I then pivoted my body, capping the top of his cock with the opening to my pussy.  It was the moment of truth.  A thought ran through my mind about using a condom but I was already on the pill and I wasn’t even sure if we had any condoms.  Besides I really didn’t want to stop right now.  The music played but there was silence otherwise.  No objections from Dillon.  I plunged my torso down slowly, gasping and groaning as Sean’s cock slid deeper inside.  It was the biggest cock I had ever put inside me.

I was sitting on his cock.  My head was thrown back against Angelo, my eyes closed.  His cock was a few inches longer than Dillon’s and it took my breath away when it was completely inside me.  Angelo positioned himself between Sean’s legs and wrapped me in his arms.  His overlapping hands grabbed my breasts.  Sean was a strong boy and he thrust his hips up and into me while I rocked back and forth.  Long deep thrusts pushed deeper in an increasingly energetic movements.  Sean arched his back and screamed out his load.  He was done after about five powerful minutes.

Angelo, well aware of what happened, helped to lift me off of Sean’s impaler.  He pulled on my hips and got me into a doggy position.  Within a minute Angelo had thrust his shorter thicker cock into me from behind.   He was very thick and I have to admit, I really like thick.  I really liked being fucked hard when a dick stretched my sweet tunnel.  Mick stood in front of my face, poked his cock through his shorts and offered it to me.

I opened my mouth.  My tongue sat invitingly at the front of my mouth.  Mick came forward and I opened my lips and surrounded his meaty flesh letting him do the thrusting.  I was gagging as he thrust and Mick tried to slow down but he was having a hard time controlling himself.

Both guys were very energetic.  They were both excited and anxious to get their part of me.  Angelo was pounding me hard and fast from behind.  He grabbed fistfuls of my long hair and held my head up for Mick while pulling and stretching my neck.  I loved my roots being pulled especially when I was being fucked hard.  Mick was losing control, thrusting his cock deep into my mouth, ignoring my gagging, as he entered some unconscious sexual trance.

I was being used by these two like I was some sort of sexual flesh machine.  Their sense of me as a person was being overridden by their need for sexual gratification.  I loved being used by them.  I shouldn’t I know.  I was someone with superpowers – a conqueror of men.  My mouth was merely a faux vagina for Mick’s cock.  With Angelo and Mick both grabbing my hair they had my head held tightly in their vise.  I was at their mercy, a feeling I never had with gentle Dillon.  He never forced me like they were doing now and I loved it.

Mick sped up and drove deeper down my throat.  I was gagging loudly – choking really.  Mick was fucking my mouth frantically, until he exploded his jism into me.  I had no choice but to swallow his hot cum.

Mick removed his cock from my mouth and I had a sense of some relief.  For a panicked minute I had actually thought I might choke to death.  Angelo was pounding my pussy even harder.  My arms were stretched out on the floor and it was all I could do not to be flung across the room.  In a few minutes, Angelo let go of my hair and he grabbed my hips with both hands.  Pulling on my hips he pushed his cock into me as deeply as possible.  In a couple of slow deep thrusts, I felt him burst inside of me.  As he was spilling his seed inside of me, I had another orgasm.  I’d lost track of how many but they kept coming through the whole experience.  But now I was done.  Spent.  Like I had never been spent before.  I glowed inside and felt completely satisfied.

Angelo cuddled me for a while.  My smaller naked body curled against his bigger, thicker frame.  I looked over to Dillon who was still sitting in the chair, fully clothed.  He had unzipped his pants and I saw the outline of his cock in the dim light sticking out from his pants.

Sean was asleep a few feet away on the floor.  Mick was getting dressed.

“Hey, Mick, are you OK to drive home?”  Dillon was putting his cock back in his pants.  The words woke Sean, who mumbled something about how long he had been asleep.

“Yes, I’m fine.  I’ve got to run, though.  I’m up early tomorrow to work that extra shift.”  He finished putting his clothes on while both Angelo and Sean got up and started getting dressed.  I went into the bathroom to clean up and in a few minutes came out wrapped in a robe.  Mick had left.  I was just in time to say goodbye to Sean and Angelo which I did with a little peck on the cheek.  I had greeted them both this way before but somehow it was a totally different experience this time.


Excerpted from a novel by Rushmore Judd (published on about a married couple, Elizabeth and Dillon, who find a way to satisfy their different desires – his to see his wife incredibly excited, hers to enjoy multiple men at the same time.  They do this through Dillon’s eventual submission to Elizabeth’s will.

© Rushmore Judd, 2015