Author- Buck Jones

Nana placed Kara to the left of Master’s chair and Destiny of course was to the right. Nana looked at the phone and saw the text. “Master will be here in 20 minutes so now that you’re clean and prepared I am going to discipline my granddaughter. “ Kara was surprised and glanced to Destiny. Destiney nodded her head and said “you should have seen her before.  A year ago lily was arrested for drugs and grand theft and prostitution.  They put her in her grandmother’s care and Master agreed to it. Now she is learning culinary science, and is home schooled.” “Does Master ever include her in..”, Kara asked and Destiny snapped back, “of course not. She is under age and Nana’s granddaughter.”


Lily walked in and stood strait. “Did you drop a glass?” Nana asked as she walked by lily. “Yes mam, I’m sorry Nana. I lost my balance, but that’s not an excuse.” Lily replied in a cowering voice.  “You know you need punishment for that and your homework. Is it ready for you tutor tomorrow?”

“No Nana, I’m not done yet. I will go back to work on it and it will be done when Master Thomas gets here Nana.” The girl was looking subservient and Kara thought she was being truthful. Nana had a strap in her hand and was listening to her but watching her body language.  “well….” Nana looked convinced. Then Kara saw the smile when she thought she was going to get away with it.

THAWACK!  THAWACK!  THAWACK! Three strikes across the minor’s ass. “ahhh what! No! stop!!”,  Lily pleaded. “I’m you grandmother and I have been through hell with you in the past year. If you lie to me!  THAWACK!  THAWACK!  You will get punished. Cameras are all over this house and grounds. This morning I saw a video clip of you and the gardener helper.  THAWACK!  THAWACK!

“I am removing the chairs from your room. You will do your homework standing! GO NOW.”  THAWACK! And the girl ran to her room sniveling and crying.

Nana looked at here phone and said “Master will be here in 3 minutes. Everything is ready. Should Master wish a shower you two will bath the Master I will make sure dinner is ready. GO”! And she swung the belt at us.

Destiney and I met our Master at the door and took his suit jacket.  “Drink Master?” Destiney asked. He kissed her on the lips and entered her mouth with his tongue.  He held her close and ran his hand across her face.  Destiney closed her eyes and reveled in the feeling if her Master’s touch. Master reached down and flicked her breasts ringing the bells and kissed her deep again. “Yes a brandy” Phil tapped her bare bottom as she skipped off to get the liquor. Then he turned to Kara and kissed her fully on the lips. He pulled her jaw open and French kissed her deep. His fingers fell to Kara’s nipples so he could squeeze them and twist them slightly. Kara’s eyes clenched and he rolled her nipples hard between his fingers. Then he let one go and place his lips in it, licking it and suckling the nipple. Then he released the other and suckled it too.

Her pleasure was immense and she was amazed at the skill this man had to give her pleasure.

Just as quick as it started, it was over. She still had the glow and the desire that the arousal started. Kara followed her Master in the house.

Nana entered the room just as Phil did and she stood erect with her breasts forward and her hands at her side. Phil walked to her and passionately kissed her just as he had done with the other woman. He finished with the kiss and suckled each breast in turn. He stepped behind Nana and ran his hand over her mound, and cupping a breast from behind. Master nuzzled her neck and said in her ear, “You look amazing this afternoon. Whom did you beat my love?”

“My granddaughter Master!, She was bad and lied to me.” “What! Again? Would you like me to have a word with her?” The Master asked his mistress of the house.

“As you wish sir, she was caught in a lie. Video has her kissing and sucking off the Gardner helper. She also dropped a glass when serving the slaves at lunch.” Nana reported. “Then she gave me a story as to why her homework wasn’t finished for her teacher tomorrow.”

“I strapped her and removed the chairs from her room. “

Phil fingered Nana’ pussy lightly and slowly circled her clit. “Report to me in the living room my dear.”, Phil whispered in her ear in a low sexy voice.

The Master walked to his chair and took the drink from Destiny’s hand. Take my tie off my dear.

Destiny stepped forward to remove his tie and unbutton the top button. Phil looked at Kara standing next to his chair and noticed some marks on her breasts and thighs. He started unbuttoning his shirt and told Kara to turn around. Kara turned and the marks from the riding crop on her back and buttocks were just starting to fade.

Destiny helped him with his shirt and under shirt. Phil sat in his chair and directed his shoes for removal. Kara helped Destiny. Phil stood up and dropped his pants. The girls removed them and Destiny folded and put them on a table nearby. He looked at Nana and said, “There is more!”

