Once released, once I get my bearings, and once I get something to drink, I take you in my arms and kiss you passionately. Thanking you for relieving my tension and fulfilling one of my dearest fantasies and for giving me one of the best orgasms of my life. Your hands explore my body; you grasp my ass so tight your finger finds my wet pussy. I stand there fucking your finger for a minute or five. Then I tell you to put it in my mouth. I want to taste what satisfaction tastes like. It’s amazing. I tell you to sit in the chair that is still a bit warm from my feet. I too have a surprise for you.
I take your straps and tie your wrists behind your back and to the chair, but I’ve made a quick release method just for me. Next, I bind your ankles to the bedframe as you did mine. I give you space to move a bit so your legs don’t go numb. I take my hair tie and brush that you brought from the bathroom; I brush my hair into a sexy ponytail, looking deep into your eyes the entire time. You’re squirming now. A soft moan escapes your lips as I come in for a kiss. I feel you shaking now.
I look from your eyes to your cock and back, smiling broadly. I ask, “Do you want my mouth to warm him up?” You moan and give a breathless, “Fuck yeah”! I kiss you again and produce from, I’ll never tell, your blindfold. I begin to wrap it around your eyes and you say, “Oh my God woman, what are you going to do”? I pause; look deeply into your eyes and say, “It’s a secret.” Kissing your mouth, I finish tying it on. I know you can’t see because I couldn’t see. Just to make sure, I move in closely and whisper, “Kiss me.” As soon as I do, I retract and you search for me. You realize what I’ve done. All you can do is smile and say, “Well played”. I giggle.
I move behind your chair and bend over. I say, “Find my pussy and put your finger in me.” You say, “Mmmmmmmmmmmm”, and do as you’re told. You find my pussy, still wet beyond belief. You put your index finger inside. I say, “More.” You know what I want. You insert your middle finger then and I rock back and forth on them. I moan, enjoying myself. I step off your fingers and kneel behind you. I take your fingers in my mouth and suck every bit of my juices from them. I then come and stand in front of you and lean in for a kiss. I suck your bottom lip and then twirl my tongue with yours. You moan when you taste my juices on my tongue.
Your head snaps back and I kiss you deeply. I grab the back of your hair and pull slightly harder. I then straddle you in your chair. You feel my hot thighs and wet pussy. You immediately want to rise up, but I stand higher than you can move. I whisper in your ear, “You have my pussy aching for you again.” I know what’s coming and to stifle your moan, I kiss you. You still moan, but now you tickle my lips and cause me to lose my own breath for a moment. I rise up once more and you feel something on your lips. You obligingly open up and receive my breast. You suck my nipple tenderly. I pull it out and replace it with the other one. You suck her to attention as well.
Each time I pull away from you, you whimper in anticipation of what comes next. You feel me straddle you once again. As I lower myself down, you feel your cock swallowed up by incredible warmth; my breasts sliding down your chest. I gasp and shudder. You shudder and moan. I take you all the way in. I sit on your cock and enjoy it throbbing inside me. I bring my legs up so I can have every bit of you in me. You hear the wetness. You feel it on your cock and thighs. I take control of your mouth. I begin to slowly twirl my hips. Each new sensation results in a moan, a gasp, an “uhhhhhhhh”. I stop for a moment and then my hips begin twirling in the opposite direction. Not knowing it’s possible but you slip deeper in. I begin to move my hips back and forth instead of around and round. I stop kissing you and throw my head back to enjoy it without distraction for a moment. I hear you make a guttural growl and look for my mouth once again, but I take your head and wrap my arms around your neck and pull you to my throat. Still rocking my hips, I thrust hard; once, twice. You moan. I scream. Again I thrust back and forth. You yell, “Fuck!!!” I stop. I start to stand. Just as you’re about to fall out of me, I slide back down again; rock once. Stand up to the tip of your cock. I twirl my hips and flex my pussy to “suck” your head.
I sit deeply once again and lean in and take your nipple between my teeth and gently nibble. This causes your hips to rock and penetrate me deeper. I say, “Ahhhhhhh, oh my God, you feel so fucking good!” Your breathing increases and you say, “Oh my God, you’re gonna make me cum”. Oh no baby, not yet. Up I go. Down once more. Up and off. Your body is shaking. I stand behind your chair and bend once again. I say, “I know you lost a little in here, give it to me.” You reach in deeply and I fuck your fingers for a moment and suddenly pull away. I kneel down and take your fingers into my mouth; I suck them clean. You taste amazing. I want more. I move in front of you and kneel down. I’m so turned on. The thought of your dripping cock in my mouth makes my pussy ache.
