Author- Buck Jones

After a quick shower and drying in her room Nana wrapped her skirt on and walked to Lily’s room Nana open the door quietly and saw lily standing at her work table finishing her homework. Nana knocked and stepped in. Lily dropped her pen and ran to the older woman to embrace her. “I’m sorry Nana. I am I’ll try not to do it again.”, Lily said in a wavering voice.

Nana held the girl to her bare chest and said, “See that you don’t baby. How’s your homework coming?”

“I’ve finished the math and Latin.  I’ve written my English comp paper and I’ve read all the Chapters for English. My science test is done. I got a 99% on it. I have some reading for chef to do. We are making cordon bleu for tomorrow and I am to know every step.”

“Ok Nana kissed her on the forehead. You are to stay up here for the rest of the night. You literally screwed yourself out of a massage by Fredrick. “

ahhh shit! I mean darn..”, Lily smiled remembering the gardeners helper. “It was worth it grandmamma.  I came 5 times and he tasted so good. Mmmm mmm. ouch!” Lily said after a playful smack on the ass at the end.

“You remember what you promised my Master. Do not take it lightly. Remember this is his house and you are here because he said you could come here. He got you out of juvenile hall and made promises to the judge.  If you get pregnant it’s all over and If professor Rhonda gives me a good report, I’ll let you have a chair.”, Nana said in a stern voice .

“I won’t get pregnant grandmamma I made him do my ass!” and she walked back to her books.

Slowly Nana turned to leave and shook her head. At fifteen she didn’t even know a boy let alone see one naked. Her little granddaughter was out on the streets hooking at 13.  She pulled 40 tricks a week for almost two years while that predator took all her money and barely gave her enough to eat. She got arrested for the third time and put in juvenile hall until she was of age.

Some people would call Master a predator but it’s not so. I would never dream of leaving but a woman did. Marcy! Marcy was a beauty but never fit into the life. After almost year of service she asked to leave. Master bought her a nice car and leased an apartment with all the utilities paid. She had a phone number to call to order food and he gave her several outfits to wear for job interviews. She returned many times and pleased Master. That was 18 years ago. She eventually married a man but returned to ask Master’s permission. I wasn’t in Master’s service then. I was with his father.  Alone with her muse she walked the halls to the living room.

“NANA!” She was shocked back to real-time. Fredrick waits.

“Kara’s bath,  Master! I have everything here.” Nana shows her Master.

“Eric is it….Eric Eric come here.”

A good looking man danced to Master and looked puzzled. “Take these and give sleeping beauty a bath. “

“What! Rode one hard and put her away wet did you”, the obviously gay man said snidely. He was wearing a slave harness and a leather bikini bottom.  Master turned angry. “FREDRICK!” and Fredrick stepped briskly to Master. “Out of respect for you I did nothing, but he just insulted me in front of one of mine. Unforgivable! ”Master told Fredrick. “Eric!”

Fredrick turned immediately, “ERIC! Get your ass over here”. Eric came running but gave Master a look of disgust. Fredrick struck him with a cane. “Did you forget everything I taught you!”

The man immediately fell to his knees and bowed. “No Master I’m sorry”

“You are sorry.” three more strikes with the cane came down on the young man’s back. Master put his arm around Nana and whispered “have someone care for Kara sweetie.” Master also fondled her breast and kissed her.

One more glance to the young man getting a beating and Nana was off to instruct one of the other slaves.

Two more strikes. “you’re lucky I don’t give you do him for the night. He could beat you to death and no one would be the wiser. Now stand”, The man jumped to attention.  “Face him and apologize to him now!”

The slave turned to Phil and said, “I apologize sir” several more cane strikes and Fredrick spoke again. “Say it again and mean it this time!”

The slave said, “I’m sorry in a louder voice”. Two more can smacks.

Honestly I don’t know what to do with this one.  He has skill and just graduated the school for massage. “, Fredrick just shook his head.

Think he should be the entertainment for tonight.  Phil said with a smile and looked for a reaction from Fredrick.

“DONE! What did you have in mind?

