We start with deep, slow kissing. You kiss my neck and nibble on my earlobes, slowly and gently, making soft breaths in my ear. Gripping my hair tightly. Moving my head the way you want me to go. You lick from between my collarbones up to my panting mouth. Kissing me deeply, slightly harder, both hands are on each side of my neck and up into my hair. You lay me down on the bed, on my back. Both of us are still fully clothed. Like teenagers, we are making out hot and heavy; I feel you growing through your shorts as you are laying half on top and half on the side of me. My hips begin to move up and down from the aching you are causing deep inside me. You tell me to stop. I can’t move yet; it’s not allowed. I whimper because it’s aching so badly and I just want to move to release a little. You stop kissing my neck and whisper into my ear that if I move again, you are going to stop what you’re doing. You’ll know if I move because you are lying on my hip. So I become stiff, barely wanting to even breathe because I do NOT want you to stop. You whisper, “Good girl”.
You go back to caressing my ear with your tongue and breath, but now your hand starts to travel down my stomach. I ask you if I can breathe deeply and you say yes, but don’t move your hips. Your hand starts up under my shirt and you gently squeeze my breast over my bra. You begin kissing me again and reposition yourself to lie a little more on top of me. You slip your hand in the top of my bra and take my nipple between your first and index fingers and gently squeeze. This makes me gasp and my body to instinctively arch up. I immediately apologize. Please don’t stop, I beg in a whisper.
You continue kissing me but you withdraw your hand from under my shirt which causes me to whimper. You stop and look me in the eyes, but mine are closed and you tell me, “Look at me” a little gruffly. My eyes slowly open and you tell me to feel your cock, but only outside your shorts. I immediately and enthusiastically obey. I run the palm of my hand down the front of your shorts and cup your balls. You breathe in sharply because you didn’t expect that. I begin to apologize, but you quickly say, “don’t”! I ask if I can feel you again. You say yes. Again, I run my palm down your shaft, a little harder this time and I again cup your balls, but a little further and you feel the pressure on your taint. Now your hips are thrusting into me and I quickly pull away. You don’t like that. But you don’t want to get ahead of yourself; so you let me stop for now. You tell me that felt amazing, now it’s my turn.
You again move a little more to my side and less on top of me so you can see me. You tell me, “Don’t move. Keep your eyes open and look at me”. I bite my lip and blink slowly once before you begin. You start at my collarbones and lightly brush them with your fingertips; watching the chills you produce spread across my neck and chest. You lay your palm flat between my breasts and slowly begin travelling south. When you reach my waist you come back up and circle one breast at a time. I exhale deeply, but don’t dare move and don’t dare close my eyes.
You continue down and when you reach my waist again, you rotate your wrist so that you’re going fingers first to my crotch. You put a bit more pressure on me and look directly in my eyes. As you reach my pussy you cup your hand and gently squeeze while putting more pressure on my clit with your palm. My eyes widen, my mouth parts and I heave a heavy exhale, but in a shudder. My body starts to shiver, but I’m not cold. I just can’t stop shivering. You smile widely. Then you abruptly stand up, leaving me reeling. You tell me, “Get up”, but I’m shivering so badly you have to help me.
Once I’m standing in front of you, you pull me in your arms and embrace me, kissing me deeply, gently. You pull my head back by my hair and kiss my neck. I’ve started to calm down a bit and the shivering begins to subside. You run your hands down my back and cup my big booty, squeezing tightly. Our kiss gets deeper, faster. I pull away and ask if I can touch you too. You tell me just once this time. You don’t tell me how. So I rake my nails down your back, through your shirt and as I reach your waist, I now rotate my wrists to go fingers first. I quickly slide both my hands into the waist of your shorts and boxers and tightly grip your ass cheeks; pulling your pole into my swollen clit. You gasp, but reciprocate, pulling me even tighter to you. My head rolls back in pleasure and you find my throat; gently biting the side, near the jugular. My hands begin to wander around your ass and then you pull away. Not yet. You say, “You’re not ready yet”.
