My First Time

AUTHOR: Roy Newsome

Well i was a freshman in high school and we had just finished the year and were out for summer. It was early in the day and i was visiting a girl who was a junior and she had actually let me play with her pussy before. She said i want you to met someone this is Dee and she just moved here from Columbus Ga. Kathy’s boyfriend was also there so i knew we wouldn’t be doing anything sexual. She said let’s go for a ride so she and her boyfriend named Sonny got in the front seat and myself and Dee in the back.

Well let me describe Dee she was an 8th grader thin 5-7 who had long brown hair to her butt a cute little ass and small tits.. She probley didn’t need to wear a bra and she didn’t as i found out later. She wore a bathing suit top and gym shorts with white tennis shoes and no socks. Let me describe myself i am a blond male 5-10 155 with reddish pubic hair and an 8 inch thick uncut cock.

We started to drive in the country and i recognized where we were going, it was to a group of cabins used for revival. As we were driving she was sitting very close to me and i noticed what a beautiful sweat angelic face she had. I moved my face toward her and she arched her neck and kissed me. I leaned over and started to french kiss her and playing with her little nubby breast, they were big as a golf balls.

I slid my hand under her top and was feeling her breast. she took her hand and started to rub my cock. I asked her had she ever felt one before and she said never. Well we arrived and with great difficulty we got out of the car. I noticed Sonny was hard also i didn’t know what they did or whither it was the anticipation of what they were going to do.

We walked to a cabin in the back and Sonny unlocked the door and let us in. Soon as we got in the door i saw Kathy take off her clothes and Sonny did likewise. We were both staring as Kathy jumped in his arms and Sonny place her against the wall and pushed his cock into her. Let me describe Kathy she is about 5-5 dirty brown hair 38-26-32 and a bubble butt. She had brown trim pussy hair which i had rubbed and played with before but that was as far as she would let go.

I looked at Dee and pulled her to me french kissing her as i untied her top and threw it on the floor. She was pulled my t-shirt over my head and rubbed my chest. I lifted her up and started to suck her breast into my mouth. She let out a moan so I knew i was hitting the right buttons.

Sonny walked with Kathy still on his cock and layed her on the bed. with her ass off and her butt in the air. I could see her big bubbs swinging back and forth as Sonny got into his rythume.

I reached my hands down and pulled her gym shorts off along with her cotton panties. She whispered in my ear let me see your dick. I pulled my shorts and BVDs off and out jumped my 8 inches. She touched it like it was a new toy, kiss it i said.

I noticed Sonny and Kathy had quit fucking and were watching us. As she kissed it, i pushed the head in her mouth and told her to suck it like you would an ice cycle. After abut 2 minutes of this i knew i needed to feel my cock in her pussy. I took her hand and led her to the other side of the bed next to Sonny and Kathy. I but my head in between her legs pushing her legs apart and kissed her legs all around her pussy. She had just the smallest patch of hair so thin and a golden brown. Her pussy was so small it had light pink thin lips, but as i licked her she was already so wet.

I noticed Kathy had turned around and Sonny was fucking her doggie. I continued licking her pussy because i wanted it nice and wet for when i deflower her. She started to moan and tense as she had her first organism. I took my cock and held it to her pussy, she said don’t you need a condom. No i replied you can’t get pregnant the first time. Please be gentle she said as the tip of my cock was spreading her pussy lips. I noticed they were watching us and had stopped fucking again. Kathy sat on the bed and was sucking him but i know she wanted to watch me take her virginity. I pushed the head into her then stopped to let her adjust. Then i pushed more in and she said stop it hurts too much. I took my hands and grabbed both her tits at the same time squeezing them. then i pulled her tits as i eased more into her. I could see her eyes water a little but i wasn’t about to stop.

So i left about half in her and just started to rock back and forth till she felt ready for the rest. finally i slammed it in and i could feel himan pop as my cock got what it wanted. She squilled in her tiny voice stop please. I laid on top of her and started to french kiss her and tell how great she was. When she had recovered a little i looked over and saw Sonny fucking Kathys’ ass. That really turned me on so started fucking her slowly and she was getting use to it. Then i took it almost all the way out and back in. I really started to plow her pussy hard and fast and she had excepted it and was starting to relax. Pull it out when you cum she told me. My cum is either going in you ass or pussy so which is it.

I kind of hoped she would say ass because two virgin holes in one day. Are you sure i can’t get pregnant she asked? Yes not the first time. I always wondered what it would feel like so please let me have your cum. That did it i couldn’t hold out any longer as i shot load after load in her pussy. I layed on top of her and just enjoyed the moment as i fucked her mouth with my tongue. My cock slips out and i look at her pussy it was full of blood and cum. I see my friends had finished and were just sitting on the bed watching us.

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  1. News flash you can get pregnant when you have sex the first time without protection.

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