“How about a good old fashion flailing? And Phil motioned for Fredrick to follow. “We could put up a cross rack and whip him until he glows. “ Phil walked to the futon to check in on Kara. “We could have someone blow him while he gets whipped”, Fredrick said. “You were kidding about the flailing right? I don’t want to actually remove his skin. I mean he is scared,  you know he’s scared right.”

“I don’t care! In my house! He is lucky that he is your sub.”

Two women were washing Kara and wiping her down. She was mostly coherent. Nana held her head and spoke softly to her.

“My god! What happened to her!”, Fredrick asked in a raised voice

oh she came. She really got into it. Believe it or not she got this way off a dildo.” Phil said and nodded his head. Fredrick just stood with his mouth open.

Phil smiled at Nana and she smiled back. Nana was washing Kara’s hair. Lovingly stroking her and kissing her.   “Let me know when she’s ready.” Phil said to Nana. Nana nodded.

“Get the tables set up and rack up your boy.” Phil said to Fredrick

Frederick clapped his hands.”Let’s go people! Get those tables set up. We have some gorgeous creatures with knots and Sore muscles. Let’s go let’s go!”

Destiny was in a robe and standing in a corner. Phil walk to her holding a Brandy and asked her. “Want’s the matter? You look worried.”  “I’m sorry Sir. I’m not used to all these people and these gay men are so rude and catty. In this house I feel comfortable and safe.”

“You tell me who was rude and I’ll take care of it.”, Phil comforted her. “That one there” and she pointed to Eric.

“When did he do this?”

“When they first got here. He actually said move your ass sister. You’re in my way.”

“You will like the show then.  Come with me dear.” And he led the beautiful woman to a table. She lay on the table and Phil covered her with a sheet.

Phil saw one of the masseuses and motioned for him to come over. “Take good care of her and be respectful of I’ll whip you bloody.”

“No worries sir. I’ve been doing this for a while now. “, he said in an Australian accent.

Phil was happy to see Kara walking his way with help from Nana. Phil smiled and lifted her off her feet and swung her around. “Are you back little one?”

“Yes Master. “Kara said in meek voice.

Phil placed her face down on a table and covered her with a sheet. “Just relax little one and enjoy the massage. Let your muscles relax and the masseuses will do the rest.”

Phil motioned for two men to come over. “Be gentle with her. Oil her and work her muscles. She doesn’t need stretching just muscle work. Can you two work together?” “Yes sir! The two answered in chorus.

Nana walked to the last bed and Phil lifted her in his arms. He kissed her gently and whispered, “Enjoy yourself my dear.”

The masseuse passed by and Phil stopped him. “She is very special to me. Treat her likewise.” “I will sir, I will treat her like the queen she is.

Phil had his chair moved so he could see the girls and watch the show. This is one whipping he will enjoy. Phil called Fredrick over. “Is my chair ready?

“yes sir I placed it in front of your chair and the girls are standing by.”

Phil listened to the low moans coming from the girls. Phil smiled and noticed the two men working on Kara and stroking her arms. They were moving each muscle and getting the kinks out.

Phil sat in his masseuse chair and the girls oiled him up. “Let the show begin!”

Eric was escorted out and connected to a whipping cross. His arms spread overhead and his feet shackled.

Two burly guys stood on each side of Eric and Fredrick walked out.

“For slights against our host and personal insults this whipping will commence. The sentence is for 100 lashes!” the room ooodd. “I said 100 lashes.  Our host has choice of how the blows will be laid.”

“50 on his back and 50 on his front”, Phil announced

“Let the whipping begin!”, Fredrick said in his loud voice.

THAWACK! The man on the left strike then the man on his left struck THAWACK!

And so the show continued.

The masseuses worked his arms, biceps, triceps, forearms and hands all in unison. They worked his shoulders and after six strikes Phil piped up with “Isn’t he supposed to be counting”

Fredrick walked to the cross and said loudly “did you forget to count boy?”

“I was counting sir. I have six.”

“noooo. Out loud boy. Out loud” Fredrick said.

“Six sir” , Eric said

“oh no no no no. not good enough” Phil yelled out.

“Start again! And sign off out loud boy.” Fredrick said out loud. “ YEA!” the group chimed in.  It would seem no one likes this man.

THAWACK! “one”

THAWACK! ”two”

THAWACK! “three”

THAWACK! “four”

Phil smiled as the girls worked his pecks and move to his legs.



