AUTHOR – Mildred Burgos Gomez

My name is Mildred and me and my son-in-law fucked for a period of 3 months during the time we were both having problems in our marriages . Chris Talton married my daughter Lisa and they were fucking as soon as they met.

Lisa was a sexually active teen and young adult. I caught her fucking her boyfriend in my bed and we got several complaints from school she would flash boys at gym. One day I saw Chris and Lisa having sex through the window. I was repulsed but turned on . Chris had Lisa’s thighs spread and was fucking her viciously. Lisa was loving it and screaming. The part I found astonishing was the size of Chris’s penis. He came in her and Lisa kicked it off his gentatalia. He was at least 14 inches and thick. I knew if I could get him alone I could have his large white penis in my vagina.

One day he came over to collect some childhood things of Lisa’s. We talked and I had on a pair of short daisy dukes. I noticed Chris kept staring at my legs and I asked him not to it was making me feel uncomfortable , I would rather him stare at my ass! I told him I wanted to make love to him and I wanted his genitalia inside me. My husband couldn’t perform without a pump and I had to routinely find a black man in the drug store or go to bars and bring men back home to fuck. I need penis a lot of times.

I get so horny.

Chris said he loved Hispanic pussy and our family being Puerto Rican was right up his zone. We kissed and frenched passionately and I got naked and Chris almost lost his breath he got naked immediately and I couldn’t believe a white man could have such a giant pretty penis he was erect and it hit his navel! I laughed and said please be careful I had 4 children come out of my vagina but this thing is gonna hurt! He said he knew what to do. He spread my thighs like I saw him do my daughter and he pounded me his penis was filling me up he said I was fucking like a champ and doing really well. My Puerto Rican dark vagina lips were spread around his huge white penis.

We fucked for 6 hrs that day.talking breaks and peeing and drinking wine. We did this for about 3 months. One day my husband’s sister came to visit or rather ask something and ill leave her name out of it she looked through the window and saw Chris fucking me on the bar doggystyle in our kitchen. She knocked on the window and said it was ok she enjoyed watching which shocked me. I was sweating profusely and talking to my sister naked after just fucking my son in law ! She asked how long and I said for a while. We went back to the bedroom as I showered , Chris went and took a shit in my husbands bathroom . As we talked she gave me a high five and said Mildred I can’t believe you took all that dick it was huge! Do you mind if I ask Chris to fuck me? I have a fantasy . We all talked and went to her lake house. It was weird . She didn’t divulge the fantasy until we arrived. She got out of the car and we all got naked and jogged around the lake and Chris was so erect he said stop to my sister in law and he grabbed her and laid her down and fucked her beside the lake she said oh mildred his white dick is sooo good! I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Chris is making love to his wife’s aunt and her mother. We all had group sex and came lots.both of our husbands are ethnic so it was so youthful for us to have something different.he said his wife’s pussy was really tight and good and mine was like hers which I found weird .we ended it when I felt remorse and I divorced my husband started fucking another man and moved to Florida. I don’t talk to my family either .

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