Then he looked to Destiny and told her to show Kara were the robes are. The girls left the room. “A towel for my chair”, Phil said. Nana jumped to and placed a clean towel on the Master’s chair.

“You whipped her?”

“I used a riding crop sir. One strike for every minute over 21 minutes on the run this morning. 10 in all sir.”

“ I must punish you, but reward you at the same time.”

Oh thank you Sir”. Nana said

“You can’t use your hands for the evening. When Destiny gets back she will restrain your hands and arms behind you.”  Phil informed her. “Thank you sir

The Master took a sip of his drink and placed it on the table. “Deep throat me”

Nana immediately stepped before him with her arms behind her and began to blow the Master. She used her tongue to pull his dick in her mouth and sucked him in farther while running her tongue around the head. His member began to swell in her mouth. She pushed farther in her mouth and down her throat. Soon he was hard enough to have his dick down her throat and her lips at the base pushing harder.

With a few more deep strokes she pulled back and took deep breaths as she worked over the head. Nana sucked his dick in all the way again, holding her breath and bouncing on the root of the Masters cock. Phil put his hand on the back of her head and pushed in one more inch. Then he let go and she pulled back just enough to breathe deeply and catch her breath. The air felt good but the Masters cock in her throat felt better.

She sank his cock deep as it would go and Phil pushed again on the back of her head.

Masters cock hasn’t been this deep in a long while. It must be the new girl Kara. Master let go again and once again it was time to breathe. Destiny and Kara stood by with the robe.

“Destiny, eat Nana’s pussy until I tell you to stop.” The Master sat in his chair with the hard on Nana had just given him. “Kara, deep throat me”.

Destiny knelt in front of the gasping woman and began licking her. Kara put her mouth on his cock but could only get a small portion of it in her mouth. Open your mouth wider. Kara gasped and gagged.

Phil pushed her away and told Destiny to knell before him. He held her face by the chin and looked in to Destiny’s eyes. Get the arm restraint from the chest.

Nana come here and slip your ass on my dick. Nana climbed on and tried to catch his dick with her ass.

“Kara get over her and be useful. Guide my cock in her ass. Then eat her pussy.”

“Thank you Master!” Nana said and Phil’s cock slid in the clean well lubed ass of his oldest partner.  Nana had cleaned it and lubed it with coconut oil just in case the Master would give her this gift.

Destiny was binding Nana’s arms to each other as she slide up and down her Master’s cock. Destiny’s bells were always ringing.

The binding was complete and Master instructed Destiny to deep throat his cock as it exits Nana’s ass. “Kara! You are not to stop licking that pussy.”

Phil lifted Nana’s hips and Destiny took him deep in her mouth. “Is Kara doing a good job on your pussy Nana?”

oh yes sir. We found something she’s good at sir”, Nana managed to get out.

“Put my dick back in”.

Destiny guided his dick to the ass of her friend and mistress.

The woman was in great shape using her legs to hold her up and down on her Master’s cock. Sink it all the way in and move her ass until it was deep then back up to the tip. Again, back deep in her ass. All the time Kara was suckling her pussy and clit.  Destiny sucked a nipple and slobbered all over her breast. Then Destiny kissed Nana deeply with tongue.

Master lifted Nana off his cock and Destiny once again buried it deep in her throat. She used her throat muscles to massage his cock by squeezing it tight.

And again Nana was back on the cock with it all the way up her ass.

“What does my cock taste like”, Phil asked look at Destiny.

She smiled and said, “Coconut Sir! I love it”

Master may I come please?” Nana was almost there.

No hold on to it”, her Master said. “Get the vibrator!  Now put it on her clit”.

“Kara lick that pussy good”

The vibrator was right on Kara’s nose and Nana started moving faster on Master cock. “Please Master-OH PLEASE!” Nana pleaded.

Alright go ahead, come on my cock. Come on, get it, get it”

ahhhhh I’m cumingggg

Her ass griped Masters cock and squeezed it tight but the lube worked and it still kept sliding. She didn’t stop but Nana did slow a little Kara felt a gush of soft sweet nectar and she lapped it up as fast as she could.

“Deep throat me now Nana”

Nana lifted herself off her Master’s cock and slipped his cock all the way down her throat. Phil motioned for Destiny to kneel and get ready.

Phil took a handful of hair from both woman and pulled Nana off just to push Destiny on. A few minutes later and he was finished.

Phil looked and saw Kara smiling at the scene. “Did I tell you to stop eating Nana?”

