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Virgin boy & lonely widow make love

Author’s Note: I struggled with whether this was a “First Time” or a “Mature” story. In the end, I suppose it’s about love and coming of age. So here it is.


I was there when Laura Hollander learned of the death of her husband. I was cleaning the Hollanders’ pool, and Laura was sitting at the patio table reading a magazine when the doorbell rang. That was a quarter century ago.… Read the rest

sex with my hot mom

Hello Everyone, Here is Adnan, resides in Lahore, a well-known city of Pakistan. I’m 21 years old and a student of Chartered Accountancy so having qualified education, i am literally well-educated along with good behavior and knowledge from accounting to across sex. My height is 5. inches and weight would be 55 to 57 currently. I’m well-shaped cause of body building, having a fair complexion with the quite decent look. Nobody can comment on my personality in negative sense but i know i am totally horny inside.… Read the rest

Sudha’s Cheating Story With Watchman

Hi friends this is Sudha and here I would like to narrate my story with my watchman after that bus incident I became wild in sex and wanted more and more sex daily but my husband could not satisfy me.

Hardly has he climbed me once in a week as I am sex starved and already tasted outside sex I have planned to seduce watchman for fulfilling my desires.  He is 25 years guy with good physique.… Read the rest

How I Lost My Virginity To My Uncle

Hi Everybody

I am Bharathi. I am a regular reader of this site. I am 31 years old from Tamil Nadu. Frankly telling I am very beautiful with a structure of 32-30-34. I am married. My hubby is working in Software Company in US. I had a daughter 2 years old.

Let’s come to my story. This is my first and true story. It happens when I was a teen-aged girl.… Read the rest

Night They Fucked Me With 4 Penis

Hey, I am Seena from Mysore. I am 28-year-old housewife who now lives in UK. I am a regular reader of Mr.SexStories and I thank site owner for this platform. Today I am here to narrate one wild desi sex night with 4 of my seniors. Yes they all four banged me under the influence of alcohol. It all started on a fine night and that did not last for almost 4 hours.… Read the rest

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