Author- Buck Jones

“Here is your agenda for today. After you help Destiny clear the dishes and wash them you and she will go for a mile long walk down the garden path over There.” Phil started out. “Then you will run a 3 mile run in under 21 minutes, because you’re new, ergo the leisurely pace. You will run back here and do your stretching exercises for the next hour. Nana will help you with that, Followed by personal hygiene instruction, by Nana and Destiny. You will be showered, clothed in the uniform and waiting for my arrival for the evening festivities by 3:00 when I arrive.” Phil smiled at her. “Any questions?” “No Master”. “Good now come over here and stand here. Now place your hands on your ankles and bend over as for as you can…..good, very good…..   Destiny! Do you have them?”.  “Yes Master! Right here.”, Destiny brought some shiny metal balls in a liquid and placed the tray before her Master. “These are benwa balls and they have an interesting effect. Inside the balls is a weight and when they touch each other a small ripple goes through them.”

Phil picked one of the balls up and kept moving it around so the liquid would stay around the ball. Then in a shock as he slipped it inside Kara’s pussy and gently pushed it in. he then lifted the other and slipped that into her pussy, pushing it in all the way also. When the 2 balls struck each other they vibrated and Kara started to stand, but Phil stopped here. Back down and hold your ankles. Phil then lifted the paddle from his lap and struck Kara three times on the ass. “Lounging in bed past 6:00 is not allowed here.” He struck her three more times to her cries “when I put you in a position, you are to stay in that position until I till you that you can move. Do you understand?” each time he struck her the balls in her pussy rang together and sent shocks throughout her pussy. They were moving inside her and with each rub more sensations were running through her pussy. “Yes Master”, was all she could get out and the unthinkable happened. One of the balls fell from her pussy…..then the other……”ohhh ahhhh! Sorry Mastersorry.”

Well pick them up and clean them off.”, Phil said in a normal voice.  Kara picked up the balls and started to get a napkin. “what are you doing?” Phil said in a raised voiceI said you clean them off. Put them in your mouth and make sure there’s no grit on them at all. Destiny, get the rubber panties.

Destiny turned and ran off as Kara put the balls in her mouth. They didn’t fit very well and Kara couldn’t close her mouth. “Well are you’re the eager one. One at a time my at a time.

That’s it now roll it around in your mouth and make sure it’s all smooth. When you’re sure place it back on the tray with the others.

She did as she was told. Then lifted a glass of water but stopped short almost dropping the glass when a strike from the paddle stopped her in her tracks.

“You didn’t ask permission.” Tingaling, Tingaling, THAWACK. “You moved from your position”, Phil explained. “Please Master, may I have a drink to wash my mouth out?” , Tingaling Tingaling  “yes you may” Destiny arrived in her usual happy domineer with a rubber thing in her hand.

“We will try this again, stand over here and bend over touching your ankles.  You know the drill now.”

Kara did as she was instructed. Master placed his fingers in Kara’s pussy and pushed deep rubbing her g-spot several times. Kara almost came right there on the spot.

Phil pulled his fingers out and wafted them under Destiny’s nose before placing them in his mouth. Then he let Destiny clean his fingers and wipe them down with a napkin. “She is very wet.   We may have a case of just too much lubricant. “, Phil looked to Destiny and she nodded. “You know what to do.” Kara was worried. What would they do?.  Phil slipped the balls in side of Kara just like he did before but wiggled them with his finger so they struck each other over and over sending waves of pleasure through Kara. Destiny returned with a maxi pad and two small bullet vibrators.  Phil removed his fingers and smeared the juices all over Kara’s tiny little asshole, slipping in just to the ring but no farther.  Kara was close to coming but everything stopped as Destiny helped her to put on the rubber panties. When the panties were all in place Destiny gave her a smack on the ass and reached for one of the vibrators. Kara felt her slip it in her pussy and the other one slipped in her ass. Both little eggs slide inside with ease and were comfortable. The rubber panties held everything in place and Destiny put the belt around Kara’s waist that held the batteries. Kara looked it over and started to put her skirt down when the little egg in her pussy began to vibrate. “ohhh…..”, escaped Kara’s lips. Soon the balls touched the vibrating egg and her whole pussy was aroused all over again. “ahhh             I…i….i…. ummm”, then the egg in her ass started to vibrate and she fell to the ground coming with her whole body. Wave after wave came over her as the vibrations increased. Her pussy was soaked and still more juice was coming out. Kara couldn’t say anything. All she could do was convulse with the waves of pleasure. Pleasure she had never had before. Kara felt Destiny lift her head and hold her. In the distance after the shocks stopped then she heard “Nana call the chauffer I have work to do”.

Kara woke to the Tingaling Tingaling Tingaling of Destiny’s bells and the warmth of her lap. Kara was inches from her breasts and reached out with her tongue to make one of the bells ring.  “Don’t! He’ll flail our hides if we do this again”, Destiny said to the woman in her lap, who was half her age.

“How will he know?”

“Because we’ll tell him!” now get ready for the walk.

Go rinse off and dry your legs. Running shoes are in your room. Hurry!

Kara lifted herself and walked to her room slowly and a little weak but gaining her strength back.

