I felt his glare before I met it. I looked up into his steel blue eyes. They seemed to be looking through me. I was suddenly aware that my hard nipples were brushing almost painfully against the seam of my bra – and I’m certain my panties were drenched. The Look does that to me.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” I whispered.

“Sorry you’re late, what?” he asked, firmly.

I smirked, thinking to myself – he just called himself a what – then, realizing that I’d better answer correctly I bit my lower lip, and contemplated. “I’m sorry I’m late, Sir.”

He continued to stare for several seconds as my knees started to tremble. “I’m sure you are sorry, kitten. Or you will be, later. We’ll talk about this in intimate detail, after dinner. The Robertsons will be arriving in less than an hour. Get dressed, while I finish preparing dinner.”

Shit! I’d forgotten about dinner, entirely. I’d been thinking of it, had even gotten all my things together to leave work early – but – I pulled my raincoat from over my right arm, and held up the cast that entombed my hand.

“Darling, what happened?” he asked.

“James, it was broken when our mail clerk slammed the cart around a corner. I usually hear him coming from miles away, and know enough to stay out of his way.” I pointed over the cast in line with the tip of my index finger, which stuck out the top. “The bone is broken here. The doctor said it’s a clean break, and should heal completely.” I looked from the cast into vastly different eyes, now concerned and warm.

“Are you certain? No nerve damage? Is it painful, honey?”

“The doctor was sure, yes. No nerve damage.” I bit my lower lip again. “It’s not *too* painful, James. But, I do have these pills, and they should help.” I tried to reach for my purse with my right hand – which was completely ineffective. The short strap would not allow it to slide from off my left shoulder. How *did* I manage to get it there? I frowned, frustrated. He reached under my chin with two fingers and tilted my head back, then kissed my lips tenderly as he lowered my purse from my shoulder.

“Oh, kitten. I am sorry.” He opened the purse, looking at me. “The pills are in here? Have you had any medication, all ready?”

“Yes, the pills are in a plastic bottle. And no, the doctor asked if I wanted anything while there, but I was afraid they might have to admit me, and I just wanted to be home with you.”

He frowned (oh no!) but then smiled. “Sweetheart, if the doctor felt that you needed some medication, you should have accepted it.”

“James, he left it entirely up to me, and I really am ok. Maybe I can take a pill now though?”

He pulled a couple things from the bag – my cell phone, jingling coin purse and the bottle of pills. After contemplating the writing on the bottle, he explained, “It specifies to take these with food. I can bring you a bagel and a pill, when I help you dress for dinner, precious. Or, perhaps should I call the Robertsons and cancel?”

“Oh, no,. I am fine – and if I take one with dinner, that will be soon enough.”

“Are you certain, baby?”

I smiled at him. “Yes, James.”

He smiled back at me. “OK, honey, go to the bedroom and pick out what you’ll wear tonight. I’ll just turn down the heat on the chicken, open the wine, and in five minutes will be there to help you get ready.”

I felt like a complete clod, just walking up the stairs, and this was *without* medication? How could a small three pound cast on my hand so affect my balance? I got to our room, opened the closet and used my left hand to go through my clothes. It would be my red, low cut dress, tonight. James loves to see me in that dress – especially with my hair down. I took it out and laid it on the bed, then moved to the dresser and pulled out stockings and a garter which matched the dress. I stood looking down at my panties, when I felt James move up behind me. He pressed into me, and I leaned into him, closing my eyes.

“Perfect selection on the dress, kitten. But, let’s not go overboard on the underwear, hmmm?”

I opened my eyes, looking up at him, from his shoulder. “But Sir, I’ll need my stockings, and the garter to hold them up.”

“Yes, sweetheart. But that will be enough tonight, for my naughty girl.”

I turned to look into his eyes. They remained warm, but more firm than his concerned looks, earlier.


“I’d just been considering, pet – that was your cell phone I pulled from your purse, wasn’t it?”

Damn! I knew he’d catch that, but I didn’t think it would be *before* dinner. “Yes, Sir.”

“Of course, cell phones are sometimes not allowed to be used in certain areas of hospitals. Was that the case, sweetheart?”

“I’m not certain. I didn’t ask that, Sir.”

“Right – perhaps your pain was too great to allow you to think of calling me, pet?”

