Satisfying My Sexy Mami

well this is my first story on this site….no going round and round just straight to the point! so here we go!

i’m 20 still studying in a well known south Mumbai college and this is my 3rd experience with a married women..i have a taste for them now its really awesome to gave sex with these experienced womens ….

this story is about how had my adventure with my mami…(uncles wife).

well cant reveal the name but her physical posture stands 5’7 which is cool i think….damn fair…slim low…good boobs….and an amazing look that she gives when she looks at ya!

well it begins 2 1/2 years ago…one day when i started to look at her “that” way and she never doubted me as we come in relations….

initially she had an useless phone of no use other that calling…then to my luck she took s3 and we started to chat on social sites….i always wanted to flirt with her as i’m flirtatious and she also knows about my girlfriends and stuff!

we use to chat for hours and my uncle also feel that shes okay with me as because of fights with her mother-in-law (my nani) she always used to sit and listen to music in her bedroom! i never knew whether she use to show my chats to her hubby or not but i never was threatened by anyone ever!

this per se increased my confidence and audacity to go bolder with her.

i used to sit as close as possible to her for what so ever i’m a dj and edm producer i used to state reasons such as listen to this track of mine or check this ultra set or something and she to my luck never used to mind these things!

one major reason for the fights in family was that they’ve been married six-eight years but never had a child i doubt that the issue was in my uncle as we share most of the things with each other and my mom also told me that my uncle had 3-4 girl friends back in those days so i really don’t know about it!

anyway that’s not relevant right now…so i realized their issue and thought her all the time that what i can do to solve the problem because that time i wasn’t exactly thinking of sex…i wanted to save families name too!

so they started to take Ayurveda medicines for getting pregnant and uncle was worried as nothing yet had happened!

i meantime i was relaxed as something solution was found to that issue so again i focused to flirt with her!

one fine day when no was at home i saw her cooking food with her pallu tucked at her lower back and she was intensely hot not only because she was but also the hot area in the kitchen as i was trying to take a seflie whilst using a social media app she saw me and smiled that busy with gf’s and all…the way she smiled and said i always fall for her!

then again i concentrated on her neck and other visible regions her blouse could show her boobs cupped in her bra..they have been enlarged indeed..i don’t what alarm kinda ring in her mind perhaps one can see when you stare at them…so she turned at me while cooking chapati and gave an raised eyebrow look with a….i don;t know….smile? i looked away…

then when food was cooked she went up as always..i was waiting her to call me today so on purpose i didn’t went there…as luck as always she called me..i went..sat next to her…today made my mind that we are so close to each other..she never told anyone that i know about about our flirting so physical flirting was worth a shot!

so i collected my audacity and went to her bedroom and sat next to her as she was new to smartphone mania she didn’t much knew about it so i was on an advantage and explained her some new apps and settings i was trying to rub my hand with hers she didn’t resisted i went for more…humans needs are never ending – economics!

i was staring at her and when she caught of me in changed the topic immediately by asking hows the treatment going as we share everything with each other!

so she said its going on still me and your uncle are trying most of the times but nothing as such yet so i tried something here i told her let me see what’s wrong mami and she told what was ineffective in uncle so i searched that topic on net and explained her what was the actual issue…as thought…she was damn impressed and knew why they weren’t having a baby..i had show her some pics which usually arouse people other than pun intended!

so as i already was touching her right hand with mine left she started to change the look in her eyes and i went down so place my lips on her neck she giggled and moved away i knew its okay to go forth from here and anyway’s if i would’ve backed down the entire thing would’ve been counterproductive so…

i sucked her there for like 3-5 odds minuted and uncle called she told hang on and talked to him…then i got reminiscent of a scene where wife cheats while talking to hubby on phone so i started sucking her neck again she enlarged her eyes as to say no..but i didn’t bothered and went on she was moaning while talking to uncle it made me harder that hard down there and she felt it near her wet region…i kissed her for the first time and she didn’t resist as she wanted it too and was talking like mmmmm mhmmm to her hubby! gosh! what a feeling!

then bell ranged…yeah in know damn! thankfully we were in our clothes so it didn’t took time to go and open the door and she went directly to kitchen so as to clean it and i tried to act sleepy hiding my 7inch hard on! damn it was tough!

that day went then it was an inception of something new…we chatted naughty on phone talked like two lovers and shared fantasies as we already did one.

so one day we decided to meet at a coffee shop and whilst driving there she rested her head on my shoulder and got hold of my hand which was protecting the hand gear..i felt good anyway so we reached her and had a coffee and some stuff and talked as to what we wanted to do that night but couldn’t…she told its okay i’m not going anyway babe i’m here! this made me climb mount Everest quickly as speed of light.

so one fine day uncle was going to Delhi as his business work called him there…which was good for us!

so we all pre-planed as to the agenda for the evening! i dropped uncle at airport and while waiting he told me stay with your mami as she will be alone in-spite of joint family as you know so go there regularly or might as well take some clothes and college ID and stay there till i come i said okay cool and later drove away after his flight took off!

uncle texted me as to where was i? i said just left from the airport and will get fresh and see you in an hour! yeah we were excited.

i told at home that i’m gonna be staying at uncle’s place for a week or so and left with my some wardrobe and college bag!

i reached there..she always used to tell me she loved me in formals…so i decided to go with it and went in my office attire where i work on family business with my uncle!

