The following story is 100% true except for the names of those involved. My name is Tony, and I have been married to my beautiful wife Audry for 7 years now. She is 37 years old and is an absolute knockout. I am 13 years her senior. We both work out daily, have healthy diets, and keep ourselves fit. We live in Virginia close to Washington, DC. I met Audry about 8 years ago when we both worked at the same brokerage firm. We had a very heated affair that went on both inside and outside the workplace and it resulted in us both being fired. We then went into business for ourselves, and have spent almost every day together ever since. Throughout our relationship sex between us has always been hot. We typically have sex at least daily, sometimes several times a day. We have been known to just pull the car over in a parking lot and go at it in the middle of the day, just like a couple of horny teenagers.

While we have been open about most things, I have kept secret, until recently, that I jerked off to porn pictures, video clips, and sex stories almost every day. I have a collection of porn on my computer, and would often click back and forth between porn and work – rubbing my cock for hours while I worked. While I tried to keep my porn collection and desires a secret, over the last year or so Audry has uncovered the truth.

At first Audry was hurt by the discovery of my porn, especially when she realized that I jerked off to it several times a day. She thought I should be open about it. She also felt that I might be looking at it to get myself aroused before I would have sex with her, or simply to look at other women, which could not be further from the truth. I was actually a bit embarrassed, and I did not know exactly how to confess my fantasies to her.

Besides being very sexy, Audry is quite intelligent and a first class detective. In spite of my continued efforts to conceal my porn activities, it did not take her long to figure out the nature of the porn I was looking at and the sex stories I was reading – which all revolved around cuckolding. One day a few months ago after running some errands in town Audry asked if I would drive up to the park so that we could talk there. I pulled into a secluded spot thinking that she had some car-sex in mind. Instead she wanted to talk about the porn. Audry told me that she had been reading the stories and looking at the video clips and pictures I had saved and bookmarked. That was it – I was busted. I tried to avert the subject, but she held her ground, telling me that she saw mostly pictures and stories of men eating cum from pussies of their wives and girlfriends. She asked me if I was gay. I said I did not think I was gay – that I could never have feelings for a man, but that I did have fantasies about watching her have sex with another man. I assured her that this was just a fantasy, and that I had no desire to live out this fantasy.

Audry kept pressing the subject until I finally admitted that I thought I would actually enjoy acting out a cuckold fantasy, but I would never press her to do such a thing. Audry told me that she had been doing research on the cuckold lifestyle ever since discovering my porn activity, that she had suspected for some time that I wanted to act out my fantasies, and that she would be willing to go through with it.

For the next four or five days we spent our days locked away indoors having the most incredible sex and telling stories about what we would like to do with each other and a third party. The scenarios we discussed varied from threesomes to cuckold situations, to Audry just going out and fucking someone and returning home to me. We decided that neither of us would be into any kind of real humiliation, but that I would not mind being somewhat controlled by a bigger, stronger man.

At my insistence Audry told me about many of her past sexual experiences – many of which she had not thought about in years and years. When Audry was in High School she dated mostly black guys. She said that it was not her intention to date only black guys, but that after she dated a black guy, most white guys just did not want to date her. Still, even after high school, Audry frequently dated black men, and I knew that her ex husband was black. In fact, I had become quite friendly with her ex before he ended up in prison – where remains today.

Audry had been quite promiscuous and the stories of hookups with various men, black men in particular, added a new facet to our love-making. Not long after Audry began telling me these stories, she began to sense that I really wanted to make my fantasies a reality and watch her fuck someone else. We began to look at ads on Craigslist, and I even went as far as to email someone – a “bull” – in our town from an anonymous email account I set up. However, when we received the response it turned out to be someone we knew. Because we wanted to keep things confidential, we decided to not move forward with that guy. Audry was also very leery of contacting strangers. We then began talking about getting together with an old boyfriend of hers.

Audry told me that a few years ago she ran into an old high school boyfriend and he tried to hook up with her again. His name was Derrick, and she dated him for about four months when she was 16 and he was 19. She said he was the first guy she dated that had a big cock. She said she fucked him almost every weekend, that back then he could fuck all night, that he could keep going and going, and that he had such massive loads that his cum would be leaking out of her for up to 3 days after they would fuck. This drove me crazy.

