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Practice makes perfect: Monica thinks about Anal sex

Stepping from the shower, Monica finally felt free and alone—away from the pains and aches of home and complications of family. She looked at herself through the steamy vapor that hung in the air of the rustic bath and thought back over the long drive up from the city. She had stopped in the little town where her parents had always stopped to grab a quick meal and some supplies before finishing the last leg of the trip up to the lake.… Read the rest

Just a simple game of pool leads to anal sex

I blame the color of money.

No not green! I mean the movie Color of Money. Paul Newman before he became the king of salad dressing, Tom Cruise when he was still more…sane, I guess. And the still young, hot-as-hell Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, oh my god the ass on that woman. She was a fantasy of mine from the first time I saw that movie till…

As I was saying, I blame the Color of Money for my addiction to playing pool.… Read the rest

Older lawyer fucks his youthful client

“How long have I known you, Megan?” asked Gregor Arbuthnot, working late in the office.

The girl in the straight-backed chair by the desk had her face almost hidden in her hair. Her head was bowed. The sounds of her sobs was the only sound in the room. There were books in shelves around the office; a wood panelled door; heavy drapes over a view of the city, (high up). It was dark outside.… Read the rest

Night Nurse

My nurse’s name was Kim.

Having been hospitalized a few times over the years, I was convinced that all the “sexy nurse” stereotypes were not true at all. Most nurses were nice, helpful, but always in a hurry. They generally just took care of business. In my experience, the hospital situation never lent itself to anything sexy.

Except for Kim. She was a pretty girl in her mid-thirties, maybe five years younger than me.… Read the rest

My Blue Bruised

Lift your top my mom screamed and let me see it properly. No mamma it hurts. I can’t even lift my arm I screamed in pain. You show it to me now ordered my mom. Reluctantly i slowly lifted my top over my shoulders. Awww came the response from my mom. It’s deep blue now and I know, I replied. My mom was standing behind me and looking at my bruise.… Read the rest

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