she opened the door on hearing the bell and was damn happy to me especially in formals. she was also looking damn hot in black see through sarre and low cut blouse and wearing a mangal sutra and sindor in her centre space on the head made me more erotic and her more hotter than ever!

dinner was ready..we ate was delicious just like her neck and lips.

uncle is always fond of costly wines and whiskies at home…lucky there was beer too so i had one pint and she had a little vodka and told me that some sour electric current through her when she had it neat!

then we sat talked for a little while and she told me lets move to the bedroom i was ecstatic!

she looked the door i was on the bed ogling at her white back..she turned towards me and winked and smiled and came to accompany me on the bed!

i kept my hand on hers she pressed it hard with other and our lips meet in peace without anyone’s fear..we started softly and the lip-locked and our tongues met exploring the inner mouth caves we had!

she was smelling damn lusty like…perhaps a mixture of her odour and horny feelings.

i went down on her neck and started giving her love bites and she was moaning which made me only more hornier i kept on going when she suddenly took hold me of me and told me i wanted and craved this for so long and today i’ll be satisfied! hearing this made me something like i didn’t knew that and i asked her interrupting the session and she told me yeah she liked me and that’s why never felt bad about anything i said to her either in funny or flirty manner and she always wanted to have this but didn’t expressed it as i was close to uncle and she thought i would tell him about her cheating…then i also explained how i craved for her and thought of her since long hearing this she pulled me and we again lip-locked!

my hands went down to her boobs pressing both simultaneously and kissing her and all she did was moaned like hell!

we ripped the buttons off of my shirt and bruised me with her long nails it was kinky for her and erotic for me…i opened her blouse while licking her sexy back and pulled her bra off and sucked on her nipples and boobies.

she was playing with my hair and saying naughty stuff like oh my..i always wanted this i always wanted to have this while my husband was away oh god! and it only made me…..yeah right hornier!

then i went down and starting removing her sarre and petticoat and there her pantie was already soaked with her juices…i licked her pussy over her pantie made 1-2 bites there and removed it and it was clean shaven…just the way i like.

i started finger fucking her and licking pussy at the same time and she was moving up and own making more louder moans and heavy breathing and when the moment came she pulled my hand pushed my face deep in her pussy and came long…her juices were overflowing!

then she got over it started licking my bare cheat and went down and removed my jeans and licked my dick over my underwear. she pulled it down and was excited to see 7inch long steel hard hot tool ready to ram her!

she told me it was bigger than her husband and with more erotic smell and she began to lick it and gave me a tremendous blow job.

i couldn’t control further as she was moaning and breathing loudly and heavily and i was on cloud9 so i holder her head by her head…damn its a sexy move and came deep down here throat..she drank all of it and some drops were out near her lips so she licked that too and cleaned my tool as well…

then we both laid therefor sometime looking at each other and talking about the love that we just made…i told her just wait babe best is yet to come she directly replied with from me too!

then again she we kissed and she got hold of my sleeping dick and started jacking it off and it became hard again…i told her let me make you wet again..she obliged by saying by all means!

she wide opened her legs and i started from her thighs to pubic region and went to her pussy…she moaned as after 10 minutes of intense licking and nipple pressing she came again.

now she became damn hot and just begged me to fuck her i was thinking of something kinky so i placed my dick head at her pussy scratching it at hear entrance teasing her and she shouted at once that fuck me!

with one thrust i inserted my 7 inch in to hers and she blooped her eyes wide with a loud moan..and i stopped for a moment then i slowly started again and gained momentum there!

then my speed increased with her boobs swaying as she in dogie position and i was ramming her pussy from back holding her lovely straightened silky hair!

then i changed the position with her laying on bed and me entering her from front and started faster as possible now the sight was more hot as mangalsutra was still on her shaking while i was ramming her and sindor on her head made me go deeper and deeper into her…she was screaming that fuck me like my husband never does…make me pregnant i want your seed in me…you make me come so much better and more times than my hubby does…you fuck me so much better and stuff!

i told her that i was about to release it..she said yeah go ahead and said i sure i’ll be pregnant this time as i went deeper in to her than her husband.

i screamed at once and came deep in her and she screamed too!

i was in that position for a moment and fall on her and rested there…after 10 minutes we both came back to our senses and looked at each other and smiled i kissed her pressing her boobs!

saw the clock it was around 11.25 p.m and that time uncle called to have a check on mami…i became kinky again and started licking mami while she was talking to uncle and kissed her so she was talking like mmmmmmm mmmhmmmm…perhaps he might’ve asked that am i taking good care of you so she said yeah he loves me more than you in every place and giggled so uncle also must’ve taken this as a pun!

then we went for showers and cleaned our selves as again i got an hardon and she gave me a blow and after drying our selves we had a quickie and i went to see my friends as we had planned for hukka and stuff i didn’t stop chatting with her till 4am when she went to sleep and the entire week we had lots lots and lots of sessions with different positions and places like kitchen bathroom sofa and she is having a baby boy who definitely went on me but no one doubts that because i went on my uncle and my masi’s sons too so its only likely for this to happen!

even today when we get a chance we have sex and have an aamzing time!

if you liked my story to revert and if any women out there looking for some fun feel free to contact me at

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  1. i enjoyed your situation. just wish there would be someone like that for me to enjoy!! thank you

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