My wife Keri and I are live in an upscale neighborhood, and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. We have a successful business and are still young enough to enjoy the benefits.

Keri is a beautiful brunette, what some might call a trophy wife. She’s 28 with shoulder length brunette hair, sexy brown eyes, and a body that most women would die to have.

Keri works out 2 to 3 times a week on average, but since she’s had a baby she’s been working out up to 4 times a week to get her figure back. I try and tell her that she never lost it to begin with, but she takes pride in her appearance so she works hard just the same.

She’s not one of those diva’s who thinks everyone should bow at her feet, but she wants to keep herself in shape. What I love about Keri is that even though she’s gorgeous, she keeps everything in perspective.

She’s humble, she nice to people, and most of all she’s very loving. As for myself, I’m in my 30’s and I keep myself in good shape as well. We’re pretty normal people, and we try to keep it simple.

We’re not into extravagant lifestyles, nor do we think we’re better than anyone else. We do what we have to do to keep our business a success, but we try and stay grounded.

Our only vice, if you want to call it that, is we love good sex. We have out stash of good porn video’s, and we love going up to the bedroom, and watch them together, which usually leads to some pretty hot sex.

Keri found out quite by accident that she is bi sexual when she was in college and had a pretty torrid affair with her roommate. She realized though having sex with a woman wasn’t that important to her, if she ran across someone that intrigued her that was fine, but she didn’t go out looking for it.

The other thing she found out was that she likes being spanked. There’s something about someone, me to be exact, spanking her ass really makes her wet.

That again was something that we found out quite by accident.

It all started one evening when I was really looking forward to having that last piece of French apple pie. I love French apple pie. I even asked Keri if it was alright if I had it, and she said that was fine with her.

Well when I got ready to enjoy that last piece it was gone. Needless to say I was pissed and disappointed. Naturally I went looking for Keri to find out what happened to my pie.

Yes, I was acting totally childish, but it was the last piece after all. When I found her I confronted her, and she stated laughing. Well that only added to my fury, as I asked her,

“What happened to the pie? You know I wanted it, so where is it?”

She got a look in her eye that pissed me off even more saying,

“I ate it…so what…are you going to cry about it little boy?”

Now normally we’d laugh it off, and Kerri is not the type that would taunt me like that and be so condescending, but there must have been something in the air, or there was a full moon, because we were both in pissy moods to begin with. I glared at her saying,

“Don’t talk down to me…you said I could have it, you know I love French apple, and you fucking ate it anyway? What the fuck is up with that?”

She looked at me saying,

“Poor little boy…someone at his pie…does little boy want his Mommy?”

Now I was pissed. I looked at her saying,

“I should turn you over my lap and spank your ass!”

“Try it, and see what it gets you asshole.”

Well that did it. We never called each other names, especially that. Something inside me snapped and I grabbed her, and sat down at the table in the kitchen, and started spanking her ass.

She was screaming and flailing her arms and legs, cussing me and going off. I pulled down her shorts and started spanking her ass with only her bikini panties protecting her ass.

Her screams turned to squeals as I continued spanking her ass. As I continued I noticed her squeals sounding more like moans. She was also grinding her body against my crotch, and that was starting to turn me on.

I slapped her ass again, only this time I started squeezing her ass, and moving my palm over it.

Now the sounds coming from her were moans, like moans of passion.

With my cock growing harder I moved my hand down between her legs, and I could feel the heat coming from her pussy, and I could feel the dampness on her panties. I pulled them down exposing her bare ass, finding it a crimson red from my spanking her.

I spread my legs more, and then slapped her ass again, as she squealed and squirmed in my lap. Moving my hand down between her legs I found her pussy was soaking wet with her juices. It was obvious Keri was more than aroused from my spanking her. I slapped her ass again saying,

“Do you like that…do you like having your ass spanked little girl? Hmmmm, does little girl like that?”

Keri hissed at me saying, “Fuck you…you Bastard…how dare you?”

“Really…well you say no, but your pussy says yes, yes…spank me some more!”

I spanked her ass again, and then moved my hand over her ass as she spread her legs for me. I slapped her ass again, sliding my hand over her cheeks, and then moving it between her legs were Keri gasped and cooed as I started teasing her pussy.

As I moved my fingers over her swollen pussy lips she continued gasping and squirming in my lap. I slapped her ass again with my free hand, as she yelped and wiggled her ass, as if she were trying to work my fingers into her ass.