Phil looked to his women and saw Nana and Destiny watching the show too. Kara was on her back with her eyes closed enjoying the manipulation of her skin and muscles.

THAWACK! ” 35”

THAWACK!  “36”

One of the girls oiled his cock and he told her just the muscles. She looked at him and said “this muscle. It grow.” She spoke in broken English. They both had large pendulous breasts that hung like they were real.  These girls looked 20 maybe 21. About Kara’s age and they had a nice smile but it wasn’t worth it.



Eric’s back was rosy red. As was his legs and buttocks. They turned him over and hooked him up. The whipping continued.



The girls were done and Phil stood to get toweled off. The talkative one knelt before him and looked at his cock. “I clean for you?  YES”, and she gobbled his cock to the root. She then did something Phil had never had. She hummed. She backed off and took two deep breaths. She again put his cock root deep and started humming again. she kept this up over and over again. Fredrick walked over and said, “She is amazing isn’t she.  I even tried her a couple of times.”

She continued as Nana knelt and look closely. The girl sucked his cock all way and hummed. Nana looked up and smiled. “wow!” , Nana stood up and looked in her Masters eyes and kissed him deeply. “I could do this for you my love. I know I can.”  Phil yelled “stop the show”


THAWACK! “72 ahhch ”

Eric took deep breaths.

Phil pulled the foreign girl off his cock and Nana knelled and slipped his cock deep. All she could do was gurgle. She pulled back and took a couple of deep breaths and sucked his cock deep down her throat again.   Ha ha gurgle. Pulled back and deep breaths again. The girl stopped her and kissed her. “et taak mee tree mont for this. My pimp beat me ebry day no show me.   I chow jew hoo kay?” Now Phil could place the accent,  she was Russian.

The young girl took Nana’s hand and put it on her throat. Then she pulled Masters cock all the way down and hummed again. Pulled back and took deep breaths then sank his cock in deep again and hmmm hmmm hhmm. One more time and Phil let go again filling her throat. She swallowed every drop almost passing out for lack of air.

She pulled off just before she passed out and gasp for breath. Phil moved to his chair and marveled .at the young Russian woman. Fredrick was standing nearby waving back and forth.  “I um bought her for 40,000 rubles from a mob guy I know. She is remarkable in many ways.”

“mr. fred me good. No beat nice sleep.”,  She smiled and bounced off.

“Can we finish the beating now!” Eric yelled from the rack.

Phil steped to a drawer and removed a cat of nine tails whip. He stepped quickly to the bound Eric and swung. “ahhh damn Fuck 73”




THAWACK! “77 ah fuck god that hurts”

And Phil continued to beat him to the 100 count.

Phil walked straight to Fredrick and told him in a low voice. “You have ruined this night for me and the women of my house. The one redeeming light is that young woman. Leave now. Take all your stuff with you and remove the trash hanging on the rack first.

Phil reached out to his women and they all came to him. Even the exhausted Kara. All had robes on and they walked into the dining room.  Each sat and quietly glanced at Phil.  Phil rang a small bell and the cook peeked in. Then she walked in and said Lily is off for the night sir. I’ve cleaned the kitchen and was about to leave.

OK Olga. Before you go, bring some ice cream please. 2 scoops of vanilla for everyone. “, Phil smiled. Olga left through the door and Phil look at Kara.

“How are you little one? Better?”

“I’m the whole gambit sir. I am exhausted and relaxed. I want to do more and I can’t. I love you all I hope I’ll feel better in the morning.” Kara replied

“ you will be very sore tomorrow. You will have to stretch in the morning and the afternoon. We don’t want you to tighten up.” Phil said

“and how about you two. did you enjoy you massage?” Phil asked

“Master I feel very well and relaxed. I‘m ready for bed”, Nana said

“ I feel the same Master. The massage was wonderful and the show was great.” Destiny said. “It was well deserved.”

Olga walked in with the Ice cream and told Master she was leaving. “Breakfast at 7:00”, she said as she walked out the door.

Kara was asleep so Master told Destiny to take her to her room. “ you have time for a couple of bites my dear”

“Thank you Master”.

