Seduced by my daughter’s best friend

Looking back, I suppose the first time I noticed anything was at my daughter’s twenty first birthday party when we danced together. The pressure on my back and the position of the hand nearly on my bum, were the first signs. There were more signs later when we were sitting round our pool on one of the rare days last summer when it was hot enough to sunbathe. I was wearing a rather skimpy and fairly revealing bikini, but then why not, we were in my back garden amongst family and friends? Numerous times during the afternoon and later when we had a barbecue I felt eyes boring into me, but I put that down to me overreacting.

There had been other incidences over perhaps an eighteen-month period. Individually they meant nothing, but collectively as I was to find out later each were significant. I realised eventually that they were silent enquiries and unasked invitations that I had not accepted or reciprocated. Gazes into my eyes that went on just that little longer than they should; smiles and raised eyebrows directed at me for no reason; sitting and standing closer to me than was really necessary; touching me on my arm or the back of my wrist and finding reasons to be with me when it was not necessary.

In retrospect I suppose I should have guessed, after all I am forty-five and have been round the block a few times so I should have worked out what was happening. But I didn’t. I had no suspicions whatsoever, no feelings or instincts and no idea what was happening or what was going on.

That is until last Sunday afternoon when what happened could not be a mistake, an overreaction or a misreading of the situation. There could be no doubt on what was happening or what was going on when my daughter’s best friend Jodi put her hand on my knee and said very quietly.

“Have you ever been kissed by another woman Missus Moore?”


My husband Richard had flown to the States that morning, my son Peter was in Ibiza at a friend’s wedding and my daughter Sara was in London at some seminar to do with her degree course as she was cramming for some mid-term exams. I was alone in my house and would be all night and all week.

“May I just pop round and run through my essay?” I had been asked by Jodi when I answered my mobile.

I had agreed immediately. Having been a professional writer on and off for most of my adult life I was providing help with her creative writing that was part of her degree.

I had known her for many years. She and Sara had been to school together and they had become bosom buddies so she would often stay at our house especially after her parents split up and her mother moved to a smaller place with her boy-friend.

I had seen Jodi grow up from a gangling, young teenager to a beautiful young woman of twenty four. She was taller than me at around five feet seven, but was about my build and weight which is one hundred and thirty pounds or so. She had a lovely figure with long, shapely legs, a narrow waist to die for and pert, nicely shaped boobs. She had long, shoulder-length, almost jet black hair that she nearly always wore down, but on the odd occasion when she put it she looked absolutely gorgeous and so sophisticated.

When Jodi had called I was about to go to the gym so I was in my training gear. That consisted of a singlet, a little like an athlete’s running vest and track suit, type pants that were tight round my tummy and across my bottom and hips so that either a thong or nothing under them was advisable to avoid unsightly bumps and ridges. Over the singlet, which along with the trousers was pale mauve, I was wearing a white with pale mauve markings zip up track top that I had left open.

Jodi was wearing the young people’s uniform of blue jeans and a white tee, with a dark blue cashmere, vee necked sweater over it and she had flip-flops on her feet. As usual she looked smart and neat.

The afternoon started normally enough with her giving no hint of the bombshell that she was going to drop shortly. We had a cup of tea, chatted mainly about Sara and her degree course in marketing with her telling me about the latest trends in digital marketing, which I have to admit had rather passed me by.

I hade been in my conservatory at the back of my house when Jodi had rung so I showed her into there after her arrival.We were sitting next to each other on a sofa with Jodi holding a small laptop on her knee.

“I hope I am not stopping you going to the gym Cat, do you have a class?”

“No it’s fine I am just going to have a work out, stretching mostly.”

“With your figure, I wouldn’t have thought you need to work out,” she said smiling as our gazes met.

“Thanks, but we all need to keep as fit as we can don’t we?”

“I guess so, but I reckon most people would think you are pretty fit,” she grinned using fit in the way that men do when talking about women. That startled me a little and I felt a bit embarrassment

“Perhaps we should have a look at your essay,” I said trying both to avoid my embarrassment and the worry that had hit me when I realised that I felt like that.

“Can we just talk a little more please, I need to be more relaxed when we discuss it.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well to discuss it properly I need to focus on that and not other things?”