“Oh no, Sir – I really did think of you. I asked about calling you, Sir.”

“Good,” he said, smiling, “Who did you ask?”

“The paramedic, but he was pretty busy and must have forgotten by the time we got to the hospital.”

“Was there a pay phone? You had plenty of change, after all – or, did they take you straight to a room?”

“I was taken to a room very quickly, though we did pass a pay phone, I’m pretty sure.” I looked down at the floor.

His hand reached out and started to gently unbutton my blouse. “I see, pet. Did you ask the attending doctor or nurse to get in touch with me?”

“No, Sir.”

He finished unbuttoning my blouse, then brought his hand to my cheek and stroked it. “Pet? I want you to understand why I am asking these questions. You should have called me, so that I could have picked you up and driven you home from the hospital. You are in pain. Medication or not, you should not have been driving. You are all ready hurt – but by driving, you risked injuring yourself further.” He kissed my forehead and I leaned into him, my breasts pressing into his chest. He gently lowered the blouse down from my shoulders and down my arms, then carefully pulled the right sleeve over the cast. He reached around and hugged me, then unhooked my bra. He pulled the straps down my arms, freeing my breasts from the cups. Thumb and finger closed over each of my nipples and twisted, gently.

“Mmmmmm,” I sighed.

“Think about this during dinner, my sweet. You will be punished, later. Tonight, before we sleep.”

“Yes, Sir. I deserve it, Sir, and I am sorry that I’ve disappointed you.”

He held me tightly in his arms. “Oh, baby, I love you. You never disappoint me. I just want you safe.”

I smiled up into his face and hugged him close, before I started to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” I ran my entombed right hand up and down his back and he started to laugh, as well.

How lucky I am to be the one in his arms.

He stepped back, unfastened my skirt and pulled both it and my slip down over my hips and legs, allowing me to step out of them. I brought my hand to my waist, but was stopped when he placed his strong hand over mine. “Let me, honey.” He lowered my pantyhose and panties together. As I stepped out of them, he leaned forward and kissed my mound, flicking his tongue between my lips to caress my clit.

“Mmmmmm, Sir.”

“A little taste of what we will both receive, after your punishment, pet.”

“Yes, Sir!” Damn. I should be more careful about that over enthusiasm.

He smiled at me, as he stood. “Baby, you don’t need a shower, right?”

“No Sir, had one right before work. But, Sir.”


I blushed, deeply.

“My pet is embarrassed? In front of me?”

“Yes Sir,” I whispered. “I do need to go to the bathroom, Sir.” I waited, praying that he did not laugh at my silliness.

“Ahhhhh… pet. Do you need my help? You know that I will assist as you need.”

“No Sir, I think I’ll be okay.”

“All right, sweetheart. I’ll go downstairs and make sure that everything is ready, and return to help you dress.”

“Yes, Sir.”

It was strange doing everything left-handed. Thank goodness for his help, and thanks even more for his willingness to Not Help. *blush* After all, to quote Jerry Seinfeld, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that,” but toilet games is something that neither of us have ever wanted to explore. It took longer than usual, of course, and he knocked lightly on the door.

“Pet, are you ok?”

“Um, Sir? Yes? I can’t wash my hands though, Sir.”

I heard his deep laughter through the door. “May I come in?”

“Yes, of course, Sir.” He opened the door to see me standing before the sink, my left hand under the water, carefully wetting the exposed fingers of my right. He turned off the faucet and took up a soft towel, drying my hand – and fingers – gently. Then, he took my hand and led me back to our bedroom. Everything was laid out on the bed, ready to begin. I sat on the bed, and he ran the garter up both legs, having me stand so that he could move it up to my hips. Again I sat. He rolled one of the stockings, placed the toe over mine, and ran it slowly up my left leg before clipping it to the garter on the top of my thigh. He looked into my eyes.

“Spread your legs, girl.”

“Umm hmmmm,” I said as I opened my pussy to him. His index finger ran up the length of my slit before he attached the stocking to the clip on the underside of my thigh. As he rolled the other stocking up my right leg, he kissed along my inner thigh. He clipped the garters as before, and then stood before me. I cupped his bulging crotch in my left hand.

Smiling down at me, he said, “You did that to me, my little slut. You will take care of it later.”

“Gladly, Sir.” I leered at him.