Audry finally got in touch with Derrick – and it turned out that he was now married and living on the other side of the country. Derrick did not know that I was sitting right next to Audry and reading every text. She told him that she wanted to fuck him the next time he was in town. He asked about me, and Audry said I was OK with it. After a few days of texting back and forth Derrick wanted some pics, so I took some sexy pics and Audry texted them to him. Here are a few of the texts:

Audry: (after sending the pics) “Hubby took these for you J”

Audry: “He’s been fucking me all day”

Derrick: “Tell him to bite those legs of yours”

Audry: “He took more explicit pics but you’ll have 2 wait”

Derrick: “Send me something”

Audry: “your turn”

Audry: (after Derrick did not send pics): “I hope you r not this selfish in bed”

Derrick: “O I’m not”

Derrick: “You 2 – no holding back”

Audry: “I’m very giving”

Derrick: “Me 2, a hour of 4 play. We have all night. With legs like that it’s a lot of kissing”

Audry: “You like my legs?”

Derrick: “I do, I want to kiss them very slow. I don’t forget anything, right down to your toes”

Audry: “Are you going to fuck me slow? And hard?”

Derrick: “Both. Plus I’ll stop and eat you out.”

Audry: “And I’ll love kissing you and tasting my pussy on your lips.”

Derrick: “You should be fucking right now.”

Audry: “I’m just about to J”

Audry: “He really wants to watch”

Derrick: “Tell him the sec time. I want to be in a zone the first time.”

Audry: “He said I can call him in to eat me just after the 1st time you cum in me . . . and then he’ll go away? LOL”

Derrick “I just don’t feel like that would be cool.”

Audry: “He said whatever . . . as long as Derrick takes good care of you”

A few days later Derrick texted a pic of his big black cock.

Audry: “Mmmmmmm I cant wait to put that in my mouth”

Derrick: “Your turn”

Audry: “What pic would you like”

Derrick “of yours plus a fetish pic of your feet in pantyhose”

Audry: “OK soon as I get home”

Audry began texting and exchanging pics with Derrick on a regular basis. Derrick began sending pics of black men fucking white women in stockings and heels. Even though they constantly texted about having sex, because he was so far away it did not seem like it would really ever happen. One day we to a sex shop to pick out some new toys. Audry picked out a dark brown very life-like dildo that reminded her of what she remembered of Derrick’s cock. It was huge. She told me she was going to call her new toy Derrick. That night Audry got me into a 69 with her on top and she had me put “Derrick” into her from behind. With the lights out, and me underneath her, I imagined the real Derrick was fucking my beautiful wife while I licked her pussy. The thought of the real thing drove me crazy. Audry even told Derrick about her new toy, and how she wanted me to lick his cum out of her. However, Derrick made it clear that he only wanted to have sex with her alone.

A few weeks after our first texts with Derrick Audry told me about Chris. She said that Chris had been the son of her father’s bowling buddy and they had fucked around for a few months when Audry was quite young. She said that Chris had recently sent her a friend request on Facebook. Chris was half black and stood around 6’4”! She did not remember how large his cock was – as I mentioned Audry was quite promiscuous when she was younger. She had a few back and forth texts with Chris, and Audry made it clear that she wanted to get together and fuck him! She did not even mention me. They made arrangements to meet on a Saturday night. Before their meeting I got in the bath with Audry and I shaved her legs (which she had to redo . . . .but at least I did not cut her!) and I trimmed her pussy. I helped her get dressed and drove her out to the town where Chris lived, which is about an hour away. We took a motel room and finished getting Audry ready for her first date in 8 years. I walked Audry out to the car and kissed my wife goodbye, knowing that she would be fucked by another man before I would see her again.

I have to admit, the feeling of watching her drive away was unbelievable. I walked back up to the motel room in a surreal kind of fog, wondering what the rest of the night would be like. Audry had promised to text to update me, and we had also arranged for me to listen in if the opportunity presented itself. I had a call recorder app installed on my phone. We figured out that if Audry called me, put her phone on speaker and I put my phone both on speaker and mute, that I could listen and record what happened on Audry’s end of the call but her phone would make no noise whatsoever.