I slapped her again, sliding my fingers into her pussy, working my thumb between her cheeks and began teasing her asshole. Keri was beside herself with lust as she moaned and squealed as I worked my fingers as deep into her pussy as possible.

Within a few minutes Keri was cumming and squirming on my lap as her body shook with a strong orgasm. As I pulled my fingers from her pussy, Keri grabbed them sucking her juices from them.

Once she had finished that she pulled my shorts down, taking my rock hard cock in her hands, and started running her tongue up and down my shaft, and swirling her tongue around the head of my cock.

After a few minutes of sheer pleasure she took my cock in her mouth and started deep throating me, taking me as far down her throat as she could.

She took me to the edge before rising up, and leaning over the kitchen table with her legs spread wide. I rammed my cock into her pussy, causing her to squeal as I held onto her hips, and started slamming my cock as hard as I could into her pussy.

We were both consumed with an incredible lust as I fucked her until I exploded, filling her pussy with all I had to offer. That was about a year ago, resulting in our 3 month old son. When we finished we went into the den where we sat down on the sofa, kissing and cuddling, and trying to figure out what brought that all on.

We concluded that it must have been something deep within her, that the spanking brought out. Keri and I agreed that it was one of the more erotic things we had done, and we should ad it to our sex play.

She even found a DVD online of spanking. We included it into or other stash of select porn that we like to enjoy. While she was pregnant with the baby, our sex lives calmed down a bit, even though we still enjoyed sex up until a couple of weeks before Keri gave birth.

Once they baby was home we installed all the latest video equipment, monitors and such so we could hear and see anything that went on in the baby’s room. Then Keri searched high and low for the right babysitter.

She finally found one just down the street from us. Her name was Desiree, and she was a college student.

Keri took an instant liking to Desiree, but she still questioned her, and asked for references and so on. I thought it as a bit over the top, but then Keri was just being careful.

We had both heard of those nanny from hell stories so she wanted to be sure in her own mind. I could see why she liked Desiree, she was 23, and she was beautiful. She was Hispanic, with dark brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, and a really great body.

She had an amazing ass, nice and full, but not fat, just really nice and round. Plus she had nice full breasts too, and she had personality plus. I could tell that Keri was smitten by her.

Keri ended up hiring her, and the two of them really seemed to hit it off. To be safe, I made sure there was a camera inconspicuously placed so that Desiree wouldn’t know we were monitoring her every move around the baby.

Fortunately the baby was a good sleeper and slept though the night, so when Desiree was sitting for us, she didn’t really have to do anything, but study and check in on the baby occasionally. This went on for sometime when one day Keri noticed some things missing.

Mostly loose change that she kept on a dresser. I kidded her about it, saying she was to lazy to take care of it. Then we noticed that our stash of erotic DVD’s had been messed with. We didn’t want to blame Desiree, but then again we knew it wasn’t us.

There was only one way to find out, and that was to set up a camera in our bedroom, and see if it was Desiree or was someone from the outside coming in when we weren’t around. That’s what really scared the both of us, the possibility of a stranger coming into our home freaked us both out.

Once it was set up, we called Desiree to come and babysit for us. That night when we returned home, and paid Desiree we went up to our bedroom and took a shower and got ready for bed. I noticed that once again, it looked like someone had been watching our stash.

We got into bed and turned on the monitor to see what was up if anything. What we saw blew us both away. There was Desiree going through out stash of DVD’s and selecting one. She put it into the DVD player and started watching it.

What freaked us out even more was seeing that it was our spanking DVD. We watched Desiree, as she started watching it. The look on her face was a look of pure lust. She was soon caressing her breasts as she watched the action on the screen.

The more erotic it got the hotter it got. Soon she had her clothes off, and was caressing her gorgeous tits, rolling her nipples between her fingers, and tugging at them as she watched.

Then she draped her legs over the chair, and was fingering her pussy. Her pussy was beautiful, and oh so wet as she slipped her middle finger into her pussy, followed by another.

She worked her fingers in and out of her pussy as she watched the spanking action. She even turned around in the chair, and was spanking her ass with one hand, and fingering her pussy with another.

That’s when I heard Keri moaning. I thought she was crying out of humiliation, but when I looked she had her panties pulled aside, and was fingering her own pussy as she watched Desiree masturbating. I took my own cock in my hand, and started jacking off watching her and Keri.

