Author- Buck Jones

All three women entered at the same time. Master was just coming in with a robe on over his frame.  Lily entered with drinks on a tray and he told lily to put the tray and stand in the corner Nana sat in the chair near Master held by Kara. Destiny sat on the other side. “Kara would you serve the drinks please.”, Master asked. “I’ll take a brandy and what would you ladies like?”

“I would like a red wine”, Nana said and Destiny tuned in with “I’ll have the same”. Kara poured all the drinks and placed them on the table.

“Lily! It’s seems your grandmother is at a disadvantage. You will feed her and we need to have a little talk.” Master said. Lily just stood there with her mouth open. “NOW!” everyone jumped. Lily ran to her grandmother’s side and lifted the glass to her lips. Phil reached up and held Lily’s arm. “Do you remember what I told you when you got here almost a years ago?”, Phil looked the teenager in the eye.  Lily was silent and Phil shook her arm gently. “Do YOU!”

“Yes sir”, Lily replied meekly.

Phil lifted her skirt and saw the marks on her legs and backside. “I see you made her angry. And she felt the need to discipline you”,

“Yes sir”, The girl started to cry.

“Would you like another sip my dear?”, speaking to Nana. “Yes sir, I would”

He looked back to lily who had never taken her eyes off him. “Well! Give her a sip!”

“Do you have your homework done?” Phil asked

Tears flowed from her eyes. “No sir. I still have a little more to do.” Her voice was quivering.

“It upsets me that you cause my lovely mistress distress. She has duties to the house that she does very well. Give her another sip.

Kara watched nearby. Nana’s eyes were tearing and Kara didn’t know why. Kara took a soft napkin from the table and walked around the table to knell beside Nana and dry her eyes. Kara whispered in her ear. “Your makeup will run” Nana just turned and kissed the new girl. Kara was endearing herself to Nana and she was feeling the growing feelings inside her. Nana kissed her again.


“You will do 50 pushups and 50 squats while serving dinner.” Phil said sternly “and you will finish your homework before your tutor gets here in the morning.”

He pulled her back and looked at Nana. “Do you have anything to add?”

With a tear in her eyes and surging feels for this man she answered, “No nothing more master. Thank you” then she mouthed the words I love you.

Phil smiled and turned to lily and said, “And you will start now. I also want to hear the count out loud. “… Lily stood there.  “I said NOW!”

Lily ran to the side “one, two, three”.

Phil pushed his chair back a little and opened his arms to Nana who stood and fell into his arms. He held her face in his hands and kissed her passionately. Phil hugged her and held her close. Nana thought she has never loved a man more than right now. “I release you from your restraints my dear.”

Nana giggled in his chest and looked up to him. “I live at your pleasure my love but I was enjoying this. I am growing fond of Kara and she tastes so good. I get to smell her every time she is close. It IS SO arousing” Nana said in a voice dripping with passion

21, 22, 23, 24

Phil kissed her and helper her up. Nana sat in her chair and kissed Kara deeply. Phil motioned to Destiny and he kissed her deeply. Phil rubbed under her skirt making sure he got both cheeks equal time.

29, 30..”Stand up lily and bring dinner. The girl stood and walked to the kitchen. She returned with a plate for Destiny and Kara. “no, no, no, no, you must serve the Master first!. You know that!”

ahhhhhhhhhh “  The girl ran out. She returned with Master’s plate. “I’m sorry sir” then she turned and walked to the kitchen with Nana’s plate. “Thank you Master” all women spoke in unison.

Kara fed Nana and took a bite. Then the two kissed another bite for each and another kiss.

39-40- 41

Master finished his dinner and watched the two women serve each other. Destiny did the same. Master held Destiny’s hand as they watched. Lily finished her pushups and started the squats. 1-2-3-4

Kara and Nana finished dinner and continued kissing and suckling each other’s breasts.

“Kara my dear.”Phil spoke. “Yes Master”

“Do you know how old Nana is?”

“No Master, It’s doesn’t matter to me.”Kara replied

Oh you misunderstand my dear. Help her up. Nana stand here please.”

“Master please.” , Nana pleaded

My love give us a kiss. “and with that Nana bent at the waist and deeply kissed him. Phil pulled back and mouthed I love you tootrust me

“Look at her body.” Phil felt her breasts and rubbed her stomach. “Her breasts are firm and her stomach is tight.  Look at the washboard. “Phil kissed her mound” and her pussy can milk me dry.”

