Author: Wes Parker
I took a photo of my young hairy wife naked in 1974 when she was 17 years old. She was a senior in high school and getting ready for class when I asked her to pose naked for me. She asked why and I said I wanted it so I could remember how she looked naked when she was in high school.   She thought that was a good idea and posed for me in a position they used in cheers, as she was a varsity cheerleader at school.   I also wanted the photo to give to my best friend Willie, who was black and still a virgin.  Willie had known my wife for 3 years, and had met her after she and I began dating.  They had become good friends also.Willie,  who had been my best friend since the 6th grade, had kept asking me what Dee Dee, my wife, looked like naked.  He had also been my best man at my wedding, and on that day Dee Dee had worn a dress that showed off quite a bit of her boobs.  She had fascinated Willie since then, and he really wanted to know what was under her clothes.  Wilie was a tall, muscular black man, about 22 years old, very shy, and still a virgin. Willie was very embarrassed by that, as he had never been laid.   It seemed to me, though, that he really was obsessed with Dee Dee, because he kept asking questions about her.

A few days went by, and I took the photo of her to Wilie’s apartment.  I had taken it to a local photo finisher and had it blown up into a large poster so Willie could put it up in his bedroom.  I reminded him if Dee Dee and I dropped in to see him that he was not to let her go into his bedroom under any circumstances.  He said that was fine.  We took it in and taped it to the wall next to his bed.

A week later, Dee Dee asked me to call and invite Willie over for dinner.  He came to dinner every week and we would watch television and visit afterwards.  He agreed to come and came over on a Friday night after we got off work.  Dee Dee had prepared a nice dinner after getting home from school and was preparing it when we got to my house.