“Other things Jodi, what do you mean?” I asked looking at her, but she averted her gaze, which again made me wonder what the hell was going on.

“Well I sometimes get flustered when we go through my stuff don’t I?”

“Yes I suppose you have at times,” I replied thinking back to previous times when she had seemed to be confused and lacking in concentration.

“And I don’t want to be today as this is a very special piece of creative writing.”

“How come?”

“I have been working on it on and off for ages.”

“Why have you not shown it to me before then?” I asked realising that it was me that was now confused.

“Because I want to get it perfect and make sure I will not get flustered.”

“What is that makes you flustered?”

Looking up and holding my gaze with her eyes that for the first time I realised were brown, she said slowly and quietly.

“That is explained in the essay Cat.”

For some reason that I could not put my finger on the atmosphere between us had changed, but I could not work out why or how or what it meant.

“Then we had better look at it hadn’t we Jodi?”

“Yes,” she replied opening up the laptop, logging in and moving closer so that we could read from the screen together. That meant that our arms, hips and legs were touching as they had been before when previously we had read her essays so, of course, I thought nothing of it.

Windows opened and I watched the cursor click on Windows Explorer. She clicked on a few folders and then opened a file that I saw was called Catessay.

Before I could look at it, Jodi half closed the lid and said.

“You have always told me to express my feelings when writing haven’t you Cat?”

“Yes of course good writing comes from the heart.”

“And that is exactly where this comes from.”

“Good I should enjoy reading it then,” I said reaching out and straightening the lid of the laptop.

“One more thing,” she said also reaching out and putting her hand on mine to stop me opening it. “Please do not be annoyed with me for I have been rather controversial.”

“That’s fine, it is one of the points of creative writing to get to the bottom of things and challenge the status quo. Now come on let me look at it.”

She removed her hand from mine and leaned back. I started reading.

‘I am a young woman at university. Although I am told I am pretty and feminine, I have for some time felt that I was different to most other girls. This manifested itself most strongly just after I lost my virginity. I did not seem able to get the same pleasure from sex that my friends told me they did. I worried that I was always so tense, that I did not get as wet as sites on the web said I should and after having sex with three different boys over a three year period I had not had an orgasm.

Things changed when I went to university. It was a more grown up and sophisticated world. People were far more liberal and open and sexuality was discussed more openly than I would ever have imagined it could be. There were boys who were openly gay and appeared to be proud to be so and a smaller group that was lesbian.

There was a vibrant debating society that covered many different topics, which of course inevitably I guess, included from time to time gay and lesbian marriages that were then and still are a big topic.

In my second year, a guy I had been going with for a few weeks persuaded me to agree to a threesome with another girl who we both knew. She was pretty, large-breasted and had shoulder-length blonde hair. It was the most fantastic sexual experience I had ever had. They made me cum so many times that at last I learned what having an orgasm was all about.’

I could hardly believe what I was reading. Was my daughter’s best friend really telling me that she was either bisexual or a lesbian? And if so why? Or was it really just a piece of creative writing?

I looked at Jodi, who smiled shyly and raised her eyebrows at me as she had many times before. Neither of us spoke or moved so still sitting close together with our arms, hips and upper legs touching. I looked back at the screen.

I had a six month thing with that girl. We saw each other for sex most weeks and had a couple more threesomes with that guy. They were important to me both emotionally and physically. They helped me realise that I was not a lesbian, but that I was bisexual. After Emma had helped me break my orgasm duck I had several orgasms with that guy with her there and then very welcomingly with her not there and it still worked; he gave me lovely orgasms and made me feel like a complete woman.

That all happened during my second year at uni. During the breaks I would see my old friends including Sara. At first I worried that I would want to have sex with them and particularly her. But that was not the case. She was a friend, a mate and that was off limits both emotionally and physically. I have not let any of my friends know about my bisexuality until now when I am letting Sara’s mum, Catherine Moore, known by all as Cat, know.

As I read Jodi’s amazing essay I could feel myself getting warm and nervous. My body seemed to be tingling and I felt tongue-tied. It did not really seem possible that this lovely girl who I had known for so many years was telling me that she was bisexual. But then I got my mind in order and stopped thinking negatively. What was wrong with that? Like many or most women I was quite curious about it and I have friends who have ‘dabbled.’ It seems to be more popular amongst rock and film stars nowadays and women together seems to creep into many films and books and even the soaps. I sometimes thought it was becoming part of everyday life.