I nearly got a neck spasm turning my head, looking at Desiree, then Keri. We watched Desiree bring herself to a crushing orgasm, and then sucking her juices from her fingers. Needless to say, Keri and I looked at one another, and we were soon on one another.

I grabbed Keri by the hips pulling her down, and then I buried my face in her already wet pussy. I started licking and sucking her pussy as she lay there squeezing her breasts and tugging at her nipples.

She was practically screaming as she put a pillow over her face so as not to wake the baby. I continued fingering her pussy, and sucking her clit listening to her muffled sounds of passion.

When I worked my little finger into her ass, that pushed Keri over the edge as she stared cumming over and over again. She gave the pillow a toss, telling me to lay down on my back.

Then she went over and restarted the video of Desiree masturbating as she watched the spank DVD as she lowered her pussy onto my cock. She then started talking.

At first I thought she was talking to me, or just rambling, but then I realized she was talking to Desiree as she watched her masturbating on the TV. She kept saying,

“Finger your pussy you little slut…do it…finger it…oh fuck ya…finger that hot, fucking pussy you little slut. Cum for me…go on…cum for me…that’s it…cum baby…CUM!”

I couldn’t believe my ears, my wife was talking dirty to our babysitter as she watched her masturbate while humping my cock. It was fucking incredible to say the least.

Suddenly I felt Keri’s pussy clamp down on my cock and she started cumming. She had one of the hardest orgasms she’d had in quite some time. While she was cumming I too started cumming, filling her pussy with my hot load.

Once we had finished, Keri went into the bathroom to clean up. When she came back she had this look in her eye, a look of lust and passion that was boiling inside of her. She moved onto the bed next to me saying,

“Can you believe what we just saw? I had no idea that Desiree was…was so beautiful. Nor did I have any idea she was into porn…our porn. But what turns me on the most is that she’s obviously into spanking. The question is…what do we do about it?”

“What do you want to do about it Keri? Judging from your reaction you’re more than aroused by it, and it seems to me that have more than a passing interest in Desiree. So let’s be honest, it’s just you and me here, tell me what you want.”

Keri looked at me, and then said with a look of lust in her eyes,

“I want to fuck her. I want to suck her pussy, suck her nipples, but more than anything I want to spank that ass, stick my face in it, I want to wallow in her hot, fucking ass so much that I can’t see straight. Does that make me a “sicko?”

“No, it makes you one horny woman that knows what she wants when she wants it, and I’m right there with you. We have to be careful though, and make sure Desiree wants the same thing, otherwise we could lose her as a sitter, and what’s more we could ruin our lives if it all goes wrong.”

“I know…I know so what should we do?”

“I think we should ask her to come over, that we need to talk to her. When she does, we take her up here, and then we play this tape for her. Worst case scenario, she quits, best case scenario, you get to have your fantasy come true. What do you say?”

“I say we do it and see what happens.”

“Alright lets do it. Now, do you want me to set this up, or do you want to take care of it?”

“I’ll do it, now eat my pussy…I’m still to fucking horny to go to sleep!”

I didn’t have to be asked twice as I moved between my horny wife’s legs and started licking her pussy. I sucked her pussy until my jaws ached. I took her clit in my mouth, and slid my fingers into her pussy taking her to another hard orgasm.

Once she finished Keri took my cock in her mouth, and gave me an incredible blow job until I sent a load down her throat. Finally we were tried enough that we went to sleep until we woke up the following morning.

A couple of hours later I heard Keri on the phone taking to Desiree from the sound of the conversation. Once she hung up she smiled at me saying,

“She’ll be over Saturday for what she thinks is a barbecue. After we eat, we’ll have some wine, and then we can take her upstairs. We can tell her we want to show her our new monitoring system. Once we get her in the bedroom we can show her the tape.”

“Cool, just remember the decision to do anything is hers. We can’t force anything on her, it has to be her decision and no one else, no matter how much you/we want it to happen agreed?”

“Of course…I wouldn’t want to force anything on her that she didn’t really want.”

Over the next few days, Keri and I anxiously awaited for Saturday to arrive. When the day finally arrived Keri was beside herself with anticipation. I reminded her a couple of times to relax, that nothing may happen, and we could lose her once we confront her.

She assured me she totally understood, but she was hopeful it would turn out good. Desiree arrived looking sexy as hell when she arrived at the house. She had on a top that really accentuated her tits, and a short skirt that really made her ass look even better than it was.