After dinner, Willie and I went into the living room and turned on the TV while Dee Dee finished cleaning up.  I leaned over and asked Willie how he liked having Dee Dee’s photo in his bedroom.  He laughed and said he absolutely loved it.  He said Dee Dee was the last thing he saw at night and the first thing he saw each morning.  He also laughed and said he really enjoyed their time together having sex!  I asked him what in the world was he talking about, and Willie said he would masturbate each night to her photo, and said he loved her boobs, but her really hairy pussy really did it for him.  We both laughed about that, and I said it really did it for me too.  Willie said he hoped someday to have a girlfriend with that much hair on her pussy so he could run his fingers through it.  He also admitted that he thought he was also in love with Dee Dee, as he really loved her personality and her looks, but realized that she was taken and off limits to him.
Well, unknown to us,  Dee Dee had heard her name mentioned as we were talking, so she came into the living room and asked what we were talking about.  We both denied talking about her at all, but she said she had definitely heard us talking, and said Willie had mentioned that she was the last thing he saw at night and the first thing in the morning, and she said we needed to tell her, because she was interested.
I told her what I had done with her photograph, and why I had done so.  I explained that Willie had been wanting to know what she looked like naked for a long time, and that I had taken her photo to give to him.  I told her about her wedding dress, and how much Willie had loved it and her creamy white boobies.  I asked her to forgive me for lying to her, but said I really had wanted a photo of her naked at 17 to give to my best friend.
Dee Dee looked at Willie and asked what he had to say to her.  He just looked embarrassed and said he had wanted to see her naked for a long time, and admitted that when she did things around the house he would try and look down her blouse to see her boobs or would try and see up her dress when he could.  He also asked her to forgive him and said he would try and stop doing that if it made her uncomfortable.  He said he knew that she was in love with me and that it was wrong for him to lust after her like he did, and said he would try to become more gentlemanly.
Dee Dee sat and listened to all of this without saying anything.  She finally looked at me and said I should have told her what the photo was for, but said she didn’t have a problem with Willie having it.  She looked at Willie and asked what he had done with the photo, and Willie explained we had put it on his wall in his bedroom.  Dee Dee had apparently heard more than we thought, because then she asked Willie if he was masturbating to her photo.  Willie was very embarrassed then, and admitted he had, and admitted to her that he was still a virgin and could not help himself.
Dee Dee finally looked at me and said that I could have caused much less problems if I would have been straight with her.  She then looked at Willie and asked him why he hadn’t just come to her in the first place and told her what he wanted.  She said that truthfully, she had been wanting to see what Willie looked like naked for a long time also.  Dee Dee said her friends and her talked a lot at school about sex, since Dee Dee was more or less the expert since she was married and having sex regularly.  Dee Dee said she had told her friends about Willie also and her friends had told her that black men have huge cocks, and are much more sexually vigorous than white men.  Dee Dee from that day on she had wanted to see Willie’s cock to see how big it was compared to mine.   She then looked at Willie and told him that she was willing to undress completely and let him see her naked if Willie would undress and let her see him naked.
Willie’s eyes got big and he looked at me and asked if I was ok with that.  Dee Dee spoke up before I could and said that I would have no problem with that if I knew what was good for me and if I ever wanted her pussy again.  I said I was ok with that, if I could watch.  They both agreed immediately and my wife stood and started undressing.  Willie also stood and almost ripped his clothes off getting undressed for her.  Now, I had seen Willie naked in gym classes, but had not in a few years.  When Willie was down to his underwear, it was apparent that he had a huge cock, and when he removed his underwear, Dee Dee and I were both shocked.  It was very long and very thick, and hard as a rock.  I had never seen another cock that size before, and I had served 2 years in the military and taken showers with many men.  Willie’s was the biggest I had ever seen, and it made me a little jealous.
Dee Dee then walked over to Willie and stood a foot in front of him.  She invited him to look her over and much as he wanted and she would show him anything he wanted to see.  Willie began by touching her breasts and squeezing them softly, and he reached down and licked and  kissed each nipple, which were standing up erect.  Willie then put his hands between her legs and began feeling her up.  Willie walked around behind her and rubbed her ass.  The only thing he asked her to do was to bend over and spread her ass cheeks for him.  Dee Dee immediately bent over and pulled her cheeks apart.  Willie leaned over and checked out her little ass hole, and then kissed her ass cheeks.  Willie then took his fingers and gently felt her asshole and rubbed it some.
She then looked Willie over as well, and kept holding and stroking his cock over and over.  Dee Dee leaned over and put the head of his cock in her mouth and gave it a suck or two, then surprisingly told Willie she too wanted to see his asshole.  Willie turned around and leaned over and spread his cheeks for her, and Dee Dee checked out his ass, and like Willie did she touched it and rubbed it with her fingers.
Willie then told Dee Dee that she was more beautiful in real life than any photo could do justice to.  They began to kiss in front of me and kept rubbing each others bodies and exploring with their hands.  Dee Dee finally looked at Willie and told him to follow her and they walked into our bedroom.  She then lay down on our bed and asked Willie to get on it with her.  She told Willie that when he left the next morning, he would no longer be a virgin.
Dee Dee and Willie lay there for a little bit just kissing and touching each other.  Willie’s cock had gotten even larger while doing this.  She then asked Willie to turn around and get in the “69” position.  She then asked Willie to play with her pussy and lick it some, and said he was free to put his fingers in her and his tongue if he wanted to .  She described to him where her clitoris was at and how to stroke it to excite her. Then she said she was going to put his penis in her mouth and suck on it. As soon as she did so, Willie climaxed and squirted a huge load in her mouth. Because she was under him, she couldn’t spit it out so she just swallowed it. Willie was thoroughly embarrassed and kept apologizing until she said it tasted wonderful and thanked him for it.She had him come up beside her and kiss and hold each other more for a while until Willie was ready again, and she had him put his cock in her little pussy. It was so large and hard that he had to enter her slowly until it was all the way in, and then she told him to go faster and faster. Willie’s second time was much better, as he was able to keep going while my wife kept having orgasm after orgasm with that huge cock in her. Then Willie would come hard again. They would rest a little and then go at it again. They went for almost 5 hours before they were too tired to continue.  Dee Dee had told me before they started that she was giving herself to Willie all night since he had never been with a girl before.  The next day she was so sore she could hardly walk.After that, with my approval, she told Willie that he could come over any time he was horny and fuck her, night or day. Willie asked me if I had agreed to this and I said yes, but that I still wanted to watch them if I wanted. He agreed and came over right away and fucked her good in our bed. There were nights that I would come home from work and Willie would be in her and they would be going hard. I’d wait until they were done and my wife would ask me to fuck her then. I’d finish and she’d ask Willie to fuck her again. It was very erotic and enjoyable.

One night, I was sleeping in the extra bedroom while they fucked in our bed. I heard her scream and went running in to our bedroom to see what was wrong. They were laughing at my rushing in and my wife explained that she wanted to see if she could get Willie’s cock in her ass. We had never even tried that.  She decided that they would start out in a 69 position.  Dee Dee would suck his cock and he would eat her pussy. Willie then started licking her ass and trying to put his tongue in her asshole, and Dee Dee was doing the same to his asshole. She finally got Willie’s cock all the way in and away they went.  Willie really took it easy on her because of his size, and they really enjoyed anal sex with each other after that.

One night while I watched them, she got so hot from what Willie was doing to her ass that she put two fingers in his ass and pulled it open a little and started ramming her tongue into his but hole. When she did that, Willie almost had a stroke from excitement. After a few minutes of that, he flipped her over and drove his huge black cock into her ass  and absolutely hammered it. After he shot his load in her ass, she could hardly walk for about 4 days.  She didn’t complain though, because through it all she kept screaming for him to go faster.  To make it up to her, he came over everyday and liked and rubbed her asshole to make her feel better. While he did that, she would lay there and almost purr like a kitten. He didn’t rush it either. He would work on her pussy and ass for hours.