Although never having had any sexual experiences with other women I could not honestly say that I was repulsed by the idea, but I had never been tested or put in a position where it was offered. If it had been offered or suggested I often wondered how I would react!

On top of that, other than one bad year when Richard and my relationship fell apart and I had an affair for several months, I was and still am a faithful wife. Until a couple of years ago I had not thought that I would stray again. Recently I was not so sure, but so far I had remained faithful.

“Is that it Jodi?” I asked as I reached a page break.

Looking into my eyes and holding my gaze as she did now and then she said very softly.

“No Cat there is more, but you may not want to read it.”

“Why not” I said with a bit of a stammer.

“It gets more personal.”

“I see.”

“What do you think of it so far?”

I was not sure what to say. I wanted to ask if it was autobiographical, but felt embarrassed so I did not.

“It’s well written. It’s punchy and concise; it’s a good job so far.”

Her face lit up with a smile. “Thanks Cat.”

I started to read again.

Why am I telling Cat and nobody else?

I could say that it is because since my parents split up she has become more like a mother to me than mine is. Mine has little time for me for she uses up all her energy being a lover to her younger boy-friend. I could claim it to be because I have to tell someone. Maybe I could explain it by saying that it is part of my creative writing. Now I have told her I am bi, perhaps telling her of her sexual attraction to me would work. But they would be excuses and not the real reason. And I am not at all sure that I will have the pluck to write that down for my plan is to be with Cat when she reads this.

Can I do it? Should I? Do I really want to? What will Cat think, what will she say, how will she react when I write and she reads that I have fallen for her? What will she do when she reads that I want her, to be with her, to go to bed with her and to make love to her?

‘Oh my god’ I thought as the words crashed into my mind. I stopped reading and looked at Jodi. She returned my gaze. She seemed far more relaxed than I felt. I was hot and bothered, confused, embarrassed and at a complete loss as to what to say or do. It was then that Jodi placed her hand on my knee and said quietly.

“Have you ever been kissed by another woman Missus Moore?”

“No, Jodi, no I have not,” I gabbled.

“Would you like to be?”

It was unbelievable to me. Jodi, my daughter’s twenty-three year old best friend was propositioning me. She was trying to seduce me and had written that she wanted to have sex with me.

“Jodi this has to stop,” I mumbled.

“And why is that, Cat?” she asked not moving her hand from my knee and if anything squeezing slightly more firmly.

“Because it does,” I said standing up.

“Have you never wanted to?”

“Jodi stop it,” I said lighting a cigarette something I only ever did when nervous or very annoyed. Oddly I did not feel annoyed.

“May I have one,” she asked standing up and coming close to me.

“Yes of course, help yourself.”

“There’s nothing wrong with it Cat.”

“There is there’s plenty wrong with it Jodi,” I said moving away a little so that there was more space between us.

“It’s just two people together.”

“Yes I realise that.”

“There’s no one else here and nobody will ever know,” she went on moving close to me again.

“That’s not the point,” I mumbled unable to hold her gaze.

“No Cat, so what is the point,” she asked reaching out and placing her hand on my upper arm.

I moved away. “Don’t.”

She removed her hand and went on. “So Cat, what is the point?”

“There are several,” I said feeling confused as well as warm and tingling again.

“Go on,” she said coolly as our gazes caught a couple of times.

“Well for a start I am married.”


“It would be unfaithful.”

“Yes and?”

“I am faithful to Richard,” I said as she leaned past me and stubbed out her cigarette, which I noticed was not even half smoked. As she leaned past me so her shoulder rubbed against my arm. I could hardly believe how good it it felt. Straightening up she looked right into my eyes, but said nothing. I turned away and walked back to the sofa and sat down.

“It would not be like having another affair Cat, it’s different when you do something with a woman.”

“What do you mean another affair,” I asked my heart feeling as if it was in my mouth. ‘What can she know, I asked myself?’

“We knew about David,” she said calmly.


“Yes me and Sara.”

“There was nothing,” I said panicking a bit when she said that my daughter knew.

“Ok sure, no big deal Cat, but it would be nothing like that.”

I thought about pursuing that, but let it drop when she came and sat beside me.