Audry left around 9PM. At 10:13 she texted:

Audry: “at a bar. Don’t worry. ILY”

Me: “ILY”

Me: “You r seriously the most beautiful woman in the world to me. I cant wait to love on you”

Audry: “He showed me some of his tattoos . . . said I’d see the rest later”

Me: “ILY. Cant wait to hear. Feeling comfortable?”

Audry: “About to leave bar . .. waiting for shuttle”

Audry: “He said its time to leave because he needs to show me some undivided attention. He looks good. Big broad shoulders”

Me: “Really?”

Audry: “Tall! My 4” heels . . . phhhfffff”

Audry: “I’m in his room. He just went to the bathroom. Said when he gets back he’s gonna fog up my glasses”

Me: “Call!!!”

Audry: “TV’s on, might not hear much”

ME: “Call anyway. Tell him to turn it off????”

Audry: “Okay”

The phone rang and I put it on mute and on speaker. I heard some muffled small talk, but I could not make out what they were saying. The small talk went on for about 10 minutes, then there was silence for another four or five minutes. Then I could hear Audry moaning. For the next 10 minutes there was the unmistakable sound of Audry getting fucked interspersed with talking. The whole time I was laying on my belly humping the bed and trying not to cum. Then after about 10 minutes there was more conversation. It was over that fast. Audry got back to the room at about 2AM. I had a million questions but the first was “did he wear a condom?” “Yes” “How big was he?” “Average, not as big as you.”

I kissed her and I could smell his scent all over her. I attacked her pussy which had the unmistakable taste of latex mixed with Audry’s juices. We fucked the rest of the night.

That first experience was far less than satisfactory for Audry. She told me later that all night Chris was more interested in his phone than in her. Even though he was in his mid thirties, he actually still lived at home with his mother and brothers. When they got back to his house they went straight to his room, where he immediately turned on the TV. He spent about an hour rubbing her while he watched TV. Then when they got down to it, he was extremely selfish. He got on top of her for a couple of minutes, and then complained that he was doing too much work. She said that Chirs’s cock was pathetically small – probably around 5”. To make matters worse, he kept talking about how she was his, and saying things like “how do you like that cock.” (which Audry found a turn off – considering his small size and selfish nature). Then after a short while he pulled off his condom and wanted Audry to suck him. He came almost immediately and left her hanging. That was it – he was finished. He wanted Audry to stay the night, and she politely declined. She said she did not tell me the details on the night it happened because she wanted it to be good for me.

The funny thing is, after a week or so, it almost seemed to both my wife and me like the incident with Chris did not even happen. Audry said she thought she felt that way because his performance was so insignificant.

Derrick and Audry continued to text over the next few weeks, but we did not really think it would ever amount to anything. One night I asked Audry if she thought Derrick would ever come to DC, and she said “he’s all talk,” but how wrong she was.

About 2 weeks ago Audry told me that Derrick texted that he would be coming to the Washington DC area in a week. He gave very specific instructions as to what he wanted Audry to wear: Stiletto heels, red toe nail polish, a black business suit with a short black skirt. Black stockings. It was on, and Audry and I went shopping. We originally planned to take 2 adjoining hotel rooms so that I could be close by, but we eventually decided to take a single hotel room and that I would wait and listen while sitting in our minivan. Audry and I tried to abstain from having sex for a few days before the hookup with Derrick, but we actually only managed to abstain for about a day and a half.

Today is Tuesday, and Audry met up with Derrick on Saturday night / Sunday morning at midnight. We rented a 2 room suite and parked the van in a secluded spot around the back of the hotel. We got to the room at about 10PM and I got Audry ready. I left to go to our minivan at just about midnight while talking to Audry on the phone. Just before I got to the van Audry said “He just texted, he is in the lobby. Mute your phone.” Then she said “are you sure about this honey? You won’t be hurt listening to me fuck him?” I said “Definitely! I’m sure. Why would I be hurt? I mean, we’ve already done this and I was fine.” She said “Right, but Derrick is no Chris!” Before I could respond she said “he’s at the door, mute it.”

