So by the age of 16, my cousin and I were sucking and jerking each other off as often as possible. Whenever one spent the night with the other, we knew each others cock was going to get sucked. I must admit that I looked forward to his fat dick sliding between my lips. Hearing him moan and whisper under his breath. Feeling his cum explode in my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I loved his mouth on me as well, but it gave me this weird desire to please him, hear him, suck down his cum, and love every bit of it. When I jerked off(and still do) I think about him grinding into my mouth, the way he struggled for breath, moaning if i needed to go deeper or faster or harder or slower or sloppier, and especially his cum and how he never told me when he was ready to cum. But for the first few months we only did it in bed at night and morning and afternoon. After one sleepover my mom had to work a saturday. So we spent the night sucking and playing and the morning watching each other jack off. I remember after breakfast and tv that day, he said he was going to shower. I waited about five minutes and got in with him. I know he was shocked but very happy. I got directly in front of him and reached down and started rubbing his cock. I felt him get thicker in my hand and rubbed him more aggressively until he was solid in my hand. My hand was around his shaft, not gripping it as much as sliding my hand over it. His eyes started to roll back when I leaned down and took his nipple in my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head to let me know he wanted me to suck on his nipple. As I swirled my tongue around his chest, he began to breathe deep. I stood up and put my face in front of his. I could feel his breath on my lips. I leaned in and licked his ear, gently pulling on the lobe.
My grip increased and I started stroking him, still gently. My mouth was on his ear when I whispered “Do you want me to suck you?”
He let out a breathy and quiet “Yes”
“Ask me”
After another louder moan “Will you use your mouth?”
“Tell me to suck it”
“Suck me” he said a louder than before.
“Where?” I asked with his ear in my mouth still.
“Suck my dick.”
“Are you going to cum?”
Now I think this threw him off since we had only cum on our stomachs or in each others mouth. By this time I had seen a lot of porn and loved the money shot. I didn’t want to ask him again, but he never answered me. I stopped with his ear and licked his lips. Stroking his big dick faster and harder.
“Do you want to cum on my face?”
“Yes” very quietly.
I sat on the tub part and went as deep as I could. I took most of him in my mouth while I swirled my tongue around his head. His hips began pushing him further into my mouth. His hands were put on the back of my head. I know I was sucking his cock perfectly because it took about 2 minutes before he began fucking my mouth and tensing up before I got his cum. He pulled out of my mouth just in time for his cum to shoot all over my lips , cheek, and chin. I was so turned on that I didn’t even rinse off as I started pulling at my boner. I stood up while he watched me. Coaching me on. “Faster” “I want to see you cum” “Keep going” all the way until my knees gave out and my load escaped me. We both stood under the water, smiling silently until we toweled off and got dressed.
That incident opened doors for us. We watched each other masturbate plenty of times, but now we would moan louder and whisper dirty things while we did. Plus we added all sorts of places to cum on the other. When we would jack off together I loved cumming on his nipples. Add to that, we started making each other cum all over the place…pools, cars, in the woods, and a changing room. Hope you enjoyed it!