Submissive slave – Chapter1

Author- Buck Jones

Submissive slave is a story series about a woman who finds a lifestyle she wants and a love she will have for the rest of her life.

Kara was lost. All the men she dated just seemed superficial and bland. She needed more or less, she didn’t know. Then she met Phil. He owned his own company and was into the import and export of goods from Africa and Indonesia. He was the most confidant man she had ever known but until she landed the secretary job she only knew his name and his reputation as a businessman. On their first real date they ate a lite dinner and he invited her to his place. They had had lunch in the conference room and talked about everything imaginable or so she thought. He was a very smart, educated, and well to do man who always seemed to have control of everything around him. Kara liked that part best of all.

She looked around and liked the look of the place and the mood. They walked up the steps to the door and it opened. An older woman in her 50’s opened the door. She was bare breasted, in a skirt that showed her bottom and a smile that was contagious; she asked if ‘Master’ would like her to take his coat. Kara couldn’t help but smile and stare at this woman’s breasts. The woman then helped Kara with her wrap and disappeared into the closet with both. Kara didn’t say anything but looked at the ornate carving and woodwork. Phil continued into the living room lifting and ringing a small bell. He stopped only long enough to ring it and place it back before continuing on into the living room.
A woman entered from the open archway and stopped with a perfect pose and a smile. She also was bare breasted and wearing a skirt that showed her bare bottom. She had pierced nipples with little bells on that that rang as she walked. She was beautiful and looked like she was in her 40’s.
“Yes Master”
“Brandy please, Destiny,” Phil looked at Kara and ask if she would like something.
Um ah well, Bran…..brandy would be nice….”, Kara finally got out.
“Brandy for The lady Destiny, please.”
Yes sir” and Destiny turned and walked to a table holding a various carafes of different liquors, her little bells tickling the whole way.
Kara didn’t know what the matter with her was. She was speechless and couldn’t get a thought to process. This whole evening she has acted like an airhead. This man was intelligent, kind, generous, and very handsome. Then he asked her if she wanted a nightcap and someone agreed. It was her voice but it all seems like a dream. The week was all a dream. She was very ready to take this man to bed.

“Anything you want to ask?” Phil looked right at Kara. Kara’s eyes were wide with amazement and she could only get out a “um wellah”, before Destiny first handed Master his drink and then handed Kara hers. The little bells tickling the whole way. “I um… I don’t know where to begin….um I’ve never seen anyone with bells on before”, Kara managed to get out in a meek voice.
Yes they were a gift I gave to her for many years of service and besides, I love the sound.” With that he motioned for Destiny to stand closer and then Destiny dutifully bent at the hips with her bottom pointed to Kara. Phil diddled the bells and kissed Destiny deeply on the mouth and then suckled each breast and fingered the bells a few more times. Kara notice Destiny’s pussy was bald and winked. She thought it winked at her.
“A um….And the woman at the door?”, Kara inquired.
“She is Nana and is also a member of my household. She is a force of endearment here and she loves the work and to feel needed. She is needed here and helps out in many ways, only one of the things she does is run this house.”, Phil explained like it was perfectly natural and waved his hand to encompass the room and presumable the house.
“These women are servants then?” Kara asked.
“They care for my house and me yes. In that part they are the servants of the house and I am the Master of this domain.”
A twinge zipped through Kara like a tiny shock. She was excited. More excited then she has ever been.
“Are there any others? Here in the house?” Kara asked with her eyes lowered in a meek voice.
“Oh yes, in the London house I have Jules and his wife Elisabeth with 2 maids, Mimosa and Sol, in Nigeria I have 2 local woman, Lisa and Julia, Both are beautiful ebony goddesses, they are Mistresses for that house. I have a cook who travels with me and 3 maids here at this house“. Phil paused and sipped his drink. “Then of course are the grounds keepers, mechanic, and workmen & women who keep the estate working. But enough of that.”