If I didn’t know better I would think she was trying to seduce us. Keri greeted her warmly, giving her a hug that lingered just a little to long for my taste, because I didn’t want her to blow it. Then she gave her a kiss, not on the cheek but on the lips.

Desiree took it all in stride and thanked us for inviting her over. She and Keri were soon in the kitchen, preparing the hamburger patties and making a salad, talking and laughing like they had been friends forever.

Soon I was barbecuing the burgers, while the girls set the table. Once we were done, Keri offered Desiree some wine which she took as we went into the living room. When the time was right I asked Desiree,

“Desiree, we have a new monitor up in the master bedroom, come on up and check it out.”

“Sure, I’d love to see it.”

On the way up, Keri and Desiree checked in on the baby before we went into the master bedroom. Once inside Keri went over to the monitor and made sure everything was ready. Then I turned to Desiree telling her,

“We’ve been a little deceitful with you Desiree, but we wanted to be sure you would come over so we could show you something. The other night when Keri and I returned home we were looking at the various camera’s we have in the baby’s room and so on. Oh, and we have one in this room as well. I had an extra one, so I hooked it up.”

Desiree’s smile left her face as I continued on.

“We deiced to take a quick look at the various tapes when we came across something that…well it shocked the both of us. Especially when we came to the tape of you taking some small change from the table over there, but that’s no big deal just so you know. It’s what else we say that sort of blew us away.”

It was obvious that Desiree as getting really nervous, and looked on the edge of tears causing Keri to go over her put her arm around her telling her it was alright. Then I went on saying,

“Imagine our surprise when we found you going through our personal stash of DVD’s…the adult DVD’s. Then when we saw…well I think the tape will explain it best.”

Then I went over and pushed the start button. A second or two later the screen came on showing Desiree watching the spanking DVD as she started caressing her breasts. Desiree was visibly upset and was about to cry when Keri said,

“It’s alright Desiree…really it’s alright. We had no idea that you were…well into erotica. Joe and I have no problem with what you were doing, we were just surprised is all. Now please don’t cry, we like you, and we don’t want to lose you, we’re just trying to understand. There isn’t anything you can’t talk to us about or share with us. You know that…right?”

“I found them DVD’s by accident. When I saw what they were I couldn’t resist taking a look at them. Once I started watching them, I couldn’t help myself. You might as well know, I’m very sexual person, I always have been.”

Keri smiled, “We can tell Desiree…we can tell. Go on…tell us more.”

“Well that’s about it, the more I watched them, the more aroused I became. I couldn’t help touching myself. Then when I saw the spanking video I couldn’t believe it. It was so fucking hot…Oops…sorry!”

“No go ahead Desiree…it is fucking hot…why do you think we have it?”

I noticed Keri becoming more and more aroused, running her hand up and down Desiree’s back, and Desiree had gone from the verge of tears to a sound of arousal not only in her voice, but I could see it in her eyes as well.

She looked over at Keri whose nipples were about to burst through her top. I watched as Desiree grew more confident, as she put her arm around Keri’s waist saying,

“Well as I was saying, see that woman being spanked, her bare ass and seeing how hot she was getting…well my pussy was on fire before I knew what was happening. Is it alright if I say that?”

“Yes, Desiree…my pussy was on fire watching you masturbating, and spanking your own ass. I hope you don’t mind my saying, but you have such a beautiful ass, and your breasts are so beautiful.”

“Really…you think so?”

“Oh yes…absolutely. Aren’t they Joe?”

Before I could answer Keri said, “I have another confession to make. When Joe and I saw you on that tape, we couldn’t get out clothes off quick enough. He was between my legs and sucking my pussy until I came all over his face. Then I sucked his cock until he came in my mouth. Oh it was so fucking hot.”

“Oh Keri, I had no idea…just hearing that makes me so hot. I think you and Joe are so hot, I fantasize about you all the time. Have you ever thought…well I better not. I love you guys, and I don’t want to lose my job please…I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Desiree, we love you too. Of course we might have to punish your for going through our things.”

Then Keri looked at me asking, “What do you think we should do Joe?”

“Well when I was a kid, and was going to be punished I remember my Mom giving me a choice. It was usually do I want my spanking with a belt, or losing all my privileges for a week. It was a touch choice, but I usually chose the spanking with the belt over the other. At least the spanking would be over quick enough. Maybe we should give Desiree a choice of a spanking or termination…her choice. Oh, and she can choose who she wants to spank her.”

Keri looked at Desiree asking,

“Does that sound fair to you?”