He bent down and kissed my ear, whispering, “I’ll take you from behind, precious. Your ass will be too sore for me to have you while you lie on your back. Besides, I love the feeling of pressing my body into your hot skin.”

“Oh yes, Sir.” I lowered my eyes and felt my pussy moisten. He took the red dress in his hands and told me to raise my arms. He stood looking at my breasts, taut with nipples erect, before lowering the dress over my arms and head. I stood to allow the dress to fall loosely over my hips. He adjusted the neckline, reaching past the collar to caress my nipples. He rolled the left between his thumb and forefinger, his tongue played with the right as I rolled my head back and moaned. After some experimentation he was satisfied that the neckline was exactly right. He walked around behind me and zipped the dress as he nuzzled the back of my neck.

I walked over to my bureau and lifted my hairbrush in my left hand. “Hey! You don’t get to take over the best part, my sweet,” James exclaimed as he took the brush from me. He stood behind me, brushing my hair gently as I closed my eyes.

“It’s certainly one of my favorite parts, James.”

“Yes, my pet,” he said. “But, remember this…”

*WHACK* The back of the hairbrush landed squarely on my ass.

“Yes Sir. I *do* remember.” I leaned back into him, as he kissed the left side of my neck, and reached around to fondle my breasts. I rolled my hips into his cock, and we both moaned – as the doorbell rang. Damn!

The chicken was nearly done even as we let the Robertsons in the door. Patricia noticed the cast right away, and cooed and worried over it. Jerry asked if I were ok, and when I answered affirmatively, that was that. He turned and gave Patricia a look. Wait? Was it The Look? Anyway, she stopped fussing over my hand.

James was marvelous at dinner, very attentive – cutting up my vegetables for me and buttering my roll. We had a great time, and the conversation rolled right along, until –

“How did you get home, with that huge cast on your hand?” Jerry asked.

“I drove myself,” I responded.

“With that cast? James was too busy cooking dinner to come and pick you up at the hospital?” He winked at me from across the table.

James replied, this time. “Actually, that was a conversation we were having right before you arrived. I never received a call today. I didn’t realize what had happened, ’til she was home.”

*SMACK!* Mr. Robertson’s hand came down sharply on the table. Dear Lord! I jumped in my seat. Craig looked amused at my shocked expression. “No, I’d not put up with that,” Jerry growled. My eyes shifted over to Pat, who was studying her plate. She was blushing.

I started to stand, asking in a voice that wasn’t *too* tremulous, “Anyone for dessert?”

“Not yet, sweet. Sit back down,” said James. I sat, looking into his eyes. He seemed amused – but I did not sense a conspiracy. I mouthed the word, ‘what?’ and felt his right hand squeeze my left. “We were having that conversation before you arrived, Jerry. It won’t ever happen again, right precious?”

“No sir,” I whispered, now looking at my plate. I opened my mouth to add more, and then realized I had no idea what I would say. I shut my mouth, and looked back at James. He was enjoying this. I squirmed a bit and realized – I was incredibly wet.

“You know, James,” said Jerry, “I’ve always found that spankings help Pat to remember past infractions.”

My eyes darted quickly to Pat, who was staring at Jerry. Jerry was smiling almost benevolently at his wife, but then turned quickly to look at me – and then James. James was nodding in agreement with him. Oh my gosh, what was going on? I stood. “Dessert, now?” It would have sounded absolutely perky, had my voice not cracked.

“Sit,” James commanded. Damn. He was using his “not to be questioned” tone. I sat, quickly. “Yes, we’ve found the same, Jerry. Spankings are very effective. For many things.”

Jerry grinned lewdly across the table at James. “And spankings in front of others?”

I stood again and looked down at James. “Pet. You will sit. We are going to discuss this now.” Same damn “not to be questioned” tone. I sat. Slowly. “We have used spankings in the past, Jerry. However, not in front of others. How do you feel about it, pet?”

“Sir, I.” Wait. How DID I feel about it? Well, yuck, you know – it’s just too – um. My god, I was wet. “I’m not certain, Sir.”

“I want you to think about this, pet. I intend to spank you, tonight. It can be now, or it can be later. I think it should be now. But we’ve never discussed the possibility in the past – I would rather discuss it with you, than make the decision alone. Would you prefer the spanking now or later?”