Destiny took 2 spoons of ice cream and lifted the sleepy woman to her feet.

“Come on lets go to bed.” Destiny twisted her nipple and she woke up.

Both of the women walked to the bedrooms.

Phil looked at Nana and smiled. “What Master. What can I do?”

“Come to my bed tonight. “

Tears welled up in her eyes again and she replied, “Anything Master wants. I would love to. It’s been a while. I missed it sir.”

They both stood and held hands on the way to his bed.

Phil got to the bed and pulled the cell phone from his night stand. The guards need to make sure everything is locked. “It’s me. Check the grounds and house. Make sure all the party goers are gone. Yes….yes…. and lock up. We are turning in.

“Master, are you concerned?”

“Not really but, that Eric may be vindictive. “Now come here.”

She crawled in to his familiar arms and rubbed her buttocks against him. He reaches for a breast and gave it a squeeze. “Stop it” Nana just giggled


Phil dreamt he was in a dungeon with naked slaves chained to the walls. Two women carried a young woman to the whipping table. The women tied her to the restraints and the woman simply said, “Thank you Master. I really need this badly”.

He raised his whip and heard a blood curdling scream that sound off in the distance. It sounded like his little one. Kara. Suddenly he was in his room standing by his bed and he heard it again. It was Louder this time but with an ominous tone at the end like some was choking her. Phil opened the nightstand and pulled the .38 berretta from its holster and leap to the door. Within seconds he was standing in Kara’s open doorway with the pistol raised and saw Eric holding Kara by the neck with a knife pressed to her heart from the side. “There you are you rich piece of shit”, Eric raved. “You cost me everything, you son of a bitch.  I’m fired because of you and I can’t work because of the beating I got from you. So I’m going to take something from you. If I could’ve found your room I would do this to you.”

BANG! One round from the pistol and Eric’s eyes went wide for a quarter of a second as he spun and dropped like a rock. Kara fell to the floor crying and panting for air. He ran to her and held her in his arms. “It’s ok little one. You’re ok now. Hush, hush!”, Phil spoke calmly in her ear. “You’re ok.” Destiny and Nana appeared in the door then lily pushed in past the two woman and joyously pronounced “Cool is he dead!”

“Fuck! Get her out of here! Call the guards! Phil shouted and Kara said, “I’m sorry Master. I feel so stupid. I opened the windows for a little air and he jumped in. I’m so stupid”.

Nana marched Lily off protesting, “But I’ve never seen someone shot before” “and we are not going to start you off with it now.”

Smack! “Now get your ass to bed!”

Smack! “ owww Nana Ouch”

Boots were running up the stairs and three armed men came in. Sir we heard gunfire.

“Get the robe over there god damn it and cover her.

The first guard to enter the room picked up the robe on the floor near the bed and draped it over the young woman in Phil’s lap.

“This man is alive sir”, the second man said.

“Of course he’s alive! I didn’t try to kill him just give him a headache. He had a knife to this one’s chest and was about to kill her. Now get that piece of shit out of here and”.

“We’ll call the police immediately sir”, said the first guard

“NO YOU WON’T! Put this son of a bitch in a cell and let me know when he is conscious. “

“But sir that’s against the law.”

“Fuck that! I’m going to find out what is going on. The police won’t tell us anything. And you have something much worst to worry about. You are in charge of security on the night shift! You better find out how he got here and what was he doing outside that window!” Phil spoke in a commanding tone. He was pissed. That asshole was in his house and he wanted to find out how.

The guards carried Eric out and Phil lifted Kara to her feet. “Dry your tears little one, are you ok?”

“I’m ok now Master, but I really have to pea.”, Kara said with tears in her eyes.

Phil gave her a nudge and slapped her ass just for good time’s sake.

Phil picked up his pistol and closed the window before walking to his bedroom.  Nana was waiting for him just sitting on the bed.

“Kara is ok, but go to her and make sure. I’m going on my run and put this away”, Phil said and handed the pistol to Nana. “I’ll clean it latter this morning sir”, nana replied and with both hands took the weapon. Then she carefully made sure the safety was on and slipped it back into it’s holster.

Phil slipped on a sweatshirt as Nana hurried out the door to Kara’s room. In to the running shorts and the sneakers, Phil was out the door turning and stretching while thinking of the boy Eric.  What could be going on here?