“Oh yes. I choose a spanking.”

“Alright, who would you like to spank you?”

“Both of you? Maybe you start?”

“Mmmmm, I like that idea. Let’s go over to this chair over here.”

My cock was as hard as stone as I watched Keri sit down, her skirt riding up revealing she wasn’t wearing any panties. When Desiree saw Keri’s pussy she smiled as she took off her skirt revealing her thong.

Her ass was so fucking beautiful and round. She leaned across Keri’s lap as Keri scooted back in the chair, her skirt riding up as she spread her legs wide. She looked at Desiree’s ass, and then over at me. She looked back down at Desiree’s sexy ass saying,

“Alright now it’s time to punish you for being such a naughty girl…are you ready?”

“Yes, I’m ready.”

Keri raised her hand slamming it down onto Desiree’s sweet ass. She squealed as Keri swatted her ass again with a stinging slap of her hand. Desiree started squirming as Keri’s spanked her again, this time moving her hand over Desiree’s ass cheeks, squeezing them, and caressing them after which she repeated the process. Desiree had spread her legs as Keri’s hands slammed down onto her ass, caressing her cheeks as she said,

“What’s this between your cheeks?”

As she worked her finger between Desiree’s ass, pulling her thong from between her ass cheeks making her moan. As I watched Keri and Desiree I got out of my clothes, and watched the action continue. Keri slapped Desiree’s ass again working her hand down between Desiree’s cheek as Desiree squirmed and moaned louder.

Again Keri slapped Desiree’s beautiful ass only this time she caressed her ass, and then worked her hand down between Desiree’s cheeks. I could tell from her moans of pleasure that Keri was teasing Desiree’s pussy.

I positioned myself so I could hopefully see what she was doing to Desiree. Keri had her hand between her legs, but it was all to obvious what she was doing. Then as I watched I saw Desiree slide her hand up Keri’s leg.

Her hand disappeared for a moment, and then I saw the look on Keri’s face chance. Her mouth opened, and out came a moan, and a gasp as Desiree’s fingers touched Keri’s pussy. The look on her face was one of pure lust and passion as Desiree worked her fingers into my wife’s pussy.

Now both women were fingering one another, as Keri continued to slap Desiree’s sexy ass. As I stood there watching I got an idea. I moved behind Keri, and opened her blouse, exposing her breasts to Desiree. I watched as Desiree stood up, and took Keri by the hand leading her over to the bed.

She gently pushed Keri back, climbing onto the bed with her. The two were soon in one anothers arms, kissing and caressing on another as Desiree kissed her way down Keri’s neck to her breasts. Keri had completely submitted to Desiree as she caressed her breasts, and began licking and sucking my wife’s nipples.

I just stood there and watched as my wife allowed another woman to make love to her. Desiree was soon sucking Keri’s nipples while Keri moaned softly. Desiree licked, sucked and nibbled Keri’s nipples until I thought she was going to pass out from sheer passion.

Desiree worked her way down, making her way toward Keri’s well manicured pussy, where she began nuzzling her wet lips, while running her hand over Keri’s stomach. After a moment or two, she turned her head, and started running her tongue along the length of Keri’s labia.

Keri was soon moaning and grinding her pussy into Desiree’s face. It was obvious to me, that this was not Desiree’s first time with a woman. She worked her tongue between Keri’s folds, slowly running her tongue up and down her slit, as Keri’s moans turned to gasps.

Desiree, varied the speed at which she teased Keri’s pussy, making her moan all the more. She would move her tongue up and down her slit, then slow it down, and slide her tongue into Keri’s opening making her thrust her hips upward as she tried to get as much of Desiree’s tongue in her pussy as possible.

Then she took Keri’s clit between her lips, adding to her passion as she slipped her fingers into Keri’s pussy. Just when I thought she was going to take Keri over the edge, Desiree turned and straddled Keri’s face.

I quickly moved so I could watch my wife suck another womans pussy for the first time. I knew about the college affair with her roommate, but I have never seen her with a woman since we’ve been married.

Desiree delved into Keri’s pussy as if she was eating her last meal, while Keri grabbed Desiree’s hips, and started running her tongue over her pussy. I watched my wife lick Desiree’s pussy from top to bottom, sliding her tongue as deep into Desiree’s pussy as she could.