“It’s not the same as cheating with a man,” she said.

“How is it not the same, being unfaithful is cheating whether it be with a man or a woman.”

“No it’s not really cheating, it’s extending your sexual boundaries, it’s experimenting, it’s finding out and satisfying your curiosity,” she said quietly placing her hand on my knee again.

“But it is Jodi.”

“No it isn’t, I know of very happily married women who have girl friends and I bet you do too.”

My mind immediately went to Alison who was married with three kids, but had told a couple of us one drunken evening that she went with other women.

“Don’t you,” she persisted?

“Yes I guess I do.”

“And they have wonderful marriages too.”

“But they are not me and in any case, I am far too old for you and I am your best friend’s mum for Christ’s sake,” I retorted as I felt her gently rubbing my leg and realised to my annoyance I was enjoying it.

“None of that matters Cat, put it out of your mind, just think of us, you and me,” she whispered moving closer so that our legs were touching from our hips to below our knees. The intimacy got to me.

“Stop, please stop Jodi,” I murmured probably without conviction in my voice.

“Why Cat, why do you want me to stop?” she whispered reaching up with her other hand and pushing the lock of my ash blonde hair away from my forehead where it had fell across my eye.

“Because I do, because it’s so wrong,” I whimpered knowing full well that was a silly answer.

“No Cat, it’s not wrong, it’s right, it’s perfect.”

“Oh Jodi,” I whimpered when she did not move her hand away from my face, but instead softly stroked my cheek.

“Don’t tell me that you are not curious Cat? That you have not thought what it would be like with another woman?”

I had, of course, thought about it. I doubt that any sexually aware woman had not. But with me it had not gone any further. I had not had any ‘accidents’ or met any overt lesbians who had hit on me. On reflection I had not really even had many hints of someone trying to ‘pull’ me.

“Of course I have Jodi,” I said quite sternly pushing her hand off my knee.

“And?” She asked.

“And nothing I wonder about lots of things, but do no more about them.”

“But you could do more about this Cat. We could do more,” she went on leaving her other hand resting on my shoulder.

“No Jodi we can’t,” I said quickly.

I was suddenly hit by a feeling of just what would it be like to be made love to not by any woman but by Jodi? I looked at her and in my mind she was naked as I was and I felt a rush of excitement. Perhaps, I thought, as I felt her fingertips stroking my shoulder just where it becomes my neck that is what was missing when Richard occasionally and David when I had my affair had discussed the topic with me. It may not have been I realised that I was totally averse to it, just that I could not visualise it without an image of the other woman. It could well be I rationalised, as Jodi’s fingers ran in little circles on my neck and her leg pressed persistently against mine, that I would have been up for it if someone had approached me or offered it. Then, with the potential partner playing a part I may have gone along with the idea. I am a fairly sexually adventurous woman having let both Richard and David have anal sex with me, having swallowed both men’s’ sperm, posed endlessly for Richard to photograph me and recently have gone with him into some of the milder aspects of BDSM.

So why would I have not gone along with another woman, I wondered? Because, possibly, there had not been another woman to go along with, but now there was. And she was caressing me, propositioning me and offering herself to me.

“No one need ever know Cat,” she murmured her hand now sort of cupping my neck. “It will be our secret.”

By reaching across me to put her hand on my shoulder, Jodi had turned her body and the top of it was almost touching me with her small breasts in the loose tee and sweater nearly grazing against my full C cup breasts inside the singlet and sports bra.

“But I will know Jodi and you will know.”

“Yes of course Cat,” she whispered moving even closer so that I could smell her light perfume and see the flakes of eye liner round her attractive eyes. “We will know and we will know what we have done and enjoyed won’t we?” As she said that so she slid her other arm, her left one round my waist. She now had her right hand stroking my neck and shoulder with the other resting on my left hip as her left leg pressed firmly against mine from our hips to our ankles.

I was now so torn. I had no clear idea of what was coming over me, but I was becoming aroused. My breasts felt so full and a tingling warmth was spreading from the pit of my stomach throughout my body as my nipples seemed to be hotwired to my clit. My body was starting to tell me something that my mind did not want to hear. My faithful, mumsy, wifey side was fighting against the free-thinking woman in me. A part of me was saying reject this young woman and stop this nonsense now, whilst another part was saying what’s the harm, you love to experiment and admit you are curious about it?