The logical response would have been “I’d prefer no spanking,” but he and I both knew that to be a lie. I sat, gazing into his eyes. And I considered. And I felt myself get more wet.

“Sir, I think now would be best.”

“Fine, then.” He pushed away from the table, and stood, offering his hand to me. “Our guests may join us in the living area, if they wish.”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” said Jerry, as he stood and held out his hand to Pat. I took James’ hand in my left as I rose from my chair, and followed him to the living area. He pulled a straight back chair to the center of the room, facing the sofa, then stopped to consider. He looked at my cast, then went out onto the deck. He brought in a short bench from the picnic table and placed that before the sofa, instead. The Robertsons, Jerry and Pat, sat on the sofa next to one another, his right leg pressed to her left. She was showing little emotion, but was no longer blushing – it was hard to read her eyes. He was simply leering as he looked me up and down. His enjoyment was made obvious by the tent formed in his slacks. James left for a few moments, and returned with The Case. He opened it, and set it on the right side just under the bench. He came up beside me and wrapped his arm around me.

“Are you sure about this, sweetheart?”

“Yes, Sir.” I smiled at him, not certain at all. He sat on the bench, and reached his arms to me. I wasn’t really sure what he wanted, so I put my left hand in his. He led me around to his right side, and pulled me to lower myself over his lap. The bench allowed me to settle my chest to the other side of him – and not use my hands to support myself. As I lowered myself over his lap and onto the bench, I considered my options and chose to have my face toward the Robertsons. I could see both of them, quite clearly.

I felt his hands run over the material covering my ass, smoothing it. His hand raised, and he gave me several light spanks, through the material. I remained still. Next, he took the hem of the dress in his right hand and raised it over my hips, gathering it loosely in the small of my back, before pressing his left hand down between my shoulder blades. His right hand raised, and he repeated the small smacks all over my buttock. I knew he was watching my butt as he slapped it, as were the Robertsons.

His hand raised higher, and came down a bit more quickly, beginning to spank a bit more sharply. *spank* *spank* *spank* I lay there, reveling in the sensations of James’ hand on my ass, and in the looks on the faces of our company. Jerry was definitely more interested – he was sitting forward, slightly, mouth agape. Pat’s hand was running up and down his thigh. And I was feeling more wetness between my legs.

The spanks were a little less frequent now, but coming with more and more force. He expertly worked his hand over my buttocks. He spoke for the first time since I’d lowered myself over his knee. “Your ass is a rosy shade of pink, precious. I do enjoy watching it jiggle as I spank you. Our company is enjoying it too.” He stopped spanking and insinuated his fingers between my thighs. “Spread your legs, pet.” I did so, slightly. “Farther. Spread your legs, now.” I spread my legs more widely, and felt his fingers run up and down my slit, brushing my clit. I moaned. Pat’s hand moved up to fondle Jerry’s hardness, as he shifted about slightly, on the couch. She reached for his belt, and began to unfasten his slacks.

James bent to his right, and pulled something out of The Case. I felt the strands of the soft cat run up my legs and over my ass. “You will receive five with this, pet.” The first came down high on my ass. I gave a start. He pressed his left hand into the middle of my back. The next lash struck slightly lower. I knew from experience that my skin was now lightly red striped – but would only be tender for a few hours. He raised the cat again, and this blow came down across the middle of my ass. I realized my eyes were closed. When I opened them, I saw Pat stroking the length of Jerry’s cock. From here, it looked rather sizable – definitely close to 8 inches – and very hard. They were watching the cat lash across my ass.

The fourth struck low – as much on my thighs as on my ass. That one hurt. It always does. I gulped back the tears. The final lash was not nearly as hard, but landed between my thighs, brushing my clit. I moaned, deeply. James dropped the cat, and rubbed my ass, gently. His fingers dipped again between my legs, and for the first time this evening he pressed two fingers into my pussy. As he pulled his fingers from me, he traced them up the crack of my ass, and circled my asshole. A finger pressed lightly at my pucker, and withdrew. He leaned back to The Case, and sat back up, pressing a paddle to my ass. The coolness of the leather felt good – for now. He ran the paddle over my ass.

“And now ten, with the paddle.” TEN? Yikes! I shut my eyes.




The blows came down evenly over my ass.



He does this well, making sure to hit every part of my ass.



I was a little confused – he usually spanks a little harder than this, though he was hardly giving me a break.



