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Tricking Twin Sister

When did the plan to fuck my twin sister formulate?

In truth, ninety percent of my stroke fantasies were of my gorgeous, bitch sister; ninety percent of those were revenge fantasies where I made her my little slut. Although I am a nerd and hardly a ladies’ man, I have a sinister side. My fantasies range vastly on how I would make her my submissive little slut but they always include fucking her face, filling her cunt and pounding her ass.… Read the rest

My Sister, My Love

I always thought my sister was a beautiful lady. Sure, we fooled around with each other when we were younger, but that was only experimenting, a kiss here, a touch there which really did not lead to anything more. As the years went on we each dated and got married had kids and did the family thing. We would chat on the phone, see each other for lunches and at family functions.… Read the rest

Helping Cute Sister

Hi Mr.SexStories readers and my name is Pradeep and I am here with a True story about me and my cousin sister. If you guys like this story or if you are from Hyderabad and interested in group sex with me and my cousin sister please write to me.

Now on to the story, this is a story about my little cousin sister Priya. She is my uncle’s (dad’s brother) daughter.… Read the rest

Fucking My Sexy Sister Swapna

I am Sandeep from Goa, my family consists of 4 members, Daddy, Mummy, me & my sexy sister Swapna. My dad works in the army & my mom works as a Nurse. This is a true incident that happened when I was 15 years old & my sister was 18 years old. I was in 10th standard & she was repeating her 12th standard Junior College. Swapna was tall and had a slim fine figure with light brown glowing skin, pretty face and sweet polite nature.… Read the rest

Brother Took Advantage Of Me While Sleeping

Hi Mr.SexStories readers , I am Priya Arora. This is a true story which happened to me when i was in 1st year college Let me tell you about myself I am fair , height 5’6 , i am neither fat nor thin, Guys always look the second time when i walk past them and stare at my asset while i really don’t like so much i am a girl that wants to save my love and body for my future hubby.… Read the rest

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