On the kitchen porch stretch the left leg. Olga’s not in yet, he thought in passing. All warmed up Phil ran down the stairs and to the Koi pond at a 4 minute pace.

He was feeling the rush of blood and the air in his lungs. Phil rounded the curve of the pond at a good clip as he checked his watch and noted 3 minutes 47 seconds. Finish around the pond and started back to the house keeping a 4 miute clip. His heart pumping and lungs filling with air, then suddenly a figure stepped out from a hedge row and pointed a pistol it him. “fuck YOU!”, BANG! Phil kept running to close the gap but spun to the left and in another step pushed to the left. BANG! BANG! “God damn it”, the assailant yelled and Phil ran into him and knocked the assassin to the ground knocking the pistol out of his hand and careening across the pathway.  The boy jumped up and Phil kicked him in the head knocking him out cold.  Soon security guards footsteps and Phil announced his location.  Seconds later they were there and had the boy in hand. Slumped unconscious the guards drug the boy and Phil said simply, “put him with the other one. And MIKE, Patrol the grounds now. ““Yes sir! Get him in a cell!” Mike barked to the guards. “I take it we are not calling the police again sir?” “NO!” and Phil emptied the pistol, cleared it and threw it to Mike.


“I have something better in mind.” Phil said to himself


Phil turned and walked back to the house. All three women were in there running gear and met him at the porch. “We heard gun fire!”, the trio said in unison.  “No, everything’s fine. Do your run and I’ll see you at breakfast. Kara you stay here and stretch. I don’t want you to run today.”

“Yes Master”, the trio said in unison again. Nana and Destiny started running down the path and Kara started stretching her legs. Phil helped her with her stretching and showed her how to use the handrail to help. The two women returned on their lap and turned to continue the run.

“Come on lets shower now”, Phil directed the young woman. “Thank you Master”, was her response.

Phil pulled his sweatshirt off and told Kara to join him in the shower room.

“Yes Master.”

Soon Kara was naked and standing behind her Master with the sponge and shower head. Again she was washing this man. She felt his muscular body under her hands and rejoiced with that tingling deep in her sex. “No I’m going to be busy. I don’t have time today. Get me cleaned up and the girls will be in soon for you to clean them too. Kara reached in front of him washing his chest and In the process rubbing her tits on his back. Phil pulled her in front of him and slapped her ass. “I said no. Get me cleaned up and I’ll let you girls play.”

Kara finished Phil and started to dry him. Nana walked in naked and sweaty followed by Destiny also naked and sweaty. Phil took the towel from Kara and said, “You may play today. I’ll tell Olga to expect you soon or will the shower take a while. Nana said “we’ll be down soon sir. We have all day and we will make the best of it.” She looked at both women when she said it.



Phil left his room just in time to see Destiny and Nana walk into their rooms. When he checked the shower Kara was sitting under the hot water stretched forward hands pulling her toes. “Hurry little one or you’ll miss breakfast.” Her Master said. HE held a dry towel up and she turned off the water and positively bounced to him. A kiss and Phil was on his way to breakfast.

Kara ran half skipping to her room to find Nana and Destiny in her room holding her uniform. Seconds later all were out the door and headed to breakfast.

Phil was almost done when the ladies started to sit at the table. Phil rang the bell and Lily had 3 bowls of oatmeal and placed one in front of each woman. She left and returned with bacon and a 3 minute egg for each woman. Topped off with toast and orange juice and breakfast was complete. Phil said eat up ladies but first I’ll let you know we are going to Abuja in 2 days so you have today and tomorrow. Everyone will be going this time. Unless I get a failing report from lily’s tutor she can go too but that’s up to you Nana.

Phil stood and kissed each woman then entered the house. Nana watched as he turned left down the hall and not right as he does when he leaves to go to the office.  Nana looked at Destiny and they both knew. Kara asked coyly, “what am I missing”.

Nana spoke first, “this was a southern plantation 150 years ago. Master added some improvements but the slave cells are still below. We don’t go there, only security. I have a feeling someone is going to get fired over last night.

Little did Nana know that both of the assailants were in the slave cells below and Phil was going to question them.