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A night in Heaven

Author: Henry

A few years ago my Uncle got very ill at Aunties urging he finally went to see a doctor and by happy coincidence I happened to go along for a ride into town. I was thinking that once Uncle was in with the Doctor, Auntie and I could slip away for a quickie. I had a spot already picked out in the hospital. A bathroom that was in a little used hallway of the hospital that locked.… Read the rest

A Sweet Treat

By: Jude

I visited the home of my twin girlfriends (secret girlfriends though). I hadn’t called before I came, turns out it was only their aunt in the house. Aunt Luci is a curvalicious brunette. Big Ass, Large Enticing Hips, Hypnotic Tits too. She is usually warm but receptive to male visitors of her nieces. She asked me to come in with the warmest of smiles. Though I was disappointed that my girls were not around, I decided to stay for a little while.… Read the rest

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