Then Keri did something I didn’t expect, running her tongue from Desiree’s pussy, up to her asshole where she started rimming her ass. Desiree raised her head from between Keri’s legs, and started gasping and squealing as Keri’s continued tongue fucking her ass.

Desiree pushed her ass back hard into Keri’s face, gasping and squealing and mumbling incoherently as Keri continued her oral assault. Keri them became the aggressor rolling Desiree onto her stomach, with a move that a pro wrestler would be proud of.

She then moved on top of Desiree, and began kissing her shoulders, working her way down her back until she reached Desiree’s ass. I watched as she started teasing the cleft at the top of her ass with her tongue as Desiree squeezed the pillow gasping,

“Yes…oh yes…oh fuck yes…eat me ass…eat my fucking ass Keri…it feels so fucking good!”

Keri had her hands on Desiree’s ass, parting her cheeks as she worked her tongue between them, and started working her way down toward Desiree’s asshole. Once she reached Desiree’s ass, she started flicking her asshole with her tongue, again causing Desiree to moan and squeal.

She quickly moved to rimming her asshole, tongue fucking her and working her fingers into Desiree’s pussy. Desiree was out of control, as she screamed into the bed so as to muffle her screams of passion. Then as if that were no enough, Keri took her breast in her hand, and started teasing Desiree’s asshole with her nipple.

After several minutes of sheer pleasure the two of them entwined their legs and started what I was to find out later scissoring each other. Rubbing their pussies together as they held hands, bumping and grinding.

It was one hell of a sight to see as they brought one another to a strong orgasm. When they finished they were a balls of hot flesh, cuddling and kissing one another.

I thought it was going to be my turn now, but I was wrong. They got into a 69 position, and brought one another off yet again. Once they finished cumming Keri looked at me saying,

“Come on over here, it’s time you get in on the action.”

I moved onto the bed between my wife and Desiree. Before I knew it Desiree had my cock in her mouth, and was giving me some incredible head all while Keri watched and fingered herself. Desiree was taking my cock all the way down her throat, deep throating me when Keri told her to slow down so I don’t cum.

She wanted to see Desiree riding me cock. Desiree obliged as she held my cock still as she lowered her pussy onto my cock. Once I was in she started humping me, as I watched my cock disappear into her pussy. Her pussy was nice and tight as she humped me.

Then the lights went out so to speak, as Keri straddled my face, lowering her pussy down onto my mouth. I started running my tongue over her pussy, while she leaned forward and started kissing Desiree.

While Keri rode my face, and Desiree rode my cock, they kissed and sucked one anothers nipple. After several minutes of this, Desiree moved off my cock, again at Keri’s direction, and grabbed the headboard.

Then Keri told me to fuck them both, and cum on their asses. Not wanting to disappoint I moved behind Keri first and slid my cock into her pussy, and started fucking her.

While I fucked Keri, Desiree reached down and fingered herself as she watched. After a few minutes I moved behind Desiree, and like I had with Keri, I slipped my cock into her pussy, and started fucking her as Keri watched and fingered herself.

It was amazing how each pussy felt similar, but was also different. I fucked them both, each of them drawing closer and closer to orgasms. Keri was the first to cum followed by Desiree.

I was slamming them both as hard as I could, my balls slapping against their asses. I was getting close myself when Keri told me to jack off and cum on their tits. Desiree and Keri rolled over onto their backs as I jacked off, aiming my cock at their tits.

They both urged me on telling me how hot it was watching me jack off. Finally I started cumming, hitting Desiree’s tits first, then Keri’s and back and forth until I had spent my load.

Then as I watched, Desiree and Keri licked my cum from each others tits. After that, Desiree and Keri showered with Desiree thanking us both for a great time. Once she left Keri asked me,

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Hell yes…I loved every second of it. I think we should do it at least a couple of times a month of Desiree is agreeable to it.”

“I agree. I think she’ll be agreeable. As long as she does it because she wants to, but of course she can stop anytime she wants as can we. I’ll make sure she understands that when we talk again. I only wish we had recorded that so we could watch it again.”

I looked at Keri and smiled,

“Well it just so happens that I made sure we were recording it, from a couple of different angles.”

Keri clapped her hands and squealed like a little kid on Christmas morning saying we could watch it again when we went to bed. After that day, Desiree joined up twice a month for hot sex until she found a full time job.

As all good things do, our little sessions came to a close as Desiree moved on with her life, but Keri and I have some great memories and who knows, somewhere down the line we might run into another Desiree. Until then we have a great marriage and an even better sex life.