Kara smiled and replied, “I did notice and I love every part of her.”

she is 61…… A beautiful 61 years old and I have never had a second thought about loving her”, Phil looked into the eyes of the older woman as they teared slightly. Nana bent and kissed him again.

“Destiny my love stand over here. How old do you think Destiny is today?”

I don’t know Master. I had guessed she was in her early 40’s”

“She is 49 years old and a gorgeous creature. Do you know why we look the way we do.?”

“You work out and have a lot of sex”, Kara said

“Now you stand here. You are out of shape and need to get in better shape. How do you want to do that?”

Kara smiled and said, “I should work out and have lots of sex.”

“Good idea”

48-49 50…”ahhh’, Lily finished and stood.

“Clear the table and get your homework done. Now We will retire to the living room”

The Master rose and the women followed.

Master sat in his chair and told Kara to give him a brandy. Destiny sat as did Nana. Kara handed him his brandy. “go to the tableinside the drawer is a present for you. The box, now bring it here.”

Kara walked to her Master and knelt before him. “Open the box my dear.”

Inside were several things that Kara had never seen before and a tube “Phil picked up a small one. It was a little over two inches long a dull point at one end and a bulb at the other just after a depression. “It’s a butt plug and is the first in a training regimen.  They are graduated in size to this one.” Phil held up a 3 inch diameter 7 inch long dildo butt plug.

Kara’s eye’s widened. “I could never do that!” “Really hmmm…..Nana “ Phil replied

He motioned for Nana to come over and he lifted her skirt. She bent and wiggled her ass at him.”

“Lick her asshole and get it good and moist.” Kara obeyed and gave Nana a first rate rim job including a tonguing, Master was putting coconut oil on the largest of the buttplugs and tapped Kara on the shoulder. Nana was moaning   when Kara stopped. Master placed the plug against Nanas asshole and pressed gently. “Kara watch as her asshole opens and engulfs the entire thing.” Nana’s ass devoured the device all the way and she took a deep breath. All 7 inches were in her ass. Phil pulled on it and her ass reluctantly gave it up almost all the way out. He slide the monster back in her ass again, and again and again.

Nana was breathing heavy when he removed it from her ass. “Suck on it Kara”, Phil told her. Kara put the plug in her mouth as far as it would go. “What does it taste like Kara ?

“Coconut, it tastes like coconut”,  Kara said with a smile.

“Now lick her ass. Make sure you push your tongue in as deep as you can”

“Destiny come here.”

Destiny obeys and bends over as Phil puts some lube on his finger and rubs her asshole before slipping his finger in. Destiny took a breath.

Nana was moaning from Kara’s tongue. Phil placed the plug against Destiny’s ass and told Kara to look. The same thing happens as the plug and it slips in easily. Destiny moaned several times.

“Destiny go and get the special dildo. You know the one”, Master instructed

Kara continued licking Nana’s asshole and Nana seemed to like it since she was moving her ass in circles and moaning.

Destiny came back with a dildo that had two nobs on it. The nobs, one for the ass and one for the pussy of the person wielding it, adorned 9 inches long phallus and moved with use.  That way both enjoyed the motion.

Destiny lay on the floor over there. Kara, sit on Destiny’s dildo and ride it so Nana can eat your pussy.

Kara jumped to the task and slide the dildo up her pussy. Phil pulled Nana to him and sat her in his dick.  It slip up her ass with ease and Nana loved the feeling. Phil pulled her down on him and nuzzled her neck. He whispered in her ear, “I love you my dear. Let’s have some fun”. “Oh yes Master. Ahhmm oh can I come Master please.”

“Tonight you can come as often as you want whenever you want. Now lick that tasty little pussy when you are ready.” One more stroke and she was there. Phil felt her ass clamp down and quiver until it finally relaxed. Nana caught her breath and started moving on her Master’s dick again. Soon she said, “I’m ready Master”

“Kara, use your legs. On your feet and squat on that dick. Phil had the small butt plug in his hand and some lube on his finger. Nana lay before Kara and started munching Kara’s clit. Kara concentrated on slipping the dick in. Her Master said, ”all the way down. And Nana, holds the dildo in. make sure Destiny’s getting her’s.

