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Stranger Fucks

Not much happening last few days so writing about an incident that happened about a month back. I normally get ready to go to office after packing my husbands lunch box and saying good bye to him. he normally leaves at 8:30 and I after getting ready normally leave the house by 10am. We do stay on the 4th floor of a 7-storey building. We also have a master bedroom, so I normally take a shower and just wrap myself up in a towel and come out and powder myself naked in the bedroom.… Read the rest

Sudha’s Cheating Story With Watchman

Hi friends this is Sudha and here I would like to narrate my story with my watchman after that bus incident I became wild in sex and wanted more and more sex daily but my husband could not satisfy me.

Hardly has he climbed me once in a week as I am sex starved and already tasted outside sex I have planned to seduce watchman for fulfilling my desires.  He is 25 years guy with good physique.… Read the rest

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