Author- fireengine8

As she stealthily glides through the night sky her dark skin makes her invisible from the planet far below. Her graceful curves are only seen by those few who are guarding her from nearby.

When she was designed in a secret California engineering facility they made her look like a television and movie star. She does not mind, because people loved the decades’ long TV and movie series and their strong characters.
She takes her mission seriously as she looks down at the planet and out into black space because the enemy lurks where least expected. She protects the planet and the men and women on board.
She is our secret weapon; a battle star. On her sides are three meter high letters: USBS Sarah Falin. Named after the 46th President of the United States, the Air Force launched her a few years ago to patrol earth’s perimeter andour nearby moon.
A few decades ago the USA stopped the shuttle programs and retired the space shuttles as tourist attractions. Instead of the public forgetting about space, the attractions ignited a new generations’ thirst for outer space adventure.
President Falin pushed a new space program through Congress where private enterprise would join with government to build space planes open to the civilian market for travel to the space stations and the moon. The private companies were allowed to make huge profits and thereby encouraged more and more competition and growth. What the general public did not know was the highly classified military side.
Profits from the civilian companies were used in part to offset government funds to run the military side of space travel. Most thinkers agree that we need a manned “military force” in space. Our satellites, drones and unmanned space planes are excellent; but could never compete with a fully manned space platform which would protect and defend not only against threats from earth but also space.

So our small armada, consisting of three space ships, was designed on the concept of one battleship protected by two destroyers. Of course, since this is an US Air Force project, any nautical or Navy terms were immediately prohibited.
The battle ship became the Battle Star, a command star, fully functional to command the other units and to kill any enemy with long range neutron-neutron lasers. Its sensors can listen, hear and see almost anything, anywhere on Earth. Its saucer-like look, with two high exterior engines, makes her visibly pleasing and also deadly in flight.

Her two smaller, agile protectors are heavily armored versions of the main Battle Star. They are able to fly low into Earth’s orbit and use their sensors and weapons as directed by the Battle Star commander.

Life aboard the Battle Star has a generally relaxed atmosphere often found in Air Force operations. We normally work three nine hour shifts and use the off time for training, physical fitness and sleep. Many functions are automated and the Cyborgs back up the automated systems also. The latest series of Cyborgs are able to work for a full month before needing a “down day” for maintenance.

I am Lt. Col. Thad Jonesand I’m the youngest command officer on board. All this happened because I was a high school nerd and later earned a PhD in systems engineering. As the Battle Star’s logistics officer, all purchases and in-bound freight must be approved by my department. The Commander, General Ulysses Hawthorne, decided since we know what should be coming on board, my department would also be in charge of checking each item actually coming to the armada. So in conjunction with Star security and medical, my teams check items before they are loaded on space transporters at Area 51. All cargo is double checked and inspected upon arrival at the Battle Star also.

There are long range projects involving logistics and procurement. Every device on the Battle Star is constantly reviewed for improvements both in space and back at the manufacturer’s plant. Many upgrades fall into the ‘routine’ side, like computer upgrades; but some fall into the ‘exceptional’ side, such as the secret Cyborg programs.

The Cyborgs are science fiction come to life. Cyborgs are not just robotic machines, but also advanced thinking machines. While they have been around for several decades, only in the past twenty years have they possessed nearly human thought. Of course, the first thing Congress did was outlaw building Cyborgs which look human. It was too close to science fiction movies where Cyborgs, who look like your neighbors, would kill everyone. The dirty little secret was that if Cyborgs looked like girls, they would all become sex slaves.

Of course the Mafiasare not the only ones thinking of human-looking Cyborgs. The Air Force has a secret contract with one Cyborg manufacturer to create the most advanced possible Cyborgs, which will practically be fully functional humans. I was the logistic liaison to purchase several for the Battle Star. Instead of modeling the Cyborgs to look like some Hollywood actors, we wanted them to look more like average people. That was until I met Amy.