One just one occasion, we did a gang bang with her.  Willie had 5 other close friends who were black that he had known for a long time, and 2 of them were his cousins.  They were over at his apartment one night when one of them went into his bedroom to use the bathroom.  He saw the large poster of Willie that was in his room and had all of the others come in and see it.  They all wanted to know why Willie had a naked photo of a naked white girl in his bedroom.  Willie told them about myself and Dee Dee and said he was fucking her every day at our home.  Naturally they wanted to know if they could fuck her too.  None of them had ever fucked a white girl, and 2 of them were like Willie and still virgins.  Willie said he would ask us, but didn’t think it would be possible.
Willie came over the next afternoon to fuck her, and brought up what had occurred with his cousins and 3 friends in his apartment from the night before.  We all talked about a gang bang with Dee Dee but told her it would be her decision, but we had no problem with it.  She thought it over for a few minutes and said she thought that might be fun, as she had wondered what it would be like to give herself to a bunch of horny men.  We decided to see if we could all get together on a Friday night, so no one would have to go to work the next day.
That next Friday night, all the guys showed up about 7 PM while Dee Dee and I were watching television.  She asked all of them to take turns using our two showers to clean up so everyone would be clean.  She had already taken a shower and was in her night gown.  Once they were finished, they all went in to our bedroom and stripped down and all 7 of us got in bed with her.  We drove her crazy that night.  While she was sucking off two or three guys, there would be someone either eating her pussy or fucking it.  She took all seven of us in her mouth, pussy and even ass that night.  She had gallons of cum pumped down her throat into her stomach, and swallowed every drop they ejaculated.  They all came in her pussy, and most also came in her ass.  By the time they all left the next day, they were exhausted, as we had literally fucked her for almost 7 hours.  While some guys rested up, the others would be pounding her ass or pussy.  When they finished, the others were ready to go again.  The guys took turns resting up, and Dee Dee only stopped fucking when she had to pee.  When she got thirsty, we would have her keep fucking and bring water and sodas to her to drink so she didn’t have to stop as much.  When they all left, she could hardly walk because her pussy and ass were so sore.  We all had a great time at the gang bang, but Willie, Dee Dee, and I decided that was too much for her with school work and all, and decided that going forward only Willie and I would fuck her from then on.  However, as we have gotten older, she has mentioned to us sometimes that she wishes she could have done a few more with the guys, as she enjoyed everyone of them naked and fucking the shit out of her.
I enjoyed Willie fucking her because between the two of them they were always coming up with something new to try, which invariably involved me also.  I came home from work late one night and found them in the bedroom playing around naked on our bed.  I told them hello and went out to prepare some dinner.  While sitting at the table eating, I could hear them giggling, then it would be very quiet, then I would hear some slapping, then giggling, and it would repeat again.  Curiosity got the best of me so I went in to see what they were up to.  When I walked in to the bedroom, Dee Dee was lying on the bed on her back naked, with her head sort of hanging off the edge of the bed.  Willie was sitting on her face, with his butt cheeks spread over her nose and mouth.  At first, it looked funny because all I could see of my wife’s face was her eyes and forehead.   Wilie’s huge black balls were lying on her face and his cock was standing upright.  I watched for a few seconds, then Dee Dee begin to slap his thighs with her hands.  Willie immediately stood up and they laughed.  Willie then told her that he thought she had done her best with a time of almost a minute and a half.  I asked them what the hell they were doing.They explained that they enjoyed eating each others ass out so much that they were taking turns sitting on each others faces.  The one sitting on the others face would spread their ass cheeks as far as they could and then sit on their face while making sure that their asshole was on that persons mouth and nose.  Then they would time it to see how long that person could tongue their ass before they ran out of air and had to slap the person on the thigh to get off of them.  Dee Dee then said Willie was still the champion.  She had Willie lye on the bed and she spread her cute ass cheeks as far as she could and sat on Wilie’s nose and mouth.  Willie then went to town on her asshole, which caused her to moan softly as she enjoyed it so much.  At first looked like Willie had grown a light brown mustache because all of her soft brown pussy hair was covering his face from his eyes down.  It did look very funny, and she continued to sit on Willie’s face while he ate her ass out for almost 2 1/2 minutes until he tapped out.   They asked me to get undressed and play with them, so I did and Willie and I took turns sitting on Dee Dee’s face and then she took turns sitting on Willie and my face also.  It ended up being very erotic and sexy, and we had a great time doing it.
