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A Night With Mr Gray

By: Roxy

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It was getting a little dark outside. Dad and I had finished our dinner. I cleared the dishes away while dad rinsed them and put them into the dish washer. ” You had better go shower and get ready Roxy .” “Yes dad .” I replied.

The time had been going slow since Mr Gray went home. I was excited at the prospect of spending the night with him.… Read the rest

She Caught Me

I started cross-dressing when I was younger. I had shared it with no one until I was discovered by my girlfriend one night. Until that point I had kept it all hidden.

It all started when I met Linda at work. I worked at a local hospital and Linda was a traveling nurse. She had been at the hospital for about a week and we flirted back and forth but I never expected anything to go anywhere.… Read the rest

The babysitter

Naomi an 18 year old girl from down the street was babysitting for us every other tuesday. The last months or so she had developped into that phase between girl and woman. The looks almost entirely a woman, her acts switching between that of a child and woman.

One day I came home early and tried to be silent entering the house not to wake up the kids. I called Naomi but did not see her.… Read the rest

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