Phil rubbed Kara’s asshole with lube and slipped a finger in. she was getting close to a climax. Phil put some lube on the small plug and handed it to Destiny. Phil stood and placed himself against Nana’s ass. He slipped in slowly half way then pulled out, half way in, then pulled out. “Oh please Master I love you deep inside. Please! All the way!”

“Phil slipped all the way in to the root. Then half way out in a slow steady rhythm.

Nana moaned in Kara’s pussy. Kara started to cum and Destiny slipped the butt plug in. “ahhhh mmmm mum mum off ahh eeeeee”, Kara moaned and babbled.

“Keep moving Kara don’t stop. Up and down!”, Phil ordered.

“Yes Master. ah h Yes”, Kara said

Nana came again with her ass grabbing Masters dick hard. Her muscles contracted then started to release and quiver before relaxing completely. Phil smacked her ass and the muscles tightened back up. Nana kept licking Kara and she continued to cum. Nana was pushing herself up and down following Kara’s pussy while working the dildo ends in Destiny’s holes.

Phil watched the scene before him. Kara was covered in sweat. Nana glistened a little and Destiny just lay there enjoying the view. Phil pulled the next size plug out and pulled out of Nana long enough to replace the butt plug in Kara. Her eyes widened and she moaned. Look at Destiny Nana whispered, “She just came again” and Destiny slapped Kara’s ass again. “Master please, my legs hurt so bad”, Nana muttered. Destiny slapped her ass again and Kara started to slow as a monster climax built in her. Phil motioned to Destiny to slap her again. KRACK! Another hand print. Kara sped up slightly then started slowing again. Phil opened his hand and smacked her ass hard. He struck her several times in succession and Kara sank so the dildo was buried all way in her pussy as her body convulsed almost a full minute. Kara collapsed and Phil caught her. Nana followed licking the cum from the girls pussy. Kara was breathless and breathing like a freight train. She took Huge deep breaths over and over again. Nana deep throated the dildo and drank all the juice off it. Then she removed the dildo from Destiny and began eating Destiny out. She wanted to put the dildo in her own ass but couldn’t. Master pulled Nana off Destiny and laid her on her back. “Master please. I need it. Please fill me up. He got into position holding her legs he slipped his cock in her ass and pounded her for many minutes. Nana came over and over again until the big one hit. The constant slap of Master’s hips into Nana’s finally achieved its goal. Nana came until her ass want limp. Phil stood and wiped his face with a towel.

Destiny was on her knees before him. “Can I service you Master. Please tell me what you want.”

“I have a taste for ass tonight. Turn around and assume the position. Destiny turned with her head down and ass in the air. Phil knelt behind her and slipped his cock in effortlessly. He began a slow rhythm with his cock going deep in her ass. He then slapped her left cheek. The response was the asshole quivered. He slapped the right cheek. The asshole quivered again, “Thank you Master. Please may I have another?”

Phil stuck the globes again. Each time Destiny asked for another. Her voice was getting deeper with passion and her ass was tightening.

He struck again and again. Destiny’s head was rolling around and her cries were sounding less and less human. Phil was close but he wanted to feel the right moment and it wasn’t long. Destiny’s head rose and a scream started from deep in her throat. Two more smacks and Phil could feel the heat from her ass cheeks. One more set should do it. And sure enough she moaned low and long as her anus milked her Master’s cock. It’s a sensation like a woman deep throating your cock and working her muscles to swallow but tighter.

Phil releases his load just before the milking stopped but It started again until he was drained.

Phil looked before him at his three women passed out on the floor and stood to the table that his drink was on. Walking to the bar he dropped 2 ice cubes and poured 3 fingers of brandy.

Then draped a towel over his seat and sat down. Kara was still on her side with her pussy dripping despite Nana trying to clean it all. Her breathing had slowed. Next to her was Nana with her legs spread wide and pussy sopping wet as was her asshole. That left Destiny who was on her chest with her ass in the air glowing bright red. Asshole wide open and hands palms up at her side. Yes a great view. Phil reached into his end table and pulled out a camera.  He could actually see the pool of cum in Destiny’s ass from here.