On one occasion, Willie asked her to shave her pussy for him.  She was always a very hairy girl and she was covered with soft brown pussy hair which grew down from her navel to her pussy, down the inside of her thighs, and up her ass and onto her lower back.  Willie said he had always wondered as a boy how a girl looks with no hair on her pussy.  Dee Dee said that was no problem and said she would go shave it for him.  Willie and I decided that something that momentous should be witnessed, so we all undressed and got in our master bedroom shower.  It was a large shower with a seat in it to sit on.  We turned on the water and Dee Dee sat on the seat and spread her legs.  She gave Willie the honors of applying shaving cream to her pussy, which Willie really enjoyed doing.  Then she took her time and shaved it bare.  When she finished, Willie stood her up and took her right there in the shower.  Willie was really excited to see how she looked with no hair.  When we got out of the shower, she told Willie that her pussy was a little raw from the shaving and asked him to rub some lotion into her pussy.  Willie applied lotion to his hand and rubbed lotion into her pussy area for about 30 minutes, which my wife loved.  I then told them that she had enough lotion on her pussy and I fucked her with her bald snatch.  When I finished, Willie decided that he should fuck that bald snatch also and took his turn.  Then we were surprised when  she pushed some cum out of her pussy and used it to massage into the skin.  We were in heaven, but after a few weeks Willie and I decided we liked it very hairy and she grew her bush back.  To this day, she has never shaved it again, and it’s thicker than ever.  However, it is still soft and brown, and even though she has grey hair now on her head, her pussy hair is still brown.Later, we did have to make some concessions as the three of us had sex together.  The first was that we had to do double penetrations a certain way.  Willie would get in her pussy and began fucking her, and then I would get in her ass and Willie and I would really pound her.  Willie was lucky because he could suck on her titties while I only had her back.  We found out though that Willie could not get in her ass while I had my cock in her pussy.  He was just too large for that and it hurt Dee Dee too bad.
Another concession was the matter of us having children.  When we decided to start a family, Dee Dee had to go off of the pill.  Because we wanted to have our children ourselves, we asked Willie to use protection when he fucked her, which is something he had never had to do before.  He went down and bought some condoms and used them whenever he fucked her in her pussy.  If they were doing anal sex, he still rode her bareback, like they enjoyed before.  After 2 months of this, she had gotten pregnant and Willie went back to fucking her bareback all of the time.
When Dee Dee got to about 7 1/2 months pregnant, we both had to stop fucking her in her pussy, as she was just getting too big for us to comfortably screw that way, so both Willie and I went to just anal sex or blowjobs from her.  When she hit about 8 1/2 months, we had to stop the anal sex also, but continued with the oral sex.  In fact, we laugh about it today, but on the day she gave birth she started out the day giving Willie head.  She was really getting into it and Willie was close to coming in her mouth when the first contraction hit.  She said later she almost bit Willie’s cock off completely, but managed not to.  She told Willie to hurry up and come because it was time to go to the hospital, and she began sucking him again with more energy.  In a few minutes, Willie blew a huge load of cum in her mouth, she jumped up and swallowed it, and off to the hospital she and I went.
Willie and I were both happy after she came home from the hospital and healed sufficiently for us to start fucking her again.  The second week she was home we were on her almost 24/7, except for when she slept or was taking care of the baby.  By then, her milk had come in, as she was breastfeeding, and her titties got huge with large swollen nipples.  Many times the baby wouldn’t drink all of her milk and her titties would begin to hurt, so Willie and I would take turns sucking her titties and getting the milk out of them.  We really liked getting nursed by Dee Dee, and we enjoyed drinking her milk like she enjoyed swallowing our cum.
Thinking back on it, I don’t know how lucky I was to have a wife that wanted sex all of the time, but I’m glad I did.  She managed to keep up with Willie and I and still keep her grades up in high school.  She was a varsity cheerleader in her senior year and still made time for all of the extracurricular activities such as cheering during football games, basketball games and other sports games.  She graduated with a 4.0 GPA and became an accountant.Willie is still friends with us after 40 years, and lives in California. He never married, as he always said once you have the best no one else will do. Willie always tells her he loves her, and if I ever die I’m sure they will get married themselves.  I do sometimes wonder if she and Willie had hooked up first and gotten married, would Willie let me share his wife as I have him, but I really think he would.  We see Willie two or three times a year, and after dinner they both go to the bedroom and fuck the night away.  I still go in and watch them every time, as I enjoy that, and sometimes I join them for a threesome, although none of us are as energetic as when we were younger.I’m still so thankful that 40 years earlier my wife wanted to be the first to bust a young, shy, black man’s cherry and teach him how to please a woman.   By doing that, she also fulfilled one of her deep desires, which was to make love to a man who was a virgin and teach him how to please a woman.  She not only got to do that with Willie but with one of his cousins and one other friend of his.  I now can say that she truly taught them well.  I’m glad for these adventures because of all of the things she tried with Willie she taught me, and we still do many of them today.

I’m attaching the photo of my young, 17 year old wife for everyone to see and enjoy.  I still think she is hot.