Recently I walked into a Reno, Nevada big box store to buy some tools and I met Amy, a new cashier. It was her first day on the job and she was nervous as she checked me out ever so slowly. It gave me a chance to check her out ever so slowly also because she was so different from a ‘normal’ person. Amy is short, I mean really short. She is about five feet, three inches; but she has a gigantic rack hidden under the blue apron.
The more I stared at her, the thought hit me. She would be perfect for my personal Cyborg model. Instead of the usual tall blondes, Amy could be my special petite model. Starting a conversation with Amy, I complemented her on her smooth and efficient way of checking out my purchases. She admitted it was her first day on the job and that she just started her senior year in high school. By the end of the week, I had seen Amy several times and she was telling me about her college plans, lack of a boyfriend and other personal stuff. I also noticed she did not talk to other customers, so hopefully we were developing a friendship.
Just so you understand the word ‘cashier’ is a left over word which will not go away. Decades earlier when you left a store, each item you purchased was scanned into a cash register by a cashier and then you paid for the total. Of course today, the cashier just monitors the automated systems as you leave the store. The nano-technologies, called rice chips, because of their microscopic size, tell the Cyborg what is in your shopping basket. When you touch your thumb to the readeryour funds are automatically transferred out of your bank account. Credit cards have not been used in the past twenty years.

So about two weeks later, after talking to her several times, I invited Amy to look at Air Force ROTC, which would pay for her college and includes a free medical exam. It would be my chance to see her naked and have the medical team from the Cyborg lab take all her measurements. Her parents approved her three day stay at the ROTC facility with me as the only chaperone.

The ROTC weekend finally arrived and Amy and I flew to Las Vegas on Thursday afternoon on a private jet. I told her to pack lightly because she would receive a new wardrobe as a gift. The first place we visited was a high end Salon where they updated her plain hairstyle into a pixie cut which fits her round face much better. Light highlights make her hair shimmer and frame her face so much better. After a mani-pedi, the staff gave her some makeup tips, which she would need the next evening. Of course I told Amy that she needed to be more glamorous not just because of our dinner plans, but it would make her stand out during the interviews.
After a nice dinner, we did some sightseeing before I took us back to the hotel. Amy is impressed with her fancy hotel room and jumps up and gives me a chaste kiss on the cheek. “Thanks Thad”, she smiles at her door with sparkling brown eyes. I remind her that I am in the next room if she needed me. I wonder if she really thinks the Air Force is paying for all this. The great thing about being a PhD nerd on a Battle Star is that I have plenty of money with no place to spend it.
The next day was busy for Amy. In the morning she met people from the ROTC programs from several different colleges. They all touted their specialized program in various engineering and math programs for highly sought after careers. In the afternoon she had to take lots of tests.

By 4:00 p.m. I finally had her out of there to go dress shopping. I had already contacted a boutique which provides very personal services. The motherly looking owner took Amy into the dressing room to measure her and show her some fancy dresses for a night out. The underwear comes first. From a room next to the dressing room, I watched the whole process through a one-way mirror. Bring me some popcorn.

Like I had guessed, Amy wears a 40DD “granny” bra. The store owner has her strip down naked and stand on the seamstress pedestal to be measured. Amy looks around somewhat shy but does not cover herself. Her large tits are hard and do not sag; they are topped with pink areolas and nice hard looking nipples. Oh, I want to suck those.
Amy has a shapely, un-tanned body; she obviously does not spend time in a tanning booth; too much library time. To be honest she is a little bit overweight for her frame. Losing a few pounds and toning up will really transform her into a sexy girl. I need to talk to the medics about a program for her which would not include running. “Running with her tits bouncing could be dangerous,” I laugh to myself.

She is shown several modern bras which lift her boobs and make them look even bigger. I see Amy blushing as she tries one on which lets the nipples peak over the top. Oh yes, definitely for going out tonight. By the time she tries on a garter belt she looks like a hooker; but she has stopped blushing. I think she is getting into the mood.

The evening dresses are sensational but too long. To fit her boobs, the size of the dress does not match her short body. The owner and Amy decide on two dresses which show a nice amount of cleavage; but are not indecent. Just what an uncle would want his niece to wear in a Las Vegas club. The dresses get measured, pinned and marked for the seamstress. The owner calls me in to see what Amy looks like. Of course, I give appropriate “Wows” and tell Amy she looks like a sex kitten.
Amy grins as she rotates around on top of the seamstress pedestal. It puts her face at eye level with mine and she pulls me over for another kiss on the cheek. I’m so bad; I cheat and turn my head so her lips hit mine. Amy is a little bit off balance so our lips lock together hard. Waiting to see what she will do I count the seconds all the way to twelve, before Amy moves back and her brown eyes focus on mine. Shock is on her face and then she slowly grins. I repeat, “Wow”. Amy laughs and says, “Wow”. The shop owner laughs also and adds a third “Wow”. I hope Amy is figuring out that we may do more than talk about college programs.