I tried again to stop her.

“Jodi this is outrageous, you are like a daughter to me.”

“Mmmmm I know that Cat,” she said her face moving even closer as, smiling she said in a near whisper. “And that makes it all the more interesting doesn’t it?”

“Stop that immediately, that really is a taboo topic.”

“So this isn’t then,” she whispered slowly running her hand along my shoulder and down my arm.

‘God,’ I thought as I felt a slight shudder go through me both at what she said and the feeling of her hand on my arm outside the open track top. She put her hand on mine, which was resting on the cushion of the sofa. It felt so good.

“Not in the same way no Jodi it isn’t.”

“Actually Cat it’s not taboo in any way as I am sure you will soon learn.”

Her right hand was now reaching right across my body and her left hand had slipped down a little and was gripping lightly the slight excess of flesh I have around my hips. She was, in effect, embracing me. Her breasts inside the cashmere and tee shirt were sticking out and nearly touching mine as was her right arm that was stretched across me. I was frozen in my position. I did not dare move and I was frightened that she would, for nearly any movement of either of our bodies could easily result in our breasts touching. Deep down part of me wanted that, but nearer the surface the larger part was scared of it. I could not stop imagining her arms going round me and pulling my breasts against hers and our mouths merging. Yet at the same I dreaded her doing that. I wanted it, but did not want it. What a fucking mess I was thinking as, with her face just inches from mine she whispered her earlier question but put it differently.

“So you have never kissed another woman have you Cat?”

I shook my head and mumbled a quiet. “No.”

Her right hand came up from where it was pressing on the back of my left one and she gripped my chin as she added even more quietly.

“Yet?” As her lips grazed across my cheek and slid down towards my mouth

“Oh Jodi,” I groaned knowing full well that now I would kiss another woman, that I would embark on a bisexual act and that yes I would kiss my daughter’s best friend.

She was so patient and gentle, caring and affectionate. She must have known that my resistance was draining rapidly out of me, well at least waned considerably, but unlike a man she did not rush into kissing me or ravaging my mouth. No, with a maturity that I would have thought was beyond her age and a soft, smoothness that is unlike any man her lovely, full, red lips slid across mine. She didn’t clamp them to mine or squirm against them, but instead used them to caress my mouth. As she slowly turned her lip caress into a kiss so I felt a combination of guilt and excitement. I acknowledged now that I wanted to satisfy the curiosity I had not known I had until today about Sapphic love and sex. Yes, I was thinking as her hand ran up my arm and rested on my shoulder while her lips travelled around my mouth, chin and cheeks maybe I do want to experiment, try it out and find a new buzz. As her lips became slightly more insistent and enquiring on mine clearly looking for a response to the invitation they were offering, so I became even more torn and even more in conflict between my mind and body.

It was inevitable that if I let this go on the end would not be Jodi saying. ‘Well now you have kissed a woman.’ She would want more, she would want to go further yes, of course she would want us to have sex. Kissing and being caressed by her, I could just about imagine and accept, but being undressed by her seemed such a huge hurdle. And of even greater impact was the thought of the pair of us being naked and her hands and mouth on my breasts and nipples or between my legs. Although I felt shudders of excitement as she kissed me and as my mind played with these luridly sexual thoughts, deep down I doubted whether I would be able to let her take me that far. Nevertheless though, I was letting her kiss me, I was letting her stroke my arm and back and I was doing nothing to deter her as I knew I should.

I seemed to go into a daze, it was as if I was under a spell, perhaps hypnotised might be a better description. I could feel myself giving in, coming under her control and, I hated to realise, becoming putty in her hands as her lips moulded themselves round mine and she kissed me properly and fully, lips on lips. At the same time she placed her hand in my hair on the back of my neck and gently applied some pressure.

At first I did nothing. I did not respond and certainly I did not kiss her back. I suppose I was just taking in what was happening, getting used to it and working out just what my reaction should be. That sounds rather cold and calculating and I was far from that, but in reality it was what I was doing. I was, I suppose working out what would happen? Was it possible to savour a kiss as an example of dipping a toe in the bisexual water I wondered? Could I just have a taste of it without taking a mouthful? Could I be a marihuana smoker that did not move on to coke or other stuff? I did not know, but as Jodi’s lips became more enquiring and persistent on mine and as her right hand slid down a little way from my shoulder and rested enticingly just a little way from where my breast flared out from my chest, I began to have my doubts and my turmoil increased as I felt my resistance fading.

