Our First Time

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This is a true story.

I was was 18 and she was almost 16 when we first meet. She is a slender girl with long brown hair a few inches short of her sexy flat ass. Did i mention she had the smallest little breast which i hadn’t been able to partake of yet. Her mom decided i could visit them anytime so we became more than friends.

The first time we had any kind of sexual activity was the second time i came to visit her. She had a horse and had to feed and water it every afternoon. After she finished giving the horse water i grabbed her from behind and forced her her shorts down. I then reached inside her nylon panties and started to play with her pussy. She grabbed my hand and tried to make me stop but i wouldn’t. Then i slipped my pants and underwear off and put her hands on my know hard 8 inches. She whisper her neighbor like to come over and we need to stop!

I was not happy about this because her pussy felt so tight, hot and wet and i need to cum. She pulled up her short and we started to walk toward her house although it was difficult for me with a stiff cock. I told her on the way if she wanted us to be a couple and me not to see other girls then i need her to have sex with me a few times a week. I had just gotten a job working 4 days a week with 3 days off making good money. She said let me think about it. So we went to sit on her sofa as her mother was cooking supper. She said i could do it one time rubbing it against her ass but that was it. I said no way , i need it more than that , though her ass was so sexy. Then she said she just started taking the pill and didn’t want to get pregnant. I knew she was giving in so i told her my cum had to either go n her mouth, pussy or ass. It was up to her which one. So her father came home a few minutes later and eat supper.

To my big surprise her mom said They wanted to visit her grandmother who hadn’t been feeling well. So they left and soon as they drove of she took my hand and led me into her parents bedroom so she could look out the window encase someone came. I then pulled off her shirt and unsnapped her bra. Her tits were so small and cute i put her right breast all the way in my moth as i forced her on the bed. It was so delicious , then i forced her shorts off and then her panties. Her pussy hair was long dark and untrimmed . the pussy lips were very thin and she had a musky smell . I then took off my clothes and as i did this she turned around with her flat butt on top telling me to do it on her ass.

I took some lotion and squirted it on her ass hole and started to rub my cock against her ass hole. I tried to put in her pussy but she kept her legs closed. So i took my hand and spread her ass cheeks and forced the head of my cock in her ass. She gasped in surprise and said that hurts but i kept forcing more into her as i pushed all my weight onto her.She said, please stop you can do anything you want that hurts too much. I pulled it out and told her to turn around and spread her legs. Her pussy was just as tight as her ass and my cock was bending as i tried to push my cock head into her. finally i was able to get my fat cock head into her and she begged me to slow down. I took my hand and started squeezing one breast as my mouth went to the even smaller left breast. I was sucking and using my teeth to bit and scrape her breast as i proceed to rock back and forth with my cock. She started to fell a little better so i pushed as hard as i could and took her virginity. I know it hurt her by the look on her face but i started fucking as fast as i could. Then i couldn’t hold out any longer and sperm was forcing its way deep inside her womb. My cock finally slipped out and i noticed her pussy was a mixture of blood and sperm. I told her from now on i would use her ass, pussy and mouth anytime i want to. I kissed her and told her it was great for her first time.

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  1. That’s how my wife got her cherry popped

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