I heard Derrick and Audry say hello. There was no going out for drinks. No pretense. It was all about sex. Derrick said “what is going on? This is some weird shit!” Audry told him all about our recent sexual interests and discoveries, excluding the incident with Chris. I felt a bit . . . strange. A mixture of exhilaration, jealousy, maybe a little embarrassed at my wife telling her old boyfriend that I wanted her to fuck him. He asked if it had to be a black man and she said that it was a preference of both hers and mine.

They spoke for about 20 minutes, then silence. Then, after a few minutes of silence Audry started moaning – loudly. I placed the phone on the arm rest of the back seat and laid across the seat with my head next to the phone. I resisted touching my dick as I did not want to cum. She moaned and moaned. I found out later that he was eating her pussy. After about 10 minutes of her moaning she screamed “I’m coming!” Then there was a brief pause. Then Derrick was saying “yeah, that’s it,” and “ahh, shit, yea.” The sound was vivid and clear as Audry sucked his cock. There was a pause, and then Audry moaned, this time very loudly. For the next hour and a half I could hear Derrick fucking Audry. He fucked her hard, and the sound of slapping flesh combined with their moans made the time almost unbearable. As the time passed I could tell from the different sound quality that they were moving around the room, fucking in different places. Audry came once while he ate her pussy and four times on his cock. At one point in time Audry was yelling “Fuck me! Fuck me Derrick!” I could tell when she came because she was quite loud, but I could not tell about Derrick. Around 2AM there was silence followed by a little talking and silence again. I looked at my phone and Audry had texted “he’s in the shower now. Leaving shortly.” I learned later that he came twice before I left the van to go back to the room.

I took the phone off of speaker, put it to my ear as if I were on a phone conversation, and went into the hotel. The hotel had a huge open indoor atrium with the rooms going up around the perimeter so that you could see the rooms above and below. I took the elevator to the floor just above our floor and watched our door so that I could see when he left. I heard Derrick talking to my wife, and he said “shit, I just gotta have that pussy one more time before I go.” I heard them fuck loudly for about 15 minutes, and this time I could hear Derrick cum loudly.

Just as Derrick left our hotel room and headed toward the elevators I went into the stairwell and walked down to our room. I surprised Audry when I entered the room about 30 seconds after Derrick left. She had her skirt on but no panties. She said he left the skirt on the entire time, and that he fucked her on the table in the living area, on the vanity in the bathroom, on the sofa and on the bed. I said “did he use a condom?” She said “yeah, at first.” She said he came the first time in a condom, and kept fucking. She said that after the first time he came, and after she had cum four times on his cock, he pulled out, pulled off his condom and had her suck on his cock. After she sucked him almost to orgasm he said “where do you want it?” and she said “on my pussy!” At that point he sat down on the bed and said “you sure you’re straight?” She said she was and he pulled her onto his cock. He fucked her for a few minutes with his bare cock and came, shooting half of his load into her pussy and half all over her pussy lips. It was after that that he took a shower and she texted me that he would be leaving soon.

She said that when they fucked again, right before he left, he went bareback the entire time, pulling out, just as before, leaving half of his load inside her, and half all over her pussy. I practically threw her down on the bed and put my face between her legs. There was cum all over the right side of her pussy and she was unbelievably wet inside. I licked and ate her creampie for I don’t even know how long. She said that she just could not cum again, that she was very tired and her pussy was sore . . . but she actually did cum as I licked all over her pussy and asshole, and we fucked over and over all night. In the morning, when I looked at the table where Derrick fucked my wife the night before, I saw a clear outline of her hands, arms, her entire torso and her ass on the table. Even her pussy lips and slit were clearly visible! I took a pic with my phone, and I guess because of the lighting and the flash the outline almost looks like a naked rear shot of my wife herself!

Audry and I have been fucking every chance we have had for the last two days since all of this went down. Last night, as we were about to go at it again, I asked Audry if she wanted to do it again (meaning have sex with another man) and she said definitely. She also told me that Derrick was going to be back in the area in three weeks, but she said she does not know if she wants to do it again with him, or with someone else! I guess time will tell . . . .