I grip your cock in my hand. I want to clean it off completely. I take your cock in my mouth; all the way down I suck. I come back up and off. I tilt my head and take your shaft into my mouth. I grip you in my lips like you’ve never known possible. I clean every bit of our cum from your cock. I circle your head with my tongue; kiss it. Suck it like a straw. Swallow every inch of you and swallow your head down my throat. Get you nice and wet. Come back up and grasp your cock in my hands. Take hold of your shaft and balls. Keeping your shaft in one hand, I suck your balls one at a time into my mouth. With my other hand, I put my fingers deep inside myself.
I love sucking dick and it makes my pussy so wet and ache inside so bad. My fingers are very shortly completely wet. I use my juices to lube your cock. Now I’m gripping your cock with both hands and taking you all the way in my mouth and down my throat. At the same time, I’m grinding my clit on your shin. My hands and mouth in the same rhythm; up and down. Up and down. My hands grip you tighter. My mouth sucks you harder. You moan loudly. You rise up to meet my mouth. Sliding forward on the chair; you want me to suck your balls. You beg me to take them in my mouth and twirl them with my tongue. I oblige. My hands still jerking your shaft; my mouth caressing your balls. My tongue is long. You don’t realize how long until your balls are in my mouth and my tongue is circling your asshole. You moan loudly with pleasure. This is my hint that you want more.
I take your cock in one hand; put the other hand’s fingers in my pussy to get them wet. Then I switch my tongue for a sopping wet finger. I place the tip of my baby fingers to your hole. I suck your balls out of my mouth. I replace your balls in my mouth with your cock. As I suck down your shaft, my finger goes into your hole. You moan so loudly my pussy immediately convulses, which makes me suck you harder and faster. You say, “Deeper”. I know what you want, but I have baby hands. My fingers won’t do you justice. I tell you to slide as far forward as your restraints will allow. You find that you are able to slide forward and still remain quite comfortable. While sucking your cock up and down, aggressively, then slowly, I retrieve the toy you brought from the bed where you placed it after I came. I take into my mouth and suck my juices clean. I continue sucking your dick and stroking your shaft; the same rhythm, different intensities. I put the toy deep inside my pussy to get it nice and wet; it feels too good to stop. I manage to ride the toy and use both hands on your cock once again. I begin moaning with a full mouth. It vibrates down to your balls.
The toy is fully coated with my juices now and I take it into my hand. I ask you “Are you ready for this?” You emphatically answer yes in a breathless whisper. I place the tip of the toy to your hole and tell you to relax. You exhale slowly. I take your cock into my mouth again and as I do, you move forward; allowing the toy to easily enter. You pause but my sucking becomes more intense because the sounds that are coming from you are fucking amazing. My speed and intensity increase. The toy goes deeper. You get louder. My cunt is dripping again. Both my hands are now free to work your cock again. I grip you hard. My saliva is dripping down your balls and into your ass. I go harder and faster; up and down. You say, “I’m gonna cum”. I moan my acceptance. “I’m gonna cum.” Up, down, in and out. “Ohhhhhhh, I’m gonna cum.” One hand leaves your shaft, grips the toy; I pull it almost all the way out, but let it go again. It slowly starts to go back in. My hand cups your balls. I squeeze gently. One finger pushes the toy back in. I swallow your cock and you explode! Wave after wave of hot, sweet cream fills my throat. I swallow once. I come up your shaft and grip the toy and pull it out slowly. Wave after wave you keep spewing your hot load into my mouth. Your body is convulsing hard. Your balls have disappeared inside you. I’m sucking every last drop of your glorious seed. I pull the quick release and you’re suddenly free. You take off the blindfold, remove the leg restraints and pull me into your arms and we fall to the bed. You kiss me passionately; deeply, intensely. Tasting you, tasting me, and tasting us both together.
I flip you on your back and before you can go flaccid, I put your cock in my pussy. I ride you deeply, grinding my clit. You flip me over. Grab my hips and turn me onto my stomach. Pull me up and fuck me hard, doggy style. You pull my hair so hard it hurts, but my pussy feels so good. I just go with it. You suddenly realize you’ve still got cum that has been shooting into my cunt with each thrust. You want it. You don’t want to share this time. You push me onto my stomach and make me crawl so that only from the waist down on me is still on the bed. My arms are holding me up. You tongue and finger fuck me until you’ve tasted your fill. Exhausted, we fall into each other’s arms; until we wake up in the same position the next day.
But that’s another story…