I Still Masturbate to My Cousin Pt 2

It was right before school started when my mom informed me that she had to take an overnight trip for work. I was allowed to have 1 friend spend the night while she was gone. It had been about 3-4 weeks since I had my first encounter with my cousin and we hadn’t seen each other since that night. So obviously I asked if it was ok for him to come over. My mom set it all up with my aunt and I was beyond excited at the thought of anything happening again between him and I. Needless to say, that was a long couple of days to wait. I must have jerked off 3 times a day thinking about it. When the day finally came, I didn’t know what to expect. He showed up and acted as if nothing had happened and I did the same. We hung out outside until my mom left and then went inside to play some video games after she left. I remember laying on the living room floor next to him while we played games and my dick was stiff the entire time. We made pizza and watched movies the rest of the night. I kept waiting on him to make the first move but nothing happened. As it got later and later, I started to give up hope. He had actually fallen asleep on the couch and I thought about trying something but lost my nerve. I woke him up and we went upstairs to get ready for bed. I changed while he brushed his teeth, and vice versa. When I came in the bedroom he was in my bed. I asked if he wanted the sleeping bag and he said that he would rather sleep in the bed if that was cool. AT LAST! I turned the lights off and got into bed wearing my boxers like normal. He was laying on his side with his back away from me and he mumbled “goodnight”. I was crushed. And too shy to say or do anything so I laid there on my side facing his back. After what seemed like an hour of acting like I was asleep, I actually started to doze off. Thats when I felt movement from his side of the bed. My cousin had slid over so that we were spooning. I snapped out of it real quick and I felt myself getting hard already. And thats when he started to bring into me with his ass. It was soft and subtle but it got me hard quick. After just a few minutes of dry humping me, he rolled overrun his other side so we were face to face. Just like last time, I acted asleep to see what he would do. This is when things got interesting. His hand was on my chest as he groped until he found my nipple and started rubbing it. The rubbing stopped almost immediately and I felt his breath on my nipple. Then his lips, followed by his tongue. Soft, wet french kisses on my nipple. It felt amazing! Thats when I felt the covers moving around. He was stroking his own dick while he kissed my chest. I was so turned on that I let out a moan. It was by accident and I was scared he would stop, but he whispered “Do you like that?”. I wasn’t sure what to do, but I mustered up some courage and said it did. “Do you want me to do it more” he asked. “Yes” I said, and he did it again and stroked his cock even faster while he sucked on me. “Will you do it to me?” “Lay on your back” and he did. I lowered the covers, located his nipples, and started sucking them. He was still rubbing his dick and I was more than ready to see his thick cock so I lowered the covers all the way. As soon as he was “exposed” his shyness kicked in and he stopped. I stopped as well and laid back with my head on the pillow next to him. “Do you want to do more” he asked and I took a shot and leaned over and started making out with him. My hands were rubbing his chest, his arms, and his stomach. I found his hand and placed it on his dick and started jerking him off with his own hand, hoping he would get the hint. He did and he resumed jacking himself off. I wanted to watch him touch his cock so I rolled sideways and started sucking on his nipple while watching him slowly pump himself. I couldn’t take it anymore and I lowered myself down more so that I could put him in my mouth. Precum was already oozing out of his tip and I licked every bit of it up. My tongue swirled around his tip and my cock felt ready to explode when he began to moan gasp for air. I remember being so turned on by the noises he made. I took him deep in my mouth, up and down, up and down, over and over. After a couple of minutes, I felt him going rigid and I waited for his cum to spray in my mouth. It came out fast and hard, covering my tongue and running out of my mouth. Like last time, I spit it out into my trash can and laid back waiting for my turn. My turn lasted all of about 2 minutes. His mouth was warm and wet and his mouth went fast and hard. Just as I did for him, he let me cum in his mouth. He got out of bed and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth after spitting. Once he got back in bed, we laid there talking about how good it felt. I fell asleep holding his cock in my hand and a smile on my face.

We continued this for almost 3 years and to this day, no woman has given me a better blowjob than he did. I still masturbate thinking of the things we did together. Let me know if you want to hear more!


  1. I’ve enjoyed both of your stories. They are very well written, and they get me hard every time I read them. Keep them coming!

  2. Years ago my cousin and me were in the barn showing off our cocks. We were same age both uncut and pretty big. 12 years old. I had just started to jack off and shooting cum. Well I had to show him how much cum I produce and he watch me playing with my cock. After a little bit he took his cock out also and it was a bit fatter then mine but he started to pump his dick also. I for no reason reached over to feel his dick and jack him off then he reached over and was stroking my cock also he said he loved touching my dink at that point I got on my knees and put his cock in my mouth and he came in my mouth first time ever and I naturally swallowed it thinking it was the thing to do. He then went down on me and I also shot my load in his mouth also. As young boys we could cum 3 and 4 times a day.

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