At the same time, I felt the pressure on the back of my neck increasing and her lips pressing slightly more persistently against mine. The pressure moved my body forward a little at the same time as which she leaned more towards me. The effect on my mind and body as our breasts grazed together was instant and intense. A flood of sensations roared through me and they opened up my mind to a more acceptable, amenable and if I was honest more desirable manner. My body and mind were now becoming more, but not completely, as one, as I found myself kissing her back.

Looking back, I think the most memorable aspect of Jodi’s seduction of me was her patience and consideration. Not once did she rush me, not once did she move on until she was assured that I was comfortable, not once did she seek her pleasure before ensuring that I had gained mine and not once did she rush me or be overly assumptive.

Once she realised that, maybe slightly reluctantly, but nevertheless with increasing enthusiasm, that I was comfortable, well more or less, with us kissing she spent an age reassuring me. This was both physically, with increasingly overt kisses that gradually moved from our lips brushing together to her kissing me full on my lips with both of our mouths open and emotionally as she talked to me. Between our mouthfuls of each other she whispered how she had wanted to do this with me for such a long time, how beautiful she thought I was, how wonderful it was holding and kissing me. And boy was she a great kisser. She licked each of my lips individually then together. She gently bit them, then sucked them one by one into her mouth and used her tongue so suggestively sliding it in and out of my mouth, incongruously I thought, like a cock going in and out a pussy!

“We will be wonderful together Cat,” she whispered slipping her hand inside my track top and stroking the bare skin of my shoulder.

I still could not accept that I was taking part in a lesbian seduction with my daughter’s best friend, but the sensation of her hand on my shoulder started to confirm that I was. Slowly, so very slowly and patiently as we kissed so she moved her hand out from my neck, round my shoulder and a slight way down my arm to nearly my elbow. Again, the sensation of her soft hand and fingers on my bare flesh was intense and extreme. They were both intensified when I realised that as her hand had slid down my arm it had taken the track top with it and that the sleeve was now down beneath my elbow the collar off my shoulder. That for some reason seemed particularly erotic, almost wanton. I guess it was a sign of what was to come, a signal of her intent and a prelude to her undressing me. As I thought that and as we kissed a shudder went through me as the concept of being sexually undressed by another woman hit me.

She left the top dangling half on and half off me for some time with just my left arm bare. That also felt so arousing and sort of special.

“Are you ok Cat?” she whispered into my ear. “Just relax.”

“Yes Jodi I am,” I managed to stammer back feeling anything but either relaxed or ok.

Jodi always has a soft tone to her voice and generally speaks quietly, but now it was even softer and quieter. If it’s not a stupid analogy her voice was as smooth as silk as she said as she gripped the collar of the top with both hands what were some of the most erotic words that have ever been spoken to me.

“Let’s take this off shall we?”

She meant just the top, of course, but the significance, implication and the intent beyond that was so enormous that my heart pounded even harder and, if possible my pulses raced faster. I felt helpless, I had no resistance, I could not speak and I seemed to go into a trance as, leaning so close to me that her breasts brushed against mine, she peeled the track top off me. Momentarily it got caught up and I sat there with my arms behind me, the material of the top wrapped wound my wrists, Jodi’s breasts touching mine and our faces very close. She kissed me again. It was a soft, gentle, licking kiss the sexual power of which was magnified by my situation. ‘I am being kissed when I feel as if I am tied up,’ I thought to myself thinking of the mild bondage that Richard and I had started to indulge in recently. I felt her press her small boobs more firmly against mine and that gave me another jolt of arousal that I realised was also want and desire. I was beginning to want her to go further so when she whispered.

“Is this ok Cat?” As she slowly squirmed her chest against mine, I nodded and muttered. “Yes.”

She let go of the track top and her arms that were already round me came upwards and held me. I did not move and she pulled me closer to her with my breasts engulfing hers.

“You have wonderful breasts Cat,” she whispered as her hands ran up and down my back.