Nana stepped in from the archway and watched to petite woman half stagger out before she kissed Destiny full on the lips and ran her tongue deep in, suckling gently and caressing her face. “We’ve been alone with our Master for a long time. Do you think this one will work out?”, Nana asked. Destiny kissed her back and lowered her lips to the older woman’s breasts as she began to suckle the areola and nipples.  “I hope so. This one tastes so damn good. Umm just the thought of getting my tongue on that pussy gets me wet. “, Destiny hugged Nana and ran off to get her own running shoes.

Destiney and Kara walked hand in hand to the garden. The pace was brisk and soon they entered the garden. The place was beautiful and the plants were all kept it good health. Kara asked slightly out of breath from the fast pace, “who cares for the gardens?”

“The gardeners silly, who else?  Come on your falling behind.”, Destiny said to the younger woman.   Kara noticed Destiny was now close to breathing hard even at this fast pace.

Soon the duo reached the small pond filled with koi and gold fish. Kara was breathing hard but not out of breath.

“This is the start. You have to run to the porch and back here then back to the porch within the 21 minutes or you get punished. It’s an easy pace.  Nana and I have to do it every morning in less than 18 minutes.  Master does it in 13 minutes. And the girls in Abuja can run as fast as Master. “Destiny informed Kara. And with a smack on the ass Destiny said move it, time’s started.

Destiny ran back to the house and Kara tried to keep up but fell behind. She kept running and soon came to the porch. Destiny was already there and had the house uniform on of bare breasts and bottomless skirt. Kara turned and started back to the pond running the best she could.  Listening to the bells get farther in the distance. The Balls in her pussy were sending shockwaves through her pussy.

By the time she got to the pond she was spent and held on as she came quietly. I’ve never run like this before.  I don’t get it. Kara turned and ran to the porch on the last leg of her journey. The made it to the porch and sat down to catch her breath. Nana appeared with a riding crop and struck Kara in the middle of the back.  Kara snapped in pain and three more rapid strikes across her back, Kara arched her back as she reeled from the pain and yelled. THAWACK! THAWACK! THAWACK! THAWACK! THAWACK! On her breasts. Kara yelled and fell forward to protect her tender flesh. THAWACK! THAWACK! THAWACK! On her ass cheeks. “31 minutes is unacceptable. I brisk walk can cover the distance in 21 minutes.”, Nana scolded. “Now get dressed properly and meet Destiny in the gym for stretching.”

THAWACK! Another strike on her ass.  “Move it!”  Kara jumped up and ran to her room.  Shaking off the painful stings Kara removed the balls and the eggs first then she quickly undressed and changed to the house skirt. She then hurried to the gym to meet Destiny already IN progress with the stretching.  Destiny was standing with her legs straight and bent at the waist so she was touching her own knees. Her hands were on her ankles and pulling herself to stretch the buttocks and lower back.

“I don’t think I can do that.”, Kara whimpered still feeling to stings from the riding crop.

“Took too long on your run did you? I warned you. You can stretch or we can stretch you. Come here but take your shoes off first.  Place your foot here and your other foot up on the beam. Now lean as far forward as you can.” Kara did as instructed but only managed to bend a few inches. The pull on the back of her leg was painful and she was still quivering from the run.

Destiny held the back of her neck and pushed. “No pain no gain is really true you know. “

Kara yelled!  Destiny let her up a little and pushed again and again and again,  Kara yelling the whole time. “Now the other leg!

Two and a half hours later, Kara’s muscles ached. The stretching hurt, but felt good after.  Now it was time for lunch and a younger woman in her late teens walked in and placed a plate on the floor.  The young woman carefully removing other plates from the tray, she placed one on a low table and one on a slightly higher table. Nana sat first and Destiny sat at the middle and they both looked at Kara who was still standing. She slowly sank to the cushion and sat looking at her plate. A sandwich cut in quarters with the crust removed and 3 strawberries adorned each plate a celery stick with peanut butter in it and a cup of applesauce.


Both the woman said “thank the Master.” Kara said it also and with lady like bites began to eat their lunch. The young woman entered again with a tray and three glasses of water. She knelt and set a glass on the floor for Kara and stood only to knell in front of Destiny. She placed a glass on her table and stood. She spilled the remaining glass on the floor.”ahh.. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, oh god I’m sorry”. She started to clean up the glass and ran to the kitchen. She returned with a towel and a fresh glass. She placed it on Nana’s table and knelt before Nana.  I will finish wiping the floor mistress. “Clean it up!” Nana said in a scolding voice.

The young woman cleaned the floor and left to the kitchen. Nana smiled and finished her lunch. Nana, resting for a minute, looked at Kara and notice her lunch was finished. “How has your day gone?”

“It’s been challenging. I’ve never run that far. I’ve never stretched that far and I’ve never been this sore.  I’ve never come as much as I have here and absolutely never have I passed out from coming.” Kara explained.

We will spend the rest of the afternoon with you learning about hygiene and care of your body. We are careful with our meals and clean our bodies for the Master. He loves to taste a woman and we love to taste him. So we have routines we do to insure cleanliness.  For instance we do an enema everyday so when Master wants to enter our anus that it’s ready for him. We clean and douche our pussy so it is always presentable to Master. We train so we can slide a dick down our throat and not throw up. That would be rude and unacceptable. Some of this is done in the morning and some is done in the afternoon so we are ready when Master wants us.