Maybe his arm was a little tired.


He dropped the paddle, and again began to caress my ass. I moaned (or maybe I’d just never stopped) and felt his fingers dip between my legs again, teasing my slit this time.

“Stand up, pet,” James directed. His voice was gruff, not in anger, but in his passion. I knew that because I’d been lying on a lump on his lap for at least the last 5 minutes. I stood, carefully, holding his hand. I’m always a little shaky after a spanking. “Hold up your arms, precious.” I did, and he grabbed the hem of my dress, drawing it carefully up and over my head, mindful of the cast. When it was off, he hugged me to him. He turned slightly, so my pink buttocks faced the Robinsons.

“Jerry, would you care to continue the spanking?” Craig asked. I was enjoying the sensation of his breath tickling across my neck and what he said didn’t register for a couple of seconds. Then I tensed in his arms. I was very glad I was facing away from the Robinsons, because I didn’t want to see their faces, right now. “You will spank her not more than 20 times, barehanded.” He must have been looking at the aquarium because next he said, “Her safe word will be bristlenose.” I laughed into his neck. “If she says it, you will stop spanking immediately.”

He released me from the hug and I took a step back. Jerry was speaking behind me. “Of course, James.”

“No, no need to try to zip your trousers, Jerry. You might injure yourself. Why not just take them off? Don’t want precious getting cut by your zipper, either.”

Man. Apparently my “blush” function is connected to “moisten pussy”.

Jerry, now without slacks, sat on the bench, and held his left hand out to me. I repeated my move as before – down over Jerry’s knees, this time. As my chest lowered to the bench, I again turned my face toward the couch, where James was now sitting next to Pat, and she was stroking his cock. Jerry ran his right hand over my ass, gently. When he raised his hand, I could not help but tense, but his hand came down lightly but with a loud *smack*. He continued to spank me, some softly, some more firmly. After about a dozen, he stopped, and ran his hand over me again. His hand worked its way down between my legs, and he started to caress my pussy. “Spread them,” was all he said. I looked at James, who nodded. I spread my legs. He spanked me several times on my open pussy. I closed my eyes for a second, and opened them to see Pat taking James’ cock into her mouth.

“Two last spanks, my dear,” Jerry said. And down they came. *SPANK* Yikes! He was no longer messing around! *SPANK* I closed my eyes and felt myself relax – though I’d not realized how tense I’d become. “James, I’d like her to suck my cock, now, and cum on her face. Is that agreeable with you?”

“Yes, I think so. Any disagreement from you, pet?” I offered none. “Humor me, darling. Lie over the hassock, here. Yes, elbows on the hassock. That way, you don’t have to support yourself with your hands, at all.”

My position was not much different than it had been over James’ or Jerry’s knees. Jerry stepped before my face, and traced the head of his cock down my nose and across my lips. I stuck out my tongue and reached out with my left hand to stroke his hard cock up and down. My tongue moved below his cock, and I started to lick his balls with the flat of my tongue. Jerry moaned – always a good sign, when you’re doing this.

I took each of his balls in my mouth, and sucked on them gently, moving them about in my mouth. And then, with the tip of my tongue, I traced a line along the vein on the underside of his cock, toward the head. My tongue circled the head of his cock, before I licked across it to taste his pre-cum. With a tap of my tongue on the head (maybe two), I started to take him into my mouth.

I wrapped my lips tightly around his cock and sucked him into my mouth. When he tapped the back of my throat, I began to move slowly up toward the head of his cock. I swallowed him again, til he tapped the back of my throat, and reversed up toward the head, tongue sweeping back and forth along the underside of his cock. I felt his hands run through the hair on either side of my head, as he entwined his fingers snugly. I moaned around the head of his cock.

I started to swallow him back into my mouth, and felt his fingers tighten in my hair. As he reached the back of my throat, his hips took a thrust forward, and the head of his cock pressed into my throat. I gagged around him slightly, which I knew was massaging around his cock. He moaned again. “Mmmmm hmmmmm,” I said. And I began to suck up and down his length.

“My god, she’s a great cocksucker,” Jerry said.

“As is Pat,” agreed James. “And now, Pat – would you care to give her a few spankings?” HEY! That’s why he had me lying over the hassock. I’m sure that Jerry felt my mouth move rather quickly around his cock again – as I gave a start. Anyway, he moaned again, and held my head close to his body, as he started to thrust forward and back.