She was obviously now turning up the temperature, turning the screw and going for broke. She must have worked out that my resistance was waning rapidly and that I was becoming putty in her hands. She had been priming me all afternoon and now she wanted her reward, I deduced. And I knew that I was her reward.

“Thank you Jodi, you have a lovely figure,” I rather inanely replied.

“Have I Cat, do you really think so?”

“Yes, yes I do,” I replied.

“Thank you Cat, thank you so much,” she gushed as she cuddled me and then kissed me again.

This time the kiss was not slow, gentle and enquiring. No this time it was urgent, open mouthed and tongue wieldingly urgent. And I responded. As much as Jodi’s lips ground against mine, so mine responded on hers and as much as her tongue plunged into and round my mouth so I found mine reacting similarly.

There was one other great big difference with this kiss, though, and that was as we kissed so Jodi’s hand came upwards and brushed against the side of my breast. It was there only briefly before moving away, but it came back and this time it stayed there pressing gently on the side of my left breast. I wanted to move, push it away or ask her to stop, but I could not muster any objection so it stayed there with one of her fingers rubbing me through the singlet. It felt so lovely that a part of my mind told me. ‘Something this wonderful cannot be wrong can it?’

Wrong is very subjective, of course. Such a gesture done, for instance, by a husband would not be considered unusual or immoral and certainly not wrong. But when done by young girl to a woman well old enough to be her mother many would consider it all three. My head was all over the place so I stopped thinking. Jodi obviously took that as a sign or a signal or perhaps an indication of my capitulation, which it may well have been. Looking right into my eyes and moving her body slightly away from me she slowly, so slowly almost imperceptibly slowly edged her hand round and between us so that her palm cupped my breast. As she did her eyes did not leave mine for one second.

“Just relax Cat, everything is going to be marvellous,” she said in her quiet, dulcet tone.

I was so far from relaxed I would have laughed had the situation not been so serious.

“Oh Jodi,” I muttered, grabbing her wrist. “This is bad. We mustn’t.”

“Mustn’t what Cat?” She whispered gently squeezing my breast, sending shock waves of sensations through me.

“You know, this,” I groaned so disappointed in myself that I had such low resistance.

“What this?” she whispered nibbling my lower lip as her fingers found my nipple and pinched it. That made my whole body jump.

“Yes, we should stop,” I sighed feeling even more disappointment when I realised how much I was enjoying what she was doing.

“Why should we stop Cat? We are both enjoying it and we are not doing any harm to anyone else,” she whispered, sucking my lower lip between hers. “You are enjoying it aren’t you?”

I could not bring myself to reply or bear to look at her looking at me so I closed my eyes. Possibly encouraged by my lack of resistance and silence she kissed me and caressed my breast more firmly. “Aren’t you Cat?” She asked again.

“Jodi I can’t.”

“Can’t what?”

“Oh I don’t know,” I groaned feeling totally confused as my body began winning the fight with my mind.

She did not reply to that, but continued sending such exquisite feelings through me from what she was doing to my breasts and the way she was kissing me. As the pleasure surged through my entire body, it hit me that I was now kissing her as enthusiastically as she was me and that I was squirming my breast against her hand.

“Relax Cat, just go with it. Love the feelings, enjoy the moment,” she whispered in my ear as she continued caressing my breast that felt so full and heavy and seemed to be hot wired to my pussy and clit. She put her other hand on my shoulder and pressed. I slid backwards until I was snuggled into the corner of the sofa with Jodi half on top of me. As she pushed her chest against me squashing my breasts I protested again, but she knew as well as I did that it was only half-hearted.

Her hand moved away from my breast and was on my hip just beneath the hem of the singlet. She moved her hand upwards and then I did panic as I felt it on my chest inside the vest. This was now getting very serious, but I seemed incapable of resisting. I was like King Canute trying to stop the tide, the main difference being mine was a tidal wave of sensations and not sea water. I could do nothing as her hand slid up the bare skin of my chest, nothing when it cupped my breast outside my bra and nothing even when it was on the bare flesh above the bra cup.

Things were moving faster now. Jodi had, presumably made her mind up on me and had decided that I was up for it, albeit reluctantly. She was right, but I was not sure that I had recognised that just yet.