I’m so incredibly turned on that I want to beg for you to touch me, but fear you’ll stop all together; so the look I give you tells you all you need to know. You take your shoes off; socks. You tell me to take mine off too and I do. You tell me to take your shirt off; I do. Then you reach out and gently remove mine; stopping to admire my breasts in my new panties set. You tell me to remove JUST your shorts. I obey, but brush my hand along your ass while pulling them down. You shake your head at my defiance. I smile coyly. You pull me to you and turn me around with my ass to your cock. You begin to undo my pants. My breathing speeds up with anticipation. You put a hand on either side of my hips and push down; taking my pants off easily. You turn me back around to face you and smile. You walk away, leaving me standing there feeling very vulnerable. You go into the bathroom and I hear the shower. You come back out smiling and ask if I’m ready for the next chapter. Fuck yeah I’m ready.
Fresh from the shower and feeling not so quite “clean”, but definitely well washed, you towel me dry. You even attempt to wrap my hair up, but it’s retarded and I end up having to do it myself. You hand me a fresh towel and stand with your arms out and feet spread apart. You tell me to dry you off, but no funny business. I start with your back and work my way up to keep your hair from getting you wet again. You dry your face as I move down your back now. I notice everything. I want to touch your ass, but I have to settle with patting you dry. I get all your cracks and crevices. Once dry, you tell me to get the towel off my hair and to do this I have to bend at the waist. I try to bend towards your cock and you say, “No. Turn around”. I turn my back to you and shyly bend over trying to hide as much as possible. It’s impossible because you don’t miss a thing either. As I unwrap the towel I feel your hand brush my ass; and nearly stumble head first. You grip my hips and pull me back to safety. But when you do, the head of your cock nearly penetrates me and we both gasp. Your cock is throbbing. My pussy is pulsating. I’m so wet you can see it coming out and you kneel to taste me for the first time. I beg you not to. Not like this. I feel really vulnerable in this position and in the bathroom it just doesn’t feel right. You agree and stand up and tell me to stand up too. You take the towel from my hands and dry my hair. This makes me smile knowing you care. You hang the towel up to dry and take my hand and grab my brush and hair tie from the counter and we walk back into the room.
I can feel my wetness start to run down my thigh. You don’t want to lose any more than you have to so you brush my hair while I stand; no sitting for me. You get my hair all straightened out and then you tell me to shake my head just enough to make it fall loose. You brush the pieces out of my face with your hands and you kiss me once again. Just tease kisses, you nibble my lip. You softly lick my top lip. You suck my bottom lip; I do the same to you. You want some ear play now and you guide me to the spot with your hands and head movements. I love ears. I love the soft, squishy lobe. I take it and gently roll my tongue around and around your lobe; sighing ever so quietly. While my hand feels all your hair, head, neck…I wrap my fingers into your hair tightly and gently tug. Pulling your head down so your neck is more exposed to me. I nibble your lobe, I pressure kiss your jugular, no sucking. Although we are acting like teenagers, we aren’t.
I move along your collarbones and repeat with your other ear. As I’m getting more turned on, my body is pressing harder and harder into yours and your hands have been exploring my back and ass all the while. I press a little too much into you and your cock slips between my pussy lips. I moan loudly. You instinctively jerk back, breathing heavily. You tell me you can’t keep this shit up. You see relief in my eyes, but as I try to pull you back into me, you hold me back. “I want to taste you”, you say. This makes me unbelievably wetter. You tell me you have a surprise from me and you go to a bag and pull out a blindfold. I begin to shake again. The anticipation is overwhelming. You tie the blindfold and make sure I can’t see out of it by kneeling in front of my pussy. You stick your tongue out and determine I can’t see because I would have thrust my lips onto your tongue.
You stand up and walk to the bed. You pull the bedspread off and put it on a chair cause that shits gross. You walk me safely to the bed, but instead of letting me sit on it to lie down, you have me crawl (doggy style) and tell me to stay. You back me up to the edge of the bed; you give me a pillow for some reason, but don’t let me use it. It just sits under my stomach. You pull a chair up like you’re ready to eat dinner. Of course, I don’t see this. You tell me not to move. Don’t bend, don’t arch my hips, and don’t help you at all. You see my juice pooling even more. You reach under and grasp a breast. You lick your finger and gently squeeze my nipple, making it instantly hard. You place the nipple directly in the center of your palm and grip my full breast and pull. This makes my pussy twitch. Slowly, I feel warm breaths on my pussy. This also makes me twitch. You say, “My God you smell good. Your pussy is so hot, it feels like it’s breathing back on me”. Your lips brush my lips with your words and I nearly cum. I’m aching so badly now and I beg you to taste me. You say, “I didn’t say you could talk”. Again, your lips are brushing my lips with each word. You’re driving me insane!