Several shots later and Phil put the camera away. He mused to himself that Kara was so eager to please. She will learn to deep throat and take a cock in her ass. The running and training will help her also.  She’s starting to come around. They will be moving in a little bit. Maybe I’ll get Kara to wash me off again.  I enjoyed that.  We will have to do that more often. Nana certainly likes her. She tastes good! She does have a flavor I can’t put my finger on. She already has a 1 inch butt plug in and I think I’ll make her were it to bed. I have no doubt she will sleep.

Kara awoke to her Master looking at her.

“I’m sorry Master. I did it again.”

“Look around little one. You are in good company”

“I can’t stand. My legs feel like jelly. “

“Then crawl over here and get a towel. You’re leaking on my rug. “

She turned red in the face and did as she was told placing the towel down on her cushion.

“Does Destiny have an ass full of cum Master?”

“Yes she does. Isn’t that a beautiful sight? “

“Yes Master, it is, but won’t it go to waste Master”

“You are right. You should go over there and lick all of the cum from her ass.

Kara dutifully crawled to Destiny and buried her face in Destiny’s ass. Lapping the cum from her ass brought Destiny back.  Her hands moved and she turned her face lifting herself just enough to see who was licking her asshole. No doubt it would be Kara. That little minx is a pleasure to have around. She just tastes so good. And she can lick an asshole too. Destiny lifted herself up and pushed back a little, Giving Kara better access.  Her bells started ringing as she enjoyed the feelings rushing through her.  Kara was so eager and dug in with enthusiasm. She moved her head back and forth digging in deep. God that felt good.

“Now take care of Nana’s Pussy little one.” And Kara moved to the woman with her legs spread wide and began suckling the juices from Nana’s pussy. Nana’s eye’s twitched and her fingers moved. Her head moved first left then right. Nana’s tongue licked her lips and a low moan accompanied the tightening of her stomach muscles. Kara continued licking and slipped two fingers in side to get every drop. Kara pulled them out and licked her fingers clean then slid them back in to get more and started licking Nana’s clit.

“Alright! That’s enough. Go back to your cushion.” Phil ordered. “You too!” , phil said looking at Destiny, who sat gingerly on her very sore ass. Nana rose slower than usual and sat in her place.

“How do you feel Kara? “, Master asked

“thore thir may thonge is thwollen”, was all she could get out.

Phil chuckled and smiled while destiny suppressed a laugh. “Get some wine for everyone and let’s see if your tongue returns to normal soon.”, Phil said still smiling.

Kara stood woozily and made her way to the bar. Phil could see her legs were still soar and watched as she poured three glasses of wine. Kara handed one to Nana and destiny each then returned for hers. She sipped the cool drink, holding it in her mouth, moving her tongue around inside her mouth. She became acutely aware of her legs and made her way back to her cushion before sipping another.

“How is your ass Destiny?”,  phil inquired.

“IT feels warm and radiant Master. Thank you for everything.”, she replied lovingly.

“And you my dear?”, Phil asked of Nana.

“I am glowing inside Master. I had a lovely time and thank you so much Master. I do love a good ass fuck and tonight was exemplary. Thank you Master”

“Come here and lay in my lap my dear. “, Nana rose sipping once more on her wine before setting it down on the table. She started to knell before her Master but he caught her arms and guided her lay on him with her back to him and pushed her back against him. He was close to her ear and said in a low voice. Your age has never been a problem to me. I love you more now than the day you asked to be mine. It’s just once and a while in intimate surroundings it pleases me to brag about you. This is not a punishment.

Tears of joy welled up in her and when Phil kissed her the tears ran down her face. “ hmm ohh Thank you sir. Thank you Master” Nana said in a wavy voice saturated with emotion.

“Phil stood her up after holding her and hugging her close. “Destiny! Remove the restraints.”

“Yes Master”

“And how is your tongue now young lady”, Phil asked of Kara.

“betterew thir. Better. Kara shook her head and sipped some wine.” She said

“Then how do you feel right now.”

“Amazing sir! I feel amazing. I feel more alive than I’ve ever felt in my life. I have had more climaxes today than previously in my entire life. I enjoyed serving everyone and bathing has a new meaning to be now. I’ve found I love a woman’s caress and kissing.  I also love caring for a woman.” She looked at Nana lovingly.

“But most of all, thank you sir for all of this. I don’t know how,  but you seem to know what I need before I do.”, Kara blushed. She just told a man she has only been intimate with 1 day that she loved him. She was half his age she thought but she did love him.