We make plans for the dresses to be delivered to the hotel by 8:00 p.m., in time for Amy to get ready for our 10:00 p.m. club date. Amy ends up with two large bags full of underwear, shoes and accessories.

Back at the hotel, I have room service bring us some light snacks and I mix us a round of drinks. We are eating in Amy’s room and I have unlocked the doors between our rooms. Amy will need the drink because I’m about to get really personal.
“Are you having a good time, Amy?” I ask.

“So far it’s been OK, Thad. Of course I really like the dresses, thanks again,” she answers. I add, “And you are going to make their eyes pop out of their heads tonight, guaranteed.” Amy smiles again. I like her smiling more often.

“Amy, I got to ask some really personal stuff before your medical exam. Or better I will tell you something and you can answer only if you really want to, OK,” I say. She looks at me seriously and nods her head. I say, “OK, here it goes. Part of your exam is obviously your female parts. Your female parts need to be clean shaved.”

Amy blinks, giggles nervously and says, “I don’t shave.” Of course, I knew that because I saw her when she was naked and she has a full, dark bush. It is another reason I can believe she does not have a boyfriend. “Amy, if you have never shaved your pussy, do you want some help?” I ask and hold my breath, while mentally urging her to answer my prayers.
Amy’s mouth drops open and she stares at me for a full minute. I am about to apologize but on the other hand, I only have two days to fuck her brains out. Instead of answering “Yes or No”, Amy asks, “Do you want to?” Do I want to? Does a guy in the Sahara want a drink of water? Here is a good looking senior in high school who may just be a virgin asking me if I want to play with her muff.

“Amy, I would consider it a big honor to help you shave. Plus, I’m not some high school jock who kisses and tells,” I say. Amy grins and says, “When would we do it?” I laugh and answer, “We have to do it now, so you can get ready for the club in time.”

I mix two more drinks and hand one to Amy. We clink glasses and I say, “Bottoms up for courage.” Amy looks at me and answers; “Courage” then throws the drink down her throat. She coughs several times and shakes her head. “Give me ten minutes and then come in,” she says as she turns me to the door to my room.

Ten minutes later I still can’t believe she agreed without any comments.I come back into Amy’s room naked except my jockeys. I can hear water running in the bathroom. Carrying my shaving kit, I knock on the bathroom door and loudly say, “Are you decent?” Amy laughs, “Yes, come on in.”

Amy sits in the giant bathtub with the jets going full blast. There is nothing to see because the tub is full of bubble bath and she is covered up to her neck. When she sees me she says, “You told me you were a nerd; you look more like a jock.” I’m glad she didn’t scream or faint. “Thanks Amy, that’s what ten years of daily physical training will do.” From her low spot in the tub, I can see Amy’s eyes go up and down on my body. Seems they come to rest on my jockeys again. Maybe this seduction will work after all.

I let Amy enjoy the view and it makes me wonder if she really has lived a shelter life. You always think that girls with a rack like hers would have plenty of guys around. But there is some truth in what smart girls say, “Yea, all the boys want is to play with my tits. No thank you.”

For a minute we just stare at each other, so before we get into a long pause I say, “Well Amy, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” Amy laughs and says, “Show me yours and come into the tub.” Works for me and with a swift move I drop my jockeys and let her see my cock. Hopefully looking up at it makes it seem bigger to her. Amy’s eyes get wide and she grins, “Wow Thad, not bad.” Then she slaps her hand over her mouth. Yea, I think it just popped out of her mouth without thinking. For a micro-second I wonder how I compare to any other cocks she has seen; besides the holograph porn sites.
I step into the tub and sit down facing her. Now we are both covered in bubble bath. Amy leans back against the end of the tub, looking relaxed. I grab one of her legs and lift it up to play with her toes. Rubbing her foot and massaging her leg my hands slowly work their way upwards. Amy lets out a series of “Mmm, that’s nice.” So I do it to her other leg too and get the same reaction.

