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Story Name


Episode 1 Bra Salesman Read Here  –  Download
Episode 2 The Cricket Read Here  –  Download
Episode 3 The Party Read Here  –  Download
Episode 4 The Perfect Hostess Read Here  –  Download
Episode 5 Servant Boy Read Here  –  Download
Episode 6 Virginity Lost Read Here  –  Download
Episode 7 Doctor Doctor Read Here  –  Download
Episode 8 The Interview Read Here  –  Download
Episode 9 Sexy Shopping Read Here  –  Download
Episode 10 Miss India Read Here  –  Download
Episode 11 Savita In Shimla Read Here  –  Download
Episode 12 Miss India Part 2 Read Here  –  Download
Episode 13 College Girl Savvi Read Here  –  Download
Episode 14 Sexpress Read Here  –  Download
Episode 15 Ashok At Home Read Here  –  Download
Episode 16 Double Trouble Read Here  –  Download
Episode 17 Double Trouble Part 2 Read Here  –  Download
Episode 18 Tution Teacher Savita Read Here  –  Download
Episode 19 Savita’s Wedding Read Here  –  Download
Episode 20 Sexercise Read Here  –  Download
Episode 21 A Wife’s Confession Read Here  –  Download
Episode 22 Shobha’s First Time Read Here  –  Download
Episode 23 The Kissing Cousins Read Here  –  Download
Episode 24 The Mystery of TWO Read Here  –  Download
Episode 25 The Uncle’s Visit Read Here  –  Download
Episode 26 The Photo Shoot Read Here  –  Download
Episode 27 The Birthday Bash Read Here  –  Download
Episode 28 Business OR Pleasure Read Here  –  Download
Episode 29 The Intern Read Here  –  Download
Episode 30 Sexcercise Read Here  –  Download
Episode 31 Sexy Secretary – 1 Read Here  –  Download
Episode 32 Special Tailor Read Here  –  Download
Episode 33 Sexy Summer Beach Read Here  –  Download
Episode 34 Sexy Secretary – 2 Read Here  –  Download
Episode 35 The Perfect Indian Bride Read Here  –  Download
Episode 36 Ashok’s Card Game Read Here  –  Download
Episode 37 Anyone for Tennis Read Here  –  Download
Episode 38 Ashok’s Cure Read Here  –  Download
Episode 39 The Replacement Bride Read Here  –  Download
Episode 40 Another Honeymoon Read Here  –  Download
Episode 41 The Village Festival Read Here  –  Download
Episode 42 A identity mistaken fuck Read Here  –  Download
Episode 43 Savita & Velamma
Read Here  –  Download
Episode 44 Starring and written by a fan Read Here  –  Download
Episode 45 Savita gains a little Job Security Read Here  –  Download
Episode 46 Savita Plays Doctor Read Here  –  Download
Episode 47 Old School Crush Read Here  –  Download
Episode 48 Stuck in an elevator Read Here  –  Download
Episode 49 Bedroom Intruder Read Here  –  Download
Episode 50 Back to the Beginning Read Here  –  Download
Episode 51 Camping in the Cold Read Here  –  Download
Episode 52 Bahenchod Boss Read Here  –  Download
Episode 53 Couple’s Massage Read Here  –  Download
Episode 54 The Wedding Gift Read Here  –  Download
Episode 55 Shobha’s Surprise Read Here  –  Download
Episode 56 Only For You Read Here  –  Download
Episode 57 The Bad Bahus Read Here  –  Download
Episode 58 Coming soon Read Here  –  Download
Episode 59 Coming soon Read Here  –  Download

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  1. Please upload new episodes stories are superb entertainers

  2. Please upload new episodes stories are superb entertainers

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    awesome episodes

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  37. Savita Bhabhi Ka Devar

    October 5, 2016 at 1:10 am

    Post Author,

    These links are expired. I downloaded first 10 episodes & links worked fine but episode 11 onward are of expired links, please update as soon as possible (shorte .est links works fine but adfly site links aren’t working. Please update links & send in mail to inform me.

    Thanks in advance.
    A Savita Bhabi Fan

  38. Best site ever …..another character if possible….apart from salvita thanks

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      Plese, Use any Proxy software. This is because of the government. {I think you can download them}

      Thank you.

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