Kissing and squirming her body against mine the strap of the singlet was pulled down on one side and my left breast in the pale blue bra was exposed. She kissed it just above the edge of the bra and then slipped her fingers into the cup and right onto my nipple. She pinched it, quite hard and it felt sensational. Wriggling her fingers further into the cup she eased my tit out of it and whispered.

“Oh Cat it is so beautiful,” just before she licked my rock hard nipple.

I was now gone. All my resistance, fight, reluctance and reservations had gone and along with them had gone my inhibitions.

I did nothing as she slid the other side down and eased that boob out of its cup as well. I did nothing as she licked and sucked that nipple. I did nothing as she nibbled both them and I did nothing as her other hand slid into my gym pants at the back and onto my bottom. But I did do something when she muttered. “I want you naked Cat.”

Yes when she said that something seemed to explode in the depths of my sexual psyche and something registered in my most womanly consciousness. It was as though she had hit a need, maybe a desire that had lain dormant in me throughout my sexual maturity. Now, suddenly and without any clear reasoning I wanted her to see me, I wanted to show my body to and yes, I did want to be naked for her.

I took hold of the singlet, pulled it up my body and over my head. It was my white flag, my surrender and my total capitulation.

Smiling perhaps her gratitude, but maybe at her seduction victory she quickly reached round me and unsnapped my bra clasp and removed my bra. Again telling me how wonderful were my breasts and nipples she fed her face on them before suddenly sitting up straight. Looking me right in the eye she grasped the bottoms of her sweater and tee shirt and in one quick yank pulled them up her body, over her head and off.

Smiling she whispered. “So we are the same Cat and why should I have all the fun?”

Obviously I had seen other women’s breasts before, at the gym, on topless beaches and so on, I had even seen Jodi’s, but I had never had a reaction anything like I had when she removed her tops and as good as offered her breasts to me. Obviously, that was because before this moment I had never looked at another woman’s breasts with a sexual intent, but now I was. It was as if some magnetic force rather than my intent that slowly drew my hand to her small, but perfectly shaped breasts that were capped by lovely, coral pink areola and surprisingly prominent nipples. As I ran my fingertips across the erect nipple so she shuddered and muttered. “Oh yes Cat, yes.”

She grabbed my hand and pressed it firmly against her breast squashing it slightly.

“Mmmm that’s lovely,” she whispered doing broadly the same to mine.

Sitting on the sofa, we kissed and caressed each other’s breasts for what seemed an age; a wonderful age when everything other than us, our bodies, our breasts and gaining sexual pleasure ceased to exist. I felt captivated. Not just by the sexual pleasure I was gaining, but now by both this stunning young woman and the idea of bisexual sex. It was amazing just how far my sexuality thinking had gone in such a short time for I was now totally up for whatever she wanted to propose.

Inevitably, I suppose, as lying back on the sofa as we kissed, her hand drifted downwards. It went onto the waistband of my gym pants, past that, across my generally flat stomach to come to rest on my pubic mound, my mons. It did not feel wrong. I did not panic or worry for I guess that I was now attuned to being touched by another woman and the concept of having sex with my young friend. So I did not move as she ran her fingertips in little circles round and round on that fleshy part going slowly downwards until it found what we both wanted it to find.

“Oh god Jodi,” I groaned grabbing her wrist as her fingers, pressed right on my clit sending such powerful sensations through my entire body. One of my arms went round her neck as my other hand caressed and stroked her gorgeous breasts and nipples. I was gone. I was hers, I had given in completely and now I was Jodi’s to do with as she wished. Her hand went inside my gym pants, it slid down inside my thong and found the bareness of my clit and the wetness of my pussy. With one hand she rubbed me all round that magically sensitive place whilst the other grabbed the waist of my trousers and pulled them down. I did not object one bit and in fact I helped her by lifting my bottom up and pushing on one side of the pants. They slid down to just beneath my knees. She rubbed me through the thinness of my thong, then inside it and then pushed that down so it was round my thighs.

“God you are so lovely,” she cooed looking at my thin landing strip and soaked pussy.

Lifting her body from mine she stood up, fiddling with the belt and zip on her tight jeans. I watched almost mesmerised as she undid the zip down and pushed her jeans down so they were round her ankles.

It was just as she was sliding her panties down that I heard the front door opening. Panicking, I went to grab my clothes as Jodi looked over her shoulder and we both saw at the same time Sara walking into the conservatory.

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