I never heard Pat’s answer, but I did feel her kneel next to my knees, and *smack*. Wow. I’d never had the sensation of being spanked and fucked in the mouth at the same time. Then, fingers from her left hand began to run up and down my pussy. The combination of sensations was incredible.

*smack* *smack* She continued to spank, as two fingers thrust in and out of my pussy. I moaned around Jerry’s cock, and heard her moaning – I guessed she was again sucking James’ cock. Jerry thrust faster in and out of my throat, as I felt my orgasm begin to rise, and I began to shriek around his cock. My pussy clenched around her fingers, as the *smack* continued. Jerry drew me by my hair so that my nose touched his belly. He humped his torso into my face before releasing me, and stroking his cock in front of my nose. He groaned deeply just as I heard James groan behind me. I turned my head slightly, and Jerry’s first cum landed on my left cheek. Next, he shot into my hair, before aiming for my mouth.

Pat withdrew her fingers from my cunt as Jerry pressed his cock to my mouth for me to clean him. I licked him gently, until his cock was completely clean. I was sure I heard Pat performing the same service on James. When I finished, Jerry reached his right hand toward my left, and helped me to stand. “Thank you, kitten. You are an incredible cocksucker. Perhaps we can try more, another time.” He kissed my right cheek, lightly. I sat down slowly on the hassock, hearing James say something similar to Pat. Jerry put on his slacks, got himself in order, and put his hand out toward his wife.

Pat walked around my right side, to take her husband’s hand. She bent before me and smiled into my face. “See you Friday, at bridge.” I looked up at her blankly, and nodded. Jerry smiled down at me, then led Pat off toward the entryway. James followed along. I heard a bit of conversation coming from that direction, and then the door opened and closed. A minute later, James was standing next to me. He set a glass of water on the bench, and wrapped a blanket around my shoulders.

“You were magnificent, pet. Here, drink this water.” I drank it quickly – I hadn’t realized I was so parched. “Are you ready to go upstairs, honey?” I nodded. As we got to the stairway, I stopped. “What’s the matter, pet?”

“Dessert. We never had dessert. I made tiramisu!”

James started to laugh, and hugged me to him. “You go upstairs, sweetheart. I’ll just lock up.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I went upstairs and cleaned my face of the cum before it dried and brushed out my hair, before crawling into bed. My butt was still a little sore, but not too bad. The door opened a couple of minutes later. James carried a tray with a large serving of tiramisu, a glass of milk, and one of my pain killers. He set the tray on the night stand.

“Here you go, sweetheart,” he said as he fed me a spoonful of tiramisu. It tasted as good as I’d hoped. He handed me the glass of milk. After a couple of sips, he held the glass while I took my pill – and then waited as I washed it down with the rest of the milk. As he set the glass back on the tray, I looked at the plate piled with tiramisu.

“That’s an awful lot of tiramisu, Sweetheart.”

He lowered the comforter to my waist, and picked up a finger full of the dessert. He traced it across along my right breast and over my nipple, leaving a trail of tiramisu. He smiled up at me as he lowered his head toward my breast. “I thought we could work off the calories somehow, pet.”

His tongue followed the tiramisu down my breast, til he reached my nipple and traced his tongue around it. I rested my head back on the headboard, and moaned. Next, his finger started higher, at my neck, and ran down along my left breast before circling the nipple. When he started to nibble the tiramisu from my neck, I caressed the back of his head with my hand.

I slid down on the bed, turning my face to kiss him, as I drew him down with me. His mouth followed the line of tiramisu, and he sucked on my breast as he fondled the other to my left between his thumb and forefinger. He pulled the comforter off, as he kissed and licked his way down to my stomach, before setting the plate on my belly. He grinned and waggled his eyebrows at me. “Good thing I shaved you last night, pet, or this could get even messier.” I laughed, as he ran his right hand down the inside of my right thigh, drawing it from the left. He started by spreading tiramisu across my mound, and then down my lips. He crawled between my legs, forcing me – well, not unhappily so – to spread my legs farther. The next glob of the dessert was placed on my clit (and it was COLD!) and then more spread along the inside of my lips.

I wiggled.