Pulling on Amy’s legs I pull them around my waist and pull her up into a sitting embrace. Her bare tits hit my chest and Amy inhales sharply when I rub against her. Amy keeps her eyes closed and our first kiss is soft and tender. We hold it for a minute, break apart and inhale deeply. “Amy that’s nice, babe,” I whisper to her and pull her to me again.

She comes to me much harder and chews on my lip. “Oh, oh” I think, “I may just have woken Amy’s sexual frustration.” Her tongue pushes into my mouth and it’s not a tentative little push; it’s a full force “let me go down your throat” hard push. My cock throbs against Amy’s belly and she moans. This time when we break we both inhale even deeper.

“OMG Thad, I can’t do this. Not yet,” Amy whispers and holds me tight. “It’s OK babe, there is time later,” I tell her, letting her know there is a “later” coming. “Let’s get you shaved,” I add. Amy immediately giggles and grins, “OK”. As the water drains from the tub, Amy stands up and her bush is right in front of my eyes.

“Scissors first,” I announce and pull a small pair out of my kit and start trimming her hair. Trying to keep it serious is hard because now my cock is getting hard too. Amy watches quietly as the hair falls into the tub and my scissors get nearer to her pussy. To get between her legs, I have her lift one leg up on the edge of the tub. It gives me my first close up view of her pussy. Amy does not seem embarrassed.

It’s not necessary for her shave; but I can’t help but to pull her pussy lips apart and look at her delicious pink insides. Water drips from her pussy and I imagine it to be juices as if she was cuming. It makes my cock twitch and Amy snickers. I can’t believe my good fortune that Amy has gone along with this crazy stunt of both of us naked in her tub. Back to work.
Shaking the can of shaving cream, I shoot a handful right on her mons. When the very warm cream hits her, Amy says, “Oh it’s hot.” Men’s shaving cream comes out almost hot while women’s is just barely warm.

When I pull a new, pink feminine razor from my bag, her eyes brows go up and she says, “Pink?” “A good scout is always prepared,” I answer as I gently shave her mons one slow stroke at a time. Working on the areas around her pussy lips, I go slow and pay attention to what I am doing; first one side, then the other. It’s not a time to make a mistake.

I have Amy sit on the side of the tub and spread her legs wide. Enjoying the view I keep shaving her very slowly. Amy inhales hard again as my fingers run up and down her pussy lips and tease her pink clit. Soon I have her clean as a baby.
After a rinse with the sprayer comes the fun part, baby lotion. I put several squirts of baby lotion on my hand and massage it into her mons area. Amy is swaying with the movement of my hand. I have her put one leg back up on the edge of the tub and massage more lotion around her pussy lips. Amy closes her eyes and I notice her head moves forward and backwards as I massage her.

She is holding on to my shoulders and her hands tighten hard when I massage right over her pussy. There is no misunderstanding now; I’m stroking her to try to get her off. Two fingers are inside her pussy and my thumb is on her clit. Amy moans hard, “Don’t, don’t stop.” When her newly manicured fingernails draw blood on my shoulders it hurts and encourages me to stroke her harder.

Within a few minutes her climax hits and she yelps before she collapses back down into my arms and the tub. We embrace and her body shakes as she slowly comes down. Amy is a squirter. When her climax hit she squirted a nice amount of pussy juice all over my hand and lower body. Lifting my wet hand up between our faces I put a wet finger into my mouth and taste her nectar. Very nice. A second finger goes into Amy’s mouth. She licks it and then kisses me hard.

“Thanks Thad, I wish I would have known shaving could be this much fun,” Amy giggles as she holds me tight. The nipples pressing into my chest drive me crazy; but it’s time to get ready for our date no matter how bad I just want to fuck her.
“Babe, you need to get dressed for the club. I’m going to give you one hour, OK?” “Yes sir,” the freshly satisfied vixen grins as I retreat back to my room; still naked and very horny.
Weirdly, having just spent time with a naked Amy, I’m looking forward to seeing her in one of the new dresses.