“You’re excited. I can see.”, Phil told her. “No, um no I , um ah well I no”, Kara stuttered out.
“First in this house we are honest with each other. We don’t lie to each other here. It seldom happens and it is punishable.” Phil said in a matter of fact tone.
“Punished?” Kara’s voice quivered.
“Stand and come to me”, Phil instructed
Kara’s eyes started to fog a little and before she knew it she was standing in front of Phil. “bend at the waist and place your hands on the table here.” Phil pointed to a place at the far end of the table next to the back of his chair that would make her stretch to put her hands where Phil told her to put her hands.
“Destiny, the paddle”, Phil directed. “Paddle!” Kara’s heart started to race and her breath quickened. The bells sounds left and returned while Kara was stretched across the table.
“Raise your skirt above your bottom and place your hands back on the table.”
Kara reached back in a daze and lifted her skirt then placed her hands back on the table. She felt hands on her bottom and wondered if they were Destiny’s or Phil’s. “You lied to me. Are you ready for your punishment?, Phil asked. “Yes sir” Kara said in a meek voice”. “I can’t hear you.”, Phil said, “louder!”
“YES SIR!”, Kara said in a louder voice.
THEWACK! Kara was shocked at the sound and the pain. It was not a hard strike but it had a sting to it. “I am called Master here”, Phil said. And another strike bit her tender flesh THEWACK. “ahhh” Kara cried out.
THEWACK! Then another strike and another! THEWACK!
Her bottom stings and she is whimpering. “Are you excited?”, Phil asked again. “Yes sir, um Master”, Kara replied between whimpers.
Rise up and look at me.
Kara lifted herself off the table and stood before him. “Remove your top. Destiny help her.”, Phil instructed. Destiny and her bells started to help her remove her blouse and then her bra. Destiny took the articles and folded them before placing them in the table. Destiny returned to Kara and caressed her breasts to fully erect. “You are free to stop any time and walk out the door. I will have someone take you home anytime you want. Remove your skirt.”, Phil said looking her in her water filled eyes. Kara blinked and felt her hands move to her zipper without her even thinking about it. Her tears rolled down her face and Destiny helped her off with the skirt. The servant folded the skirt and returned to her side. “Panties too!. “Phil said. Kara slowly removed her panties and Destiny took those too but she didn’t place them on the table. They were soaked with Kara’s juices
“I want you to show me what you want. Pull that chair closer and sit in it with your legs up.”, Phil instructed Kara. After the chair was moved Kara sat in the chair and lifted her knees up. She placed her bare feet in the corners of the chair and settled in a comfortable position. Phil was just a few feet from her sex and watched closely. Kara moved her fingers to the lips of her vagina and started to stroke herself. Destiny watched her play with her inner lips and move the clit around but did not touch it. Kara placed two fingers on each side of her clit and pulled back the hood, moving it up and down but still didn’t touch her clit. Destiny stepped in front of her and fell before her with her mouth and began licking the lips. First the outer lips, then the inner. Kara was moist. “Destiny! Did I tell you to eat her? I wanted to find out what SHE liked.”, Phil seemed slightly miffed. Destiny stood and knelled before Phil with her head close to the floor. “Sorry Master, I submit for punishment. And with a smile on her face she looked like she was looking forward to it”
“Continue Kara. Show me what you like. “
“Master that was better than anything I could think of. Her tongue is so soft. Please can she continue? Please Master?”
“If she does then what are you going to do for me?”
“Anything Master..Anything! It’s been so long.”, Kara pleaded
“Get the whip and the crop.”, Phil told Destiny.
Destiny ran to the other room and returned with the tools. Placing them in his hands and turning to knell before Kara to nuzzle her moist hole. The bells were ringing a melody. Destiny start licking with Ernst and Kara closed her eyes to feel the sensation to its fullest. Tingaling, Tingaling, Ting, Ting, Tingaling, “pretty sounds” Kara thought
Kara heard a THEWACK! Of a whip but felt no pain. Density jumped and her tongue dug in deeper. A shock ran through Kara as the tongue played on her clit. Tingaling, Tingaling, Tingaling, THEWACK!
Destiny’s tongue encircled Kara’s clit and gently sucked it. Tingaling, Tingaling, Tingaling, THEWACK! THEWACK! Tingaling, Tingaling, Tingaling! THEWACK!
Kara opened her eyes just far enough to see Phil whipping Destiny.. THEWACK! Tingaling THEWACK!
Destiny jumped again. This woman was pleasuring her and taking a beating.
That was when Nana walking into the room. She was fondling her breasts and stopped next to Phil’s chair
THEWACK! Tingaling THEWACK! Tingaling Kara was close to a momentous climax.
Phil stood and Nana started to remove his pants. THEWACK! THEWACK! Tingaling, Tingaling, Tingaling,
His member was full and erect as Nana slipped her mouth on him engulfing his cock completely. THEWACK! Tingaling, Tingaling
Kara came with no noise, not a breath, not a whimper. She held her breath for almost a minute as Destiny suckled her clit and her tongue licked the top of Kara’s pussy. Kara’s mouth was open wide but silent and every muscle in her body tensed as she orgasm.
Kara ran over the top of her climax and down the other side before she fell in to Destiny’s arms exhausted and quivering.
Phil held Nana’s head in his hands and kissed her after pulling her from his Penis.
Kara was on the floor catching her breath and Phil moved Destiny’s head to Kara’s breast. Destiny played with her own clit while suckling Kara’s breasts.
Phil entered Kara’s pussy as she took a deep breath and opened her eyes wide. Phil easily slipped all the way in with his full girth.
Nana started suckling a breast and Phil moved Destiny to Kara’s face. He motioned for her to sit on her face and have the favor returned. He took another deep thrust and filled her to the limit again. Tingaling, Tingaling, Tingaling!
Destiny settled in on Kara’s face and Kara started licking Destiny’s pussy. Phil pulled out slowly and filled her again, and again, and again. Destiny was close to her climax and Kara was bringing her to the end soon. Kara licked and suckled destiny’s clit like it was a candy nubbin.
Phil thrust again, and again. Those bells ringing the whole time as Destiny started to shake.
And again, and again Phil entered Kara. Destiny fell to the side and was breathing deeply to catch her breath. The bells still ringing as she quivered.
Kara’s Pussy clamped on Phil’s cock and squeezed hard. Quivered again and again then went limp. Phil lifted himself off the now quivering girl and Nana came to the rescue by deep throating the entire cock all the way, she fed on it again and again before he let loose and filled her mouth. She swallowed every drop. Phil didn’t miss a beat and fell upon Nana’s pussy licking her to a quick climax.
Phil stood and took the few small steps to the chair. Gently sitting he finished his brandy and smiled at the scene in front of him. Every so often a bell would ring. And then another.

Nana was the first to move. She stood uneasy and stepped to Phil. “Love you my Master. Thank you Master.. Anything? Phil Smiled and kissed her deeply while fondling her breasts. He lifted his glass and simply said “more”.

Nana walked gently to the bar and refilled his glass. Destiny started to move and the beautiful bells started again. Nana knelt at the pillow on the floor next to his chair. Destiny was still catching her breath and rose to the knelling position. Struggling to stand she looked to her Master and he just motions for her to take her time.

Phil looked to his Nana and said to her. Prepare the guest room for her. Immediately Nana rose and walked to the hallway, her bottom swaying from side to side and up the stairs. Destiny, clean her up and get her to bed. If you need help get the maids to help. And Destiny was off to do as her Master command.

To be continued,,,

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