“No Master I umI’m sorry.” Kara said. Her lower lip started to quiver and tears formed in her eyes. She hurried to continue licking Nana’s pussy

“Never mind now! Stop right there.” Phil realized she was new but she had to learn. “You are our servant tonight. We all will bath and freshen up before dinner. You will bath use.” Master commands

“ Yes Master, sniffle, right away”, Kara wanted to please him so much.

Kara stood and walked to the shower. She placed the chairs and filled the bucket with warm water and added the scented soap.  Kara put the shampoo on the shelf and Master walked in and sat on his chair. Kara turned on the nozzle and set the right the right temperature. She ran the water over his body and took the sponge from the bucket and soaped up the Masters back.  She lifted his arm and soaped it as well getting his armpits and chest. His stomach was well rippled and hard. She turned to his other arm and cleaned it completely

Nana and Destiny seated themselves and watched Kara as she ran water through the Masters hair. Master wrapped his arms around Kara and began suckling her breasts.  Kara rubbed the shampoo in his hair while he magistrate to her breasts rinsing he turned to the other one and began sucking it. She washed his hair and rinsed it. He let her breast loose and stood so she could wash his manhood and legs.

Kara rested her head against his stomach as she reached and lathered his buttocks and the back of his legs. She lathered his balls and stroked his penis. Rinsing him completely. She was looking at his member and naturally opened her mouth devouring it to the back of her throat then pulled back and sucked the tip. Kara finished rinsing her Master.

Kara started to move to Nana when Phil held her shoulders and kissed her deeply. “Well done my dear. Well done”, Phil finished with a kiss then turned to dry off.


Kara knelt before Nana and asked for the pleasure of bathing her. Nana held Kara’s chin and kissed her. “Yes my dear. You may!”

Kara soaped the older woman and felt the muscles move and ripple. Kara realized for the first time how muscular and tight this woman was. Kara continued washing Nana all the time sampling her body. Kissing her skin and sucking Nana’s nipples. Kara rinsed Nana’s hair and applied the shampoo and worked it in while Nana sucked and licked Kara’s breasts. Kara rinsed and washed her hair again then applied conditioner and rinsed her clean. Nana was also fingering her pussy and rubbing Kara’s clit. When Nana stood the warm water rinsed over her skin and Kara laid her head on the woman’s stomach and soaped her buttocks and the back of her legs. She used a douche Bottle to rinse out Nana’s inside. The bottle has water touched with vinegar.  Kara applied a rinse and tasted Nana’s pussy to make sure she had it cleaned. Kara finished rinsing Nana and thanked her for allowing her to bath her. Nana pulled the young woman up to her and kissed her deeply. “You’re welcome little one.” And Nana turned to dry and blow-dry her hair.

Kara stepped to Destiny and knelt before her and asks for permission to bath her. Destiny pulled the young woman to her and kissed her deeply on the mouth while slipping her fingers in Kara’s pussy deeply. Kara gave herself to the woman and kissed back. Destiny’s bells rang loudly while her fingers feverously pulled the orgasm from this woman. Kara realized Destiny knew just how to touch her and she was so close to an orgasm from bathing these beautiful people. Kara groaned and came quickly. Destiny pulled her fingers from Kara and put them in her mouth enjoying the flavor. “Yes you may bath me now my dear.”

Kara was breathing heavy but retrieved the sponge and started at her shoulders. She washed her back, front, arms and paid proper homage to Destiny’s nipples. Kara stood to wash Destiny’s hair and felt the warm lips and mouth on her breasts and nipples. Wash, wash, and cream rinse before standing to wash The legs and buttocks. Douche the pussy and finish up making sure the clit is clean and tasty.

Destiny pulled Kara to her and kissed her deeply. “Thank you for and enjoyable bath, Density turned and Kara was alone. She quickly washed and cleaned herself, douching and cleaning everything.

Kara exited the shower and dried herself. She saw the other two women smiling and standing next to a counter with a mirror and a soft stool. A hair drier, combs, makeup, and perfume all adorned the makeup table. “This is yours little one.” Nana told her and smiled. She was holding her arms behind her and kissed Kara on the lips. Destiny helped Nana with the restraints while Kara did her hair and makeup.

Kara smiled when she saw Destiny blow drying her nipple bells. The warm air makes a tink, tink, tink sound and Destiny was smiling with her eyes clothes. Kara slipped into her heels and skirt and walked outside her room .Nana called her into her room. Nana needed help with heels and her skirt. Kara knelt before Nana and slipped the skirt on, then slipped her heels on. “Come on sweetie lets have dinner.” Nana said to the woman. And they walked side by side joined by Destiny and her bells. Tingling, Tingling, and Tingling!