“Come here my dear.  Lay on my lap like Nana did.”

She did as instructed. He cradled her in his arms and kissed her. Destiny and Nana started kissing her too. Nana on the still swollen pussy and Destiny sucked her nipples. She gave herself to them fully. Her mind was reeling in the sensations. Master sucked on her tongue and used his tongue to caress hers. He kissed her cheeks and each eyelid then returned to her mouth to devour her again. She felt a pressure at her pussy and a large dildo slipped in all the way. A shock suddenly careened through her as the dildo started to vibrate. It was rubbing against something in her ass and the sensations were bouncing back and forth.

Suddenly the vibration stopped and the dildo slipped out as easily as it went inside. Kara felt a tugging at her asshole and then an empty feeling and the butt plug was removed. She was kissing the Master for all she was worth and her breasts were tingling. Suddenly she heard a buzz and her nipple electrified her whole being. Something was happening to her asshole too and seconds later it opened to an even larger butt plug. This one felt like a tree but was only an inch and a half thick. She felt it inch it’s way in and the electricity stopped, Only to start again on the other nipple.

Master was still kissing her deeply but she couldn’t stop moaning. The dildo started to slip back in her pussy again. It seemed bigger somehow. Like there was less room.  She felt it twist and turn relentlessly slipping farther up her cunt. It stopped just short of the bottom deep in her pussy and she felt something on her clit. Electricity again! She arched her back and her mouth flew wide open. She let out a scream when the vibrator was turned on. It was buzzing her whole pussy and the thing on her clit was doing the same to it. Her nipple stopped only to start on the other one. And then she heard Master “don’t you dare cum yet. Hold it as long as you can.”

“y y y  ye ye ye yesss Master! Ahhh” Kara was having trouble speaking again. Her mind was floating somewhere and it was pleasant. Her arms were being held and so were her feet. She could feel an arm around her waist holding her tight. A hand was on her throat and her cheek was being kissed. Then his tongue entered her mouth again sucked deeply to the back of her mouth. Fingers slipping in her mouth after the Masters tongue left and tickled the back of her mouth. She felt herself gag. But Master’s voice was there and soothing.

“Just relax and enjoy. That’s it….yes that’s it.”

The fingers touched the tongue and slid back farther. Kara felt  her throat tighten around them. Her body was shacking and the finger left her mouth she pleaded

“Please Master. Oh please let me cum.”

“Just swallow this and then you can cum littler one.”

A dildo, the size of a tree and tasting like coconut, slipped into her mouth and past the back of her mouth and into her throat. It pulled back and down her throat again deeper. Once more it pulled out and Kara pulled in air filling her lungs again. The dildo slipping back in and deep down her throat again. She had tears pouring from her eyes. She was doing it. She was deep throating. One more time and she heard her Master “Cum little one. Cum for me. Cum on.” She was panting and then her ass electrified and started to vibrate deep in her ass. Kara started convulsing and the only reason she didn’t flop on the floor was because everyone there was holding here. She screamed like she never screamed before. Over and over again her orgasm just continued for what seemed like forever. The vibrators were turned off and she still came but Kara stopped screaming And started sobbing uncontrollable. She was covered in sweat her hair was matted with drool. When the convulsions died down Nana pulled the vibrator from her snatch and began lapping up the juices flowing freely. Several more convulsions and Destiny fell to Kara’s pussy.

“Please mistress, may I have some.” Nana answered with a deep kiss then moved out of the way. Destiny sealed her lips over Kara’s pussy to make sure she got every drop. Too soon it was over and Kara laid limp in Masters arms.

“Get the futon my love”, Master directed Nana.

Nana pulled a futon from under a table across the room and retrieved some sheets setting up the bed, Nana unfolded the top sheet and held it while Master lifted the limp body on the futon and laid her down. Nana put a pillow under her and wrapped her in a second sheet.

“It’s only 7:00 Master but do you think she will wake before bed?”

“Yes she will. I have a surprise for all of you. Fredrick and his people are do here at 7:30.  Massages for everyone! Run now and wash up.” Master held Nana ’s arm. Make sure lily is in her room and bring a sponge bath for Kara.

“Yes Master, Thank You”, and Nana walked off with tits bouncing and ass swaying.