Your tongue comes in for the first taste. I can barely feel you touch me until your tongue tip presses my hole. I want to rock back hard and plunge your tongue into me, but I stay still as I was told. My breathing increases. You go for another lap. You start at my clit and get to my hole. Then you suck. You suck and suck, but it doesn’t stop. You are now satisfied that you won’t lose anything and tell me to lie on my back. You want my legs bent. You pull my ass to the edge of the bed. With my ass at the edge, I’m unable to fully relax because my feet want to keep slipping off. You pull a chair on either side of you and let my feet have them. You kneel between my legs and do your magic. You put one, two, and then three fingers in me. Slowly, gently, you can feel my pussy wanting to grip them. The further you insert the more cream you come out with on them. I’m shuddering, gasping, panting, and moaning. I beg you to let me move. Let me fuck your fingers. Let me fuck your mouth. “Not yet”, you say, “I still have a surprise.” I’m completely blind right now and have no idea why you pulled out and walked away, but I hear you moving around and the familiar sounds of the bag. I hear you come to the side of the bed and grasp my wrist. You tie something snugly to it. I whimper because I’m having all my fantasies come true with you. You pull my wrist and arm taut and secure the other end to, I have no idea because I can’t see shit. You do the same with my other wrist. Then you grasp my ankle and I moan in pleasure. It just keeps getting better. You tie both my ankles and secure them to what I later find out is the bedframe. My feet are still firmly planted on the chairs. I try, but I can’t move. I don’t want to move. You’ll stop if I move.
I feel you come back between my thighs and put something to my mouth. It’s hard and cold. I realize it has to be a toy and you tell me to suck it. As you put it between my lips, you slip a finger back inside me. I moan. You push the toy further in my mouth and roll it around. I hear you moan which turns me on incredulously more. You take the toy out of my mouth and your fingers out of me at the same time. A moment later you tell me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. I do as I’m told. Your finger is now on my tongue and you command me to suck. Gladly! I taste me for the first time. I love it! I lick every bit of cream from your finger and beg for more. You say too bad, not right now, you’re not done eating yet. You go back in and work your magic once again. This time you slide the toy in. You tell me to tell you how I like it, but not with words. I can move now. OMG!!! Yes!
I can move, but I can’t go anywhere. If it feels good, ride your face. You want me to set the rhythm. If I want you harder on my clit, I need to push up on your mouth. If I want you deeper with the toy, I have to drive my hips downward. When I stop driving, you’ll ease up and slow down. Encouraging words are allowed, but no verbal instructions. As I begin, I set the rhythm. It feels soooo good! You didn’t realize how much you would enjoy it and you too begin moaning. I’m getting close…so close…sooooooo close!!! You abruptly stop. I ask, “What? Did I do something wrong? Please don’t stop. I’m begging you!” Almost like a spoiled child. “Please keep going! I’m aching!!!” You finally tell me to please be quiet. You had to stop. You were going to lose it if you didn’t. You just need a minute; a drink of pineapple juice. I want some too. You take a drink and tell me to open my mouth. You lean in and kiss me. I taste the wetness and tanginess. You stop and tell me to keep my mouth open. You take another drink and lean over my mouth and let your drink drip into my mouth. Then you kiss me again. You take another drink and go back to my pussy and our dance. After just a few minutes, I’m feeling the buildup. My breathing becomes labored, I moan, loudly, thrusting my hips. I say, “I’m gonna”, but before I can get the rest out, I’m moaning, breathing in and out rapidly, thrusting my hips. I plunge down and everything begins convulsing. I don’t want to move. You pull the toy out and stick two fingers in me and feel my pussy grip the shit out of them. It releases and grips again and I start to thrust again; to the grip and release. When I’m done and slow to a stop, you take your fingers out. You dive your face into my wet snatch and lap it up, not wanting to waste a drop. At the same time, you bring your fingers to my mouth so I can enjoy it too. I suck them clean. I want more. You say no. I ask if you’re finished so I can return the favor and you laugh. You say, “I’m nowhere near finished.” But you’ll let me have you now. But first you have to untie me. You release me from my bonds. You release me to take command. My legs are weak and my pussy is throbbing. My throat is dry.