He started to lick the sweetness from across my mound, then my outer lips. I trembled as he began to lick my inner lips and across my clit. He licked over and over, until I was quivering. “Cum for me baby.”

He wrapped his lips around my clit, and then lightly scraped his teeth – “Ooooooh God, James!!!” I was yelling, as I came. He continued to lick tiramisu and my cum from me, moaning as I moaned. As I stopped trembling, James crawled up my body, kissing lightly, til he pressed his lips to mine. Our tongues danced together, as he looked into my eyes.

I pressed my left hand gently against his chest, and turned and lowered him to his back, as the kiss continued. Breaking the kiss, I looked over at the nightstand and grinned broadly down at him. “My turn for tiramisu, now.”

“Hmmm, did I leave enough?”

I giggled. “I’ll spread it thin, darling.”

I took a finger full of tiramisu and stroked it across his cheek, and then his nose, and kissed it off. I traced his lips, first with my finger and then with my tongue. He parted his lips and swallowed my tongue into his mouth, as he ran his hands up and down my back. I traced with my finger from his mouth, over his throat and chest, and followed it with my tongue. Next, I laid my head on his stomach, as I traced up and down his cock with fingers full of tiramisu. Finally, I took the hand full of remaining dessert, and fondled his balls within my hand. I sat up, looking at him, as I began to lick the remaining from my hand, paying particular attention to sucking each finger clean.

“Tease. You little tease.” I smiled very widely at him, as I smacked my fingers.

Fingers clean, I laid down between his legs, and began to lick his balls clean. I started by using the only the tip to draw off small stripes of the cream from his balls, before using the flat of my tongue to thoroughly clean him. Next, the tip of my tongue ran along the underside of my cock, tapping along the vein. When I reached the final inches at the head of his cock, I nibbled along the underside, careful to get as much of the dessert as possible. I continued my nibbles and licks all around the sides of his cock, and then circled the head, with my tongue. He was thrusting his hips up toward my mouth.

I looked up into his eyes, smiled and sucked him into my mouth. My lips tight around his cock, I lowered my mouth onto him, until he tapped my throat – but he knows my games, and thrust quickly into my throat. I moaned around him as I lowered my mouth with him, pressing my nose to him. I moved slightly up and down, keeping him in my throat while I traced my tongue along the underside of his cock.

He reached down and grabbed the hair at either side of my head, and started to thrust in and out of my mouth. “I’m going to cum now, sweet pet. Drink my cum for me.”

I meant to say, “I intend to,” but of course it came out more like “Mmmmy mmimenn mooo”. He groaned, and shot his cum into my mouth, as I swallowed. MMmmmm.

“My god, sweetheart, when you talk around my cock, I can’t hold back any longer.” I didn’t talk now, because I was licking his still hard cock clean. “Baby, would you be disappointed if I didn’t keep my promise from before dinner?”

I set the dessert plate on the night stand, and rolled onto my back, next to James. “Promise, Sir? I don’t recall one.”

“Yes, I said I’d take you from behind, darling.”

“Oh. Yes, I remember. Oh. Well, if you’d rather not, Sir, I guess it is late.”

He sat up, and turned to face me. “Well, I suppose, but mostly because,” he stroked my hair off my face, “I want to look into your eyes.”

I smiled up at him, as he moved the head of his cock up and down my wetness, before plunging it into my hole. “Oh YES,” I yelled. I tightened my pussy muscles around him, trying to hold him within me, as he thrust in and out of my cunt.

“Yes, baby, squeeze my cock in your tight pussy,” he growled, as he ground his hips into mine. I wrapped my left arm around him, hugging him to me, as I felt the orgasm build.

“I’m going to cum, Sir.”

“Not yet, baby. Ask nicely.” He thrust into me harder.

“Please Sir, I want to cu- uh- uh- ummmm.”

“That was better. Cum with me, baby. NOW!” He reached out and slightly twisted my nipple as I rolled my head back and let the waves wash over me. My pussy throbbed around his cock.

“Oh, James, YES!!!!” He continued thrusting as his cum shot into me and as his tongue thrust into my mouth. As he drew back, pulling from my pussy, he again brushed the hair from my face, and bent forward and tenderly kissed me, as he lifted me back in his arms to hug me.

“Thank you for the dessert, sweetheart. It was marvelous.”

How lucky I am to be the one in his arms.